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  1. This challenge will involve two races and a bunch of obstacles. I'm viewing it as a hurdles race. The last several of my challenges have been following a workout plan described in Training for the New Alpinism. As you might surmise, this book is intended to help climbers train for mountaineering. I have been completing a mix of running, hiking, weighted hill climbs, rock climbing, and strength training activities. In the midst of the last challenge, I realized that over the next year or so I need to accomplish a good number of house projects. For this challenge, I'm going to try to balance all of these things without losing the progress I've made training over the winter... Skip to the end for the actual goals, this is just some discussion on the various things in play: Races: I do not compete in races very often but I'm really excited for these two. The second race is a big region-wide event, a 12k race with a lot of hills and thousands of participants. I've never done it even though its happened for many decades and I've lived in this area most of my life. I set a goal of 1:12 a few months ago but I'm starting to feel a lot more ambitious about what I can accomplish. This race is April 3rd. The first race is a fast course with no hills, a 10k road race. Officially, I'm running this one to get a qualifying time for the second race. If I finish at a pace of 9:40 / mile or better I get to join the first wave of non-competitive runners. I'm hoping to hit a pace of 8:15 / mile but we'll see. This race is May 1st which I'll count as the final day of my challenge. Obstacles: For the first week of the challenge, I am traveling to Washington, DC. This is a work related trip to talk with my congressmen about issues that affect us at work. I'm really excited, a little nervous, and a little annoyed that it's going to interfere with life. I'm also helping to teach a mountaineering class. This occupies a night and a weekend here and there. Not all of the class translates to training so it's something that I need to work in with everything else. Projects: Rebuild desk shelves Sand and paint 8 window frames and 2 door frames Install lights in our remodeled bathroom Troubleshoot and fix motorcycle Race Goals: 10K in 51:16 12K in...to be determined based on 10K time Actual Challenge Goals: Goal 1 - Run in Balance (That's me in the red) A key concept in mountaineering is to walk "in-balance". This means to have a solid base when you step and to avoid standing in a precarious position. For my challenge, it means I need to spend as much time on life-things as I do on training. I'll add up my time on the following things and keep it equal to or more than my training time. House Projects Cleaning the House Laundry Vehicle Maintenance Yard Work Goal 2 - Zone 1 Training Week 0: 80 minutes (shortened for race prep) Week 1: 300 minutes Week 2: 300 minutes (Travel week) Week 3: 360 minutes Week 4: 80 minutes (shortened for race prep) Goal 3 - Other Training Climbing once per week Strength training once per week Zone 3 training once per week (races will count during race weeks)
  2. For those who may not know me, I'm tinkerer. I love to make things for our house, fix cars, and weld. I can figure out how most things work and enjoy trying to fix broken items. Over the last five years, I've been drawn in to mountaineering. In an odd cycle, fitness is what got me into mountaineering and now mountaineering is what motivates me to work out. I enjoy all of the individual elements of mountaineering separately as well: hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc. Intro It's time to get into the hills! For the last few challenges (links in signature), I embarked on a mountaineering training program based on the book "Training for the New Alpinism". My overall goals are to improve my aerobic fitness and strength for climbing in a rock climbing sense. During this period, I'm starting to focus on developing muscular endurance. This translates into carrying heavy things for long distances. I need to put in a good deal of time at a low aerobic output (<75% of my max HR) as well as continue some higher exertion hill training and strength training. As a side note, I have no idea what class to join anymore. I decided to stick with the scouts because I enjoy the company. Also, what I'm shooting for is really endurance - which is a scout-like quality! Week 4 will be a rest week. There will be no hill climb or strength training, and other work will be decreased. Outside of my training, I'm also assisting with an introduction to mountaineering class put on by our local club. This means some extra time commitments and some opportunities to meet new climbing friends. Goal 1: Complete 1 Max Strength / Core Workout each WeekThis is made up of 10 different core exercises and then four individual exercises for strength training. Those are weighted pullups, pistol squats, weighted dips, and shrimp squats. Goal 2: Go Rock Climbing each WeekThis can either be accomplished indoors at our climbing gym or, if the weather improves, outside at the local crag. I don't have a specific goal for difficulty or duration of the climbing because the main thing is to focus on actually going. Goal 3: One Zone 3 Hill Climb each WeekThis is something I've been doing for a couple of months now. The goal is to climb at a speed which correlates to 80-90% of my max HR (Zone 3). For scheduling purposes, a Zone 3 run is an acceptable substitute but is not preferred. Goal 4: One Hike each WeekendThis will be done in Zone 1 (<75% max HR) with a weighted pack. This is a key part of the muscular endurance training in which the legs get a good workout. Goal 5: Accumulate Zone 1 TimeThis will be a combination of descending from the hill climb, running, hiking, and any other aerobic activities. I have a 30 minute run each Thursday morning with my co-workers that will play into this.Week 1: 250 MinutesWeek 2: 275 MinutesWeek 3: 300 MinutesWeek 4: 210 Minutes Bonus Points:As part of the mountaineering class, I'm encouraged to schedule training hikes, runs, etc. for the other instructors and students. I would like to do at least two of these this month.
