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  1. Greetings program! . . . wait Alright let's get to it! Goal 1 - RUNNING! Just signed up for the Oakland 2022 Marathon!!!! Got to figure out a training plan but first we have to keep the running habit happening We are looking to run 3 days a week with distances of 3 to 5 miles during the week and 5+ on the weekends. We are also signed up for a 5K on Sept 12th which should be a good test Goal 2 STRETCH To keep from having trouble running - we're going to try to do 3 days of yoga between the runs. This will likely be very low impact and boring yoga but still Goal 3 Training Plan To go with all this we need a plan, I'll be looking into what's out there and try to find what will work for us. Goal 4 Savings With our recent home purchase we are running low in our savings - so we'll be rebuilding that emergency fund while trying to figure out what's next.
  2. Hey, everyone. I was thinking about what kind of fun little continuation of my Trashcan Carla story that I could do for this challenge, but I haven't had enough coffee and just want to get the bones of the challenge down. I'll come back to this. === I know that 5 habits being worked on simultaneously may seem excessive, but it is very important that I make progress with all of these things for my physical and mental health. I will be lenient with myself if I don't do all of these things every day, of course. Objective: Get started establishing positive habits in self care, fitness, home finance and creativity. Tame my stress eating. Motivation: I am really feeling the pandemic fatigue, particularly as a first-time mom of a one year old whose husband works a six hour drive away during the work week. I need to focus on taking better care of myself and that starts with paying more attention to my self care and finding ways to reduce my stress that are well within my control. 1. Stress Eating Pause Button – Habit: Pause for 5 minutes before eating or drinking any foods that are high in fat or sugar and by so doing, avoid stress eating. +2 points for every day of no stress eating 2. HIIT with kettlebells, shadow boxing or jogging – Habit: Keep heart rate up with intense exercise (70% of max heart rate to max) for at least 20 15 total minutes a day, five out of seven days. +1 point for every day 3. Home Finance – Habit: Review spending against our budget every day. +1 points for every day 4. Creativity, Writing or Art – Habit: Spend at least 25 10 minutes writing or drawing, using the Pomodoro timer to stay focused. +1 point for every day of writing or making art 5. Habit Stack Self Care – Habit: When my son takes his first nap of the day OR whenever I can find a little uninterrupted quiet time meditate+brief yoga sequence+free time. +2 points for every day of self care Experience Points Level Up Scheme: 165-187 points || Increase 1 level 188-212 points || Increase 2 levels 213+ points || Increase 3 levels
  3. I love deviantart. That picture has basically nothing to do with anything, but damned if I didn’t feel a need to share it. I searched for “Scrooge McDuck Jungle” and that’s what comes up. This challenge I want to set a tone for the rest of the year (as you do on New Year’s) and let you guys know why I’m setting my goals this year the way I am. I want to maintain 2 things (running and weight lifting) and improve 3 things (hobbies, finances, and bulking). Every challenge I’m going to set goals for those five things and rewards that improves them in the future. For this purpose I’ve chosen a spirit animal of sorts: Scrooge McDuck. Why? Maintain Lifting and Running – Scrooge McDuck is an avid health fanatic. People don’t seem to realize but the duck is literally swimming in gold coins daily. Swimming. In. Gold. Coins. He’s displacing dozens of pounds while doing cardio. There are vastly worse role models for strength training and cardio. Mileage and lifting may go up depending on my mood or down depending on if I’m coming up on a race. Two goals will appear in every single challenge: maintain running (30km per week), maintain weightlifting (3 days per week). Hobbies – Scrooge McDuck is a duck of many talents and a hobbiest extraordinaire. Take a look and you can find pictures and stories of him participating in almost any adventure or sport. And not like stumbling across him in a melee fight with the Predator (seriously, wtf deviantart?), but actual cannon activities. Auto racing, horseback riding, fencing, prospecting, hiking, camping, etc, etc, etc. Personally, I’m trying to focus on 2 things this year- making things and music. Yes, you make music, but I mean stuff as in things around the house like furniture or whatnot. Bonus points if I can earn a little money doing it. One goal per challenge minimum will be related to guitar or making. I might swap it out for something unique if something comes along that I want to try out. Finances - Swimming. In. Gold. Coins. Scrooge doesn’t just HAVE money, he goes through pained efforts to KEEP it just like his namesake. So minimum one goal per challenge will have the purpose of either saving money or making money. Bulking – OK… umm… Launchpad looks ripped? So this spirit animal thing isn’t perfect. The fact of the matter is after my first marathon attempt I found that I feel better, look better, and run better when I weight more and strength train. So I figure I’ll take this a few steps farther and try to get big and muscle-y. This means I’ll need to find a good bulking plan to follow and pay attention to my nutrition to make sure I build muscle more than squishy bits around my mid-section. I currently sit around 175 lbs and usual float down to 170 or so occasionally. I don’t want to give up running half marathon distances so I don’t expect I’ll rocket up to 210 or something but getting to the point where I’m at 185 or 190 would be neat. I’m kind of guessing at this since I’ve never gotten all that big and I have no clue what I’ll look like with more muscle on me. Ideally my build will be athletic but I’m not attempting anything insane like Arnold or something. I’m shooting for roughly “rugby player” build. Clearly well-muscled and athletic but also clearly drinking lots of beer. I have a spreadsheet for charting size progress. One goal minimum, I expect 2 goals per challenge (lifting and food) for bulking. All that being said: what about this challenge? Maintain running and weightlifting – 30k per week and 3 days minimum Finish the Batcave – Build deadlift platforms, muffle noise, arrange everything. I should also set up a practice space for guitar (music, headphones, guitar stand, etc). Prepare to negotiate salary at work – We have performance reviews in the next few weeks and will be notified of our pay increases for 2018. I intend to push for more cash or start looking for another job. Cancel the gym membership – If I have the batcave up and running I don’t need to give the Y my money. The home gym should pay for itself in a scant 4 months. Find/design a bulking program
  4. It's my seventh challenge and I'm ready to do this! Whatever this is. I'm ready for that. --- Quest #1: Workout 3x per week (continuation/upgrade from last challenge) My yearly goal is to work out 2 x per week. I'm eleven workouts behind, so if I just add one extra per week, it's still gonna take nearly the rest of the year to catch up...which means it's definitely time to scale this up. The good news: I'm feeling really motivated to workout more. The bad news: More workouts take more time. So I will keep these workouts short and sweet. I will do them before work in the morning. I will succeed. Quest #2: Lights out at 10 pm (continuation from last challenge) I am still committed to getting to bed earlier, and my partner is in on it. Strategies that will help: Not overscheduling myself, heeding my alarms at 9:20 that I need to get in bed. Quest #3: Write a poem every other day and post it before 9 pm (continuation/upgrade from last challenge) This quest messed up my bed time quest last time because I like to stay in bed and write. I also feel more pressure to produce really good poems as the project goes on longer, so I spend more time on them. Which is fine--but I'd like to have a deadline. Quest #4: Manage my $$ (new quest!) I used to be A+ 100% amazing at keeping up with YNAB and various other money-related tasks. It's been minimum two months since I've done that. My partner and I have a shared money date (as we call it) and I have a solo money date where I sit down and do a bunch of boring money stuff and usually have a treat as well. I will reschedule my solo money time because it's still in the middle of the day on Tuesday...even though I haven't worked for myself in almost a year. I am committing to at least one session of one hour per week of managing my money, whether it is on my own or with my partner. Overall thoughts I wish I were doing a nutrition quest but I think the upgraded time commitments on both money management and workouts is going to be a lot to handle. I've pretty well built a habit of eating veggies where possible (okay, I don't order salad when I eat out because it makes me sad) so I'll keep up the basic levels of good eatin' I currently have.
