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Found 3 results

  1. WELCOME to a thread\challenge I thought I'd never get to post. Over the course of this challenge I'll be MOVING into our new to us house in the TN mountains. As required, it is rural (so Door Dash and grocery delivery will be a thing of the past), it has acreage (12 acres to be exact) and it has bi-directional Gigabit Internet! As added bonuses it also has a detached shop big enough to house hubby's business AND give us space to work as a workshop (hello long delayed woodworking hobbies) AND a fully stocked pond. Monday (2/14) we get the keys and Thursday (2/17) the movers show up to the apartment. As you can imagine, Week 0 will be PACK ALL THE THINGS. My plan is to pack up nearly everything by the end of this coming weekend so that the first few days of next week we can focus on getting things setup at the new house including setup of Internet, move the delicate electronics I'm not trusting to the movers AND get the kitties moved up and settled into a room that won't get a lot of traffic by movers (likely the guest suite). We'll be with them for the day and let them explore before crashing at the apartment since they'll be here at 8am Thursday. Luckily, I have plenty of vacation time, so I'm taking off 2 weeks (starting 2/14) so I'll have over a week to unpack\setup and get a detail clean done on the apartment before we do our moveout. I'm sure I'll have lots of things to add on the challenge list once moved - but mostly I'll be tracking packing, moving, unpacking and settling in. OH - and enjoying the hell out of the nicest kitchen I've ever cooked in. Which is important because eating out will be a thing of the past - so I'm going to need quick meals for those days I feel like shit LOL. Later - it'll be all about setting up for "full on" homesteading - and I do plan to blog about that and maybe setup Youtube\Twitch for content. If I do - I'll link for those that are interested in following along.
  2. Praxis is about doing, not about an event per se, but about the doing of being. This challenge is a relatively blank canvas for me, an open landscape that I developed and nurtured last challenge. There will be a lot of looking back from many years past to see what truly supported me in being, and then working with doing that. Thanks for being along with me on the journey, Friend. ❣️
  3. I'm moving house at the end of this week. It's also the end of the financial year this week. And some of our lockdown restrictions ended today so small social events are back on the menu. It's going to be a busy month. I can't pretend that I'll have the time or mental space to make a ton of progress this challenge, but I wanted to post something now to just keep me maintaining momentum. I'm wagering £50 on each of my goals. In a move wholly stolen from @deftona my success percentage will go into my savings for fun stuff, and my failure percentage will go into overpaying my mortgage. 1 - Move daily - 15XP This could be a workout, it could be packing and moving boxes of stuff, it could be hanging curtain rails or painting ceilings. Everything counts, but this is important because if I move more I feel better. I'd like as to run as much as possible as part of this, as I'm low on mileage for the year so far. 2 - Protein shake daily - 10XP This is just one of these easy habits which lead to me largely taking care of my nutrition. 3 - Brush teeth daily - 10XP This is something I'm bad at, and much worse when I'm tired or stressed. Having it as a goal and keeping myself accountable may help. 4 - One word daily - 10XP This place is good for me, so I intend to post here every day. I acknowledge that I'll have very little time or energy to do so, so all I need to hit this goal is to post one word on this thread. I'll also be awarding myself 100XP when I'm fully moved in to my new house, because buying my first place fully deserves a level up 🛎️ If I get round to it I might post my last challenge recap here, and talk about my goals for the year. Challenge starts today - wish me luck!
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