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  1. I have arrived! Yet in again! In a classic style! Now that the March challenge is complete, I'm back here again to kickass!! I am BlackTezca, returning here in good old fashion style to start another challenge and kick some ass in April! Travel back in time to the start of my journey with my first field assignment From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, also, I have created and planned out strategies to take out enemies, both super powered and not, in my battelog called BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness (which is highly confidential) and also, now in my lists of operations succeeded and battles won, you can see the latest mission in BlackTezca's 10th Trial: An Artsy Geeky Amazon Takes on the Grim Darkness of WAR!!! I am a big fan of retro styling; the awesome sophiscated Retro fashion, the Film Noir themes, the good ole idioms and speech, classic American diners, etc. I do enjoy the bright colors and even some of the music of the 1940s and 1950s...what I don't like is the rampant sexism and racism of the error that was not only common place but also legal. So no surprise that I would love a show that not only, rightfully, criticizes and aims to destroy those attitudes and boundaries that mar the error in my mind, but also shows the beauty, the fashion, the music and styling that I really enjoy from that era. The spy tech, the film noir mysteries, the old slang that I do find, all of that can be found in one awesome show about one fantastic, fascinating character... I'll be focusing again my strength training; going be buying new weight plates (10 lb ones now) to now be able to go up to 50 pounds per dumbbell for my workouts (though some worry about how wide the plates will be) and figured that they should arrive in time for the next challenge! I shall still focus on my art still as well, this time also accounting for time spent painting teeny tiny models. I shall also work harder on having some voice time with family members (mostly my mom and dad) and on not only eating better and keeping up my macros (including keeping down my sugar levels). All this is of course to not only protect our Nations' secrets from threats abroad and domestic, criminal and super powered, but also to support my main quest! A quest to be like another fabulous and powerful woman... My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman This image still never get old... This challenge is another one that is short and sweet, though a little bit on the tougher side since I am doing five side quests again, with the fifth one not being a one off. I'm still thinking about the fifth quest though, leaning towards either doing fashion photos (styling myself off cute and taking a picture) or still on the Martial Arts tone and focusing on only counting going to Muay Thai or privates lessons again. Give me ideas!! I need to strategize how I'm going to defeat Leviathan and take down any Hydra remnants with the SSR! Finding SHIELD takes time and teamwork you know! Now with out further ado, let's dispatch my crew to conquer this challenge! Agent Carter is kicking ass and take names! Details: Need to ramp up some strength training! Peggy is no nonsense, direct, and her fighting is dirty and focuses on her strength as well as using other people's strength against them. Thus to match the power of Agent Carter I shall do two lower body strength workouts and two upper body strength workouts. I could combine the workouts (so one day I may do a short leg followed by a short upper) but I need to do two lower body and two upper body workouts per week! Especially since I'm getting new plates! I do note that my legs are already pretty strong, but I also work out my arms quite a bit too during kickboxing, thus the (hopefully) equal treatment! Contingencies: Travel can be a bit of an issue though nothing is on the books yet. I also need to be flexible in case of illness and count body weight exercises (especially stuff like pike push-ups, single leg push ups, reverse planks, tricep dips off of a chair, pistol squats...that shit is HARD...). Tracking: I'll be tracking the workouts using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for Strength training four times a week ( 25 pt - 2 Sta 3 Str ) B for Strength training three times a week ( 20 pts - 1 Sta 2 Str ) C for Strength training two times a week ( 15 pts - 1 Str ) F for all else Edwin Jarvis is supporting the heavy hitters! Details: I have slipped a bit when it comes to my protein, my sugar and carbs are a bit too high and I just need to reign things in! Overall my diet has been slacking over the winter and DAMMIT, it's Spring! So time for a little Spring cleaning with Jarvis and time to work on my macros once more! I went to check on my macros and came up with the following to track on MyFitnessPal 1585k (total), 178g (carb), 44g (fat), 139g (protein) and 56g (sugar). Though I am keeping in mind my macros, I got a really good suggestion to make protein my focus here, especially since I do tend to go really intense with my workouts (last Friday anyone? THAT WAS HARD). However, I still will be keeping an eye on my sugar and thus keep sugar set low. Protein is the main goal though. Contingencies: Usual suspects: birthdays, special events, etc. I don't think I have anything coming up in April except for the ski trip this weekend and that's still BEFORE the challenge so I should be good. However I will let myself have one day per week where I'm not counting this. Still tracking but just not caring for one day only. Tracking: I'll be tracking the eating using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated as well. Grading: A for 6 to 7 days of keeping up my protein ( 25 pt - 2 Str 2 Con ) B for 4 to 5 days of keeping up my protein ( 20 pts - 1 Str 2 Con ) C for 2 to 3 days of keeping up my protein ( 15 pts - 1 Con ) F for all else Daniel Sousa is reconnecting with Peggy and encouraging me to do the same Details: Peggy has a type; honest, reliable, perhaps not the strongest physically (she loved Steve before the super serum, and Daniel is a disabled vet), but the strongest in integrity. Daniel is all that, though he moved