  5. Kishi

    Kishi Says Run

    Hi guys! So, it happened like clockwork, just like I said it would - the fat loss stalled out on 02/11. That was kind of weird. Knowing my body as well as I do, being able to have it down to the day. Wasn't quite prepared for that. So now I need to figure out what to do next. I could lower the calories, but the yield on that is going to be comparatively small at this point. I don't have a lot of reason to do something like that. But I still want to cut. The temptation is to attempt recomp, but everything I've ever seen about that assumes a specific training modality to go with it, and that's not me anymore. So, I don't think a traditional recomp is in the books for me. Instead, I'm going to try something different. Once, a long, long time ago, I tried my hand at Leangains. This is the father of most IF protocols that you see being bandied about in the fitness world these days (with Pilon's Eat Stop Eat being the granddaddy). I didn't stick with it because it didn't work because I didn't understand a lot about what it takes to make most nutritional protocols work. And interestingly, the cutting protocol would still wind up being more calories than I normally take in anyway, which I suspect is where I need to direct my efforts next. So, you know. Maybe do that and see what happens. There's a bunch of other stuff too. I need to fix some problems with my body, and the dojo's moving. There will be more training opportunities, and the more time I can spend on the mats, the better off I'll be. I'm going to have to account for that. I want to be the best martial artist I can be, but I also need to be the best me I can be for the people in my life who need me. In addition to promotion being somewhere in the cards this year, I've been challenged to participate in the TSC coming up in a couple of months, and the Dragon OCR coming up after that. One other rub as well, and probably the most significant as far as the year's Epic Quest is concerned. I need to honestly assess my finances and determine whether or not I need to pursue alternative income in addition to what I'm bringing in now. On paper, I'm making a lot more money than I was, and I'll admit I've got a lot more breathing room than I previously had. But in practice, a lot of what I make goes to taxes and benefits, and taking up my car payment in addition to putting away for savings and paying my folks for what living space isn't exactly making things easier. Why would I need more income? Because the goal is to free myself before the year is out. Right now, I'm thinking I might be ahead $150 to $200 a month, and that's not gonna work. I could probably cut back on the quality of food and such like that, but truthfully, that's not a cut I'm willing to make, and I don't know what else I can cut that I'm willing to. (I don't need a gym membership. I don't need to eat well. But, well, I make my choices and I'm willing to live with the consequences). Fwah. Okay. So. I need to get stronger, run farther, fight better, acquire currency, and not get sick no matter what. Because the world needs the best of all of us, and even me. Piece of cake. Goal 1: GAIN LEANLY Basically, Leangains is a super-flexbible IIFYM diet that focuses on intermittent fasting and maximizing whatever metabolic processes are engaged on any particular day. The temptation to misuse this flexibility is awful. Goal is 90% adherence to macros on any given day, and to not get so bent out of shape when I get invited to eat outside of my chosen eating window. Goal 2: RUN Running doesn't suck. Since the goal is to get better at distance, I will take up the 100m-800m run protocol as listed in this article. I can use the treadmill at the gym for this - I no longer subscribe to earlier statements I made about losing hamstring strength. I already know I can do 100m at 12 mph, and could probably do it faster if the damn thing could keep up with me. Goal 3: SNATCH The goal is to get to the point where I can do snatches for five minutes straight. Most of what I've got to play with as far as KBs go mean getting good w/ the 24kg, but... I don't know whether to go for the Novice or for the Open divisions. (Novice is 5 minutes w/ 20kg versus the Open's 24). Either way, I need to get good with the 24, and I need to get to a point where I can snatch continuously for time rather than treat it as power work. I miss my hang cleans. Goal 4: WRITE AND EDIT I think that whatever path I take to acquiring extra currency, it's going to involve doing things that I do already. Bump up the writing to 4 pages and figure out (and take) what steps are necessary to freelance as an editor. Okay. Okay. Here we go.
  6. Challenge 01 Goals: Quest 01: Strength - Three bodyweight workouts per week (using the Reddit routine). Reward: I'll get stronger? Or at least feel stronger? Maybe lose some weight? Those sound like likely rewards, right? Quest 02: Walk - Walk 5.25 hours a week with the strict purpose of exercise. This works out to 45 min a day. I set the metric based on a per week basis to account for inclement weather (this is late autumn in Canada). Walks must be done in blocks of at least 30 minutes. Regular old walking doesn't count, this has be walking carried out at a fast pace with the purpose of getting the heart rate up. Reward: I feel better. Quest 03: Teetotaling - No more booze, at least not for four weeks, I will then access how I feel about it. This will be pass or fail. Luckily no weddings, holidays, or other big social occasions are set to occur during this time frame. Reward: Less calories in, more energy, less anxiety (maybe), clearer head, save money, and maybe more? Life Quest 04: Track My Money Daily (a la "Your Money or Your Life" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin) - I started this in October, but I flubbed a few days. It is far from being a habit. I need to focus on making this a habit so I can figure out where all my money goes. Reward: Fiscal awareness, and thus more savings and less debit. I hope. Bonus/For Fun... Quest? Challenge? Thinger? - At the end of each challenge, cook, photograph, and post (with recipe) a new taco. The Really Long Backstory "I used to be much stronger!" - Old Guy from the Wedding Singer, when he punches Glen Goulia at the bar. I once was on track, from obese couch potato to fitness fanatic, I spent nearly three years doing 5 strength work outs a day, running nearly everyday for up to 15km, and counting calories and ingesting half my calories as protean powder based liquids. Yet I never managed to manage my drinking, and eventually I imploded. I woke up, nearly a year later, 50lbs heavier, a sore knee, stiff limbs, and barely able to run 5km. What really woke me up was when I ran into an old co-worker, who only knew the fit version of me, unabashedly remarked, "Wow, you got fat." The desire to get drunk and binge eat tacos was never so strong as that moment. But I was also mad, very, very mad. Mad at him, but more so at myself. Took a couple months of self-loathing to get over it and now I am here. Some Challenges Anxiety issues cause me to want to drink to avoid feeling... feelings, I guess. By giving up alcohol, I risk getting sucked into other traps like marijuana or Netflix. I cannot let that happen. I need to face the discomfort in life. (Cold shower therapy? Meh... Maybe not in Canada during winter, that'll be a summer challenge.) I work on road in construction. For every six nights I spend at home, I spend eight nights in a cheap hotel, often with no gym and never a kitchen. My coworkers love to go out for wings and beer after work several times a seek. (Several? There are only seven days in a week? Exactly.) I need to find ways to eat healthy in a hotel working with nothing but a microwave and an electric kettle. (And maybe a flavor wave of electric grill that I will buy. Suggestions?) I have a full gym at home, with free weights and pull-up bars. However, I want to focus, for now, on bodyweight (and maybe this kettle bell) until I get back into the swing of things. I can do a bodyweight workout in any hotel and there is no excuse. **Written on an iPad, so the formatting might be a little wonky. When I get infront of a proper computer, I may fix this up. And when I get home (Nov 1st) I can do a weigh-in.
