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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys! My husband and I will be running in the Mud Ninja! If anyone wants to meet up and run with us in the 11:30 wave, feel free to! Information: http://www.mudninja.com/?page_id=22 This will be my fourth mud run and hubby's first. It's a 5k with 25 obstacles to get over! also guaranteed to get you dirty and blood pumping. Check it out!
  2. Hey all this is my 1st challenge over here with the Rangers(previous challenge was adventuring). Last challenge I was preparing myself for the RUN for your lives 5k obstacle course that was conveniently a couple of days before the end of the challenge. I ended up one of the undead (not surprising as the STATS this year show only 1/3 of the people actually "survive"). But, I think I've caught the mudrun/obstacle course fever. I was able to complete the course (and needed help only on the steep, massive mud hill), but it was slow going. My Main Quest is to be able to complete the obstacles quickly (like their meant for) and to be one of the friends on the team that can make if over the obstacle and be able to turn around and help those that can't do it alone. Instead of the other way around. This goal is LONG TERM like next summer when mudrun season comes back around again, and of course in working towards it I'm hoping for some side effects (smaller dress size, healthier eating habits, more confidence). Steps to take this challenge: 1) Complete Dumbbell Division workout 3x per week. 2 STR 2CHA Previous challenge I was working on 2x per week. I plan on also using my "fitness evaluation" at my gym to have a PT tell me if I'm lifting properly, and heavy enough and maybe have a comparison eval at the end of the challenge? 2) Cardio 3x per week. 2 STA 2 DEX Earlier this year and before the last challenge I had been sporadically following the Zombies, RUN! 5K training in order to learn how to run again. But I quit it for something a bit more structured for my Run For Your Lives obstacle course that took place, conveniently at the end of the challenge. SO, I am going to do the week's worth of Zombie's Run 5K training each week to try to make it 5K without stopping. This past challenge I struggled a bit with fitting in my workouts when I worked (I do 12 hour shifts either 7a-730p or 7p-730a) I'm hoping this time around I can figure out how to make it work. 3) Eat the recommended amount of fruit and veggies per day. I struggle with this, especially veggies. 5 servings per day 4 CON Last challenge I cut out fast food, during this break I've eaten at a few different places I used to love and UGH! that stuff's gross now! Even pizza tastes nasty! Life Quest: Well this has nothing to do with mudruns, but I seriously need to get to work on all of my crafts! I have 2 kid quilts that need to be done by October, and 2 that need to be done by February, a Christmas stocking for the newest edition to the fam, and countless other half finished crafts that are laying around (scrapbook from semester in Mexico in 2007, half done embroidered towels, etc etc.) So for this challenge I am going to dedicate one hour, on the days I don't work, to working on these crafts. And clearing out the clutter they create in the process! I know it's not something that intimidates me but I just find other things more exciting than finishing what I started. The challenge is to finish (or at least work to finish) these things that have been started then forgotten. The I can focus on the really cool crafts (like my guy-friends Ren-fest Captain Hook-like coat or my friends vision of a Renaissance-era female Assassin's Creed costume. 3 WIS My motivation? Run For Your Lives has a set of adult-sized monkey bars and I made it across them! Never in my life have I been able to make it past pesky bar #3. People were falling off all around and I kept going! It was REALLY slow and I could only do it one bar at a time (not hand over hand) and had to swing myself back and forth to get momentum enough to make it to the next bar but I MADE IT! I also was the last person on out small 3 person team with one of my flags intact, I actually still had it up until the second to last zombie horde (I was the only one still "alive" out of a group of 8-10 people who charged the zoms with me, to protect my flag) which was WAY better than I thought I'd do. I couldn't believe that in 6wks of 2x a week strength and 3x per week running training I could go from not ever being able to do monkey bars to completing them and being able to pick up enough speed and agility to dodge and weave around that many zoms for as long as I did! I can't wait to see what I can do next! My reminders? Everyone got a medal (survived or infected depending on your status) and a Warrior Wear workout shirt with Run For Your Lives on it. I wear it to the gym and while I'm watching my form I see that logo and imagine myself flying through obstacles and dodging zombies, and helping my team survive the Zombie Apocalypse! I've also noticed that a lot of my clothes are fitting better and those that fit well before the last challenge are now bordering too big. Side Effects! YAYNESS! Here's my photo Album (beware Before pics): http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/gallery/album/541-tiggs86journeytoawesome/
  3. My goals are based on two upcoming events: a 12km mudrun in August, and a four week backpacking trip through the Balkans. Therefore, my goals are as follows: Fitness Goals Hold a plank for five minutes (I can get to 90s with a struggle) Touch my toes while standing (at the moment I can only get to 22cm above the floor). Run 10km, and complete 10 burpees every kilometre, in under one hour (I have never run more than 8km before, so no clue about about this one. But 8km was tough). Life Goal: Learn enough Serbo-Croatian to be able to: introduce myself and my girlfriend (name, age, nationality, profession)describe directions to my house from the train stationwrite my weekly shopping list in Serbo-Croatian (using the latin alphabet)pronounce the Serbian Cyrillic alphabetAt the moment I know no Serbo-Croatian, and can pronounce about ten Russian Cyrillic letters. Tracking I will track all my workouts on my fitocracy profile, and post exercise updates here and mention how I am going with learning the language. I have had this week off exercise, so first thing Monday morning I will be back on track with a nice little warm-up run. Let's do this thing!
  4. 3 Diet/Fitness Goals 1. Complete all obstacles in Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run on June 22, 2013 2. Eat Paleo 1 full day per week -- only exception is for hypoglycemia and use glucose tablets only if it occurs. 3. Got to Crossfit class 4-6x week and rest at least one day per week. (I'm staring to work out too much) 1 Level Up Your Life Goal 1. Get at least 8 hrs of sleep 6 days a week.
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