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Found 24 results

  1. For this challenge, I am focusing on getting myself into a strong routine so that many of my good habits become automatic and consistent. I am also reading Aubrey Marcus's new book Own the Day, Own Your Life as well as going through the Youtube videos that partner well with the book, so as I progress I will probably be modifying my challenge a bit. Goals: develop and practice consistent morning and evening routines that build on the following: prayer/meditation study scripture bodyweight exercises make the bed drink more water cold shower brush/floss shave read more jo
  2. AERI CHASES THE WORMHOLE DAILY MORNING: 45m Workout 10m: rope 2m, w-up 2m, w-out 3m, stretch 3m Meditate 10m Tidy up & Get Ready 15m Check-in 10m: affirmations, review today For this challenge I will focus on my first morning hour. ... May add more details soon
  3. This challenge is mostly a continuation of the last challenge for me, since I came in late and the things I was working on are still in progress ^^; There are some modifications though. Main Quest - Grasping the sword (getting up and fighting back against my mental and physical issues) Sidequest 1 - Daily yoga - I have my yoga set for 11am right now, which means I need to be up a bit before that to eat something (before you ask - I work 3:30-midnight, hence the weirdness of my schedule. I'm trying to roll back my timing so I'm up earlier and in bed before 4am) and I wan
  4. And so another thread for whats probably the longest respawn ever (man what a lag ) I started my respawn the last challenge and it didn't worked at all (at least according to my challenge goals but more about that later. First what's going to be my accountability list throughout this year and my self choosen mantra for challenges and life in total: PMA! FIND REALISTIC WAYS TO IMPROVE WHILE KEEPING ALL THE POSITIVE THINGS IN MY LIFE IN MIND! My Overall Goals for 2018: Fitness: - Run a marathon in 4:30 (Status: Marathon booked f
  5. Formerly, Curl Brogo... It's time to chill out and seek my center again. The one constant this year has been painting and developing my artwork. There's gonna be a lot of that. But my morning routine, exercise, and diet have been all over. I'm gonna focus this in the morning routine. That's the part of my day when I am the least drained. Mega goal 1: Build a good morning routine: M_Goal 1: Up at 4am. If I'm gonna get stuff done in the morning I'll need time to do it. So I gotta get up earlier and stop hitting snooze
  6. Hello again, all! I'm back for another air-installment to try to build awesome habits. Last time around, my challenge was simple, but I still bit off more than I could chew. My new job, an online course (just finished up!) a surprise Whole30 with coworkers and some other challenges really threw wrenches into my system. Not great! I'd like to do this challenge again (even though I did alright last time!) to really solidify these habits and build on them. I'll also be emphasizing daily morning rituals. When you're taking care of an Air Temple, you've got to start the day off rig
  7. It should be obvious what the theme is this challenge. I'll be working on four goals, plus writing story. The story portions will have their own posts. I'm planning on six parts, one at the end of each week, plus the opening. This time I'm starting the challenge at the beginning of zero week. AKA, today! Goal #1: Poké Chef! Cook one *new* family meal a week. Goal #2: Catch that pokémon! Work on job hunt four times each week. If I get the job I interviewed for last week, replace job hunt with study. Goal #3: Walk, walk, and walk some more! Walk
  8. Back to the Shire, a Gardener's tale. Wikipedia: Samwise Gamgee - Hobbit Families Now many of you may know that my grandfather Samwise Gardner, was originally known as Samwise Gamgee. Yes, thé Samwise Gamgee that traversed the world with his friend, Frodo Baggins. Oh how he enthralled us as little urchins with many a tale of adventure! Spiders as big as houses! Trolls! Orcs! And daring fights! Fearsome creatures, but also breathtaking Elves, scary Dwarves, and fighting Boulders! Our best times however, was spent in the garden. While teaching me to nurture the plan