  7. I hope it's ok for me to post here as this is only my second challenge! I joined NF back in April, did my first challenge with the Rebels, and then kind of lost track of things. I've been active in the FB group, but not here, and I want to change that. Part of the problem was that I felt like I was wasting too much time messing about online, but I think posting here is actually useful and I love getting feedback and having a sense of community. I think I also got ridiculously over-ambitious with my first challenge and burned out by the end. I set myself 16 initial goals, and probably added a few things along the way (that were things I was doing anyway). I tracked everything using a Google Sheets spreadsheet, which worked well, but I ended up just feeling like I was checking boxes for the sake of checking boxes. Since then I switched to an analog tracking system for exercise, meditation, food, mood, time spent on Facebook, as well as my general calendar and work scheduling, which has been working much better for me. So, for this challenge, I'm drastically simplifying. My goals are: DIET: For the past few weeks I've been trying to reduce my spending on food due to some unexpected and expensive car repairs, as well as realizing that my financial situation isn't as healthy as I'd like. This has actually resulted in forcing me to be more creative and think of ways to use things that have been lurking in my pantry for a long time. I've also been eating healthier as I have only been buying essential items instead of empty snacks. I've also been more mindful of how much food I prepare for each meal, as well as making sure that I'm not throwing out leftovers just because I don't feel like eating them. My goal for this challenge is to continue being mindful about the food I purchase, prepare, and consume, and find new ways to be more cost-effective. EXERCISE: I have two upcoming aerials performances- next week I'll be performing ambient lyra at a fundraising event at a bar, and in October I'll be performing at a Harry Potter-themed event. I'm doing one act on static trapeze as a Dementor (yay I get another use out of my skeleton bodysuit!), and also a duo lyra act with a girl who is being Harry's stag Patronus. One part of my goal is to work on my Dementor trapeze act. I'm reworking my ongoing trapeze act which started as Pris from Blade Runner, and then was adapted last year for a Grim Reaper act for Halloween. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures to share! The other goal, which is more long term, is to focus on developing my split. I just turned 39, and although I am far away from having a full split, I want to have it by my 40th birthday. Some time ago I was actively working on improving my split flexibility and made definite progress, so I know I can do it if I really focus on it. LIFE: I am finally admitting that I have too much credit card debt and my financial habits have been disorganized and ineffective. It's not a huge amount of debt, and I've been sort of ignoring it, but it's not going to go away on its own. I am going to take stock of my expenses and make an actual budget, rein in unnecessary spending, start saving more, and pay down my credit card debt. I'm looking forward to being more active here! (The spreadsheet of doom): (New and improved analog tracking):
  8. As stated, this challenge is about starting again. Albeit a little late to the party compared to most people. I have neglected my health and fitness to focus on being lazy and eating a lot of rubbish, if not delicious, food. It has been a while since my last challenge and I have a habit of doing some challenges and then not doing any for a while. I think this just suits my life. As it stands, I was planning to get back into the swing of things tomorrow (26th) so this challenge is well timed. So today doesn't really count though my partner and I did do a meal plan for the next few nights (until our weekly veg box arrives) and went food shopping mainly in the vegetable aisles. I am going to focus on the following points: Exercise This one I haven't done too badly on recently. But I need to keep building on it. Go to the gym at least once a week Walk at least 10,000 steps a day (as measured by my fitbit) Do yoga once a week I think this is definitely achievable. Going to the gym once a week does not sound like very much but in reality it will just be one week that is like that; I should be going at least twice. I have an Atlas wristband to test out as well which has only had one gym use. So I will use this challenge as an opportunity to test it out and report back. Walking 10,000 steps isn't going to get me fit by itself but it keeps me active and is definitely more of a challenge on days off. So, at least for the rest of the challenge, I am going to get up and dressed to go for morning walks on my days off. I accidentally done this recently and made sure I got stuff done the rest of the day so I am going to mirror it this challenge and see if it helps. Yoga because yoga. It keeps me flexible and mindful. I definitely need to get this back into my routine. Diet This is one area that I have been doing pretty badly on. I have had some good days but then the next day I can eat a ridiculous amount of rubbish. Make lunches for work again. Cheaper and healthier. Track what I eat and make sure I am eating a varied diet (not just carbs unfortunately) Eat vegetables every day (that is a challenge at the moment) Making my lunch for work ties together my diet and life goals together. I do have to do some research and vary what I make though as I tend to make the same thing. I just want to make something the night before work that will keep for the next four days, is easy to make and has a good helping of protein. I don't ask for much, right? My diet recently has mostly just been varients of carbs for a while. I need to make sure I am sticking to my macros and not just eating rubish. Some rubbish is allowed though. I track with MFP with altered calorie goals; I may be small but 1450 cal is not enough for me. I am not too worried about going over as long as I am making better food choices. Life Money - don't spend any money on non-essentials for the challenge. Put spending on my spreadsheet. Writing - plan what I am writing for NaNoWriMo. Attempt to write every day. Time - spend my time being more productive and not just wasting it all on Tumblr or Facebook. I have been terrible with money recently and really need to get myself sorted. It means I can't go to the Edinburgh meet up despite wanting to. I am not going to buy anything I don't need. The only thing I am allowed to buy is a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad as I did buy one but Amazon failed to deliver it. It is for NaNo to enable me to write at work and such when carrying my laptop would be too much hassle. I also need to work a system out to deal with writing on a windows laptop and an iPad. I have my idea for NaNo and it is something I want to develop after NaNo and keep working on so I need to actually plan this one to a degree. I think that is fairly simple and should be able to actually stick to this one.
  9. Last challenge was a 50% success. This challenge will be similar to the last one, but I have decided I need to shift my focus for my second goal this time around. Goal One - maintain an average of at least 13,000 steps/day, composed of exercise converted into steps and actual steps walked. This goal has a finish date of July 31st, so it doesn't run quite all the way thorough the four weeks (though it does continue during zero week). If I succeed, I will earn $100. I nailed this one last challenge. I'm sure I can keep it going. I will have to think of something else exercise related to replace it for the last two weeks. I'll figure that out later. Goal Two - get the fat loots. Or, save money. I think I can actually kill two birds with one stone with this goal. My current primary not-needed expense is we eat out way too much. Especially at lunch time, since I've gotten slightly better at making dinner more often. So, the goal is to not eat more than two purchased meals (either from a restaurant, the prepared-foods section of a grocery store, or TV dinner kind of things) a week. If I'm lucky, besides making the bank account fatter, some of that fat will come off of my midsection, since we'll theoretically be eating healthier.
