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Found 11 results

  1. Woo! Time for another challenge! This already come up so soon and technically my challenge started...today! So here we go and let's get this all set up right away! No more being lazy and no more breaks! Just pure awesome to celebrate the greatness that is the revival of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000!!! Hi, I'm BlackTezca and I'm just another Artsy Geeky Amazon in glasses! I have had mistfortune in taking place in such horrible films as my debut in From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel! before continuing to take roles from Roger Corman in various C-movie SciFi plots listed in BlackTe
  2. Indeed I am back in my favorite place in the forums with my true companions! Already its' time for another challenge to keep this kick-ass train going! It's time to go beyond the Earth and into the next frontier! There are new species to explore, most already ahead of the game. We need to establish ourselves worthy to be along side of them, as well as a fight off a race of genocidal bio-organic machine insanity! Time to exploit the mass effect to travel faster than light! But who am I? I am an uber awesome, N7 trained, Pathfinder capable BlackTezca! I have many talents, usu
  3. I'm Lieutenant Dan. Fuck you 2016. Woo...it is a new year. A brand new spanking year that I desperately need. I have been out for the forums quite a bit last year for one main reason! Quick reminder for all of you folks who have yet to meet the Queen of Gifs; I am BlackTezca and I first joined the Rebellion back in 2014! I started out with my very first post in From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel! I also started a new battle log for the year titled BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards A Much Better Year (We all need a much better year). I had a lovely challenge during my Golden age in
  4. It still feels like everything is moving so fast! Hard to keep up with making my challenges! However I am doing my best to kickass and bring myself into good habits, good routines and of course, good on leveling up! NOTHING CAN'T STOP THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF UNSTOPPABLE AWESOMENESS THAT I AM!!! I began studying in the way of awesome heroics over a year and a half ago and introduce myself to my class in From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel! Not only that, but I often keep detailed reports and status on the villains that plague my journey to fitness and my progress towards bec
  5. I'm BACK BITCHES! I had to take a bit of a break. See a lot of stuff was going on with work has I have whined about before and as some of you may know, I have been hit with major fatigue and continuous low-level nausea due to the success of the cloning project! The experiment was a success!! Which presented itself with its' own challenges. Now that I am adjusted I am also ready to go on my own adventure! I started out from humble roots in my introduction From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, did a few side quests and explored some back alleys in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards
  6. CHOO CHOO HERETICS!!! I have not finished my last challenge, but ya'll know I am not one for rules! I am BlackTezca, returning once again, but this time I may not your browsers with gifs! This time I'll just use memes to entertain! Not only will this thread entertain you, but you also have enjoyed my DYNAMIC ENTRY with journey From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, checked out whatever draft insanity and nonchallenge silliness I have with my battelog BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness and soon I will also win my latest war BlackTezca's 9th Trial: An Artsy Geeky Amazon Battles Aga
  7. GUESS WHO'S BACK! Back to the Monks for a brand new year! W00t! You awesome Martial Warriors remember me as BlackTezca and you may also remember me as a gif-crazy-make-your-browsers-crash-artistic-nutsy-code-MONKey! I have started out my journey in Nerdfitness in my introductory post From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, outlined last years daily struggles in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness and had my final, most violent, uber challenge of 2015 known as BlackTezcas' 7th Trial: An Artsy, Geeky Amazon Pumps Up! Now this time I am here with a new inspiration! I want to ta
  8. Okay, it's been a rough week and I've been staring at this for a while now. If there hadn't been a house guest in the beginning of the week, I probably wouldn't have been in as much of a funk. For anyone who's interested, RP is a terrible house guest. * But enough of that. It's challenge time. I'm going back to some deeply held loves. Things that are simple and elemental in the joy that they bring to me. My basics, if you will. See what I did there? I'm bringing it back. He-Man Hello, body-image. You're terrible. He-Man, for reference, looks like this: How I see mysel
  9. WHAT IS UP YOU PIGS IN HUMAN CLOTH- I mean MY NERD FITNESS PEEPS!!! GUESS WHO'S BACK!!! ALREADY!!! Man! Already new challenge forums?! You guys don't mess around! But enough bitching and SHIT! let's get this party started! As some of you may know, I'm BlackTezca, a generally loud, gif addicted, game addicted, movie addicted, etc-addicted big old NERD, who decided to join up here and revamp my health a bit with the help of YOU GUYS!! Just in case you forgot (like I'll let you), you'll also remember me from such topics like From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, BlackTezca's Daily Batt
  10. Oh hai. This is my first challenge with the monks! And let me tell you, picking a guild actually gave me some serious anxiety and actually almost made me decide to skip the challenge. >.> Decisions? What are those? I’M NO GOOD AT THOSE. Ahem. MAIN QUEST: Get to my goal weight and be able to defend myself in the (unlikely) event of an attack. QUEST 1: Survive Larxene (+3 STR, +3 DEX) Whether it’s training with her as Roxas, or fighting her as Sora, Larxene is one tough cookie. And she’s fast. And probably versed in, like, the Heartless equivalent of Krav Maga. (No, seriousl
  11. Intro Hey all! I'm madjoeybear and I love doing aikijiujutsu and shinkendo. I've been out of it for 6 years now though due to college and newly-arrived adulthood, and really want to get back into it. Main Quest To get my brown belt (san-kyu) Quests • Lift weights 3x/weekly for the next 5 weeks ○ +3 STR, +2 STA • Do treadmill walk/run intervals 3x/weekly for the next 5 weeks ○ +2 STA, +2 DEX • Go to classes at dojo 3/x weekly for the next 5 weeks ○ +2 DEX, +2 WIS Since all these are 3x/weekly for 5 weeks, they all have the same scoring: • A = 3x/weekly for 5 weeks
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