  9. Edit: New goals I'm putting weight loss above everything else. It was the reason I started this journey, and I'm just done being overweight. This is gonna suck. I'm going to be tired. I'm hoping to have to give up some things I enjoy. But it's time to fix it. Goal 1: No caffeine This used to be getting up early... I've changed it to no caffeine because caffeine is what causes my late, ass dragging mornings. +1 point each day Goal 2: Zazen Zazen routine: Yoga/stretch Zazen >= 10 min. every mornin
  10. I'm back for my second challenge! What's changed? Well, I have decided to say farewell to the Rangers and join the Warriors! Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. I am looking forward to working on this one for the full 4 weeks, as I joined my first one a few days late. THE GOALS: Write weekly blog posts Create a content calendar by 4/25 and post it to the NF thread COMPLETE 4/25! Share links of weekly blog posts on NF thread to keep me accountable Finish setting up website Finish setting up footer, social media thre
  11. So, I am choosing one habit per challenge this year and focusing specifically on developing and exploring that one habit. Then each challenge, I am maintaining the old habits while tackling a new one. At the end of the year, if all goes well, I will have TEN GREAT HABITS. Challenge 1: Walking daily (aiming for 16 miles per week) Challenge 2: Morning routine Challenge 3.... It's food time. Here are some misc. things about me and food: So, that's me and food in a nutshell. What works for me seems to be limiting my
  12. Pimples here and there, Waking up is difficult to bare, No more time for work to go, Oh, sleep! Just love me more, y'know! Welp! So much for doing my challenge with a theme, LOL. ( I suck at this I'm sorry.) But basically, what I'm trying to do is to form a sleeping habit, for the reasons above. So, hopefully, I will go from being like this: to waking up like this: A dream is a wish your heart makes. Late in creating my challenge as usual.
  13. You know that screen after you get a GAME OVER, where it says press START to continue? That's where I am now. I've more or less fully recovered from the accident. I'm ready to start exercising again, and I'm ready to start stepping away from the comfort foods. But I've lost a bit of progress, so it feels like I've been thrown back to the last checkpoint. I don't have my notes on me, but here's the basic plan: --> Workout 2/week. I was originally thinking 3/week, but I don't want to ramp things up too fast. It likely won't the the same days every week, cause my schedu
  14. This time around, I'll be tackling a morning routine. How I spend the morning really sets the tone for the day, so every day I want to think about what kind of story I want my day to have and let the morning routine help put me on that path. (Actually I just like Oasis and wanted to make it fit shhhh) For any new friends who follow this challenge - I am focusing on developing one new habit per challenge, for a total of 10 habits for the 10 challenges scheduled this year. I made some great progress on a morning routine last challenge, completely unintentionally. My mobi
  15. For once, I'm keeping things short and sweet. I need to focus a lot more on being more organized with my life and being more efficient with my time, and a lot less on chasing shiny things. Of course, I'll still be posting about parkour and my normal stuff, and I'll still be eating right + exercising. I just don't want to make that a huge focus. Goal 1: The morning routine - Each morning, right after sending the kids to school, I will complete the following morning routine before letting myself get distracted by other things: -Brief (or longer, if I feel like it) yoga flow
  16. Hey there, guys. Remember that last challenge? I do. It was great. I didn't show up to put a proper end to it, but the gist is that I kept up my training, ate well, passed the test, kept the job, got to double digits on pull ups, fixed my knee, and botched my writing goal in the process. And, as if that wasn't enough fun, one morning, I woke up, got out of bed and got a real bad case of dizziness for my trouble, which didn't go away until I ate something. I think that's a sign that I've burned the candle down even farther than I thought, and that's not ideal. We got to
  17. Balsquith brings back the routine My last challenge was rather amusingly titled ‘Balsquith doesn’t give up’ and saw me disappear from the face of the earth after barely 2 weeks. The challenge itself wasn’t badly set up and I will be keeping parts of it here. This time around I will have 1 key goal, 2 goals to support it and a couple of additional goals. Key goal: Get up to my alarm everyday This goal is the key to everything, it is less about me being a heavy sleeper and groggily hitting my alarm clock and more about me already being mostly awake
