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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all. Old, overweight, super-nerd here. (6' 0", 225 lbs., 58 year old programmer, gamer). I can't believe someone actually created a fitness forum specifically for moi. So starting today I am back at trying to strip off 40 lbs., that I don't honestly need. Though I did spend a lot of effort collecting it. hmmmm..... When motivated I tend to do a good job of moderating the food in-take. I don't "diet" per se, just watch the extra junk food, and eat better. What I need is a better work out routine. I live a long way from a gym. Like a 40 minute round trip to the closest one. I've got a nice Weider free weight system, but am kind of scared to use it without a spotter close. And I don't have a lot of time. My current job has me commuting 4+ hours a day. 9 hour work day, 7-8 hours sleep, 4 hours commute and there just isn't much time left. My normal day starts around 4:30. I typically jump on the keyboard for a couple of hours before getting ready for work. That's the time that's going to get sacrificed. I'll be lucky if i can carve out 30-45 minutes, but that's the goal. I do get a chance to walk a couple of miles around the office park most days as well. I'm leaning toward junking the thing and just going with a body weight work out. (Googling "body weight workouts" is how I stumbled on this great place.) I don't really have much in the way of questions. Just wanted to say hi, and that I could use some help later to stay motivated. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi all! I'm an Aussie living in NZ and new to the forums. Ive been a NF fan for quite some time, but in finding out about the 6 week challenges have decided to dig a little deeper in the hopes that I can chat to others and stay motivated. My current goals to complete by the end of the year is to be able to do at least 1 chin up, and decrease my 10k time. So please say hi and let me know if you've got similar goals
  3. What's up, NF? I'm very new to this website. I had never even heard of it until I stumbled onto it this morning while doing some online shopping (for socks of all things, haha). As soon as I started reading about NF and its community I was instantly hooked. Even though I had never heard of NF, I'd been looking for the idea of it for a long time. Since finishing up college a couple years ago I've tried to get into better shape and improve my health and energy levels by eating better. I went at it with an "army of one" mentality and while I was able to make it to the gym I failed horribly on eating well. After doing this a couple times I realized that I might need some people to help keep me accountable and remind me of my goals. All of my friends have worse eating habits than me and so that's why I think this place is great! I'm hoping to transition to a Paleo diet over the next couple weeks. Another thing that interests me here is that I feel like a lot of the people here will have shared interests and we can talk about stuff other than workout routines and protein powders. I'm not a huge comic book fan, but I really enjoy the marvel movies that have been coming out - stoked for Avengers 2! I'm a pretty big gamer. Despite playing a ton of Destiny lately, my heart goes to JRPGs. Lastly, I love a good anime! I'm going to try to log on once a day to keep myself motivated and accountable. If anyone wants to help out or even just talk about a shared interest feel free to hit me up. I'm always up for making new friends. Here's to starting over for the last time!
  4. REMINDERS FOR ME: Why I want to get in shape I've never felt happy in my own skin. I've always considered myself overweight or fat and hate even catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I want so badly to see my body and be happy with the way I look. "Awh, woe is me!" Right?! In all seriousness, I think creating this blog and treating it as my food diary and progression tracker will help me obtain my goal. I'm tired of waving at someone for a second and my arm waves for 3 seconds longer than my hand. I want to look good naked and I want to finally reach my goal weight that I've been on-again-off-again trying to reach since I was 16. Way Back When - Never Again Starting Weight in 2007: 218lbs February 2010: 185lbs Last Year July 2013: 175.6lbs October 2013: 153lbs Current Starting Weight 2014: 179.4 (7/10/14) Current Weight: 177.6 lbs (As of 7/28/14) Goal Weight: 137-145 lbs Waist: 35" Hips: 43.5" Bust: 41" I'm remembering another motivator. I want to be okay with my boyfriend trying to pick me up. Correction: I want to be okay with my boyfriend picking me up. This is it. I'm doing it once and for all. 137 I'm coming for you!
