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Found 21 results

  1. LET'S KICK SOME ASS!!! It has been a fun return so far! Returning to working out and Muay Thai has been great. Tracking is...well it's tracking and I do need to figure out tweaks to my diet, but having that habit again is great! Also doing art again! My muse has returned!! The last challenge just kicked so much ass so I wanted to make sure I kept the awesome train going! As most of you may remembered, I first sought out my NerdFitness training about...one over a year and half ago and brought myself to this gym in my introductory From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel! threa
  2. These challenges are just going to fly by. I didn't make enough progress on my goals last month to need to move on yet. The only difference will be no boxing since boxing abandoned me. Goal 1) 2 long walks/runs per week. I know there are lots of ways to work on cardiovascular endurance but my feet need to get used to pounding up and down the field so longer walks/runs it is. Might be inside on a treadmill or outside depending on weather. For me long is greater than 2 miles. Goal 2) Rugby 3 days/week. Practice is Monday, Thursday and Saturday. In the event that I can't attend a schedul
  3. I'm wildly unprepared for this challenge to start. Fortunately my goals are pretty much unchanged. Fitness goal 1: Boxing twice per week. This will be Wednesdays and Saturdays. Fitness goal 2: Rugby practice twice per week. Monday and Thursday Food goal: Eat breakfast at home 5/7 days. Level up my life goal: Figure out what steps need to go in my morning routine and then make it a habit so I stop being late for work. My overarching theme this year is to get fit enough that I can convince my wife it's okay for me to play rugby at 40 years old. I was just going to help out with the te
  4. I jokingly told my partner that we were going to be the last gay couple in America to get legally married. The next day she said, "What are you doing December 5?" I said, "Uh, whatever" and she said, "Well that's when Phil can marry us." Ooooookay. She decided that we could pull together a wedding in just a few weeks. I didn't realize what that entailed. Basically, UPS throws up on our porch every day and we are single-handedly keeping Etsy going. Sadly, no TARDIS cake, although my friend Brandon is bringing a red velvet armadillo cake. Let's do a challenge! The last challenge was not so hot
  5. I didn't really feel like I was ready to upgrade myself to Je'daii Ranger, but continuing the Journeyer theme gives me the perfect framework for this new challenge. Also: GUYS! Do you realize that this challenge will carry us through the premiere of Star Wars Episode 7? Like, by the time this challenge is over, we will have seen it, and know for certain whether or not J.J. Abrams' desecration of Star Trek was even a little bit worth it. ----- Master Alora Denn's holocron tells me of the ancient rites of the Je'daii--those who came before, the first Force users. They lived on Tython, the
  6. I'm so bad at this creative title and theme stuff. I would have had this up sooner if I could have thought of a title. My last few challenges have been mostly about maintaining and continuity. My work is about to slow down so its time to start thinking about what I want to do this winter. I'm really tired of just maintaining my weight. I'm ready to start losing. I want to take a different approach this time. I make all sorts of grand plans without considering what I am really committed to doing. The results have been some meager weight loss and lots of half assed challenges. For week 1
  7. Part I There is no ignorance; there is knowledge I have a tournament coming up in November (a big multi-art shebang in MA), and last Friday, Sifu was talking about my white-sash test coming up in a couple of months. I'm hoping to impress him enough that he might test me before the tournament, so that I can proudly wear my sash to said destination. Part II In balance with chaos and harmony My second focus is going to be on food. I have problems with food. I need to find balance between chaos and harmony when it comes to my eating habits; I find them very easy to manage when in harmony (
  8. I really wavered on doing a challenge this time. But I'm afraid if I don't do one this time then soon it will be 2017 and I will weigh 400 pounds because I broke the only tether that reminds me I don't want to weigh 400 pounds. I've got another hectic few weeks coming up so I wanted to make this challenge as simple as possible. Goal 1) Eat 15,750 calories per week. That averages out to 2250 per day but I like to measure by the week because some days I'm hungrier than others. Goal 2) Household tasks. I will do 1 household chore per day. Every day. The only exception will be if I'm home
  9. joedog

