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Found 3 results

  1. As @deftona said in her new challenge, it is about seeing just how much progress I can make in such a short time frame. I found this very inspiring the moment I read it, and decided to go for it too. Then, this challenge is about making the most of the summer and working hard to improve myself. There is maintenance: everyday meditation, eating lots of freggies, daily music practice. There is consolidation and improvement: cross country run, parallettes and floor work, self-defence, sink push-ups. There is novelty: stop visiting my favourite news site to stop being so angry and frustrated; taking all my supplements everyday (recent events at home have caused a huge rise in anxiety). And even one old friend: icelandic. How will this work? Simple enough: For the next 6 weeks, I will give myself permission to rest when needed but also will give the best of myself when I am active. And this is a long challenge, so I go back to a 15 points reward system. Everyday meditation: +2 WIS Lots of freggies and supplements: +2 CON Daily music practice: +1 CHA Cross country run: +1 STA Parallettes: +2 STR Floor: +1 DEX Sink push-ups: +1 STR Self-defence: +1 DEX ; +1 STA Stop reading the news: +2 WIS Icelandic: + 1CHA I need at least half the points to achieve level 23.
  2. Red awoke, completely unaware of what happened. He quickly looked around and saw that he was no longer in the misty village, "Oook." He mutters to himself, "Now where am I?" He soon realized that was surrounded by tombstones and graves. "Oh, I get it, this is the part where I find my own name on one of these, right?" he nervously laughs out loud, so naturally, he looks around. "Here lies... Ragnar." Red reads on one tomb. " 'Here lies... Erdrick.' 'Here lies... Simon Belmont.' Huh, who were all these guys?" After a few minutes, he soon realizes that he cannot find his way out of the graveyard, each monument blocks his line of sight so he can't find his way out. "Uh oh! This isn't good. How do I--" His thoughts were interrupted by a booming voice! "What is your purpose here?" Red jumps, "Who the he-- I mean, Who are you? Where are you?" Looking around him, Red doesn't see anyone The voice booms again, "What is your purpose here?" Red boldly answers, "I will not answer someone who refuses to reveal himself." "Very well." The voice replies... And then... Nothing... 'Well that... worked?' Red thought to himself. But just before he could take another step, a Red Knight appeared before him, wielding a sword far too thin for a knight. "Whoa! Easy guy! Where did you come from? Look, I'm just trying to find my way out of here. Can you guide me?" "If you are neither dead nor dying, then you have no purpose here!" The Red Knight threatened. "Alright, look, I'm on my way to defeat the Fiend of the Earth, Lich! And I--" The Knight lowers his sword, "I... understand." Red looks puzzled, "Uhhh... You understand? Understand what exactly?" The Knight looks at Red, "Then I will show you." This challenge is a simple one: Maintain a workout, Drink lots of clean water, and practice an instrument Workout: I'm trying to come back to a BW workout routine and finish it off with three 1-minute rounds of Shadow Boxing. Right now the challenge is to actually workout, as my work schedule likes to change on me, so the difficulty here is to maintain consistency. Water: I'm notorious for not drinking water, so I'm going to bring a water bottle (72 oz water bottle) with me to work/everywhere, and make sure I finish it every day! Practice: I just recently bought myself a violin, and I don't want it to go to waste, nor my guitar, so I'm going to set aside 10 minutes of play time for one or the other, if I have time for both, then I will include both, but like working out, the challenge here is consistency. The Red Knight: I'm currently half way towards getting my phlebotomy license! I first need to save up enough money to pay for the rest of the course and then I'll begin my Clinical hours, where I'll be sticking people and drawing their blood... for non-vampiric reasons >.>
  3. Well, on one side, I thought there was a 2 week pause, and secondly I'm still working on the same goals than last challenge, so this one is going to be pretty similar to the other. Except this time I'm going to be AWESOME. Keep enjoying the summer. Take it seriously, really, there won't be another summer until next year. Keep on planning and doing activities that I could not do during school time or in winter weather. Meditate. At around 11 am. Try to make it every day. Really, it's good for you. Yes, it's good. GOOD. Did I mention it's good? 30 DAYS IN A ROW!!!! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!! Move. I've been slacking on this because of the high temperatures, but now that we're back to the usual 35-38 ºC I can go back on track. 20 minutes of cardio activity (almost) everyday. By cardio I mean hiking, walking, biking, tap dancing or C25K, not crazy cardio. Random choice. Work out 2-3 times a week. Bodyweight strength training with some dumbbells if needed + 10 minuts of mobility work. Please, please, do that damn first push-up once and for all. I've been dreaming about opening that thread on the Woot room for too long... Eat right. Substitute sugary things or bread for fruit during 3 weeks. Fix things gradually. Start with breakfast. Next 3 weeks cut a bit on fruit to return to normal non-hiperinsulinemic state. Select new recipes for breakfast and try them during a whole week. Recipes must be rich in protein and fat to be satiating. See how much it improves sugar cravings through the day. Eat more fat. Fat everywhere. Take a spoonful of coconut oil everyday (besides the usual fat intake). Music practice and stage fright. Go from 6 segments of practice to 15-18 8-10 and get “Winter spirits†ready to be listened by fellows nerdfitnessers. WINTER SPIRITS UPLOADED TO SOUNDCLOUD!!! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!! Add 1 segment every 3-4 days. Be sure I work enough in the piece and not get caught in technique (yes, I like technique, I am that weird). Don't skip the breaks. Instead leave the flute and squat, stretch, breath, drink some water or stroke the cat. And what about anxiety? Anxiety is rather well right now. Of course it's summer and that makes everything easier because there are no time restrictions whatsoever. Anyway, I'm preparing for the winter, so I'll keep on doing my regular exercises such as breathing, relaxation, affirmations, and taking my supplements. Not appearing here as a goal doesn't mean it's not important, but I think I have good habits right now and it won't be difficult to keep them during the holidays. When this challenge is over it will almost be school time again and I'll have to refocus on it, but it's ok right now. To improve my commitment with all these goals, all my tasks driving to them are now at habitrpg. I've created a little zenLara that is already at level 5 and has a white wolf cub. I don't want her to die, I want her to level up, I'll do my best. Points: Summer. Máx. 2 WIS points. Meditate. Máx. 3 WIS points. Move. Máx. 2 STR points, 2 STA points and 1 extra STR point if I get to do the push-up. Eat. Máx. 2 CON points. Music. Máx. 1 DEX, 1 WIS, 1 CHA.
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