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  1. Yes, this is the artist formerly known as Phoenix Burning returning after a rather extended absence. In our last episode, I was preparing for competition in the World Championships of Taekwondo. That never happened. I ended up getting seriously ill, having a surgery, and spending the next year and a half feeling sorry for myself, avoiding fitness, and eating my feelings. I am still in a place where my willpower is pretty beaten up (and largely being used by my latest adventure: grad school!), but I know I need to do something to get out of this funk and get back to my best self. In view o
  2. When was the last time I challenged? Spoiler alert: you probably don't recognize my name around here, it's been that long. But you're never too far gone to throw yourself back into the deep end, so here goes: For most of the year, I've just been focusing on keeping my runs going. Niggling little injuries and a general lack of free time (I know I know we all have the same 24 hours in the day) have had me unable to do much more. But recently -- well, I don't know if it's the Spring thaw coming on, or just getting a little frustrated with the man in the mirror, or what, bu
  3. If you have followed me for some time, you know the origin of this challenge title. I have decided to reconnect with my wild self and reboot and modify one of my favorite past challenges. Expect lots of wildness and nature. True to My Nature: Wolfen Goes Wild Get Rest: Wind down at sunset (limited/no technology), moderate/light physical activity (yoga, stretches, etc.) In bed no later than 10:30 pm (unless impossible because of work, etc.). Nap in late afternoon if necessary/possible. Get Fit: Barefoot/shirtless walks
  4. Previous Episodes Level 6 - Q&A Back in Aldenton, Whiteghost was putting together a plan to track down Muscles, they tall guy in the seersucker suit he first saw meeting with Demerara, the big wig deal broker from Pentadin. “If I were a stacked & jacked white collar criminal with impeccable fashion sense where would I be hanging out” whiteGhost mumbled to himself as he was scanning ‘Like a Local’ for possible places the guy might be. “I’m guessing he’s not going to be at any book clubs or poet
  5. I sandbagged last quest, so I'm carrying stats over onto this one. Goal this quest: showing up to training and doing what my trainer wants me to do. Create solid habits, No over thinking. Q17.01 Combatives: 4 Q17.02 Cross Training: 2 Q17.03 Mixed Movement Arts: 3 Q17.04 Adulting: 5
  6. So, got laid off for a couple of weeks last round, used the opportunity to build a movement park at my house. Also did a bunch of Adulting. back to work (at the same place), but my new work schedule means a little less time for cross training at work. But I still get to roll/spar on occasion. Combatives: MACP/BJJ/MMA Striking 3 times a week at work (hopefully), Sunday Fight Club (Gracie Combatives/Krav Maga Worldwide) at home once a week. KMW Daily Curriculum on any days missed. Front Site Post eye training 2-5 minutes with bed time routine (not graded).
  7. Finally healed up. So it's time to ease back into awesome. I was watching Captain America: Civil War last week. I noticed that I could name or understand so many of the moves in the movie, it just ratified my quest. While some of my knowledge is from the academic study of things like professional wrestling, free running, or other demonstration/tricking arts, some of the other things are from real experiences or useful training I've had in my life. Clearly I'm not a real super hero/stuntman, etc. I can't do a dash vault or a cong, I can't do a muscle up. I turn 49 in October, here i
  8. I have gone from 26% bodyfat to 22% bodyfat since starting nerd fitness. Meh, I don't care. Because, to me, it's a side effect. So many people are trying to look like LOOK a superhero, so few people are training to BE like a superhero. Everyone should be specialized, no one should be overspecialized... Crossfit got us closer... but I think MOVNAT actually has the baseline answer... If we are specializing too much, we are still deconditioning our general fitness and overspecializing Still recovering from injury.
