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  1. Hello. I am Stronkey Kong. I've been on NF about eight years . I'm still fat and making the best of it. My NF Birthday is July 8, and I'm turning 8. Four days later is the closing date on the house (aka Wizard Tower) I'm trying to buy. Tho it's less of a tower and more of a single story bungalow. This challenge will revolve around surviving that while trying to do the basics here. I meditate and am for all intents and purposes a Tibetan Buddhist of the Gelug Lineage. I am have it in my head to hit the trails and do some camping this summer, tho I will be quite b
  2. This is mostly a placeholder at the moment, but I wanted to jot down some thoughts to get started. We'll see if I leave this and then write a "proper" "first post" later, or just edit this one. This challenge, plus the two zero weeks on either side of it pretty much exactly cover the time span I have to get everything ready to move. So, a lot of this challenge is going to be me working on that and adjusting to my new job. Which is going to require me to start at 6am because everyone else is in the eastern time zone while I am in the pacific. I guess that means I'm going to be force
  3. Or, When it Rains it Pours This particular challenge begins with two big things that may happen during it: 1) Finally moving to the Wye. (90% chance.) 2) Start my new job. (??!?!?% chance.) If that last one confused you, it’s okay. I’m a bit dazed myself! The short version is that an amazing contract writing opportunity dropped on me out of nowhere last week and Mr and I agreed that although the timing was somewhat less amazing (since we’re on the cusp of a cross-country move and we hadn’t really about thought of me going back to work before
  4. I’m Ann of Vries, often Adventurer and occasional Ranger. I decided it was time to do my semi-annual “holiday” to the Rangers Guild. I’m an American currently living in London with my British husband and 2 year old son (more on him later). However, this urban status is to be short lived as we are in the process of purchasing a woodland property in the magical Wye Valley/Forest of Dean and expect to move there this autumn/winter (move date TBD). (You may not have heard of the Forest of Dean, but you’ve probably seen it. A lot of movies and TV shows have been filmed in i
  5. *plunks* well, THAT was the most fun year I never want to have again. 2018 was... a rough, gross, terrible year for me, even apart from the general chaos that seems to have sprung forth the last few years in everyone's collective lives. It started out with losing my grandpa suddenly to massive heart failure the day I got back home from family holidays that he and Grandma didn't make it down for, and I wound up unemployed due to budget cuts at my local school district (I didn't get laid off, but it was a situation where I felt like if I didn't take the buyout offer I was looking at
  6. THE SILVER ARCHER: BOOK II Chapter 5: Solo Mission The theme of this month's challenge is really about self-care. I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately and I'm more than ready to get back to butt-kicking, but as the sun rises on Week One, I will be in a van driving ten hours away from the only hometown I've ever known, preparing to spend three months working an incredibly high-stakes internship, living with two strangers (and their cats!), learning the rhythm of a metropolitan region, and basically upending every imaginable portion of my currently quiet,
  7. I'm back again! This last month has been a real test. My wife was laid off (with severance), and we got notice from the landlord that he wants to move back into the house. So we have to be out before July 1st. I also hurt my ankle, so I had to stop walking and running. All this really did a number on anxiety and some depression kicking in. Overall just extremely stressful. So we made some plans, and just started getting through this one step at a time. June is going to be extremely busy. We have to move by the 30th. We have family coming into town for my ol
  8. Well folks, it is about that time. I've got to get to another country, half my stuff or more is in those loveable cardboard boxes, and we are entering into the endgame on this move. My boss has cut me loose on more or less my own recognizance, letting my do all the administrivia that attends moving over seas, as well as make Tai Chi most days. It has been a tremendous windfall and pleasure, training with folks over the last few days. Great to find the more martial aspects of Tai Chi. Training with a former Golden Gloves boxer who now does Tai Chi is amazing. I am re
  9. Well now. Down by about 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Yes, I have it to safely loose and I'm eating like I mean it. This metabolic reset thing is remarkable - no hunger, lots of greens, meats, and carbs. Very strict list of foods, some ridiculous green smoothies in the morning, it felt like I was throwing the rainforest in a blender, but hey it works! Goal is to make it through week three on the reset without deviating. After that, I'm going to go stupid for a day, then return to plan. Continuing on Tai Chi - 2 to 3 days a week. Time to start training again on the off days.
