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Found 3 results

  1. I guess you know me. But I'll hang out with the recruits again, so I'll introduce myself a little for everybody who stumbles into my thread. ^^ I'm 28 years old and I'm still studying to become a teacher. I also have a bachelors degree in German linguistics, arts and philosophy - which doesn't count anything for getting a job. Before I started studying I worked for one year with old people and decided to learn to live on my own. So yeah my path is a little crocked. I always have been a dreamer and I also fight the procrastination dragon from time to time. Especially when tests are involved, because I always have been struggling with writers blocks and exam nerves. But recently I have been doing well and I guess consulting someone about this was the right decision. I guess I'm a monk druid, because a lot of my goals are more druid. But I'm also into HEMA and swordmanship and I'm much to streight forward for the druids. I love to meet new people, travelling, trying out new recipes, reading books... Oh, and I'm from Germany. Main Quest: I want to lose the five kilos I gained during the last birthdayparty-vacation-marathon. Also I want to finish my art project and keep the momentum of my last challenge. I managed to get things done and kept the procrastination dragon at bay. This challenge will consist of two parts, because I’ll be in Italy for two weeks and have to focus on different things during the two parts of my challenge. September 14 until Oktober 4: Hunt for achievements! LIVING ARTIST: Draw/Sketch/Paint … on at least 18 out of 21 days LOGBOOK: Write on your portfolio on 9 consecutive days ADVENTURER: Go for a walk on at least 15 out of 21 days MASTER TRAVELLER: Don’t pack unnecessary stuff and use everything you take with you on your trip beside the first-aid kit GOURMET: Try out three unknown recipes or food PREARRANGEMENTS: Take care of the library books before September 12 Oktober 5 until Oktober 25: Perform some more combos I’ll need 30 combos to slay the procrastination dragon. Explanation: I figured out, that I should focus on these aspects almost every day to get going. I’ll try to do one thing for every of this four aspects daily and create combos this way. I also learned that you can do more things and feel less exhausted, when you change the context a few times a day and do different things instead of focusing on one thing a day. Like cleaning for several hours. Combo of 4 = Winning combo Combo of 3 = small combo Combo of 5 = finishing move Get Artsy! List Study time! List Be Healthy! List (Mostly Exercise) Do Housework! List Do something FUN/Something for yourself-list Side Quest: Learn to delegate I’ll be giving my boyfriend and his friend – who is currently staying with us until he finds a flat – a chance to participate in taking care of the household tasks. Therefore I’ll be designing a board where the tasks are listed and update it once a week. Exemplary tasks
  2. Hi everyone, I’m back. This challenge is still under construction. I’ll add some detailed information and proper measurements later. Life Goal: Holding my weight (jay!) and keep fighting the procrastination dragon to get things done. Quest 1: Create some Combos to fight the dragon! After my last test on July 31, I’ll have a free summer again until October. Until than I want to work on my studies from home, do the housework (a lot piled up before the tests), keep my fitness momentum and get artsy. I figured out, that I should focus on these aspects almost every day to get going. So this time I’ll try out something new. One of the time management methods was about monitoring what you are doing daily. Instead I’ll try to do one thing for every of this four aspects daily and create combos this way. Combo of 4 = Winning combo Combo of 3 = small combo So a challenge has 42 43 days. So I would be aiming for 42 43 combos. But I know how hard it has been for me to practice art and getting in exercise the last few weeks. Of course this had something to do with the exams and university related stress. I really can’t figure out for what time of combos I should aim for. And I’ll be away for 10 days during the challenge. I’m still deciding, if I try to make small combos on these days, or if I don’t count these and try to add the ten days in the break time. Goal: Do at least 43 combos during the challenge. Small combos also count. At least 40 big combos for an A. Already managed 12 combos. 28%28% Get Artsy! List Study time! List Be Healthy! List Do Housework! List Quest 2: Practice Tai Chi. I won’t have any Tai Chi lessons until October. So I have to practice at home to not forget every exercise we were taught. And I lent some books with new exercises and want to work through them. Goal: Practice at least six hours Tai Chi during until the end of the challenge. 10 of 360 minutes so far. 0.02%0.02% Side Quest: Don’t be shy and show some ******* art! Last challenge I was encouraged by BlackTezca to practice some art again. Seeing her sketches really made me want to pick up this hobby again. And I should really improve my skills, because I want to finish my major subject one day. But somehow I got shy about my own art and stopped drawing regularly. Picking out one of my paintings for a small student exhibition was really hard for me. At the moment I hate my art and I hate, that my skills are diminishing. So I want to show at least five pictures here. And perhaps join an artsy accountability group or create one. 5 or more pictures = A, 4 = B, 3 = C, less is fail.