  18. Hi fellow nerds! This is my first post here so ermm.. hey there? I'll post in the intro section soon but i wanted to ask some opinions. I'm trying to decide which to use as an absolute beginner morning routine, tai chi or yoga? Pros of yoga - Improving flexibility ( i need SERIOUS work on this!) Cons - I've never actually been interested in yoga. Pros of Tai Chi - posture, relaxation, moving meditation, i've actually done energy work before (reiki). and probably others. And i've always wanted to learn it. Cons of Tai Chi - T
  19. As the header says, this challenge is about commitment. I've taken a look to what I've done this year, and I see an on and off pattern, specially with exercise. It's true that many times bad health was involved, but I also see that I kind of use it as an excuse to postpone a restart. So, from this moment, I commit, I'll put exercise first for the next 4 weeks (yes, 4 weeks, that's correct. Am I a rebel or what?). I will only be excused if I have to work extra-hours off my schedule or if I feel sick (but I won't!). This means that there are other goals, but they come in second place and some
  20. Hey! My name's Leafa. I just finished my first challenge last week! I'm so proud! But already I'm falling behind. I stopped doing my exercises on Tuesday and despite having lost 5 pounds over this week, I haven't been paying attention to my eating habits as well as I should either. My initial plan was to join the assassins but I really don’t feel ready to do that yet. So for this challenge I'm going to saddle up with the adventurers and really solidify those healthy habits. So what's my overall goal? I'm graduating in May and I want to look like a superstar in my grad photos. I'm not to
  21. Objective: Build up a better self-image to help boost confidence and motivation. Hopefully to gain better mental health and positive attitudes towards exercise, diet, & life. Quest 1: post daily affirmations, in any form (picking something I like about myself or posting a motivational picture or quote). It will be a big challenge for me, I am a very negative person. Quest 2: Daily morning yoga and/or Piriformis muscle stretches and/or meditation. Going back to a staggering-type challenge, waking up 5 minutes earlier. Then I will increase by 5 minutes each week. My herniated disc
  22. My 1st challenge and back story can be found here. Quest #1 - The Morning CALM, Stretch, & Strength Bedtime 9pm. Period. 8+ hours sleep. 1st week - be up by 6:30, practice one yoga pose/technique correctly for 5 minutes. 2nd week - 6:25, yoga 7 minutes, 1 to 2 poses, focus on technique. 3rd - 6:20, yoga 10 minutes 4th - 6:15, yoga 15 minutes 5th - 6:10 yoga 20 minutes 6th- 6:05, yoga 25 minutes 7th - 6:00 - GOAL! Working that early morning routine! Yoga 25-30 minutes. So far that is all I have specifically. I had it all typed up but left it on my computer at work! I woke up Sunday m
  23. Some old things here (my running goal may look familiar) but also trying out some new life goals. Switching up my morning routine a bit...no idea how it will go, but seems worth a try. I had a bit of an Achilles problem, but I've been taking it very easy for a couple weeks, and I think I'm ready to go...so BRING IT! Miles to go before I sleep (in fact 170 of them) I’ll be running a marathon (my 14th state) at the end of the “zero week†after this challenge. I’m going to plot out the rest of my marathon training plan over the next few days. I’ll follow it to the best of my ability an
  24. So last challenge...did not go well. The stress that started with my dad getting injured three days into it came on late and held me back from actually putting the effort to stick with it. I'm not even going to give myself points for it, honestly. I'm going to find myself an accountibilibuddy (or a dozen) and come back better than ever, though! Start-scumming is a terrible habit for players of some roguelikes and similar games; you basically restart over and over until the random number generator gives you a good starting situation. Since I tend to restart "being healthy/finding a job" over a
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