  3. EDIT: Here is my challenge plan. tinkerer continues base building Goal 1: Don't waste my week: Do something active every day I'm traveling for work and Post goals for the challenge I'm writing this slightly after the fact but my goal was to actually use the running shoes I always bring traveling and to keep up my routine despite being in a hotel for most of a week. Goal 2: Aerobic Training Run or hike at a Zone 1 Pace for the following time each week: Week 1: 2:20 or 3:15 - depending on sniffles* Week 2: 3:15 Week 3: 4:10 Week 2: 2:05 Climb a steep hill for 45 or more minutes every week. (first week optional*) This is the core of my training routine - lots of semi-easy running. The runs should be at 75% or less of my max HR and the hill climb should be at 80% or more of my max HR. The hill climb can be subbed out for a run as long as the HR range is correct. *These are optional the first week because I've come down sick after traveling. If I feel better on the weekend then I need to do these but if not I need to rest and recover. Goal 3: Strength Training Do core and max strength routine twice per week (once 1st week) This consists of once through a set of ten different core exercises and then 2-4 sets of: Pullups, Pistol Squats, Dips, and Shrimp Squats. Squats can be subbed out for hill sprints. ORIGINAL POST HERE: I'm traveling for work this week and don't have time to figure out all of the details, so here's what I have for now. I will update this with more details eventually. Do something active (run or strength training) each day while traveling. Get goals posted by the end of the week. Generally I'll be continuing the same plan as last challenge but some of the goals might be modified for fun purposes. Week 1 Day 1: 40 minute run in San Antonio. Fun! The river walk is cool.
  4. With the new challenge and guild guidelines, I'm shouldering my backpack and heading to the Adventurers for this challenge. For those whom I haven't met, here is a bit of an introduction. I'm tinkerer. I love to make things for our house, fix cars, and weld. I can figure out how most things work and enjoy trying to fix broken items. Over the last five years, I've been drawn in to mountaineering. In an odd cycle, fitness is what got me into mountaineering and now mountaineering is what motivates me to work out. I enjoy all of the individual elements of mountaineering separately as well: hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc. I posted an Epic Quest on my last birthday for the next year. That quest is here. Some of my goals include climbing certain mountains, spending time with Dad, and getting outdoors more. For the last six week challenge, I embarked on a mountaineering training program based on the book "Training for the New Alpinism". My overall goals are to improve my aerobic fitness and strength for climbing in a rock climbing sense. This week (the week of December 27) is the first week of my "Base Building" section of the training plan which involves working on building max strength while continuing aerobic training. For this rotation of my workout plan, I've selected four exercises. I'll add weight as needed to keep reps below 5 per set. Those exercises are Pullups, Shrimp Squats, Dips, and Pistol Squats. In addition to strength training, I need to carve out about 4 hours for aerobic training. Some of this training should be on "steep terrain" which probably means going to our local mountain after work. I've patterned my goals around hitting these achievements for the next four weeks. Quest 1: Strength Training Twice per WeekI will do two training sessions each week. Each session will consist of a core workout (literally, workout targeting core muscles) and strength training for each of my four exercises. I'll be using a weight belt to keep the reps I can do below 5 per set. Quest 2: Outdoor Training once per WeekOnce per week, I will seek out a steep trail to climb. The climb should last around an hour and be as sustained as possible. My target heartrrate for this goal is 80% of my max or 151 BPM. If I'm going with friends, this may mean I need to include weight in my pack. Quest 3: Aerobic WorkThrough other runs (also outside), I will make up the needed bulk of aerobic training. The time goal varies from week to week. For this goal my target HR is <145 BPM. Week 1 - 2:45Week 2 - 3:00Week 3 - 3:15Week 4 - 2:15 Quest 4: Bathroom RemodelThis one is pretty straightforward - I will finish all of the little things on our bathroom remodel to where the project can be called "complete". My side goal will me to punctuate the updates on this challenge with fun pictures from adventures. Progress will be tracked in my google spreadsheet for such things. Here is a picture from my New Year's Day solo hike.