    joedog resets

    After last challenge I clearly need to get back to basics. Soon I will be revealing that plan but now I need to do terrible things to asphalt. Okay: Goal 1) 3 work outs per week. Days to be declared at the beginning of the week Goal 2) Track food, meet the calorie goal my trainer set out for me Goal 3) Keep up with YNAB.
  10. THE THREADS ARE UP ALREADY?! Dang it! That means it's time to get to work-Oh wait this doesn’t start until June 8th…Oh well! I’m posting this anyways! Ya’ll probably know who I am already. If not WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! I'm BlackTezca, a generally loud, gif addicted, game addicted, movie addicted, anime-addicted, whatever addicted big old NERD. I already have my fourth challenge ready to go, though thanks to the longer break, I have some time to think on this challenge and tweak it before it starts. However, pretty sure this is how it’ll go! Just in case some of you
  11. A new challenge! I haven’t been this excited about a challenge since last challenge when I stupidly decided not to participate. You know what else gets me super excited and it’s also coming back? That’s right. Dragon Ball Super! And to celebrate this comeback I decided that Dragonball is the theme of this challenge. Brace Yourselves: The Saiyans are coming! Whatdoyoumean Wrong Series? INTO THE HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER! Goal One: I will head to The Hyperbolic Time Chamber three times a week. I will meet Mr. Piccolo twice a week. In my non-RPG, non-Nerd, boring life, The
  12. Challenge #5 - Spring Cleaning my Lifestyle So, this will be a 5 week challenge for me... It's SPRING in Scotland Wikipedia's climate section was right, right now is THE BEST TIME of the year! It's been super sunny and, ahem, "warm" (you know, 18°c...) and the days are getting so looooong 8D So I need to make sure I enjoy this to the fullest before Rainy Summer and Dark Winter come back (which is all I've seen of Scotland so far). I have to take care of my health asap, be kinder to myself, chase the bad habits (such as comfort eating) and consistently work towards a strong hea
  13. My week has been a little hectic so I don't have anything really set down how I want it. But my goals are going to keep on being pretty similar. I just really want to have some details and hammer on some grades this time to see if that helps me be a little more locked on to my goals. Goal 1 will be about exercising consistently even when my job interferes with life. Goal 2 will be about food, tracking religiously and maintaining a calorie goal. Goal 3 is going to be about me time. I have a new chain mail project to work on so I want to at least get that started. I'm also going to do
  14. RisenPhoenix Blah Blah Blahs Last few challenge have being dealing with my weight issues, as well as my food-thought issues. Plus, trying to wrap my head around wanting to get stronger and build muscle, even though it’s practically dead-set opposed to my weight loss goals at this point. Last challenge I got comfortable with eating without calorie counting (though I apparently gained weight, which in the best case scenario is just a pound of muscle), but mostly was an injured, snowed-in sod. Anyway, this challenge is a bit of a crap shoot, meant mostly to gather data and blah blah bl
  15. I'm covered up at work so no time for a full challenge write up now. Here's a little peek at the adventures ahead. 1) More training. 2) Less eating (or maybe just eating less) 3) Maintaining my sanity while being away from home for basically 3 weeks for work travel, plus kicking off the summer construction season. I tagged myself with monk eating since losing fat is my main goal. I also tagged with monk mentor. I'm not sure I'm the greatest example of how to succeed at challenges but I've been around a while. I spent some time thinking about actual fleshed out goals today during
  16. will clean up and polish it later but here is the new challenge ideas 6 week challenge Goal 1: Fitness 25 Pushups in 1 go1 unassisted Pullup75 situpsComplete Daily Hero Journey WorkoutGoal 2: Job -Apply to 3 different companies OR -Start new Job Goal 3: Reading -Finish Book For of A Song Of Fire And Ice: A Feast for Crows Goal 4: Life -Meditate for atleast 15 minutes every day (can be sitting quietly on the couch with coffee, at gym with headphones in w/e as long as I take time to center myself I have also dec
  17. ok, the last challenge did not go oh so well. There were pros and cons…more cons, but I do think I have a few ideas on how to avoid the pitfalls and failures I experienced in the last challenge. No real theme to tie this all together, I have a feeling I will be bouncing all over the board on this one. Goal 1: Can’t out run your fork Stated this way due to the fact I do not eat awful, I eat too much!!! I have to break a lot of old habits when it comes to food. Tracking intake is the key yet again. 2000 cal limit, and keeping an eye on what are my trouble zones…aka too many fats,
  18. I wanted to make my first challenge with the Monks have a great story but alas I have had epic writers blog for the last 2 days and now it is 11 mins until the start of the challenge and I am already stressing….something I don’t need any extra. So I will leave this with the down and dirty and hope that wit and humor show up in the near future. I am currently training in BJJ, I trained for roughly a year, then took a year off and am back at it now for about 3 months. With the new year starting my BJJ training and overall health (I link the two hand in hand) are priority #2 in my life, r
  19. My previous challenge was indeed a challenge. Now I'm discombobulated. My self-inflicted physical and mental injuries have made me wary of what I am capable of, but the weirdest part is that I'm still going. Can chalk that up to my dragon half, I know. So here are the snippets from my previous post, here to take step 2. I don't want a lot, I just want to feel like I'm a strong woman. I want to be able to go to the beach and actually wear a bathing suit. Wear shorts and maybe a dress now and again. I want to feel like I have permission to take a run along the beach. I want to workout as I
  20. Oh. Is it the first challenge of the New Year already? Hm. Guess I better get out of bed then. This challenge I want to try to keep it somewhat simple. I have come a long way from where I was 2 years ago, but I need to still work on a few more things – though at this point it’s less from need and more from want. But hey, why not gamify our lives a bit to make them more fun, right? The name of the game this time around is really just an all-around “Get better at stuff you’re already decent at” challenge, and hopefully by the end I’ll be both more well informed and proficient.
  21. Well, hi folks. It's been quite a while since I stalked the NF rebellion. Well, let me give you a short overview of my glorious deeds ... It's really short: None. Maybe some of you guys remember that I had to restart my engineering studies ... well, that restart was a disaster. I only passed three of 10 exams - I'm still in, I can continue, but it's pathetic. That totally dismantled me ... well, I spare you the details. I had to stop my TKD classes, and of course the workload is so immense that it's THE perfect excuse for skipping exercise and drowning in misery. Well, good news is: I
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