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Found 8 results

  1. This is a continuation of my last challenge, located here. Essentially, I'm training for an event on Memorial Day called the Murph. It's described more below. Other than that, I'm in the middle of the off-season for CrossFit. I would like to address deficiencies that I have identified in my training. Goals are: 1. The Murph: The Murph is an annual American CrossFit tradition that takes place on Memorial Day (May 27). It involves the following: Part 1: run 1 mile Part 2: (partitioned any way you like) 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups
  2. LOADED CARRIES: 4 events with extra weight [x] Murph RX [x] GORUCK Tough [x] Lift Up Autism [ ] SLEEP: Bed before 2300. Track sleep with Sleep Cycle App. READ: Read all required schoolwork by Saturday. Finish reading The Hybrid Athlete.
  3. I did this crossfit WOD last year for the first time. Since then between my xfit classes and NF challenges I'm getting stronger so I decided to set a goal for myself to improve my time and/or performance this year. It's just around the corner now so for this challenge leading up to Memorial Day I'll be working on the four components. Exercise: +2xp per practice 1. Run continue 3x C25K training. I'm starting over at the beginning but working on more challenging terrain. 2. Pull Ups 3x weekly practice. assisted rep (jump up). 3. Push Ups 3x weekl
  4. I will make this look pretty later... 1. Push daily push up practice. follow darebee 50 push up challenge workout. 2. Pull daily pull up practice. using schedule from this article to set up my workout. 3. Pace start running on different terrain to get ready for first 5k. using darebee 8 weeks to 5k for daily workout. My long term goal is to improve my performance/time for the Memorial Day MURPH. These three workouts should help me with all the parts (the run challenge includes squats on the off days). Also want t
  5. “She realized that no one else’s version of perfect would ever be right for her. So she made her own. It fit her beautifully. It moved in all the right places. There was room for light, and space to grow, and lots of open spaces for opportunities and spontaneity and little gifts that only she would recognize.†– M. H. Clarke Challenge Quests Room for light: read the bible or some other faith based book. 10mins daily. 1xp per practice Space to grow: C25K weeks 5-8. 5xp per week. Open spaces for opportunities: darebee daily dare. 1xp per dare. Open spaces for sponta
  6. Getting ready for Memorial Day 2016 Hello! New to Rangers but not a newbie. I've been with the Assassins for several challenges. I thought I'd switch things up for the new year and try the Rangers in order to prepare myself for the Memorial Day MURPH. Last year I did the MURPH for the first time modified. I did ring rows instead of pull ups, box push ups (24"), and "wogged" the mile runs (my squats were RXd!!). It's been a year, I'm getting stronger all the time, so while I'm not ready for the body armor I am ready for banded pull ups, a lower box for push ups and to run the run
  7. it's a bizarre double post. argh!! see real challenge here.
  8. 17 years ago a boy did his first set of pullups. He hung up a makeshift pullup bar in the house three years later, and he hasn't stopped since. Bodyweight exercises has always been a man's area of specialization. Whether it stems from natural causes (possessing a naturally high relative strength ratio), or years of practice (resulting from lack of athleticism and social skills that led to a lot of time spent doing pushups and Hindu squats), one will never know. But after addressing specific weaknesses, a man decides to come back to his roots. The League of Shadows could be where one truly belo
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