  10. Well, color me surprised. This little rock we call home made it around the thermonuclear death star (cause of, and possible solution to, all our problems - eventually when it goes nova) yet another time. On the bright side, I get to carry on carrying on Tai Chi and getting cold. On the awesome opportunity side, I need to move to the other side of this rock in 3 months, drop body fat (family wager - good opportunity for entertainment), get serious about internalizing Pose Running, and start deadlifting again. Sigh. Paring this down for this challenge my goa
  11. AHHH YOU GUYS. It was so hard to pick a challenge focus this time. Background: So next up is Challenge #7 - the tomato strikes back. I turn bright red when I exert myself, because I'm a tomato and cardio is just this endless battle. I've been struggling with running for years now. I can run a 5K distance but I struggle to run more than 1-2x/week or increase my weekly mileage above the 4-5 mile range without getting shin splints. I'm very consistent in my running, but I keep getting stuck. So last challenge, I started to shift towards running 3x/week by s
  12. Teirin

    Teirin moves

    Hi all. The bad: Largely failed last challenge. Late to this one. Moving in 10 days. Doing not much for workouts. My cab budget has been unacceptably high of late. Some supply runs for large things are acceptable but cabbing to work has popped up again. The good: I did have a whole week plus 2 weekends off and I am feeling quite a lot better. Most of my stuff is packed, some of the cleaning is done, and I have been sleeping 6-9 hours/night for about 10 days. My brain does NOT feel like crap. I also read several books! Goal 1 - get the move sorted
  13. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I'll quit being a slacker, and actually *do* a challenge. This hype train ain't gonna build and run itself, now, is it? This is step 1 in a multi-part challenge where I: brace for impact but hurry up and wait, (temporarily) lose my DH, jettison 99% of the shit I own, pack my dog and myself up and move halfway across the globe, reunite with DH, and adjust to a whooooooooooole other level of "new normal". I thought this last year was a kick in the butt? Well, I haven't seen anything yet.
  14. My focus for last challenge was to not just hold my shit together but also rally. All things considered I feel like I accomplished this and everyone around me insists that I have. Dealing with my breakup while living with my ex and looking for an apartment has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Apartment hunting has been discouraging at best. I have decided to take an apartment just a few miles down the street from where I currently live. I'm not super excited about it but I can afford it and it allows dogs. It will also change very little about my day to day life other than w
  15. On the last Friday of this challenge mi Prometida and I get the keys to our new apartment. I'll be moving in June 28th, she'll mover her stuff in on July 5th and spend a few nights with her parents. On July 8th, we get married. In addition to the normal goals, i'll be packing my apartment as we put the finishing touches on the wedding. As you might imagine, I'll be sitting out of the challenge that begins July 9th, but I'll be back after that one. Goals: 8 Lift days. Straightforward same goals here. 6 Walk days. One 2 mile walk, four 3 mile walks, and a 4 mile walk
  16. This is me over the next challenge. I'm turning from a home owner to a nomad. I'll vagabond around the world. I'll become a traveling fictioneer. Fictioneer is my made up word for someone who writes and reads fiction. This challenge will have two stages: Before the Move First Stage of My New Life Style My goals will change enormously between the two stages, but I also expect the goals to be pretty fluid during the second part. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Introducing myself or whatever Hi! I'm Dagger or Felicia.