  3. There is neither darkness, nor light; There is only the Force. There is passion, yet peace. Serenity, yet emotion. Chaos, yet order. I am the shadow cast by the sun, I am the candle burning in the night, And the Force alone shall guide me. A Gray Jedi walks on both the Dark Side and the Light. I walked in the darkness for a time. Now it's time to come back to the light. A chunin (in the fanon) doesn't have a lot of explanation. The role is described as being, and I paraphrase, good enough to teach and lead whilst learning and being led. As I don't feel I can teach or lead well by word alone, I must stand in the sun, stark and simple, and cast my shadow as far as I can. The overarching theme of this challenge is to keep things simple. I am fighting the urge to complicate everything. I seek, as Bruce Lee put it, the daily decrease, the elegance of doing little and reaping much. It'll take longer than six weeks to be sure, but as the overall epic goal is to Know Myself, I think this is the next step. I started off with goals of spiritual discipline, and then moved on to attempting to apply those (and boy, did I get a lot of opportunities to apply those). Now it's time to build something again. Or to tear it down, as the case may be. Goal 1: Write Camp NaNoWriMo is in full swing, and I let myself get fooled into thinking I'm gonna do something productive with it. I need to take that lie and make it true. 15000 words at the end of the month - quality words, too. Should be feasible, because I've finally given myself the permission to not be identified by how original my thoughts are. It might just turn out to be thinly-veiled fanfic, but so what? That's most pop-lit anyway. Goal 2: Log Reads like a cop-out unless you've watched me long enough to know that I'm prone to jumping ship at the first sign of not getting what I want. The point of this goal isn't to log. I do that already. The point is to keep myself to what I'm doing, and to have the accountability to stick to the damn program. Which I like. And have no reason to change. Yet. This goal is to carry me to the end of the month, at which point, I will reassess and adjust as necessary, and then carry on to the end of the Challenge. Goal 3: Read A Praying Life So, I gotta admit, most of the religious stuff I read about cultivating discipline doesn't really appeal to me. It doesn't seem honest on a fundamental level - it doesn't acknowledge that a disciplined life is hard. It tacitly blames you for the lack and just seems to think that if you just say this formula and do this thing that you'll have an easy life. This is not the truth. Not even remotely. Fortunately, I've read this book before, and I know that it has good in it. It's a hard read, but an honest one, and I can stomach the difficulty because of it. One chapter a week. And if that makes you uncomfortable, you can think of it as me tuning myself to the Force. It works. Goal 4: 20g of Fiber per Day So, in my calculations and such, I've noticed that I tend to go really low in my fiber intake. It's not really bothered me before, but for all the probiotics I eat and such, I don't seem to see much benefit. I want to fix that. But I also know that if I go too far too fast, my body will react... poorly. So, goal this challenge is to ingest at 20g per day for the rest of the challenge. We can upgrade that further later. Means lots of veggies and some gluten-free psyllium I managed to score. Should be... cleansing. And, that's it. You'd think I'd have more Karate-flavored stuff in here, but until sensei gets back to me about getting in to build, there's not much to do there but keep on practicing with the processes I've got in place. Set it on fire, Monks.
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