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Found 4 results

  1. Salutations my fellow travelers, I have found myself finally joining the NF community after years of wandering through my quest log distracted from the main quest. I've known of Nerd Fitness since 2012 when I thought the idea of forging fitness and gaming together and so I stumbled across Steve's site, Nerd Fitness. Overwhelmed by the chaos of life during that time my side questing began and today I approach the gates shouting, I'm ready! I didn't realize it at the time but the years ahead of me would prove to be my most challenging story line to date. Having worked ti
  2. Trying something new this challenge. As the intro song suggests, I've been having trouble seeing the forest through the trees lately, and it's time for me to refocus and remotivate myself - remind myself why I'm doing what I do and get back on track for my goals. Lately it's just been a struggle to care about some things. So this challenge we are going to kick the Caring back into gear and remind ourself what it is we do the things that we do for. Main Quest: Drop to 8% BF, 32" waist. This continues to be my overarching body goal. I'm getting pretty close, but this challenge I am adding an
  3. Hello all of you beautiful people. Im Dylan, a 23 year old, 280lb, 5'9" machine... that needs a lot of work. I came here about a year ago and didnt make it far, but Im back. As you can probably tell from my name on here I am a Green Lantern fan(and zombie survivalist). Im here to get back my willpower and build myself up to be in heroic shape. I plan on starting with bodyweight exersises and getting into running(which im not a fan of at the moment because it makes me jiggle and hurts my man boobs). I would love the help of the great people on this site to help me stay motivated and inspired, b
  4. I was that nerdy kid in high school that stayed 110lbs for no reason, regardless of how much he ate. And apparently thought his teenage metabolism would follow him wherever he went. Three years later, I've gained 60 lbs and am looking pretty worse for wear. I stumbled upon nerd fitness a week ago, grokked paleo, and something inside me snapped. What am I doing? Am I okay with how I look and feel right now? 24 hours later I had thrown out my pantry and picked up the staples for a paleo diet. I'm a computer programmer for a large company who sits around all day, and am too broke supporting m
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