  5. 31 I'm 31 today. The last year has been really interesting and I'm hoping to continue the fun this next year while still focusing on being a productive, good human being. This is a pretty simply formatted list but I'm excited to start checking things off. I may add some goals if I think of a good one. Fitness Run a 20 minute 5K Run Bloomsday in less than 1:12:00 Run a half-marathon 20 consecutive pullups Outdoor Climb Mt. Rainier Climb a technical rock peak in the local mountains Climb a technical ice/snow peak Two multi-day kayak themed trips Two backpacking trips Marriage Dates - Go on one “romantic†(not climbing or hiking) date with my wife per month Nov - Walked to a "Science on Tap" lecture night with fun discussions coming and going Dec - Went to an art gallery event Jan - Film festival night House Our house is in need of some remodeling. We’ve done a lot of work since moving in but a few things remain to make it much more enjoyable to live here. Finish the bathroom remodel project Finished January Install a utility sink Build porch railings Paint all of the main floor rooms in our house Life This is sort of a “general†category. Work up to $(a dollar figure) in Savings Account. I know the figure but I don't really want to post it here. Go on at least six fishing trips Spend time with Dad (I’m now two hours away from where my Dad lives but don’t see him very often.) Went to lunch, went snowshoeing Career Obtain my Water Distribution Operator license Self-Improvement Read a non-fiction and a “fun†book Attend 3 concerts Inform myself about and participate in all opportunities to vote 11/3/15 - Voted in local elections.
  6. Hello! Though I’ve been a loyal Assassin for most challenges, my current mountaineering and fitness goals seem to be better aligned with the Scouts. Hope you folks don’t mind me joining in the fun here. Looking over my last few challenges I’m excited about the progress I’ve made. It’s often hard to observe improvement without the perspective of that review. I was thinking “oh, I’ve just kind of been coasting along†until looking backward. Only a few months ago, I wasn’t able to run at all due to a hamstring injury. Slowly, but surely, that’s recovered. In the last challenge I was able to run quite a bit and confirm that is once again a training option. In this challenge I’m starting a new training program based on developing the abilities necessary to summit challenging mountains next spring and summer. The first peak I have selected for next year is Mt. Rainier but others may come into play. In the last go-around one of my goals was to read “Training for the New Alpinismâ€, a book dedicated to training for climbing the most challenging mountains in the world. That isn’t specifically my goal but the principles are still valid. I’ll be basing this challenge (and those to follow) off of the training plan outlined in the book. The general premise is to build a very strong aerobic base for all-day performance. This is accomplished through training volume at low energy output levels and through strength training. For the first phase, the goal is to transition into a training mode through regular aerobic and strength workouts. This isn’t designed to push for maximum gains and I’ll have to keep that in mind. I will also be including some general life goals as a way to trick myself into accomplishing them. Training Goal: Accomplish 90% of the training workouts planned. There are seven tasks for each week which means a total of 42 workouts. 42*.9=38 workouts needed. The tasks are: Strength Training #1 Zone 1 Run Zone 2 Run Recovery Run Strength Training #2 Climbing Long Zone 1 Run I’ll be utilizing mostly bodyweight and hill-running for strength. Our Workout Room has new paint and I’m pretty excited to spend some time there. This was a birthday present from my wife and parents: Nutrition Goal: To improve productivity and decrease the risk of illness, I’ll stick to 1 drink / day (or less) except Thanksgiving, my birthday, and 3 other days (chosen in advance). Health Goal: Go see a dentist. This one is pretty straightforward but it’s time for a checkup/cleaning. Project Goal: Fix 3 of the following problems with our pickup: Alignment work Repair broken speaker wire Replace broken sun visor Replace rear brake pads