away from New York not just for a promotion but to avoid confusing emotions he had with Peggy. I myself have been slacking on calling family members and Daniel, in a way, was pushing those closest to him away. Time for me to talk to one of my relatives (at least my parents) at least once a week. Simple, easy and must keep up the calls! Contingencies: I can text! I can make a quick phone call. I shall count voicemails I leave just in case they don't pick up or I miss them. At least I am calling at least once a week and calling someone I love. Also, sometimes I chat with family members so I may count that too! We'll see Tracking: I'll be tracking using my phone (duh), computer (duh) and this thread shall be updated! Grading: A for at least one call per week, voicemails included ( 10 pt - 1 Con ) F for all else Howard Stark is inventing with dramatic (insane) genius! Details: Creativity geniuses are always working; always inventing, always having new ideas. Thus I shall be, keeping this going; I shall work on art 30 minutes a day, at least 4 days a week! Need to get some more art finished during this time as well...or maybe show off my model painting skills! Either way, my creativity must be strong! Contingencies: Busy weeks and weekends. However I have been making time for both model painting and my drawing so this should not be an issue :D. Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I shall use those and this thread to keep track. Grading: A for at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 days a week - 20 exp ( 2 Wis 1 Cha ) B for at least 30 minutes 2 to 3 days a week - 15 exp ( 1 Wis 1 Cha) F for all else Dottie Underwood is assassinating marks in disguise! Details: Dottie Underwood is one of the original Black Widows; the dark predecessor to Natasha, and one with an somewhat unnerving attachment to Peggy. She is beautiful and deadly. Thanks to very helpful decisions, I decided to make this quest a combination of Deadly and Beautiful by using this to not only make sure I go to Muay Thai (and not counting kickboxing) once a week, but that I also look fabulous and take a lovely fabulous fashion photo once a week as well (not on the same day but I could!). Contingencies: Mostly the Muay Thai may be hampered by schedule, freak weather, etc. But I managed to do it before! I CAN DO IT AGAIN! Tracking: I'll be tracking the DEADLY using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated with the BEAUTY photos. Grading: A for one Beauty and one Deadly per week - 20 exp ( 1 Dex 1 Cha ) F for all else I know I know..why Dottie and not someone else? Why not Agent Thompson?! ... ...This is my favorite gif of him. Nuff' Said. Anywho! My challenge is now set and I'm gonna repost some measurements...reposting because it was the same measurements for last challenge but since not much has changed since then I didn't even bother to redo them. So bam let's take a look and let's see if I can make them go the way I want them along with posting a new fitness image as well! Starting Measurements: Date: 02/28/2016 @ 10:30 am Weight: 130.2 ***Body Fat***: 22% Waist: 23 Waist @ Navel: 24 Hips: 34.5 Neck: 12 Chest: 32 Left Bicep: 11 Right Thigh: 16 Wrist: 5.5 Forearm: 9 Definitely need to get a hold of my eating of sweets and get back my abs dammit! The art maybe a bit difficult, but everything else should be manageable...even the eating, though that quest has always been a bit scary. However it's the most important one so far so I better get it right! Time to go out and kick ass and prove the world exactly what I am capable of! Time to be like Margaret Elizabeth Carter and not only take down the bad guys and save the world, but also kick the ass of my companions if they end of thinking I can't handle the mission! I'm a beast dammit! LET'S DO THIS!!!!
  2. Main Quest: Lose 4 pounds Starting: 209.4 pounds Goal #1) Walk/Run 18.6 miles I signed up to be part of a running club. But on a personal level I am going to work on this, very slowly. I am also challenging myself to run in the afternoons as I prefer to run in the mornings (but I’m usually too tired to run!). So my goal is to run with the group on the following dates: April 19 April 26 May 3 May 10 May 17 May 24Stats: +1 STA, +1 CHA, +1 DEX Goal #2) Axe Lifting (5 pounds) and Push Ups So in my past challenges I have tried to do pushups. Real push-ups. Last week my trainer asked me to do a simple triceps’ exercise. I could not for the life of me. Turns out my triceps are too tight. It hurts a lot to even stretch them. So I’ll be working on those now. I believe I can push myself to do the following. Every other day 3 Reps of 5 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 5 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 5 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 5 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 10 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 10 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 10 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 10 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 15 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 15 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 15 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 15 liftsStats: +1 STA, +2 STR Goal #3) Hunt more, bake less I am cutting down my carb intake and upping my protein intake. According to myfitnesspal.com my carb intake should be 220g but I will be lowering it slightly to 200g. And then my protein intake is 91g but I will be raising it to 100g. My calorie intake will stay the same (1800 calories). I will take cheats this time not on the calories but on the carbs/proteins 3 cheats 2 cheats 2 cheats 1 cheats 1 cheats 0 cheatsStats: +1 STA, +1 WIS, +1 CON Life Goal) Grooming Working on myself is very important this year. One thing I realized is that I am so scared of taking pictures of myself. I hate when my boyfriend tries to take a photo of me. Everything. I start crying with every photo. So I’m challenging myself, 1 photo a day for 42 days. No cheats. Finish reading FBI Careers 42 Days of PhotosStats +2 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 CON
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