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  1. I am returning to Nerd Fitness after being away since February 2017 (A Journey of a 1000 Stairs) where I attempted to do 1000 stair climbs and lose weight accumulated and maintained post the birth of my 2nd son. I succeeded in getting down to about 180lbs from about 200 lbs. I did not reach my dreamed of 165lbs. Instead, I got pregnant with my third and final child (a dreamed of daughter) and my weight bounced right back up to 220lbs at the height of the pregnancy. For the first time I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes - which made for interesting self experimentation with a blood glucose reader and many meals. I had my baby girl in May of 2018. Recovery was better than it had been with number 2 - at least I did not have drop foot! AND I was super active before and after the birth. However, something about turning 40 and having gained all this pregnancy weight - my weight went down to 190 and then did a massive up turn back to 110. I have been hovering between 202 and 206 lbs ever since. So - given my NF experience... and I signed up to Mutu Mamas and had a physio as well in the early days post pregnancy (diastis rectii). So here I am thinking, I am crossing the T's and dotting the i's and yet.. not a single budge of my weight. This is the least stressed I have been in eons. I am not working, I have the time and ability to go to the gym at max 2 hours per day... I spent a lot of time in an active upright state. I eat wholesome healthy home made food. I work out at least three times a week and I get a decent (if not enough) amount of sleep. I haven't eaten my children yet. I have a weakness for sweets and baked goods but I am not as glutton as I have been in the past. I practice a great deal of restraint. Breastfeeding may play a part and be a factor with regards to hormones that are involved in retaining weight. So bringing it down to basic things that affect my weight - I will make an effort to drink more - I will make an effort to sleep more - I am aware breastfeeding hormones are a thing As far as diet goes, I have started Intermittent Fasting as of last week - too soon to see any difference - and last week I went to the gym for a two cardio box classes, one aquafit class, one yoga, and one anti-gravity restorative class. That's four times! This week I've already gone in for a 20-20-20 class (step meets weights). Plan is to go to the gym at least three times a week. At least one time for a yoga/restorative session. That leaves food - Granted with three kids and a bunch of carb eating junkies... I am pretty good at keeping things home made and nutritious. I started baking my own bread! So given that I started regime above only last week - too soon to tweak anything here. (I did a MFP check and my daily calories are around the 1650 mark.. so not terrible).
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