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Found 18 results

  1. Intro/Chapter 1 here: Chapter 2: A Blinky Mess WhiteGhost reaches the end of the wall and takes a bounding leap off of the back wall, tic-tacing over to a window ledge and pulls himself up. Afraid that looking over his should to check his pursuer will take precious seconds, he focuses on shimmying up a rain gutter until he reaches the edge of the roof. Only once he has pulled himself over does he risk taking a look to see how things are going. To his delight, the big man is still on the ground of the alley, trying in vain to grab the fire escape ladder. WhiteGhost br
  2. Following the examples of @juliebarkley and others, I am doing a story based challenge this time Intro Cut-Scene: Shadows and Voices In the shadows of the narrow alley, a hooded figure moves silently forward along the wall trying to get a better view of the street. The street is deserted except for two men standing beneath a dimly lit LED billboard, advertising a luxury sedan. WhiteGhost’s eyes linger on the advertisement for only a moment before shifting his focus to the two men in the street. “Man, it would be nice to move around the city in that instead of
  3. The Target: Muscle-Up Teh Skillz: Redevelop explosive high pullup Redevelop controlled dip Redevelop controlled tiger pushup & russian dip for transition Develop kip 'Sup nerds. Been a minute since I've had an NF challenge thread. I've been thinking about it for months. And I finally remembered a goal I want to return to. (Yes.., it took months of thinking. I've been raising my infant daughter. This is my brain now. A sleep-deprived grey/white mush.)
  4. Kishi