  10. This is my 14th challenge here at Nerd Fitness. You would think I'd have it all together by now and not need to continue to plan my life around every 6 week period of the year. However I know damn well that the moment I stop gamifying my life by participating in these challenges will be the moment I drop everything and revert back to the fast-food loving, couch-surfing lump of flesh I was nearly two years ago. Quick recap for those of you who haven't seen me around - I am a 24 year old human of the female variety living on the southern coast of Western Australia (that's in Australia!) working in hospitality in a locally owned small cafe in the "city" of Albany. I am currently stumbling my way through minimum skills training for Roller Derby, which despite being pidgeon-holed my entire life as the unfit & uncoordinated child of my family, am loving to death! Therefore any of my fitness and nutrition decisions are currently revolving around whether or not it will benefit my skating career. It is giving me something to hold onto for motivation when I have none left and need to decide on things like what to eat or whether to stay up all night playing The Sims. SO! Without Further Ado, Challenge Number 14 shall proceed as follows; Teagarden is Subtle, Like a Brick. or will be, once she learns how to hit people on wheels! Main Goal Enjoy Every Day of 2015 Current Goals: Become combat-ready for roller derby Become good enough to be an awesome jammer (get faster, hit stronger) Keep feeling healthy and happy like I have been the last 3 months Prepare for the next period of my adult life (purchasing a house!) Quest #1 - Do Physio-prescribed exercises daily (6 / 14) Getting stronger entirely will have to wait until I can rehab my knee to be completely trustworthy and so I can skate again. Quest #2 - Keep Breathing (2 / 6) Do 1 HIIT session every week. My lungs need to get used to hard and fast movement in short bursts, because that's mostly what ends up happening while I'm skating. I would do more then one session but as I'm already skating 5 hours a week for derby training I can't afford to burn myself out. Bonus points for cycling daily to rehab my bung knee. Quest #3 - Feed the Demon (9.5 / 42) Eat 140g 100g of protein daily. no point working out if I am just burning any muscle away instead of building it up onto my skeleton. I am not the biggest or the fastest skater so I need to work harder to make my presence known, and to do this I need to eat the right stuff! like, chicken, and steak. And protein shakes. Quest #4 - Farm the Gold ($625 / $1,500) Drop $250 into my savings weekly. I have a budget written out which takes into account the rent / mortgage payments I don't currently pay (because we rent from my mother-in-law and I pay all the bills while Mr. Tea pays the rent; it works out even in terms of paying our living expenses) but $250 is almost what I will be paying once we buy our house and start having to pay it off. If I can put $250 into my savings every week until April (when the tenant moves out of the house we intend to buy) I should have around $30,000 I can use as a deposit to make our overall home-loan smaller. I've also slacked on this a bit lately and this last week especially has seen me haemorrhaging money as all my objects reach their used-by dates. Bonus Quest - Save money to update items EDIT 19/11/2015: Donate extra money to worthy causes that you would otherwise waste on inanimate objects $50 donated so far. Ranger's Gonna Ranger: Star Wars Mini Challenge! Week 1, General Movement: Cycle 30kms (30 / 30) - complete! Week 2, Stealth and Tracking: Sneak around the bird watching walk, sneak up on birds (0 / 1) failed due to sickness Week 3, Rangerly Hobbies: Find a Geocache! (3 / 1) complete Week 4, Rangerly Showcase: create food using leftovers, photograph Week 5, Week 6.
  11. I got bored and decided to figure out the real price of chicken (dollars, not ethics). Feel free to check my math nerds!
  12. *The Quest for the Uncreaking Body!* Part 17 -- Keep It Stupid Simple! *Goal 1 -- Save Money *Goal 2 -- Lose Mass / Gain Strength / Gain Endurance / Gain Flexibility -- i.e. MOVE! Zombies Live In Places Like This -- You must Avoid at All Costs! Starbucks The Coffee Loft Panera Obtain your daily brain boost from homemade iced coffee, utilize your espresso machine!, and take full advantage of being outside where it is gorgeous to take a walk or hang out with friends instead of going to the coffee shop where you easily drop $10 - $15 on food and gain about 2 lbs from the influx of sugar. Zombies Seem to Avoid the Pool -- Must be the Chlorine -- Go to the Pool!
  13. 1. Keep getting leaner and losing weight while maintaining/improving strength I've been losing weight and getting leaner for the last three and a half months, all while improving strength. I'd like to keep this up. I work with Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition coaches who program everything for me and I generally have no problems with adherence, so I'm not turning 'follow the program' into a goal. All things going as they should, I should lose around 2kg in 6 weeks, so that'll be the goal, along with maintaining strength or better still improving. Goal: Lose 2kg in 6 weeks I'm going to give myself a grade every week which will be based on adherence to diet, performance in the gym, current body self-image and some other things. It's all pretty subjective, aside from the scale weight which I will consider as part of the grading. At the end of the challenge I'll average out the grades and see what I end up with. 2. Spend less money on food I changed job a while back due to my previous contract ending and took a bit of a pay cut. I'm hardly struggling financially but I could stand to be a bit more strict with my spending and take a more lean approach. I've gone over my accounts for the last few months and identified that I'm spending way too much on food. £100 a week isn't uncommon; it doesn't need to be anywhere near that high. I waste too much and I get lazy and don't shop around. If I could get it under £70 a week, that would be good - I'd save something like £120 a month. Goal: Spend £70 or less per week on food A+: Spent £70 or less on food for all 6 weeks A: Spent £70 or less on food in 5 out of 6 weeks B: Spent £70 or less on food in 4 out of 6 weeks C: Spent £70 or less on food in 3 out of 6 weeks FAIL: Spent £70 or less on food in 2 out of 6 weeks or less Note that for the purpose of the challenge, money spend on eating out doesn't count because I budget it separately and don't do it that often anyway. 3. Cut back on the diet soft drinks I drink too many diet or zero calorie soft drinks (diet soda to US friends). I have one pretty much every day. Not only does it cost £££ added up over a month, it's probably ruining my teeth and I'm curious whether the artificial sweeteners mess with my insulin and stuff. I don't necessarily want to cut them out completely - they are useful in situations where I'm out and don't really want to drink alcohol - but massively reducing my intake seems like a good idea. I'm going to try phasing this down over the course of the challenge to two 500ml bottles per week. Although I'm giving myself a pass for any soft drinks consumed in place of alcohol if I'm out and don't want to drink. Goal: Drink no more than 2 500ml bottles of diet soft drinks per week by the end of the challenge Bit of a softer grading system for this - I'll aim to drink 5 or less Week 1, 4 by Week 2, 3 in Weeks 3 and 4 and then 2 in Weeks 5 and 6. Grading will be subjective based on how this goes. 4. Start doing mobility work again I used to mobilise religiously when I was a weightlifter but since switching sport, I've really not kept it up to the point where I do pretty much none now. I do think mobility work is less important for powerlifters but I'd prefer to feel less stiff (hurrrr) during warm-ups and after training than I do. So for six weeks, mobility is back and if I see an improvement, it stays. Goal: Do 4 10-minute mobility sessions per week A+: 4 sessions each of the 6 weeks A: 4 sessions at least 5 out of 6 weeks B: 3 sessions at least 5 out of 6 weeks C: 2 sessions at least 5 out of 6 weeks FAIL: 1 session or less any week of the challenge Incentive! If I get an A or A+ grade in at least 3 of my 4 goals, I will buy myself this awesome bottle of Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve Single Malt Whisky. Mmmm, scotch. From Japan. NB - have deliberately not chosen any lifting-related goals for this challenge. As I mentioned, all my programming is done for me so I don't know what my training will look like for the last 3 weeks of the challenge at the moment and I'm unlikely to be going anywhere near 1RMs for months. Might get some rep PBs but also might not. I've tried to build goals around this in the past but it just doesn't work.
