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Found 12 results

  1. Keeping it simple: I want to improve my morning productivity! How does a superheroine improve level up? She puts on her Supersuit. Every weekday morning I will put on my workout clothes (or clothes for the day) before I go into the kitchen. That will be my signal. I have battles to face, and I must be prepared. I've struggled with my updates the last couple months. I think the issue is, I've been levelling up for so long, that I actually have quite a few things I'm working on. And I write them down as goals, and feel like I need to write an essay every time I come on here. And I don't always have time, or energy. So, I will update whether or not I won my morning. If I want to report on other stuff, great, but it's fine if I don't. What is the other stuff? Hydrating, mindful eating, Bible reading, workout, sleeping, life😀 RIght now the workout I am doing is Strong Curves by Brett Contreras. And a rowing sprint once a week. Movement in there with rowing, walking, or gardening.
  2. Well, my isnpiration for this challenge is the hunger games... Allthough the books where awfull, and the movies were kinda meh... I don't know, let's see where this goes. This month's challenge is all about getting hungry (Hunger Games... you know... )Well, not really starving-to-death-hungru, but kinda hungry... I decided I really need to know if I'm hungry, thirsty or just want to put my teeth in something tasty. That's why I will start intermittent fasting. So I will set a time I can start eating each week. If I feel good enough to keep fasting I can fast longer. Goal 1: Intermittent Fasting/Diet Week 1: Breakfast around 12:00 PM Week 2: Breakfast around 1:00 PM Week 3: Breakfast around 2:00 PM Week 4: Breakfast around 3:00 PM Coupled with this I want to try a low carb diet for this month. And then I just mean skipping as much as possible bad carbs: pasta, bread, white rice, candie, cookies, fruit juices, pudding, cakes,... (the list goes on)... you get the idea... Cheat day to give me some hope is on saturday. Goal 2: wake up every day around 5:00 AM Well, I have to get up every morning to keep up with my enemies! And, it makes me active, some alone time in the morning, I get to make a planning for the day. etc... It will probably be the hardest the first week. Goal 3: drinking 3l water/day Just staying hydrated, something I find very difficult! Goal 4: do something active every day So yes, this wouldn't be about fitness if I wouldn't do something about that, so I made a list with activities I can swap between. It's a ll about getting my body fit, mobile, more functional... Not necessary about getting more muscle. If I do a certain activity I will go more in depth describing what I did more in detail. For me it will be better that wayto see if I make any progress. Activity 1 Hill sprints Activity 2 Walking 1 hour Activity 3 Yoga Activity 4 Strength training Activity 5 Swimming The ideal routine would be like this: (but that is crazy, maybe I can get there in a few months) - Yoga and walking every day - Strength training 2-3 times a week - Hill sprints 2-3 times a week - Swimming 1-2 times a week
  3. March 16- April 11 There are no more villains in Metroville. Metroville is once again a quiet town. Which is good, unless of course you are a bored superhero. The Incredibles haven’t had a mission in a long time, and while they are happy that their town is safe, they feel restless. Sitting at home, watching the Avengers for the 5th time, Mr. Incredible sighs. He remembers fondly the days he and Frozone would go out chasing the bad guys. Elastigirl swtiches between staring at Facebook and watching the movie, daydreaming about the time they took down the Omnidroid. They are startled out of their daydreams by a knocking at the door. Wondering who it could be at the late hour, Mr. Incredible makes his way to the door. Before he has time to answer it, the door opens and in walks Frozone. Before Mr. Incredible even has a chance to ask why he is there Frozone excitedly proclaims “Are you all ready for a mission or what” Mr. Incredible slaps him on the back, “You came at the right time buddy” Elastigirl nods and says, “Slow down, let’s hear about it first, “ Frozone grins, “Well I was just sitting out home minding my own business...” “Uh, huh’ Elastigirl skeptically says Frozone continues, “Well, I may have, ahem, access to a top secret Villain scanner, and I may have heard that over in Centerville, there is a Super Villain going by the name Red Ghost who is terrorizing the town. The police are unable to stop him. And there are no heroes protecting the city. Guess that leaves us”“ Mr. Incredible looks at Elastigirl, “Sounds like the town needs our help” Elastigirl grins, “Guess we have a mission” Challenge Points: Less than 30 points- Red Ghost is able to defeat the Incredibles and destroy the town 60 points- the Incredibles are able to hurt Red Ghost, but he is still damaging the town 80- Red Ghost is severely hurt, however , he can still heal and come back to work his destruction 120 points- Red Ghost is defeated 150 + points the town is very grateful, gives them the key to the city, and asks for their future help in protecting the city Challenge Goals 2 points per day for each goal,5 points for 5 days completion Drink Water- 64 oz a day Morning Routine Read Bible Kitchen tidy Drink water Start 9:30 Mobility Squat 3 min Life Bathroom painted- 20 points Bathroom accessories bought- 20 points Scrapbook planned- 10 points 10 pages in scrapbook – 10 points Try new food- 5 points Make a new recipe- 5 points Finish 14 Days Mobility Prescriptions- 20 points 6 pull ups- 10 points Invite someone (non family or game night) to dinner – 20 points Something out of my comfort zone- 10 points Notes: My husband has off the first week of the challenge. We are going away for a few days, and then going to work on our bathroom remodel. Not going to bother with keeping score that week. Vacation food I will enjoy, and do my normal. That is, enjoy the food but don't eat like an ass. Plan is to do some geocaching, and lots of walking. More details on my workout plans and food thoughts:
  4. Hiroro

