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Found 2 results

  1. Zombie Lil is twitching in her grave... I hope to get her(me) out, but I need necromancers to give me a lot of support to help me get there. My last challenge was way back in July, and Lil looked healthy, I looked like I might make it all the way to the end of my first challenge! Unfortunately a bad smear meant I had to have a minor operation to remove evil cells, evil, eeeevillll. (Thank-you my sexually promiscuous ex *) Because of my myellin attacking immune system (MS) my body didn't handle this well and Lil started looking a little ill. No worries, she wasn't dead yet! Then I got cold, after cold, MS relapse after relapse until Lil stopped breathing, turned a tasty shade of green and bits of skins started falling like leaves. Right now Lil is well and truely dead. For someone who has cycled almost every day for her whole life, the last six months have left me too tired to even consider getting on a bicycle. I have put on a stone of weight (again). I keep getting 'we miss you!' texts from the gym. I am the weakest and unhealthiest I have ever been. Haven't been up to snuggle time with my oh as lying energy-less like a corpse isn't exactly sexy. I'm sleeping around 16 hours a day, and all I can say, is that the will to resurrect is strong. Once again I'm ready to reach for the surface and start fighting. As I keep on reading that paleo is the answer, I'm going to be trying it for the second time, following/ammending Dr Wahls supposed autoimmune bottom kicking version (9 cups of fruit veg a day is funny right now!) I fell of the wagon last time due to lack of nice snacks and years of sugar addiction. The new diet will start in the new year, post Christmas yumminess. The next challenge seems to be about the right time! There's also a lot of signs that some of my health issues that I attributed to the MS might be because of hypothyroidism (Inability to feel warm or get pregnant, Intense fatigue, depression, weight gain, intermittent and random shark weeks), so I'm getting my bum to the doctor asap to see if she can do some magic and manage to get blood out of these dusty veins for a test. I hope so, Upping my exercise sadly has to wait, no matter how much I psyche myself up with 'I can do it, I have the energy of the gods!!!' I just can't make it out the house for anything other than walking the dogs for half an hour a day (don't fret, my sexy Thor walks them for the other two and a half right now so they're a lot healthier than me) Also spending 24 hours a day in a shoe-box, three metre squared room with my other half and two large dogs means that I'm lucky if I sit on a chair, let alone get to exercise inside. Hopefully though it looks like I'll be moving in February to a larger place, which will let me start doing the yoga course if I haven't managed to start anything else before then Life and Lil it seems might be about to start improving and rising to better places. I'd love any advice, help or suggestions that can help to bring me back to the surface. Doing a Frankenstein and getting her moving about again, would be a massive massive help . I'm going to try to commit to getting on here at least three times a week, to give mutual support and send cheery zombie grunts to any who need it x x x *Sarcasm. In case you missed it. You didn't miss it did you? Thought not, that's for other people.
  2. I keep missing the very start of the challenges. They're offset from my school schedule and I never remember by how much. It's summer in SoCal and it's disgustingly hot, which makes just existing difficult for me. I'm hoping I'll have more answers after my Wednesday appointment, but so far, we just know I have progressive neuropathy that's being caused by an auto-immune disorder. I used to be a Warrior, you see. I'm still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that two years ago, at this time, I was planning to not only run a 10K in 2013, but also start entering powerlifting competitions. I was in a car accident in April of 2013 which left me with torn ligaments in my right ankle; surgery fixed those in January of 2014, and then the auto-immune began to manifest in October. It's a struggle, I won't lie. I used to bench 115lbs; now, I can barely hold on to a glass. On good days, I can lift 5lbs. Because it's so hot here, currently, I can't run. But, I don't want to lose progress. So, here are my challenge goals for the next five weeks: GOAL #1: Improve Muscle Strength It's so very important that I maintain muscle strength throughout my entire body. I enjoy running and I enjoy lifting; and I can't do either of them the way I used to, so I need to do something different. For the next, well, five weeks, now, I want to incorporate a 5-lbs kettle bell workout into my routine 2xs a week. I need to find one, of course, but I'm a researcher, so I'm sure this won't be a problem (I'm also a procrastinator, so it gives me something to do when I should be doing homework). If I was sure I could get back to my normal weights, I would; but I do not have that guarantee and I'm quite hard on myself when I miss goals. GOAL #2: Improve Inner Peace I need to do yoga. Period. We have a lovely garden in our back yard and there's a fairly good open spot that I could put a mat down and do meditation and yoga. I would like to start doing that over the next 5 weeks, 5xs a week. It should help with flexibility and maybe help calm the ridiculous cramps in my right leg (which is the leg that was damaged in the car accident...which is why it's the one that cramps all the time). I would love to be able to do some seriously impressive yoga, like handstands and such; but, again, I don't know if my body will allow for that, safely. GOAL #3: Improve Mental Health I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday this week. I'm hoping that I will be able to convince my natruopath neurologist that the natural route we've been trying isn't working at all. I've had, recently, anxiety attacks that have left me non-verbal; I've had severe focus issues; I've had extreme nightmares that have me waking up, screaming; and I've had incredible insomnia, partially as a result of the horrific dreams. I don't know if the mental health issues are the cause of the neurological issues, or vice versa, but I'm getting to the point where I can no longer function. It's difficult for me to talk about with medical professionals because they never believe me.... I've gone from a mostly ENFP to a mostly INFP, (though I'm really more of an ambivert). Within the next 5 weeks, I would like to find a mental health plan that works for me and stay on it.
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