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Found 5 results

  1. Goals: - One Rabbit Stew coming right up! Get more protein, try for 3 protein shakes a week in place of some other snacks. - Nibble yer bum! Drop 5kg this challenge. If necessary track calories, prefer not to... - Run away! Run away! Do a run or some weights related to running 3 times a week I have my first 10k on 15 Sept so the challenge dates line up well for prep but I have to make sure I actually do it......
  2. He who would cross the Bridge of Death Must answer me These questions three Ere the other side he see. What…...is your name? - Honeybadger from the Ranger Guild What…….is your quest? -To run my first 4 mile road race What……is your training plan? -Run, bike, eat well and run some more After a spectacular flop last challenge, I am excited to be training for a specific event and hope it will help keep me focused and on track. I will be training for a 4 mile road race in exactly 5 weeks, no zero week for me. Why the Bridge of Death r
  3. What is your name? ShadowFire. What is your quest? Too kick some serious Ass. Wait seriously, no Holy Grail stuff just kicking ass? Yes, now may I please pass? No, I mean yes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Wait. Does that count as an intro? I mean it has my name. Well just in case, Name's Shadowfire. I'm 25, male, currently trying to get my life on track. I figure this is the best way for a guy who spends more time with his nose in a book or a computer screen too get in shape. On fitness stuff, I hate running. Straight up haaaaatttttteeeeee it. And I'm not a fan of free weights but I can do them if I feel t
  4. Cheechoe's Flying Circus FEATURING... A Cheechoe A Challenge... ...Annnd A Bunch Of Nerds To Help Her Keep Her Head.. (pssst. That's you guys...) 1. MFP Tracking Track ALL THE FOOD 1800 cal/day as a baseline. I add in my exercise and my caloric allotment are adjust from there I get ONE CHEAT DAY A WEEK where I can go to 2500. ONE. TRACK EVERYDAY 2. Eat Primal No Processed Carbs No Nut Butters unless it's a cheat day and within my caloric allotment No Junk Food. I'll allow myself dark chocolate on my cheat days within '' '' '' My ch
  5. Main Quest To feel healthy, happy, and INVINCIBLE! Background - I've feel like total crap for the past few months; no energy, stressed, and a lot of lovely digestive issues. I remember how I felt when I went paleo/primal a few years ago and I want to go back to that! Goal 1- Bump up my activity levels How will I do this? *Meet my daily Fitbit goals of 10k steps. I'd like them to be spread out throughout the day, but as long a they're there I'm ok with it. *Log at least 3 non walking activities a week (kayaking, yoga, biking, etc). I've really wanted to try stand up paddle
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