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Found 3 results

  1. After my first skirmish with the Skeleton warrior I understood that the best way to defeat it is taking down his minion one by one. The first will be the chicken winged dragon. This freak monstrosity has hunted me down for too long. Now the pray will become the hunter. Ok end of the RPG mode :-) My main goal for this challenge is to get rid of my "chicken wings": shoulder blades stick out too much. I have them checked several times by several doctors and thei found nothing abnormal. I have just ave been a skinny guy with no back muscles Main quest Follow the BODYWHEIGHT brigade Rank 1 workoutIntegrate some shoulder blades specific set +5 STRKeep on with the 2500 cal a day diet + 2 CONKeep on drinking 1 lt of water a day +2 CONSide quests meditate 10 min every morning +2 WIShip flexibility workout every morning +2 DEXLife quest clear my mind on the trip to Thailand. If I really want to do it and finally take action. Or leave it behind and stop daydreaming about it all the time. +2 INTComments and suggestion on shoulder blades specific exercises are very welcome.
  2. Hi, monks. It seems i will be joining you for the next six weeks! My main wish is to become a monk by training muay-thai, but i will also try taking a little from every guild. Adventure goal: Go for at least 1 hour walk everyday.Drink at least 2litres of water per day. +1STA Assassin goal: Maximumly strech legs for at a few minutes minutes every morning. Try to do a split. +1 DEX Druid goal: Meditate and practice deep breathing every morning for 20 minutes. Read one book every week. +3 WIS Monk goal: Go to muay-thai 3 times a week. +3CON +2 STA Scout goal: Run a 5k under 25minutes once a week. +2 DEX Warrior goal: Lift heavy at the gym 2 times a week. +3 STR Life goal: Become more independent. Leave my comfort zone. Earn some money for myself. + ? HAPPINESS LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!
  3. Hi there. I just registered and I know I am a few days late on joining the challenge, but I've actually already trained 7 days in a row, so it all fits perfectly! Main Quest: I just want to better myself as a whole. Lose a few percents body fat, replace them with muscles, get stronger, faster, sexier. Main goals: - Be able to do 75 push-ups in a single time. (right now my max is 65) - Polish mah' abs! ^^ (also known as look sexy as **** in the mirror) - Lose a few pounds, and gain some more muscle. Work-outs: I want to exercise every single day at the gym or at home. Work-outs for me usually last an 1h-1:30h - 7 days/week = A - 6 days/week = B - 5 days/week = C - 4 days/week = D Anything lower is an F. Growth exercises: A year ago I used to do these few exercises from yoga and stuff, that should increase my height. They last 10 minutes, but hurt like hell. I don't know why I stopped. I am 180cm at the moment, but of course, as every guy, i'd like one more inch Therefore, I am starting with them again. - 7 days/week = A - 6 days/week = B - 5 days/week = C - 4 days/week = D Anything lower is an F. I am hoping i'd get a little taller, so when the challange is completed, i will measure myself and tell you guys the result. Hoping for 181! Dieting: I don't really like the idea of starving etc, so my diet would just be: No sweets like candy bars, chocolate and no soda. Also, I am trying Paleo. Life Side Quest: - Study enough to get only B's and A's in college. - Read at least one book each week. - Go out with friends - at least three times a week. Motivation: Thats really hard for me to point out... I am really not sure what's motivating me. I guess it's just become a habit, and my body craves for working out and suffering The feeling after training, when i cant move my arms or legs is just... amazing. That's what makes me keep going. I've been working out for two years now, with pauses tho, so I am pretty sure i can take on this challenge without crying too much! I am male, 18 y/o, 180cm, almost 70kg, and I think i fit in the Rangers category - therefore my goal to become a Spartan xD I'd love to get some hints and tips for diets, working out habits and anything like that - for example when i open my eyes in the morning, I quickly pull myself from the bed, feet still on the bed, do 40-50 push-up, then go for a glass of water. It's really healthy and a great way to wake me up and start my day with blood pumping.
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