  5. Main Quest Loose weight - be under 150 lbs. Smile more. Goal #1: Get healthy! Zero binge episodes over the next six weeks. To accomplish this: - NO eating alone. - NO emotional eating - I will plan my meals the night before. - NO eating for the purpose of getting sick/emotional relief. If I'm not hungry, I'm not eating. - Since grains/gluten provoke a binge, I will prepare all meals without gluten, grains or processed substitutions for six weeks. Grading: A - No binge eating in 6 weeks B - Binge 1 times in 6 weeks C - Binge 2-3 times in 6 weeks D - Binge 4 times in 6 weeks F - Binge >5 times in 6 weeks (To define a "binge" for this challenge will be: eating will be more than 2,000 calories in one sitting, eating any gluten/grains intentionally, eating food that doesn't belong to me, eating in secret, eating when already full.) Goal #2: Get fit! Train 5x per week for at least half an hour. Grading: A - 5x per week B - 4x per week C - 3x per week D - 1-2x per week F - 0 times per week Goal #3: Intermediate Fast: 10 hour feeding window, 12 hour fast. Grading: A - 5x per week B - 4x per week C - 3x per week D - 1-2x per week F - 0 times per week Life Quest: Slow down! Meditate (read scriptures, pray, practice yoga) for 20 minutes a day Grading: A - 5x per week B - 4x per week C - 3x per week D - 1-2x per week F - 0 times per week My Motivation I want to learn parkour. Run faster. Climb higher. Jump distances and swim faster. I want to gain confidence and strength. Stats: Weight: 175 Height: 5'5"
  6. I posted in this blog a couple of months ago about my weight struggles. I still have them. I have actually gained more weight since then. I am 5'7" and 173 lbs. I used to be 5'7" 135 lbs. For some reason, in the beginning of my weight gain, I lied to myself saying that I was not getting bigger. told myself that I still fit into the clothes that I wanted to and still felt good about myself. After 20 lbs later, that was no longer the case. I saw pictures and was really unhappy with myself. I still didn't want to admit it to myself though so I still ate like I still had my metabolism of a high schooler (I'm 23, now). I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I realized I ate everytime I was depressed. I ate everytime I thought I was fat which made me depressed. I wanted to not be the fat girl trying to lose weight by not eating that slice of cake or pizza. I was somehow ashamed to admit to myself that I could not have some foods to limit my calories for the day and to be healthier. I used to be the girl that brags about how I can finish an entire pizza and felt great because I was 135 lbs. Now, I would eat the entire pizza because I feel depressed about being fat. I am also trying to reach happiness by having an addiction with shoe shopping because my shoe size hasn't changed. Now I am just tired. I am tired of the lies I tell myself. I am just done. I tell people now I can't eat that huge cupcake because I am trying to lose weight. I am trying to be healthy. I went to the doctor the other day and found out I had high cholesterol and low HDLs. I read the blogs and posts on this site and everyone really inspires me. I am now starting out small but trying to walk everyday and do a quick kettlebell swing or a work out in the morning before I shower. Any tips on motivation or eating or staying on track would be greatly appreciated .
  7. Okay, well I know it means pushing anything (and anyone) out of your path... but I mean it in a sense of pushing aside all the negativity that holds me back. Any negative people who just complain about everything and hold me down, and any negative problems I face in my day to day life.... I'm here to push everything negative behind me... fus ro dah!! Hi my name is BeccaG... I'm pretty new to all this, you know, health and fitness... hah the last time I lifted weights was in a womens weight class in high school. So here I am learning the beginners bodyweight workout, eating mostly paleo foods (my hubby and I are going 80:20), and just generally living a healthier lifestyle. As of the last time I weighed myself.... (maybe 2 weeks ago?? hubby and I dont keep a scale in the house.. no good could really come of it, theres one in the gym if we are really motivated to check ourselves) so last I checked I was 160lbs... pre-baby I was 120.. I would like to get to be around that size again.. but as long as I'm fit and healthy the number doesnt really bother me as much as having all these super awesome pants I cant fit into anymore... ranging from size 2- 13. sad panda. I am debating posting pics..... I have a horrible muffin top at the moment that makes me very sad. So that might not happen until I have an after pic I can say I'm proud of. lol I also cannot wait until the next challenge starts, I got into this a couple weeks too late, as of right now i'm eating as much paleo as I can... and doing the beginners bodyweight workout mon wed and fri before school.... I'm easing into it so I dont just give up. I do lead a fairly active lifestyle, I'm on my feet most of the day between hair school and my kiddo. Soo this is taking me out of my comfort zone a little, but I would absolutely love to make new friends and connections to help keep each other motivated!! Just add me
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