  7. These are my fingers after rock climbing today. Blood blisters from slipping off of a tiny, sharp hold. Typing isn't really fun at the moment. I'll be out of town for the weekend (hopefully) so I want to get this posted this week. I'm at a bit of a tricky spot where my fitness goals are really to put my training to work. I want to continue working out but I'm really more excited for some activities instead of more workouts. I've been really enjoying tracking things over that last few months and look forward to more of that. The attribute points aren't really doing much for me so I am going to table that idea for a while. Goal Number One - Putting the winter training to work. I really want to get out this spring and go rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, camping and/or mountaineering. This will be points based: Rock climbing will be based on completed pitches Top Rope Climb - 1 point Lead Sport Climb - 2 points Follow Trad Climb - 2 points Lead Trad Climb - 3 points Hiking is 1 point per mile Kayaking is 2 points per hour Camping is 5 points per night, 10 points for backpacking nights Mountaineering is 5 points for every 1000 feet climbed (either/or with hiking but not both) This will be graded on total points amassed. I'm not sure if this is ambitious or easy at this point. Points can always be adjusted to make it harder but I don't plan to adjust them down. Grading: 120 points - A, 80 points - B, 60 points - C, 40 points - D, <40 points - F Goal Number 2 - Do PT Every Day I tore my hamstring in January (which is why there is no running goal). It was mending but has slowed down. I'm just getting started with PT. I really want to get better so this is a priority. More so than any other strength training (which I have to remind myself). Grading: 90% - A, 85% - B, 80% - C, <80% - F Goal Number 3 - Zero Alcohol Pretty much what it says, no alcohol at all. If anyone wants to know more about this I'm happy to elaborate but here are the top three reasons I'm making this choice: decreased risk of causing trouble in life, decreased empty calories, grand experiment. Sips are OK to determine if someone is in fact drinking the best beer they have ever tasted. More than a sample sip is a fail. Grading: <1 drink - Pass, 1+ drinks - F Goal Number 4 - Core Workouts I want to keep this goal from last time. For both fitness and appearance reasons, I'd like to develop my core muscles. I'll do this workout twice per week for a total of 12 workouts with one "miss" allowed. I'll take progress pics to see how effective this is. As an added twist to last time, each week I must increase the difficulty of one or more of the base workout components. Initial Core Workout 1 min plank 1 min right side plank 1 min plank 1 min left side plank 1 min plank 3x15 second L-Sit on Rings 3x10 Crow Pushups Knee to Same Elbow 3x10 Crow Pushups Knee to Opposite Elbow 3x15 Pushups Grading: 11 Workouts - A, 9 Workouts - B, 7 Workouts - C, <7 - F Goal Number 5 - House Projects There are a lot of projects which need to be completed. My goal is to check four of these off of the list. New projects can be added to the list as long as they are necessary and of equal size. Install dishwasher Caulk/spackle window trim Paint gym Kitchen floor Kitchen/bathroom shelves framing Bathroom demo Kitchen/fridge wiring Gym/storage wiring Grading: 4+ projects - A, 3 projects - B, <3 projects - F
  8. I just returned from visiting a friend in Grand Teton National Park. After seeing all 13,775 feet of grandeur I'm inspired to step up my mountaineering training. My friend also just sent me pictures of climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens within three days of each other. As I can't be left behind it's time to accelerate the training program from the last challenge. I don't have a lot of time, so this isn't highly illustrated with gifs or punctuated with stories. Those are cool but I have to focus on the critical elements or else I burn out. Goal Number One: The best training for climbing is climbing. The goal is to go rock climbing at least once per week. In addition, I will accomplish other strength training (bodyweight mostly) workouts per week to achieve a total of 3 workouts per week. That is the metric. I previously accomplished breaking into 5.11 routes. This go-around will be focused on climbing a large volume of 5.10 and 5.11 routes with not as much of a focus on pushing the grade. Goal for a day's climbing is 5+ routes in the 10-11 range. Goal Number Two: Improve lungs for high altitude work Running is good for the lungs and good for the soul. I will go running for at least 3 miles 10 times this challenge. That doesn't sound like a lot but I don't want to ramp this one up too quickly and goal number one is a big time commitment. Goal Number Three: Core training never hurts (except the next day) Three days per week I'll do a morning workout (mostly on the rings) before or after work. This one is both both for looks and because a strong core is a great asset is climbing, and everything else. Goal Number Four: Get a checkup and schedule follow-ups I have an embarrassingly long list of things that I should probably ask a doctor about. I'll schedule an exam, go to it, and then schedule any follow up visits needed. One things is that I previously hurt my shoulder and it's not as better as I think it should be. Goals and Points Summary 1) 3 Workouts/Week including 1 or more climbing day. 4 str for full credit. 2 str for 5/6 weeks. Any less is 0 points. 2) 10 Runs. 4 sta for 10 runs. 3 sta for 9 runs. 2 sta for 8 runs. 0 sta for less than 8 runs. 3) 3 Core Workouts/Week. 2 cha and 1 str for 6 weeks. 1 cha for 5 weeks. Any less is 0 points. 4) Visit a doctor. 3 con. No partial credit.