  14. It's been awhile since I've been on the forums (mostly been annoying the nerds on FB). I've been going through a rough patch on doing anything lately, so what better way than to do the 6 week challenge. So let's get down to business Goals for this challenge: ~figure out if I should or shouldn't start selling my art If so, on where? Will I do prints or actual physical art pieces? How much to charge? How I will find clients? Should I invest in a website? Is all my social media profiles professional enough? Is there any apps I should invest in? Anymore questions I should figure out and answer?Maybe find some people in the industry to network with. Maybe also find someone to ripe my work to shreds to show what I need to improve.go over photoshop editing skillsContinue my 365 day art challenge (almost 4 months now) ~Get back into yoga Either go to class (if I can) or atleast find video to useatleast 2 times a weekif I do at home, beware of the cat ~Spin class atleast once a weekcurling in a ball and crying afterward optional ~meditation redownload that appdo for atleast 10 minutes a dayrelax ~drink some tea replace coffee addiction with tearelaxenjoyand avoid that sugary bs "tea" ~budget download an app for budgettingpay off debt (student loan and money owe the college)question if I need that thing ex that really cool Assassins Creed game that you want or another bookset a budget of what I can spend a weekfind a way to pay for ticket (either plane or Amtrak to get to Camp NF) ~look for a new job don't curse out coworkers just yetdon't quit current job without backup jobplease a job with animalsfull time be the best if possiblecall that temp agency if they have any leads ~(and last but not least) stop comparing oneself (for fsm sake) remember everyone is at at different stage in their lifestop thinking not good enoughreflect once a week on what has been accomplishedstop obsessing on things that can't be fix (ex the past)stop getting sick over the future Bonus: check emails and messages at the end of the day Now may the odds be ever in my favor.
  15. Why not?

    Move better!

    The primary focus of this challenge will be mobility for me. I received my CrossFit Mobility certificate just over a year ago and I figure it's time I actually start employing what I learned...at least what's left in my memory/notes of what I learned. I'll also be starting a coaching internship at a local CF box in a couple of weeks and I want to be able to employ this stuff. Better refresh on myself before I start teaching others. On that note, mobility work every day. Every. Day. Whether this be lacrosse balls, partner smashing, banded stretching, or standard stretching. I'd like to get in at least 15 minutes a day to start off. Monies, I need them. Specifically, having just had a number of expenses, capped off with paying for an oly seminar with Dmitry Klokov that will be happening later this summer (yes, I will be excited for the duration of the summer), I need to stop spending money that I don't need to spend. No treats, no new music, no new fun things because I want them. Frugality is the name of the game. Technique work. I want to work on butterfly pull-ups, muscle-ups, and double-unders. I will work on one of those three movements every day. If I can get my butterfly rhythm down by the end of the challenge, I'll be ecstatic. I'd also like to be able to consistently string together five double-unders. My goal of 20 last challenge may have been a bit unrealistic. In summary, mobility, money, technique.
  16. I've been on the forums and on the facebook group for ages but I've never actually complete a 6 week challenge so I decided to post it in recruits. So my overall goal, which won't happen in 6 weeks is to get down to 70kg or 154 pounds. I have a couple of mini milestones that I want to break it into, the first is to get below 80kg (176lbs), the second is to get to 75kg (165lbs) and then the final 70kg. To help me get there, for the 6 weeks my goals are: 1. Follow my eating plan with deviations only for special occasions, ie. birthdays, special dinners with family etc. The eating plan is basically ~1600 cal, 100g carbs a day, focus on whole foods not processed crap. The eating plan I'm going to use has 'indulgence foods' built into it, so I'm hoping it will be easy to stick with. 2. For the first 3 weeks exercise 30mins (walking, yoga, exercise vid etc) 5x a week with a minimum of one strength/weights session a week. 3. For the last 3 weeks exercise 30mins 7x a week with a minimum of 2x strength/weights sessions a week. My motivation for doing this is to feel good about myself, like what I see when I look in the mirror and be able to wear all the awesome clothes I have that I can't fit into anymore. My non fitness/weight loss goals are to: 1. Save $800 a fortnight 2. Do a bit of study everyday for uni and finish my assignments early for once so I have time to review them properly! I have started and failed so many weight loss things that I need keep myself on track and accountable so I will post on here at least once a week with an honest update of progress. If anyone wants an accountability buddy I'm up for that! I'm currently in Japan but will be home tomorrow so I will post starting stats etc. on Thursday. Let's do this!