    Hiroro Rises

    Last challenge went pretty great for me, but after finishing the Whole30 I made a series of poor eating choices. I certainly don't feel like the Whole 30 was negated, but I'm feeling a bit bloated and my skin and digestion are making their displeasure known. Fiance is on board with continuing to eat mostly Whole 30 (WHAT YAY), and I'm thrilled that we're on the same page. Me and fiance. Eating semi-W30 together Overarching Goal: GET LEAN (<25% body fat) GOAL #1: Wake up at 5am every weekday, 7am on weekends. I've been inspired by a blogger to start waking up earlier. I recently had the epiphany that when I don't take melatonin or Benadryl before bed, I feel alert after 7-8 hours of sleep. Last week I found myself naturally waking up earlier and feeling energized (!!!), so want to try out making it a habit. I've called exercise my keystone habit, but the trouble with that is I tend to work out in the afternoon -- at that point work has worn me out mentally, the SADs may have kicked in, and the couch is calling my name. GOAL #2: Gym/Run/Walk daily I'm floundering a bit post-Spartan because I don't have another race until May (and that's just a marathon relay, so ~6mi). The yoga studio I love is running a promotion (3-month membership for 2-month price), and I'm tempted to sign up. For now I'm going to pay attention to what my body is craving, and get my daily dose of endorphins. GOAL #3: Fine tune eating The first two weeks of the challenge I'm going to try allowing non-W30 food every day -- that's allowing a bit of rice, legumes, even gluten, dairy, alcohol. Can I do daily moderation without just going nuts? Not sure. The second two weeks I'm going to try a mostly stricter system...maybe 5 days on, 2 days off. Focus on having a vegetable and protein at every meal.
  5. lovely