    Kishi Says Clean

    It's fun to do music in my challenges again. I missed it. So, gonna keep this short and simple because I've started parts of it and I'm on a short amount of time. Yes, time. I was staring at my schedule - all the things that I wanted to do and want to do still - and it finally occurred to me: life would just be easier with more daytime in it. And the way that happens is to go to bed earlier. But it's not just about going to bed earlier. The truth is, a lot of my life is messy. I'm thinking about that a lot I guess because, well, my bro and I are looking at moving out of
  5. Hello guys, i have created a Muscle Up Tutorial for all those who want to learn it but struggle. I am showing how you can learn your muscle up step by step and what exercises you need to do in order to learn it and achieve it. Have a look and enjoy!
  6. I floundered a bit last challenge, since I was burned out and didn't have much direction. Now that I'm studying to be a full instructor at the parkour gym and may be helping with some stunt fighting classes, I have renewed my focus and motivation! So, on that note, it's time to become Immortal and enter The Game. Each goal has a target of 100 points over the course of the challenge. Goal 1: Fight! - Immortals need to be experts in combat to survive. Points toward the combat goal are earned by doing any of the following: -2 points for every 10 minutes of we
  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Wolf and welcome to the Masters of the Universe thread to achieving advanced bodyweight moves! This thread will be ongoing and anyone can join. This sanctum is for those callisthenic enthusiasts out there that want to get their first muscle-up, human flag or even freestanding HSPU. Lifting heavy and throwing around iron is great, almost nostalgic in nature-but to me, there's something special about manipulating your body weight and maintaining absolute control that just gets me all warm inside! I want to achieve my 1st muscle up, human flag, freestanding HSPU and
  8. Hi everyone First challenge as an assasin, I'm really excited to join you guys, one of my long term goals is to achieve the muscle up. I like hiking, bouldering, mountain biking and rocking the shit out of my guitar and mic. my motivation comes from an almost 3 years long battle with weight, I've lost almost 30 kgs in the course of those 3 years with ups and downs but I'm still dropping weight, I'm also getting married this october and hell yeah I would like to rock some kind of abs during my honeymoon, beside I made a promise to my girlfriend (my nutritionist, how convenient right?), I told
  9. good morning guys I started doing bodyweight 3 months ago. I started with NF beginner bodyweight routine. I want to improve my pull ups, when I started I was able to do 3 series of 2 pull ups and after 1 month I got to 3 series of 4 pull ups, but since then I haven't felt any improvement, do you have any recomendation on how to improve my pull ups? I have improve my pushups, plank time, squats, but my pull ups are kinda stuck. thanks
  10. I know that I'm coming in late to the party so please forgive my tardiness. Here is Challenge #6 Main Quest: Quest 1: Muscle Up Hunt It's tough and takes a lot of strength to master. I am on the hunt catch the elusive muscle up. It seems like forever that I have been working on getting this move. It is my goal to achieve 1 clean muscle up without excessive kipping. The plan below allows me to get use to the movements I'm doing it 2x a week. 10 Chest High Pull Ups 12 Straight Bar Dips 10 Clapping Push Ups 10 Head bangers 10 typewriter pull ups 12 jump muscle ups 8 Plyo Australian pu
  11. I sat out the last challenge and did an "anti-challenge" before that. It was nice to have a break and just free form my exercises, but it's time to dig back in and chase some goals down. Challenge Themesong: Tom Petty - Runnin Down a Dream Goals: 1: Handstands - Work on them at least 4 days a week. I can currently do a 30+ sec wall handstand, but my PR for a free handstand is ~5sec. 2: Muscle Up - Work towards them at least 4 days a week. Current workout includes supersets of chest-to-bar pullups and low dips, but I don't have anywhere handy to try an actual muscle up at the moment
  12. This last challenge my goals were to get to the gym and focus on fundamental body weight exercises (rows, pushups, pullups, dips), keep my eating clean, and get in the habit of meditating each day. I learned that (for me) making it to the gym is pretty easy at and eating right is the hard part. So I figure with that said I am going to focus primarily on my diet and nutrition and let the strength training continue as it is. So here we go: Main Quest: Be way more awesome at the end of tomorrow then I was at the beginning of today. Quest 1: Leangains. I'm going to do a leangains bulk aiming
  13. Here's whats happening today: breakwheel wakes up in the morning, nice morning dew out in the air, getting ready to do some stretches and skill work with some coffee. He walks out to the porch to find his trusted handstand wall spot and the gymnastics rings hanging outside his house. But wait! What's that? The ceiling has been lifted! The rings too high to jump up to now! "Oh no!" he exclaims, "How am I ever going to get up over the rings to practice my support holds to level up my gymnastics skills and become even more badass then I was yesterday?!" Woosh! In comes the skills he l
  14. Here it is, time for Challenge Number 2 and here you are, reading along. We'll cure you of that soon enough. In this Challenge you will see me: prepare for and compete in my first ever kettlebell lifting competition, the Mid-Michigan Open at 90 kg lifting 2 24 kg kettlebells as many times as possible in ten minutes Compete in the preliminary rounds of the Granite Games Turn 35 years old I will maintain a bodyweight at or below and average of 90 kg I will talk about, review and rank video games wow, I said video games. What's wrong with me. I don't like video games all that much, I meant boar
  15. Hello. I have started training for parkour. I couldn't do one pull up when I started out; now I can do 5 from a dead hang. My current goals in parkour include mastering the wall climb/top out, the kong/monkey vault and dropping from heights a little taller than me with a roll. I have the kong vault in a decent situation and I am getting better at it and I can roll smoothly on grass. However, I am struggling a lot with the climb up/top out from a cat hang and I would like to know if it requires a lot of upper body strength because I don't think there are too many flaws in my footwork and grip
  16. But I intend to do really cool shtuff! My ultimate goal of cool stuff is a muscle up & a human flag. I've done an ugly crawl over muscle up & can hold a legs tucked flag for maybe 1-1.5 seconds. I want a full legit MU & a legs extended flag for 3 secs. To do that I will 1) Keep working out, my body weight routine that I have 2) Focus side work on MU's & flags. Do each as much as time & energy allow. That's all I have
  17. Greetings, assassins! So I'm a Ranger, and we currently have this mini-challenge going on in which we pick one of our goals, find someone from another guild that can help us on our way, and learn from them. One of my 6WC goals is to do a muscle up. I can do pull ups. I can do dips. I cannot do a muscle up. Are there any muscle up masters in the House of Assassins? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  18. So I have a few goals in mind that are not very related, but together should make for quite the well rounded assassin. They are also more of a pass/fail nature and a little on the aggressive side but I want that. Goal 1- Do a muscle up. The plan to reach this is going to be GTG on pull ups and movements geared towards achieveing this. Even if just a little bit a day. If I do one I get all points 5-STR. If I make a great effort on working towards it, but fall short- 2 STR. If I totally bail- 0 STR Goal 2- Reaclimate my legs to minimalist footwear for my runs. This goal the plan is to make all
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