  17. Hi, I'm Ashley. My first NerdFitness Challenge was amazing: I was so dedicated to changing my lifestyle, I met every goal with enthusiasm, I lost weight and really had fun doing it. Then during my second challenge, I was dealing with many distractions and made many excuses. And I did not feel good, mentally or physically. This challenge I want to get back to basics, remember why I wanted to change my lifestyle in the first place. I want to feel good and make fitness an integral part of my life, not just a commitment or a burden. Part of this is not just eating well and exercising, but budgeting and spending money more wisely. I am also going to finally do my research and add the RPG element of NF! Anyone who is awesome at this *coughGlasscough*, please feel free to give feed back. What do I need: YOU! That's right you! I need my NF friends to be the most annoying, nagging, persnickety accountability buddies. You keep me honest and motivated. Goal #1: Fitness. I will walk 10,000 steps each day. I will also try to do the thing I dread most—Running!!! I will run for at least 5 minutes, twice a week. Even if I cannot run for 5 minutes straight, I will run for 5 minutes. +5 STA Goal #2: Eating. I will eat 3 'paleo' meals each week. While I'm not going to full paleo, because I feel like that would be tough to jump right into. So I will be focusing on eating unprocessed foods with a heavy emphasis on vegetables, fruits, and meats. Any good recipes appreciated! +5 CON Goal #3: Money. I have been spending so much money on food and I need to start budgeting and being more careful with my resources. I think the best way to start this is cutting down on money spent 'out'. So I will only buy food out twice a week. This includes grabbing snacks at work, buying lunch because I suddenly don't want what I have, and going out for dinner. I will only buy coffee once a week. I am a huge Starbucks addict so this will be tough. +3 WIS Goal #4: Health. I have a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) from an accident. This malfunctioning of my jaw causes all sorts of way side effects: misalignment in my neck, fun popping and clicking noises, headaches, and (my personal favorite) pressure and pain in my ears which makes hearing hard sometimes. I have been seeing an excellent physical therapist, but any who has been to therapy knows that the treatment in the office is really 1/3 of the solution. I am REALLY bad at doing my PT exercises. So I will do my chest and back exercises 3 times per week, jaw stretches daily, posture checks every hour. +1 CON/+1 DEX
  18. As the title suggests, this challenge is all about acquiring as much money as possible. Most of my mental breakdowns have been triggered by money-related things, and my fear of getting evicted and living in poverty. Student loan repayments are also approaching soon, and more bills are coming in, and my work hours are getting cut, and fuck everything I HATE LIFE AND EVERYTHING IS HOPELESS I need to have as much money as possible so that I can keep doing the things that I still enjoy: going to the gym and cosplaying. Since making money will involve selling some of my old things, this challenge will also fit with my recent efforts to de-clutter my living space. I'm not being a greedy asshole, I'm striving toward a minimalist lifestyle 1. SELL SHIT. By the end of the challenge, I want to be rid of the following: - My old GT SnoRacers - Set of Riddick knives. They look badass - Piles of Undertaker and Kane action figures - Kane/See No Evil stuff (okay, so I used to be a big WWE fan. Don't judge me.) - Xbox 360 that's still in the box - Second Xbox 360 that's been collecting dust since like 2008 - Old BMX bike - Old scooter, the ones that kids use - Waterworld stuff collection (I used to love that movie when I was younger, and nobody else did, so at least these items will have some kind of rarity?) - Clothes that I no longer wear The items written in black will go on eBay, and the ones written in blue will go locally on Kijiji. Clothes will be a mix of both. 2. START A BUSINESS. Or two. I mentioned a coffee reselling business in the previous challenge, but then depression happened, and I had the blahs for like 3 weeks over the holidays and never did the thing. More on this later. I've also considered starting a cat-sitting business, or a cosplay props business, but that requires some kind of an investment. The cat-sitting one might be okay in this city since it's full of rich government workers that might not mind paying for things like cat-sitting. 3. DO A VISUALIZATION EXERCISE EVERY DAY. It's from this book. I put it under a cut because it's sort of long. Also, THIS IS WHERE I NEED THE AFFIRMATION. I was thinking of using "I am calm", but does anyone have other suggestions for good affirmations? There are a few other ones from the same book I've been meaning to try also, will write them in later. 4. EAT MORE VEGETABLES. Or eat less granola and peanut butter by replacing it with vegetables. I've done this before, usually poorly. The challenge: 5 or more servings of vegetables: 5 points 4 servings of vegetables: 4 points 3 servings of vegetables: 3 points 2 servings of vegetables: 2 points 1 serving of vegetables: 1 point 0 servings of vegetables: 0 points The maximum amount of points will be 210. Am I a bad enough dude to get 210 points? Also, what's a high-protein option for breakfast that isn't eggs? I love eggs, but about half my diet right now is eggs, which probably isn't good :\ Also, this has to be something that's easy to make/cook. LIFE QUEST 1: Personal thing that I'll elaborate on once it's done. If I pass, all will be well, and my quality of life will increase dramatically. If I fail, I'll probably be homeless and kill myself shortly after. No pressure LIFE QUEST 2: Continue chopping heads off the To-Do-List Hydra. Self-explanatory (Low quality picture of to-do-list Hyrda will go here) Finish trollface mask E-mail (someone doing a coat for me) Finish new Loki coat diagrams (DO THIS ONE ASAP) Write OG letter! Call (insurance company) to ask about a thing E-mail (guy from psych training) Call (local forestry products company) and ask if hiring. Cosplay: scales Cosplay: get cardboard pattern of shoulder piece to send request to (tumblr friend who has access to 3D printer) Cosplay: buy more craft foam Cosplay: re-do chest plate Cosplay: craft mouth piece Buy brown paper roll for pattern drafting Order shit from Tandy Order smooth-on (ASK FRIEND WHICH KIND I NEED TO GET) Build stand for cosplays so my cat stops fucking sleeping on my Loki clothes Make a list of sci-fi and fantasy books that I have and no longer read, or won't have time to read THESIS: corrections (reader 1) THESIS: re-do all spectra Set up cosplay page on FB Sewing machine maintenance Clear out top drawer Buy underwear (fuuuuuuck) Buy pants (fuuuuuuck, but less so than underwear) Box with class notes: put the notes in binders Write to T.H. Take pics of clothes to sell/give away Bring leftover clothes to ValueVillage
  19. So I moved recently and now I live like a 2 hour drive away from work. As part of my goal to level up my life.. I would like to start taking the train. How does this level up my life? Well actually it does this in 3 ways. *Saves money *Instead of spending 3-4 hours driving each day, I spend 3 on a train where I can read *The train station is 3 miles from work. Which means I am forced to do physical activity even when I don't want to Walking takes a long time due to stoplights and a lot of traffic so I am hoping I won't be doing it for long, between my work hours and the commute it doesn't leave much time to live. I started a funding campaign to try and buy a bike. Hoping to have one soon! http://www.gofundme.com/hgajm0
  20. I feel like I’ve forgotten what it is I’m supposed to be doing. I need to revisit the basics, make them habits again, develop a solid foundation again. To do this, I shall spend this challenge with my favorite clones. First up, shut my mouth. I spend way too much time talking about what I need to do/should do/could do/what I know works. Instead, I’m going to shut up and just DO IT Fitness Quest: CrossFit CrossFit at least 2x a week Grading 11 - 12 CrossFits = A 9 - 10 CrossFits = B 7 - 8 CrossFits = C < 6 CrossFits = F +2 STR +2 STA +2 CON +2 STA Fitness Side Quest: Run Not for points, just for fun. Once in a while I have to get my run on at work to get somewhere in a hurry. I think to myself, "this isn't so bad. I actually kind of like this. I should do this more often." So, I think I will try to do this if I can find time. No C25K or anything, but a leisurely walk/run kind of thing whenever I can. Food Quest Continue with the primal. Moving up to 2 indulgence meals a week instead of 80/20 Food Side Quest Not for points. I just need to pay attention to my sugar intake. I let this get away from me when my dad died, and it got completely out of control. I’ve began getting it under control, I just need to stay on it. By staying on it I mean try eating fruit or sweet potatoes when craving something sweet. Sweet potato = paleo candy Enough with the Science Monkeys Daily: Scoop (cat and dog) poop daily Clean up dishes in sink Pick up after myself Grading will be based on average per week of how much I get done. +2 WIS +1 CON Life Quest: Dollars I did really well with this last challenge and am getting caught up. However, there are so. many. concerts coming to town, plus the fact that we’re passing on DragonCon this year and IT’S KILLING ME!!! I know it’s for the best, and if we suck it up now, we can do all the things next year, but I just want to whine and throw a fit right now. Plan for dollars is the same as last time with the added bullet of practice some acceptance, dammit. Don’t spend money on crap I (we) don’t need​ Track ALL money out (make sure I’m (we’re) not 5 dollaring myself (ourselves) anywhere) Don’t steal from Peter to pay Paul Practice some acceptance. You’re being a big girl. Live with it. Grading will be subjective based on how well I do or don't do. Grading +2 WIS Side Life Quest: Be on time I tend run a few minutes late because I’m goofing off (usually). Luckily, I have a boss that doesn’t really care, but I do. I would really like to get better at this. No points for this, just something I’d like to work on. And Finally... I didn't check in very much last challenge. I didn't update my thread and I didn't drop by to see my buds very often. I would really like to improve on this. After all, we’re so much stronger together. That’s kind of the whole point of the NF community, right? Sometimes I just don’t feel very social. I’m not sure what to do about that other than to at least like a post just to say “hey, I’m here and still rooting for you!†when I don’t actually feel like saying it. Stats: TBD I've got to get off of here before day shift gets here (tee hee), but I'll be back to edit and add later.