    New Druid

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to this site and I'm interested in practicing yoga/meditation first thing in the mornings..for starters.. I have forever been hearing that how you start your day will set the rest of the days outcome.. So far I will practice deep breathing... some warmup/wakeup stretches and a nice little workout routine. Wondering if anyone else does this routine? Any tips? or any posts I should be following? Thanks =)
  6. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a routine I can do in the morning? It takes me about 20 mins to get to work. I usually wake up 40 mins before leaving to give me time to shower and prepare. What can I do that will take maybe 30 mins at most when I wake up in the morning? Things I was thinking of: Yoga - I have no idea how to do it. I'd like to though, I've been wanting to improve my flexibility. Walk outside - walking is about as far as I go. I HATE running! If a zombie apocalypse happened, I'd let them eat me. Push ups/ab stuff - I like this idea too. I need to get stronger. Also need to lose weight. I think my main problem is I don't know the correct forms (proper push up posture, am I feeling the burn in the right places while planking, etc). Any tips, ideas, or resources are much appreciated. Note: I want to get into muay thai eventually (once I'm able to afford it). A routine that could prepare me for this would be nice, but maybe not so rigorous that I feel burnt out at work right after. Thanks guys!
  7. Hi! I want to wake up and feel positive, to be happy about the new day. I want to think about all the potential the day has and what great things could happen today. Or maybe what things I can archieve. BUT I am waking up and feel the opposite. I dont want to get up so early, I dont want to know that I will, one hour after waking up, spend the next 10 hours (in the worst case) in school, just to come home to do school work. I dont want to get reminded about problems. And it is not getting better when I am opening the window to see a cold and rainy weather and I know it is dark when I leave and it will be dark again when I am coming home. I dont want to depress you, so I guess you know what I mean. By being demotivated I first play games or surf the internet after I come home, and by that a huge part of my daily 24 hours are gone. Can you relate to this? Or have you even surpassed it? My own thought on this: - I need to change my mindset (hah that sounds easy ) - first be aware of the fact that only I can and will change my life and I need to get up for this and second (or by this) be more positive in general - I need to get out of my comfort zone more often to experience the unknown (+be more open to new/be more spontanous. Sounds sill but I think by that I will wake up and be interested in the new adventures that could happen to me. - I need to handle my tasks better - So I am not everhelmed in the moring and endup doing nothing. A thing I will try is to set 3 doable tasks per day to get rid of the "problemmountain" that is always above me So, I hope you read this and will share your thoughts What do you think can help? What do you think is the most important in my list? Have fun, Gurkour
  8. I have a quick survey for the rebellion, mostly since I'm trying to help motivate some friends: What is the earliest you get up in the morning? And, what would you do with the time if you were to get up earlier? For those of you who already do get up early, what motivates you? Thanks!!
  9. Hello, Monks! How has your sleep been lately? Hopefully by now you all have started working on your habits and goals. On this first week of the challenge, we will work on changing our behavior from the very first moment we wake up. Most of us keep a love and hate relationship with the snooze button. The alarm goes off, our bodies are too heavy or too sore from training, our beds are extremely comfortable, or it is too damn cold outside. Here is the thing: The snooze button is a terrible way to wake up. Why do we punish ourselves by reliving that dreaded moment we have to get up over and over again as if we are trapped in an exploding T.A.R.D.I.S.? We all have amazing ideas for what we want in our day. We have things to do, goals to accomplish, quests to follow, dragons to slay and levels to level up. Stop hitting snooze on them. Why are you waking up? Why should you get out of bed every day? Why would anyone matter? Get clear on that; spend time there. That is your motivation. Tomorrow morning when you hear the alarm, you will come face to face with the force that is required to change behavior. You will be half-asleep. All the excuses will pop up, the same mental stories and lies – but you do not need to engage with them, or lie there in bed and argue with them. Use your mindful monk skills. Observe them and without judgment choose instead to focus on your why, on your motivation. This week, we are going to practice a new way of waking up. This short morning routine that includes some yoga stretches and meditation will be your new snooze button. Step 1: Good Morning Sunshine! Your alarm goes off. DO NOT hit snooze. Instead, you activate your body with a good long stretch. Point your toes and pull your arms back. Become aware of your body as you stretch. Become aware of all the parts touching the bed. Hold the stretch and breathe as you count to 10 in your head. Step 2: Hip Joint Stretch Pull your knees up towards your chest and hold. You will feel the stretch in your hip joint – where we often hold a lot of discomfort. Hold the stretch and breathe as you count to 10 in your head. Step 3: Spine Stretch With your shoulders pressed flat on the bed – twist one leg over the other to stretch and awaken the spine and hold for a slow count of 5 for each side. Step 4: Side Stretch Ready to get up? This is for the side of your torso and up through your arm. Keep your bottom on the bed and gently stretch as far as it feels comfortable to the sides – without lifting your sit bones off the bed. Hold the stretch and breathe for a slow count of 5 on each side. Step 5: Sitting Stretch It is time to get out of bed! With one leg folded over the other, feel a great stretch from your backside along your hip and side thigh. If you feel a persistent pain in this area, or suffer from sciatica – you may want to spend a little more time here to release the tension. Step 6: Feel Grateful! It is the beginning of a new day and you have successfully accomplished your first side-quest. Stand up straight and strong. Place your hands together. Take a deep breath and smile – this will actually trigger emotions of happiness. You are ready to go out there and do something epic with your day. If you are trying to incorporate a workout or a meditation practice into your day, this may be the best moment to do it; this little routine is a great way to ease into the habit. There are 6 stretches in this routine which can be completed in just 60 seconds. Feel free to adapt them -- you can make it longer if you enjoy it. Practice the routine before sleeping tonight, so that in the morning you can get right to it Your challenge this week is to practice this stretch routine each morning. As final word, I have a question for you. When you stand up and smile, what will you be thinking about? What is making you happy? Rise up, monks.
  10. I have a question for the members of the rebellion that serve in the morning guard (slaying dragons so the rest of the world can sleep peacefully). This weekend I decided to try working out in the morning to see how I would feel through the rest of the day but there' s a question weather I should exercise before or after breakfast. My problem is that before breakfast I feel very weak, lacking energy... but after breakfast I feel food jumping around my stomach which is uncomfortable. How do you deal with this problem? I did do one set of my strength routine before breakfast today but then decided that I need to restore my energy reserves and had a breakfast.
  11. Hey there! I've only recently discovered this diet and I'm eager to hop into it, but before I do so I want to be prepared. I eat bread quite alot, and when I say that I usually eat it every morning and occasionally lunch. However seeing that's gotta go, does anyone have some quick alternatives (and some for lunch if possible)? It doesn't have to be too fancy either. Thanks!
  12. Newbie here! This is my first challenge and I'm setting real simple goals Goal One : Tai-chi :5 times a week , for 30 mins . Goal Two : Wake up 5 min earlier everyday..I get up at 8 am ..and want to be able to take a morning walk at 5 instead of 8:30 , so 5 mins earlier everyday . Goal Three: Get my best friend out of depression . Spend 20 min everyday , just talking to him . No advice. No 'I told you so' . Just plain friendship.
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