  9. Crunching the crimson leaves scattered underfoot, the Tinkerer carried his pack from the foothills around the village. Though his face showed signs of a summer's worth of sun and his boots barely surpassed tatters, his gait was confident and quick. The stout rope slung over his pack was obviously well used and the staff in his hand was polished smooth from wear. While I'd love to spend hours on the back story of the Tinkerer and his return to the village after a year's adventures in the mountains my real life adventures and work demand brevity. I hope that someday I'll be able to sit down and write - merely for the fun of it - the tale I have in mind of an Elven Blacksmith/Mountaineer. Today's tale however is about a busy 30 year old with a desire to improve his fitness. Introduction: My wife and I moved 400 miles this spring to be closer to family. We found an amazing house in need of a lot of work and I have a new job which also requires a lot of work. While we've stayed active over the summer, I want to improve myself over the winter. We both love rock climbing and I have discovered mountaineering is my sport of choice. As the weather in the mountains this time of year is terrible it's the perfect time to focus on training. I was more or less burned out on NF after my last unsuccessful challenge with the Rangers when I got a message from KylieWyotie. I figured, if he can come back after a big break, I may as well try! Thanks for reaching out, man. My focus is to improve my cardio abilities and my climbing abilites so that I can feel confident venturing into the mountains when the season is right. I hope to climb Mt. Rainier this summer and have some other more technical peaks in mind as well. Challenge: 1 - Run a 6:00 mile (+2 dex) and a 20:30 5k (+2 sta) 2 - Climb two 5.11a routes at the gym w/o falling (+3 str) 3 - Success on Weekday Morning Routine (+2 con, +2 str) 4 - Home gym (+2 cha, +2 wis) Fix lights Install pull-up bar and rings. Paint Floor covering Bonus - Run with Roy-the-Dog 2x per week on average How and why will I accomplish these tasks? Glad you asked! 1 - I will be moving the first week of the challenge. This week I'll run at least once. Following weeks, I'll run 3-5 miles at least twice. I will also, once per week, run a "time trial" for a 1-mile time. My fastest mile was 6:22 so I have my work cut out for me. I believe this is doable in six weeks if I actually try for it. +1 dex and +1 sta for each successful goal. 2 - Again, the first week will be a planned "skip". Following that, I'll be headed to the gym 1-2 times per week. The first time there, I will climb some 5-10 level routes and try some 5.11s. This should give me an idea of where I stand. I have the strength to climb 5.11 routes but need to work on skills. Practicing on routes for 5 weeks should result in success. +2 str for 1st successful climb, +1 for second. 3 - My morning routine will consist of 5-minutes ab/core work and eating breakfast (which I currently succeed at about 15% of the time). I'll start with planks but may venture into some L-lever work in the future. This is just designed to get me to think about fitness first thing in the morning. 1 Con - 24 Breakfast Points2 Con - 27 Breakfast Points1 Str - 24 Ab Points2 Str - 27 Ab Points 4 - THIS IS MY FAVORITE GOAL! Our new place has a room which we'll be turning into a workout room. Long term, it may have some rock-climbing holds to practice on but it needs a few other items first, like lights. We've already added a sweet new french door which will be great for morning light. I'll figure out how to post progres pics of this as it progresses. +1 point for each element. Attributes to be assigned based on project results. Bonus - My dog, Roy, needs a workout buddy. He loves to run but gets tired easily. I'll go on runs with him consisting of a mile at a reasonable pace. As his fitness improves this distance may increase. This goal will be delayed until he is out of his (ridiculous looking) cone-of-shame. Wrap Up: I think that's the challenge. I'm looking forward to trying this again and to catching up with the assassins. I'd love to get to know some others with climbing related goals, too!
