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  1. Welcome Mud Lovers! This is a continuation of the Obstacle Racers, Assemble Group This is an open group for anyone who is interested, curious, or completely obsessed with all things OCR related! Feel free to ask questions, share tips on gear or obstacle technique, or just let us know about a recent or upcoming race. Nothing is off topic and everyone is welcome. In a slight change, we'll be adding trail running to the discussion too. For a lot of us, the obstacle racing season is winding down for the year, and trail running is a great way to train for OC
  2. OBSTACLE COURSE RACING (OCR) FANATICS Welcome! This group is for anyone who is training for an OCR, is interested in participating in an OCR in the future, or are just plain obsessed with obstacle racing! This is place for us to all talk incessantly about OCR, share tips on training, ask advice about gear obstacle technique, or even just let everyone know about your latest OCR or Mud Run. Pop your name and current challenge or battle log link on the sheet below so we can cheer each other on in our quest for OCR glory. Accountability Sheet
  3. http://www.dragonocr.com/race-.html Date: Saturday May 20, 2017 Distance & Obstacles: 3 miles & 20+ Obstacles Location: Sanford, NC Trying to see if anyone is interested in doing this OCR with me, I just got my ticket today and am pretty excited about this. It's a brand new race and the guy in charge looks like he is trying to come up with a lot of non-standard obstacles it says " 1/3 of the obstacles will be fun, 1/3 of them challenging, and 1/3 of them will be very difficult. If your interested I created a Team called "Riders of Brohan" and will be running
  4. When last I wrote, I had been struck down by the influenza virus, that curse of our Midwestern dwelling. For days my running schedule was despaired of, and when at last I came to myself and became convalescent, I was so whingy and restless that a board of my peers determined that not a day should be lost in sending me back to training. I was dispatched, accordingly, with team Altair in the walk for Multiple Sclerosis and a day later was in possession of a plan, with my miles irretrievably ruined, but with permission from a motherly figure, to spend the next 5 months recovering them.
  5. Kicking off my 2016 trifecta with a little run through some Georgia red clay. Can't wait for March!
  6. Last challenge cycle brought 2 OCRs, a 10k, and a 5k. This cycle encompasses the dog days of summer (and it currently looks like we’ll actually get some summer - NYC is s-w-a-m-p-y), so I had planned on taking it a little easier in August (and by a little easier, I mean 1 big GoRuck + an unspecified number of runs for bling). Of course, now I’m having second thoughts about this “easy†business, and am itching to do moar things. I’m also sad that I only have 1 OCR left this season. It’s a biggie (Tough Mudder in November), but still … it’s not right now. I know, I know â
  7. Hello, I am Atrophos. I hope to join the ranger guild following this challenge. In my quest to finish strong at the Elysian Games, I've discovered some weaknesses that need to be corrected. This event lines up perfectly with this 6 week challenge. In addition to the immediate goal, I have discovered that this is a side mission that will prepare me for a story line series of quests that begin in February. Main Goal - Clean and Jerk 115 pounds for multiple reps The first sub-quest on my journey to Elysium has been posted and it is an escort quest to lead the NPC "Grace" through a series of b
  8. This cycle's challenges are based off of the feats from the mini challenge exercise for this cycle. More info here. Feats Endurance: Complete: Spartan Sprint + Oakley 10k + Savage Race + Rugged Maniac - DONE WEEK 1 Strength: Improve throughout this season's OCRs + Perform A Single Damn Pull Up Speed: Work on furthering my yoga pose skill set (I'm starting with holding crow for longer + headstands) Combat: Complete the Spartan bodyweight program + continue to work yoga in where I can - Edited to include working with the pull-up bar every week day this week on top of my yoga workouts Heali
  9. Okay so I have had this challenge in mind for a while but it's taken me forever to get around to posting it. I've already been working on these so here 'tis: My main quest is still anti-fragility with the additional goal of dropping my BF% down to 20. Sadly, as I haven't been doing much the two weeks between challenges, I feel as though I lost a some ground so it's not starting over but definitely backtracking a bit. This is not good since I've got two mud runs during this challenge. Time to step it up. So in harmony with this I will: 1) Keep record of everything I eat AND post it. I don
  10. Seems like only yesterday I was saying how I need the long break between challenges...April Fools! I guess the mods changed the schedule. Anywho, anyone who has been following me this year knows I am chasing down seven races of the Grand Prix Series (GPS) in one calendar year (see signature), and that completing the first three (all mud runs) will earn me a special "Trifecta" Medal and t-shirt. I have completed the first two of the series, and race three, the "Mud, Sweat and Tears 5-Mile Mud Run" is on April 25. https://youtu.be/Hi08uGF_0Dg This race is reported to be the muddiest one yet, so
  11. Placeholder for this next cycle. I have impending vacation/fml it's monday brain and can't think of much else right now. TBC. Probable goals: 1. my usual fitness + focusing more on specific skills. I think I need to re-evaluate the skills toolbox I wanted to build a few challenges ago and work on some of those specifics. Plus work on lowering my 5k time, and get ready for /compete in this season's mud runs. And I should probably address my damn hip flexor that keeps getting super-pissed after 5ks. 2. Metrics per usual - nothing is changing here. 3. Probably a continuation of my cat
  12. I'm going to be down in the lone star republic for the Easter weekend, and I want to try my first mud run. Anybody going to this? I'd be happy to have some NF running (I'll be honest, there's gonna be some walking, maybe a lot) buddies. Maybe we can even get some sort of coordinated theme thing going on? Could be fun, or it might kill me, who knows!