  21. I'm creating this thread in anticipation of Monday's start date. My goal is this: To look better and to be considerably stronger before my gym membership runs out- namely, June 1st. Since I may not be in a position to renew it, it is important to me to achieve as much as is possible by then! Since this goal isn't terribly specific, here are my sub-goals:- 1. Increase my main compound lifts- Ideally I would like to get my bench up to 80Kg, Deadlifts to 160kg, and squats to 100KG. 2. Lose at least 1inch from my waist and add at least 1/4 inch to my arms (baby steps, I know) 3. Have no more than one cheat meal per week. I will judge myself by- 1. How much my lifts increase by. 2. Body Measurements- arm size, waist size, etc. 3. Quality of diet. As of Monday I will post weights and measurements, and update weekly. Best of luck to everyone else on their journey!
  22. BATWOMAN: ZERO YEAR Welcome back my pretties. So... last challenge... last challenge was a challenge. I did not do as well as I might have liked. I was prepared to battle Mr. Freeze, but unfortunately it was Calendar Man that really did me in. Well, you will not get me next time Calendar Sch-man, because 2013 was my time to learn of your cruel ways and 2014 is when I will slap you in your smug face. So watch out... I'm coming. I spent a lot of time at the end of the year and during my time off reflecting on myself and what this year has been for me. I spend a lot of time looking forward and what I need to do and I don't really ever take a lot of time to feel good about what I've done. I felt like a complete slob around the holiday because I wasn't keeping on diet, but then I got a load of compliments from family that I am looking the best that they have ever seen me. I've also inspired my close family into changing their diets to become healthier. While yes it feels good to be told that you look good. It is more important to me to inspire my family to live longer and healthy lives. At the beginning of 2013 I did not write down any resolutions, but I remember the two biggest things that I wanted to accomplish were 1. losing weight and 2. leaving my miserable job for a better and higher paying job. I accomplished both of those things. At the start of 2013 I probably weighed around 210 and the last time I checked the scale I was at 185-ish. I don't dread going to work anymore and hey I can actually cover all of my bills and save money... w00t! Right there that would be enough to call 2013 a success, but then on top of that I got a motorcycle license that I had always talked about getting and I started playing ice hockey. I started 2 blogs. I continued a podcast here and there. 2013 was the year that I think I'm finally realizing that I don't need to chase approval from anyone but myself. I can only control what I do. I can only love those who want to be open to receive it and give it back. Having perspective and knowing that makes life a lot simpler and me a lot happier. That all being said (and I went on quite a tangent), I feel like 2014 is my jumping off point. This is the year that I shed everyone's expectations and stop chasing what I should do, and start becoming who I am. Alright enough of this cliche start of the year sense of rejuvenation and get on to the challenge... shall we? MAIN GOAL Alright... I'm going to say that I have a problem with just main goal. I have many goals and they range from short-term to long-term. I need to have something to look forward to and aspire to get to, the long-term. I also need something to focus and accomplish every day, the short term. So I'm going to be a rebel and break down my main goal. Day-to-Day: Be as proficient as possible with the time I am allotted in a day. Do not waste time on not getting better or accomplishing. Challenge: Lose 5 lbs. Year 2014: There is a better, leaner, smarter, wiser me at the end of this year. I have a hokey analogy that I've been thinking of at the beginning of 2014 and here it is: each year is like a mountain and you can either spend each day sitting on your butt at the bottom or you can spend each day slowly scaling the mountain. Then at the end of the year you're either looking up at where you could be or you are at the top looking at where you were. I want to look back at where I was. FITNESS Walking 4 hours per week (5 STA) I'm going back to basics this challenge. If you check out the Primal Fitness Blueprint the base of the "fitness pyramid" is to move frequently at a slow pace. This also goes conveniently hand in hand with NAG 42s trek to Mordor, so I could not pass up on this fitness goal. I'm also looking to do less impact stuff because a large part of this time of year is going to be spent towards being a good housewife, but that comes later 20 push-ups in a row Lifting heavy things is the next element of the fitness pyramid, but I will not have time to devote towards full scale work outs. I'm going to look towards building strength through push-ups with the end goal being 20 in a row. I had a PVP with MDowning that kind of got forgotten about unfortunately, stupid calendar man. I think it will be best for me to work on form and try to get stronger with push-ups from week to week. I'm not putting points towards this because it is not my main fitness goal. Stretching Needs to happen. Self explanatory. Not a main goal, but important for recovery and keeping sane during tax season. DIET 100% Paleo (5 CON) Maybe this is crazy, but I don't care. The fact is that when I eat gluten or I eat processed foods I feel like poo. No more holidays to worry about, so no excuse. Then the sub challenge to this challenge is devoting a large portion of my weekend to batch cooking and keeping Jenn fed at all times. I don't have to be there to feed Jenn, but I have to make sure there is food in the fridge that she can just pop in the microwave to eat when she gets home from a long day of work. If not, I am gambling with keeping my face on my face. I want her to eat well and not have to rely on fast food to fill her belly. LIFE Releasing my inner Alfred (WIS 3, CHA 2) January to April 15th when you live with an accountant that works in a small firm is to put it lightly... a challenge. My lovely would be wife works 10 - 12 hour days 7 days a week. She busts her butt and I know that it is my responsibility to work as hard at home so she has no stresses when she walks through our front door. So I am harnessing my Alfred skills... not like Michael Cain Alfred.. while great in his own way he is not badass. I'll be like Earth One Alfred; ex-British-Intelligence secret hero that puts everything into assisting the superhero. Batman could not be Batman without Alfred. It's fact. I still need to make a cleaning schedule, but I see myself coming home from work and spending a few hours either cleaning or cooking or whatever until Jenn gets home. The overall goal is to keep the house clean, clothes washed, dishes done, and food made. Drawing I've already made a goal for the year to draw every day. I started a "don't break the chain" calendar. Four days in and the chain is still going, so we will keep it going but I will not tie any points to this goal. It is just something I need to do to become a better artist. Savings Ok. I don't tend to waste a whole lot of money, but ya know... comics... video games. I really need to save money for certain things. The first being a flight to Portland in September. The second being a new PC. I've already started saving $50 per paycheck and putting it into a savings account. I also have not spent any of my Christmas money. So I just need to keep this trend going and buy my plane ticket by the end of this challenge. MOTIVATION If it was easy then everyone would do it. It's the hard that makes it worth while. reward: wacom tablet for digital painting/drawing.
