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Found 5 results

  1. In honor of Halloween the Scout mini will be monster themed What? You were expecting this? Nope - we'll be trying to conquer our monsters! so strap on your runners and let's get hunting!
  2. Volki

    Volki Dreadful

    Welcome back! I have been watching this show Penny Dreadful and it has inspired me to do a horror themed challenge. I am going to theme each week after a different classic monster. I think it will be fun to read into and play with each classic creature (not to mention keep the ADHD happy with changing every week). So here are the bare bones of what I plan on doing: 2X a week Current workout weights: DB deadlift 3x10. 150#(75# DB each hand) Alt DB curl 3x10 40# DB Skull crusher 3x12 75# DB 1 arm rows 3x10 55# DB DB bench 3x10 50#DB each hand I plan on increasing these weights by the end of the month (safely) 1X a week Again I am going to stick with the Turbulence 500 routine because it is a good supplement for the muscles I miss during my lifting sessions. I am going to allow for 1 gym day to be replaced with one 500 day a week. 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Pushups 25 Jumps 25 Stability Ball Leg Curls 50 Stability Ball Jackknifes 50 Step-ups (25 reps per side) 25 Pull-ups 50 Forward Lunges (25 reps per side) 50 Close-grip Pushups 50 Inverted Rows 50 Squats 25 Chin-ups Language: Well my Spanish and Sign Language(ASL) learning has been half-ass'd at best so I am going to go for 5X a week with at least 20 mins of practice a day. I am going to alternate weeks between Spanish and Sign Language to keep it fresh. Ways that I will be practicing: Spanish telenovella method and movies Sign Language cards and videos Practice with family Spanish and Sign Language Read one classic horror book a week: I have been a little slacking lately and I would like to read one classic book a week that coincides with the theme of the week. Minis: I am also apart of Wolf's and Rurik's minis so that will add a lil extra fun each week Wolf : El Tiburon One of the bosses of the Cartel Rurik: Character Name: Volki Rurik's Roughnecks or Big Bad: Roughnecks! Class Role: Engineer\Demolitions expert Appearance: 6ft 200lb Mohawk covered in tattoos Weapons & Inventory: Explosives of every shape and size. Proficient with a shotgun and loves knives Background: Missing more than a few screws in his sanity (most likely knocked loose from failed explosives experiments) He has what some would say a "twisted" sense of humor but he is well meaning and loyal. His low brow sense of humor and questionable moral compass are balanced by the fact that he has a PhD in Explosive Engineering. He is an ex-bad guy and came over to the Roughnecks after he was betrayed. He is along for the ride and will do what it takes to see the OpFor turned to ash.
  3. exjamieus' Good Fight Goes into the West Hello Assassins! I'm taking leave from the Warrior's for this challenge. Main Quest: Be in Bitchin Shape for Washington Fitness Goals PLP Challenge BOOM!! I got a doozy of a cold in March and had to find things to do that didn't involve coughing and sneezing all over the gym. This fit the bill. I don't do pull ups, I do reverse bodyweight rows in my dog's crate. Handstand challenge I've been pretty diligent thus far, made it two weeks! Run like it's Broad Street This should have been one of the last things my bestie and I did together before I bounced. But plans changed and I'm leaving early. No reason not to train for it though. Life Goal I'm moving back without a job. Stress management and separating "happiness from satisfied" are the important focuses for me this challenge. Monday April 14th I'm giving my company 3 weeks notice. My last day will be May 2, May 3 Lyra (my monster) and I are bouncing. Been looking forward to this cross country drive for months!!! Me, a monster, my bike, and a car full my most favorite things. :-) :-) :-) Wilmington, DE to Kirkland, WA. It's been a long time coming.
  4. Hi nerd fitness buddies! I am not fever, not flyer, but I an Steve, the creeper-killing cuboid! I will fight alongside the iron, lapis, glass, gold,iron, snow, and ice golems of minecraft against Herobrine and the monsters including wither boss and the enderdragon! I will include running, circuits, pull ups, yoga, and Pilates that I do for fun. Points: Running (every week) 4 Stamina Circuits (every week) 3 Dexterity, 1 constitution Pullups (every week) 3 Strength Yoga and Pilates (every 2 weeks) 1 Strength Assassin mini games (every mini game) 3 charisma
  5. i watched the trailer yesterday for the upcoming film Seventh Son. it looks awesome, so i researched it and learned that it is an adaptation of the first book in a series called The Spook's Apprentice. in America, the series is known as The Last Apprentice. because the trailer for the film looks amazing, i am eager to read the books. who here has read the books? what do you think of them?
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