  13. I’ve been enjoying the amount of graphic designs I have made lately for my blog and want to continue on in that vein. To that end, the “theme†of this challenge is playing with texture and font by making my own versions of those uber popular Instagram and Pinterest click bait quote images. As for challenge, I’m keeping things on the simpler side this go round. Last challenge I got really lackadaisical and really didn’t post much. I continued on (mostly, minus some completely off the rails time), but really didn’t feel like posting. NF seemed like a ghost town - most everyone on m
  14. Welcome to 2015, everyone! This year is going to be a big year for me as I face the Grand Prix, a series of seven races designed by Marines for Marines, and sometimes attempted by the rest of us. I have officially registered for the first race: the Xtreme Endurance Challenge, a 6-mile obstacle course race taking place on February 7. That means I have 5 weeks left to prepare. I have never attempted an obstacle race before, so I'm a bit nervous, but I think it will be okay. Some theme music before I elaborate on my goals: http://youtu.be/LBr7kECsjcQ Goal 1: I, I, I, I work out! Same goals
  15. Introduction: I am new to the Ranger's Guild, but not new to NF. This is my...12th...challenge, I think? Anywho, I just completed my long-term goal of running a Half-Marathon and am moving on to the next item on my dream goal list. Current Goal: I have set my sights on completing the Grand Prix in 2015. It's a series of 7 races over 12 months designed by Marines to test your skills on a variety of levels. The first three (comprising the "Trifecta") are mud runs, 5-6 miles each, one beach run, and three road runs from 5K-Half Marathon. I am accustomed to running, but need A LOT of work
  16. new to the forums, but was wondering if anyone else is racing So Cal Spartin in Janurary? I'll be doing the Beast on on Jan 17, the super on jan 24th, and the sprint on jan 25th! Same location in temecula as tough mudder normally is. Had lots of fun at the sprint last year, would love to meet up with others after the race. Also would be interested in creating a team for the super/sprint if anyone wanted to join!
  17. This challenge is Batman themed, in honor of Batty's 75th. Overarching Goal: Building A Better Bat My continuing and overarching goal for this entire NF journey has been to build a better/more healthy/more fit/whathaveyou version of me. What does that look like? I don't know. There's the image in my head and then there's the more modest and realistic goal - and I'm guessing reality is going to lie somewhere in-between. (vaguely - 15% body fat & guns ala Linda Hamilton in T2) To achieve this goal, I've leveled up my food (mostly and some cycles better than others), I've partic
  18. Hey Nerds, I'm running Tough Mudder in Lake Tahoe on 8/16/14. I'm wondering if any other nerds are running it as well. I'm running with group of friends (Team Name: Tutu Pirates), but it seems like none of them are taking it seriously, i.e., they haven't really been training and they're not really cognizant of what they're getting themselves into (distance, elevation, intensity of obstacles, etc). I'm pretty certain it's going to be slow going with them, but I've come to terms with it. I'm just going to go out and have fun with it. I'd love to meet up with other nerds if any are going. To
  19. That's right, the Conquer The Fort Mud Run is July 12 which happens to be the end of week 5 of this challenge. I've completed 4 obstacle races in the last 3 years and I have slowly been getting better at it. I rarely have issues with the obstacles but the running is the part that really slows me down, especially the 1st-ish kilometer until I get in my zone. I like trail running but have never made running a real priority. Now I can't just focus on running this challenge. I have to make sure I keep working on getting stronger in order to master any obstacle that is set in front of me. Also, in
  20. A friend and I are doing the Tough Mudder in November. We'll be going on Sunday and I wanted to know if any of you lot would care to join us. It'll be my first mud run, and I believe hers as well.
  21. Hello! I’ve been over at the NF Women’s Academy since October (Yay beta group!) and have decided to come over here and complete a challenge. It will be a challenge in itself keeping up with my battle log over there and the challenge over here but I know it will be worth it. I have started most of these goals at the beginning of March so it will just be a matter of becoming more disciplined with completing them. I am going to have three main quests over the next 5 ½ months. · Conquer the Fort Mud Run (July 12) · CAMP NERD FITNESS!!!!!!! (Sept 18) · Supe
  22. MAIN QUEST: Complete all obstacles and make it to then end in the Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic on Sunday, October 20, 2013. Main Quest Missions/Goals: Lose 10 lbs by eating clean and working out. Complete each of the following weekly: Trail Run (at least one preferably 2) Long Cardio Workout Hills/Stairs Cardio Training 3 Strength Training Days Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. LIFE QUEST: Bein plan to pay off debt. Life Quest Missions/Goals: Stop using Credit Cards. Use $100/paycheck to pay off debt. Cut expenses by packing lunch daily STARTING STATS: Height: 5' 7" Weignt: 146 Body Fat %:
  23. Hey y'all, Tough Mudder is coming to Houston this year~!! And Living Social has a deal for the Sunday Registration- only $99! Who's in?!?!?! Hubs is "SUGGESTING" I run this- even though I have another mud run in October AND the Spartan Beast in December. I think he's either trying to kill me OR he's trying to tell me he thinks I'm a badass!
  24. Hello everybody. As it turns out, I've been doing what I'm supposed to be doing here in my 6 week challenge thread. So naturally, I'm moving it. The link to my challenge is in my signature. So this week I've decided to do week 5 of the "Rugged Regimen." Its a bit different than what I have been doing (again see my challenge thread) but I've decided it'll be nice for a change of pace. So today, I ran for 4 minutes, then stopped and did ten reps of one of the following exercise Squats Push-ups Mountain climbers Lunges Plank to push-up Repeat until every exercise has been done. It was fun, an
  25. Hey, Living Social is running a deal for tickets to the Down and Dirty Run on July 14th in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia! There are 2 races, a 10k and a 5k and two different prices. I signed up for the 10k and it was $57. You can see the deal here (and well, if 3 of you buy then I get mine free )
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