  9. I have been fascinated with MovNat for some time now. It is a system of training in "natural movement", establishing the strength and mobility to explore our full physical potential for interacting with our varied environments. So for instance rather than training pullups, they train a variety of methods of pulling yourself up onto an overhead bar/surface. Rather than deadlifting weights, they teach how to effectively lift and carry a wide variety of heavy objects. They like training in the woods, in an improvisational way, but they teach fundamental drills that are generally practiced indoors
  10. I like the pattern of having one goal each for FOOD, EXERCISE, HEALTH, and LIFE, so I'm going to stick with that. Scoring is the same as before. Each day is scored as full or half credit. Some goals are scored differently than last time, but B is still a passing score. Epic Quest points are 20 each for at least a B average in a category, 10 for a C, 5 for a D. FOOD: Watch the carbs I've been trying out different ways to level up my diet, and mostly I've been more mindful
  11. I will be spending a week and a half travelling this month, "camping" (in a cabin) at Free Spirit Gathering in Maryland. Given that, I am keeping things simple. Food: same as last challenge. Two big meat+veg meals per day. Any other meals/snacks in addition to that are fine. Eat when hungry. Don't be neurotic about it. Fitness: strenuous and/or skilled full body activitied, for a cumulative 10 minutes a day. Health: a cumulative 10 minutes each day of some kind of mental health or general well-being promoting activity, aside from exercise. Life: same as last cha
  12. Hi West Coast Rebels! Looking for people in the Greater Vancouver area to swim with. My goal for the end of the summer is to swim across Buntzen Lake, which is about 3km long from beach to beach. We will have a canoe available to save people if anyone gets tired or gets a cramp. Also, in case you don't want to drink lake water, the canoe will be stocked with water bottles. This is Buntzen Lake in Ioco. I'm thinking late summer so it's nice and hot. Felt the water yesterday during my hike and the water at the shore is already fairly warm! There are no motorboats allowed, so no risk of get
  13. Seems like only yesterday I was saying how I need the long break between challenges...April Fools! I guess the mods changed the schedule. Anywho, anyone who has been following me this year knows I am chasing down seven races of the Grand Prix Series (GPS) in one calendar year (see signature), and that completing the first three (all mud runs) will earn me a special "Trifecta" Medal and t-shirt. I have completed the first two of the series, and race three, the "Mud, Sweat and Tears 5-Mile Mud Run" is on April 25. https://youtu.be/Hi08uGF_0Dg This race is reported to be the muddiest one yet, so
  14. Introduction: I am new to the Ranger's Guild, but not new to NF. This is my...12th...challenge, I think? Anywho, I just completed my long-term goal of running a Half-Marathon and am moving on to the next item on my dream goal list. Current Goal: I have set my sights on completing the Grand Prix in 2015. It's a series of 7 races over 12 months designed by Marines to test your skills on a variety of levels. The first three (comprising the "Trifecta") are mud runs, 5-6 miles each, one beach run, and three road runs from 5K-Half Marathon. I am accustomed to running, but need A LOT of work
  15. I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong spot. Anyway, has anyone heard of MovNat.com? Looks like it meets rebel standards. I was wondering if anyone in the Nerd Fitness community has tried it before. Thanks!!
  16. I'm baaaack..... Without launching into a long tirade of why I withdrew from challenges and what I've done (or not) in the interval, I'm going to ignore all of that and start fresh. Me now: Me, as I'd like to be: I want to be an awesome mom. I don't just want to "keep up" with my kids, I want to inspire them. My goals: 1. MovNat Beginner Movements of the Day (MOD) twice a week (preferably Mon/Thurs, but not fixed) 2. Interval training/sprints once a week (Saturday probably best) 3. Attend at least ONE aerial yoga/dance class this challenge. 4. Stop eating stuff that makes me
  17. Hi everyone, I normally train doing movnat/Gpp and I’m looking to focus on building strength by lifting objects for the next few months. I tend to do more bodyweight exercises, but want to build up some more strength doing lifts/throws. As I normally train in the outdoors and I don’t really like going to gyms, I don’t have access to a standard set of weights, (buying a set isn’t really an option space wise/moving frequently). I also like the added difficulty of lifting awkward objects (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z7M5rwXstA). So my question is does anyone have suggestions, for
  18. Hey, I've just moved to the area and live in Leighton Buzzard. Don't know anyone in the area and would like some fitness buddies to train with and meet up for other nerdy ventures. Like I said I live in Leighton Buzzard so anyone around Milton Keynes or Luton please get in touch. I generally train doing Movnat, but have focuses every couple of months. I'm also a Movnat certified trainer so could teach you some stuff too if your interested. Look forward to hearing off you guys
  19. If anyone familiar with MovNat and the idea of natural movement workouts? I'm trying to find out more about it but as far as I can tell there isn't much going on related to it in Boston and the web resources tend to be rather vague because they're trying to get you to come to their workshops.
  20. I thought we could start a discussion on Movnat programming, training and movement variations to help each other improve our practice. For those that don't know what Movnat is, it's a physical education system based on the human bodies natural movements, including, walking, running, jumping, climbing, lifting/carrying, throwing/cathcing, balancing, crawling, swimming and self defense. The focus is on learning movement skills effectively and performing them efficiently. Once you've reached effieciency increase the difficulty of movements to improve. Conditioning occurs as a by product of skil
  21. The Wolf is BACK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHROOOOOOO! Hello everyone As most of you know, 2013 has not been a very kind year to me... SO FAR. BUT, I'm an assassin-warrior who gets stronger with each passing day. I generally have a positive outlook on everything and according to my friends and family, I'm one hilarious mofo! I like to keep things light, have a good time, laugh, workout, eat right, and spend time with my son, Racer. He's my whole world, and I love the lil guy to death! I also have another baby due, April 11th!! I can't wait!! We don't know if we're having a boy or girl but the name
  22. Sheesh! I leave for like two months and you guys redecorate without me! Glad you didn't change the locks. I like the new look, but I hate when my whole post vanishes (which happened to me just a moment ago). Bugger. So ... I sort of took about 2 months off heavy training and I'm getting back into it. I also took about 2 months to realize that I have a seriously freaking ice cream addiction. Tried to quit cold turkey at new years. Lasted a week. Yeesh. So here's my new approach I treat myself on Friday IF my diet was clean the rest of the week. that gives me only one say to have
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