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Found 3 results

  1. The Target: Muscle-Up Teh Skillz: Redevelop explosive high pullup Redevelop controlled dip Redevelop controlled tiger pushup & russian dip for transition Develop kip 'Sup nerds. Been a minute since I've had an NF challenge thread. I've been thinking about it for months. And I finally remembered a goal I want to return to. (Yes.., it took months of thinking. I've been raising my infant daughter. This is my brain now. A sleep-deprived grey/white mush.)
  2. So a friend of mine the other day had introduced me to the infamous Bar Brothers. I have to say, watching them was very inspiring! All body weight routine and VERY intense! It has encouraged me more to get back into the pull up/muscle up mood and now I am pushing to improve that AND succeed at doing muscle ups. They are very nice it seems, and very helpful. They encourage you, men AND women both. They are very intense and this is definitely something to work towards, but not push all at once onto yourself. They have motivational videos as well as some routines to do for yourself. This video in particular is one of my favorites: It has also gotten me into saying "Never say I can't, go beastmode!" Pretty awesome sounding statement right? Well, I do hope, that if this has not been mentioned before, it has given everyone some new ideas to go with! And I hope it has been motivational and helpful in any way possible. (:
  3. Not the most applicable of challenge titles, as it only covers 2 of my goals, but it'll have to do Current (relatively) short term fitness goals(i don't necessarily expect to achieve these this challenge) Pistol squats. i can sort of do 1 sloppy one on my right leg..on a good day. let's say 10/leg(4x10 sound better, but 10 is closer) Kipping bar muscle up.(probably with false grip) I'm not certain where I'm at right now. Better grip strength. to quantify this, I suppose I'll say 10s 1-arm ledge and/or rope hang. This is a while off Consistently be able to touch my palms to the floor cold. I'm just about here now 20 pushups almost any time. I may have this one, I probably won't know for a bit, as I don't really care about it that much. all my pushups are knuckle/dumbell ones right now anyway, as my left wrist is kinda messed up 60s floor L-sit. can hold for a couple seconds Run 5k in an arbitrary length of time chosen to indicate that I can travel said distance with relative ease(25 minutes?) This one may be on hold for a bit, as I've got some kind of overuse strain/injury/other going on with my feet(sore in the mornings, achilles and sometimes a bone feeling fairly mild stress) There are others of course, but those (the first 2 anyway) are the big ones Where I'm at: Might take a progress photo; probably won't share I plan on testing maxes in the following exercises on Monday, will either add a post or fill in here Deadlift, Back Squat, Bench Press(mostly just curious about the latter) Pullups, PB Dips OHP possibly knuckle pushups Current Workout Schedule(recently revised): GTG pullups, ledge hanging leg raises Monday and Friday: box pistols, ring dips, back lever/elbow lever/superman Wednesday: Deadlifts, weighted pushups, inverted rows/front lever progression, pistols optional As I said above, I recently changed this(to replace barbell squats with pistol progressions), so it's not too solid atm Part of the trouble I've had with increasing pullups in the past is a lack of a plan, so I'm (tentatively) going to be using http://www.romanfitnesssystems.com/blog/how-to-double-your-pullups-in-6-weeks/'>this, but mon/tue/thur/fri instead, with mon/thur being high kipping pulls Challenge Goals: 1: Read the Bible for at least 5+week#+x minutes/day x may be increased by no more than 1/week as I see fit, starts at 0 This will be scored by the percent of days completed Reward: 3 wis 1 chr 2: Move other things up(then down..and mostly forward, but still..) I must spend at least an hour slinging every week(most of this will be walking to pick up bullets/rocks..) Scored as percent of weeks completed Reward: +3 dex +.5 wis 3: Move myself up: 1 point for each week I complete 2+ workouts containing pullups and pistol variants Reward: +3 str +1 sta 4: Move...my..protein intake up...?...no, that doesn't work well. Anyway, my goal here is to consume >110g of protein/day, excluding June 1-8. Scored as with goal 1 +3 con +.5 str A=86-100% B=75-85% C=56-75% D=36-55% E=16-35% F=0-15% Comments/questions/critiques are, of course, welcome...hopefully I didn't miss anything That's All, Folks! Edit: forgot goal rewards
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