  17. Nothing super fancy this time around; plenty of life stressors already in work seemingly moments after I have just gotten back and still moving into my new place after deployment and now prepping for a PCS. PT test next week, with about another month of "normalness" before SHTF and I go full PCS/moving priority. I will be making 3 sessions of Crossfit per week as I normally do and cooking/prepping my own lunches as well. Biggest goals coming around are submitting and getting the VA Home Loan approved, finding an affordable range I can afford in BAH for the Principal, Interest,
  18. Thanks to Tank, this challenge has a loose theme built around moving and changing. And Madagascar, though I've never *gasp* actually seen the whole movie. I have, however, seen the song referenced I'm sure there will be more of these. Ok. So ... since I'm moving in 20 days, this challenge is going to be all about change. Again. I feel like change is all I ever freaking do lately (or at least for the past year - first blowing up my life to take a coding bootcamp, then the fallout of that, and now I'm moving boroughs - life has not been status-quo for quite awhile
  19. My life turned upside down this December. My boyfriend of four years got a job three hours away from where we lived at the time. In two weeks we moved him to a new apartment in the new city. I stayed behind to look for a job. It took me almost two months but I will start working at a University on February 27. At the same time I was looking for work I was applying to schools for my master's degree. Last week I learned that I was accepted. Things are finally coming together and are no longer so chaotic. All of these things are amazing and I am very excited; but the path getting to t
  20. Last challenged started with me starting a new job, having some areas of life running smoothly as far as nutrition and learning to live in this RV...and wondering if I should bother with a challenge...since there were only 3 (now down to 2!) left this year, and they encompass my birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...I'm just going to take the rest of the year to get everything in place to knock 2017 out of the park! (I work for a minor league baseball team, you can expect more bad puns like this...) Yep, still planning on doing this!! Immediate goal is to pay off/down debt.
  21. Last challenged started with me starting a new job, having some areas of life running smoothly as far as nutrition and learning to live in this RV...and wondering if I should bother with a challenge...since there were only 3 (now down to 2!) left this year, and they encompass my birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...I'm just going to take the rest of the year to get everything in place to knock 2017 out of the park! (I work for a minor league baseball team, you can expect more bad puns like this...) Immediate goal is to pay off/down debt...when my wife was 'restructured' this ye
  22. At the end of week 1, my job will be moving up to London, and I've decided to follow my job which is going to be a big change in my life. I'll be going from a short drive to work to over an hour on the train each way, I'll be working in a new office with new people I don't know, the work itself will likely be changing (although I've got no idea on the plan or timescales for that). It's going to be a busy month, but I want to keep a challenge running to keep me from going off the rails, and also to give me more excuse to keep up with you wonderful people. Going to try and keep it simple and jus
  23. Hi Druids! I've decided to challenge with you, and this will be my first druid challenge ever! I've had an extreme amount of difficulty figuring out how to find and maintain a balance with my life between my job, workouts, nutritional, and personal development goals. Despite my efforts to make my challenges increasingly simple, I'm unable to maintain a workout routine, and I'm struggling with getting the recuperative rest I need to remain functional mentally, physically, and emotionally... Actually I do find this rest, but it's chipping at my other goals. He
  24. At some point I will go back and wrap up my last challenge, but wanted to at least get a placeholder in before week zero was totally gone... This week 0 starts with me starting a new job, having some areas of life running smoothly as far as nutrition and learning to live in this RV...I debated even doing a challenge this time because I am so tired of starting over every 4 weeks...so I decided since there were only 3 challenges left this year, and they encompass my birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, etc...I'm just going to take the rest of the year to get everything in place to
  25. I'm fairly certain that I ended up here at this respawn point, because I stumbled into a PVP area and was shanked in the back by an Imperial Operative. So while I sit here and let the medical droid tend to my wounds, let me consider how I got in this mess in the first place. I think it's important to acknowledge what went wrong without fear of being told you're just making excuses or complaining. The fact is, the situation is what it is and now that we're here it's time to dust off and get ready to move forward. So let's start where it all started getting derailed...
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