  10. Motivation I climb things. Climbing is hard. I will train. Intro It's been since December of 2012 that I was active on NF. Recently, I've moved to a new location and want to make sure that I build good habits. In general, I am an active and fit person but I miss training for and achieving goals. After re-reading my last challenge (link) I see that I wandered away for two reasons. One reason is that my goal of making new fiends and finding new activities worked. I joined both a running club and a mountaineering club and was swept away with activities. Those led to friendships with people who pushed me to go faster, to climb higher and harder. Having moved from those friends, I miss the thrill of tackling new physical feats. I still run, climb, and hike but I am not pushed in the same way. I'm hoping re-joining NF can lead to more of a goal-oriented training plan. I was in the Assassin Guild previously but my goals seem to fit the Ranger idea so I'm giving this a try. The second reason I faded into the background is that NF takes time. I had recently taken on a new job which was eating me alive. I was spending more time posting than accomplishing my fitness and life goals. For that reason, I won't be spending hours on the boards this challenge. I'll dedicate some time to posting and keeping up with other challengers but will keep in mind that my true intentions are not to spend my days tapping a keyboard. I'm posting this now while I have time. I may try to make it more interesting as time allows. The Challenge Main Quest - Develop Solid Training Routine I've continued to sporadically work out and stay active as I've settled into my new location. I have also developed some bad habits like putting off workouts and skipping breakfast. My mission is to ingrain better habits into my life. Goals Rock Climbing more than an average of 1x per week Points Available - 4 Str My wife and I enjoy climbing together. We can either go to a crag 15 minutes from our house or a couple of gyms. A small one 10 minutes away and a larger one 35 minutes away. Once a week is doable and is a good starting place. 1 Pt - Average .25 to 0.5 2 Pts - Average 0.5 to 0.75 3 Pts - Average 0.75 to 1.0 4 Pts - Greater than 1.0 Morning Routine Points Available - 2 Str, 2 Con On weekdays I will earn 1 point for eating breakfast and 1 point for completing a morning ab session. A banana is not breakfast. An ab workout must involve at least 5 minutes of work. These are not amazingly difficult because the important thing is to do them EVERY DAY. An exception to ab workouts will be made if I bike to work; I still get the point for that day. I'll track the two activities separately. 1 Con - 24 Breakfast Points 2 Con - 27 Breakfast Points 1 Str - 24 Ab Points 2 Str - 27 Ab Points Run an average of more than 8 miles per week Points Available - 4 Sta This one is pretty self explanatory. I expect to set speed goals in the future but for now consistency is key. Biking to or from work counts as 5 miles each day I do it (15 miles one way). 1 Pt - Average 2mi-4mi 2 Pts - Average 4mi-6mi 3 Pts - Average 6mi-8mi 4 Pts - Greater than 8 Life Quest Work on new house >6 hours per week average Points Available - 3 Cha My wife and I just bought a new house. We hope to move in sometime in October but it needs a lot of work. 2 Pts - Average 2-4 hours 3 Pts - Average 4-6 hours 4 Pts - Greater than 6 hours Side Quest Dog Training Not that kind of training. My dog needs to work out. Quest is to run with him >15 miles over the next month. He only runs about 1 mile at a time currently, so this is a big thing. I don't want to over-train or injure him.
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