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  1. Wild Colonial Grrl who is becoming Batgirl is still Rehabilitating as Oracle whilst finding and setting up a new Batcave! Here's the back story... Been living in my parent's house for nearly 3 years caring for my Grandmother whilst they live out a dream and travel around Australia in a Winnebago. Now they are back and I am preparing to move out. 113 days ago I was practicing TKD sparring and blocked a black belt's kick on a funny angle and got three injuries for the price of one: broken radius, wrist capsule sprain and ongoing thumb joint arthritic flare up from a misaligned joint that I woul
  2. I'm about to move to Cardiff for university. Well, technically, 20 minutes from Cardiff in a village called Pontypridd. Has anyone got any tips for living there e.g. the best places to eat, hike etc.
  3. Ok, so I have no real idea where I’m going with this analogy business, since Castamere is a ruined castle in Westeros, and not a land with hills - but bear with me. I’ve had a lot of crap to deal with lately and my brain is broken. This challenge cycle feels like 1 part autopilot (since my goals haven’t really changed in awhile), 1 part maintenance (since my schedule has gotten all screwed up and life keeps throwing hammers at me), and 1 part open waters (why? dunno - Spring, maybe?). The Big Picture Goal I’m sticking with my overarching goal - Mudderella. This challenge cycle i
  4. Hiya, all. I thought I'd reintroduce myself again. I was here for one challenge in the fall that I ended up doing really good with. Got a late start on the following challenge and didn't follow through. Once that happened I lost my steam and disappeared until now. I have plenty of excuses as to why, but it really doesn't matter. I stopped making my health a priority and as a result I don't feel as good as I did. I'm not coming back in full until it comes time for the next challenge. But I'm will be working on myself until then. And even though I have completed a challenge, I'll be joining th
  5. Hello fellow Nerds!! I am moving to Murrieta CA so if there are any Nerds in the San Diego who want any of the listed stuff, let me know Tomb Raider Anniversary (PS2) Tomb Raider (XBOX 360) Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition (XBOX 360) Dragonball Z Budakai Tenkaichi (PS2) Legend of Spyro (PS2) ATV Offroad Fury 4 (PS2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC) Metro 2033 (XBOX 360) Ratchet and Clank (PS2) Sonic Generations (XBOX 360) Ninety-Nine-Nights (XBOX 360) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (PS2) Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (PS2) Fullmetal Alchemist: Broken Angel (PS2) DDR Max 2 (PS2) (No
  6. So my fiance is looking for an apartment close to Denver, but is having no luck. Is there anybody on here that can recommend a place? Price needs to be low and pets need to be allowed.
  7. Hey there TX rebels!! My husband and I live in CT currently...but it is sucking our souls out of us a little bit more every day. SO! Our plan is to pack up and get our butts out of here in a year or so. Right now, at the top of our list is Austin, TX as a new home. He spent a little over a year between San Antonio and Fort Hood when he was in the military, and I was in Dallas for a week for work. Both of these things happened 6-8 years ago...so we don't have any current familiarity to speak of. Besides the fact that it's hot some times, and not so hot others...and all the stuff I can read on
  8. Hello dear people! During my challenge, your help and support and input is greatly valued, and even encouraged! There will be pictures, and there will be cake. Simple goals: 1. Log 200 to 400 points on fitocracy EVERY DAY. I will think of a way to grade this so I can motivate myself better, but basically, there is a high goal, and a low goal. I'm thinking of making the low goals the "thing I do because I decided to do", and the high one something I get to reward myself for. In the coming days, I think up a reward. Advice is welcome! 2. Learn how to do a bridge. In style. N
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