  23. Main Quest: Apply to four Doctorate Programs. The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. College Application Season is here!! For the past four challenges (at least I believe four) I have been working on my applications for the four doctorate programs that I am applying to. The deadline is so close. November 15th. Goal #1) GRE: It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing. How and Why: For every 90 mins that I am studying on the GRE, I will walk for 15-20 mins to refresh my mind. I can get so involved in study mode that I will forget to eat or eat without thinking. I want to prevent any weight gain that might occur in these two months. Grade: A = 38+B = 34C = 30D = 26F = 21 Stats: Sta +1, Con +1 Goal #2) Meditation: I'm not listening... I'm not listening... How and Why: Again, study mode is going to kill me if I don't learn to take care of myself. For this I decided that it's best that I learn how to meditate. I have such a hard time just doing breathing techniques. But I will do it in the morning and before I go to bed. Week 1 – 5 mins a day (2x) Week 2 – 7:30 mins a day (2x) Week 3 – 10 minutes a day (2x) Week 4 – 12:30 minutes a day (2x) Week 5 – 15 minutes a day (2x) Week 6 – 17:30 minutes a day (2x) Grade: A = 38+B = 34C = 30D = 26F = 21 Stats: Sta +1, Con +1, Wis +1 Goal #3) Eating: What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? How and Why: I will be sticking to a 1800 calorie count a day. I use myfitnesspal.com so that will help. I don't want to get weight just because I will be less active during the next 8 weeks. Grade: A = 38+B = 34C = 30D = 26F = 21 Stats: Sta +1, Con +1, Cha +1 Life Goal) Applications: You are far too eager and curious for a hobbit. Most unnatural. - Read a book (Dex +1) - Take a practice GRE test every Sunday (Wis +.5 for each test) <--I am rocking this as I am taking a test every day! - Save $200 for applications (Con +1) <-- FUCK YEAH!!! FINISHED!! - E-mail Berkeley, Georgetown, Oxford and Brown (Cha +.25 for each) - Write Personal Statement (Str +.5) <-- FINISHED- Write Statement of Purpose (Str +.5) <-- FINISHED Dex +1, Wis +3, Con +1, Cha +1, Str +1
  24. Hello NF! It’s been far too long! My fault, but I’m going to make a sincere effort not to fail this time. Here’s the background short version -- I’m 29 years old. I had a stroke at 28 and it SUCKED. I got physical therapy and made dietary changes that helped me bounce back and recover from that completely. (YAY for no long term damage!) I’ve got two kids, 10 and 3, who are my pride and joy. I’ve got a wonderful wife who loves and supports me. This site changed my life in November of 2012. I lost quite a bit of weight, learned about this amazing thing called parkour and committed to a healthy lifestyle. I felt great about my first challenge and had good momentum. Started at 206 and got down to 179 lbs via Paleo and exercise. Had an amazing opportunity to train in Shaolin Kungfu in my second challenge and loved it, but had to quit due to a close friend and his wife passing away unexpectedly, leaving a daughter behind with no job and a house payment and bills that needed to be paid with no one to help. Enter my family…and a LOT of personal sacrifice, including KungFu. I tried coming back for a third challenge in April and never really got started. Again life stepped in and I made other things priorities. (We’re never too busy, we just prioritize something over getting fit or eating right.) FAIL-sauce on my part. So yeah…that’s me and a quick synopsis of my journey on here thus far. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Well what makes this time different?†That’s a very valid question, so I’m going to give you a very valid answer. “Greed.†Yeah, I know, I know…greed is bad right? Well, not all the time. I’m greedy for a longer life. I’m greedy for more time with my family. I’m greedy to feel better and have more energy. So yeah, I’m greedy…I want more! And yeah, I’m greedy in the traditional sense too…there is money involved… a contest at work. So yeah, no false pre-tenses, no bs, let’s do this. The contest is whoever loses the most body fat % by December 20th, 2013 wins $1100.00. So yeah…that’s a LOT of money. That’s plenty of money to add a nice new toy (or several) to my new man cave. (I recently finished my basement.) I’m at 26.5% at 196lbs, so I’ll need a pretty significant drop to win this thing. Either way, I’m getting healthier, which feeds into the other greed I listed above. Win-Win even if I lose and don’t have the most BF% lost. So, here we go… Drink Water and ONLY water!!! – Short and sweet. No soda and no beer. Eat clean! Paleo only! – Clean eating to power strong exercise! Exercise! - Starting Convict conditioning, running with Zombie 5k, and doing Parkour! Life Goal: Get promoted or get a new job! – Things are in flux at work. Lots of position shifts…but none of the people that need to go are being moved….i.e. it’s getting rather toxic.I’m up for a promotion for a job that I am over qualified for and have been doing the work of since I got into my current position. If I don’t get it, I’m looking for a new position where I’m getting paid what I’m worth and valued.Toxic workplace = bad news bears. So, that’s it. Hope you’ll join me on my journey. There will be lots of fun along the way. Attached are two pictures, one of my lunch today and one of me (note: I’m not the green leafy one) Oh yes, and one more thing... I'm Batman!
  25. Main Quest: Establish an emergency fund of $2,600 (one full paycheck). Goal One: No beer for 6 weeks. Goal Two: No eating out for 6 weeks. Goal Three: Record meals in MyFitnessPal Life Side Goal: Establish and maintain a routine for managing my to-do list Main Quest: Maintain a daily caloric intake of 2,000-3,000 calories regularly through efficient meal-planning and tracking. Goal 1: Enter all meals in MyFitnessPal for the duration of this challenge. Goal 2: Cook all meals at home for at least four days out of the week. Life Goal 1: Up to October 5th (beginning of Fall Break), have all class assignments graded and entered into the system. Life Goal 1.5: (October 5 and beyond) Have established detailed lesson plans for both sets of classes that will get me through to the end of the semester. Edit: Revised goals.
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