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  1. I know, it seems sacrilige to even consider anything that doesn't go 140 bpm, but I don't roll like that. I find myself distracted and annoyed when I'm listening to fast or "pump-up" music when I'm lifting. I like me some Van Morrison radio when I'm slamming irons. Also been enjoying some Hozier radio. Anyone else? Am I all alone in a world of trip-hop flex funk?
  2. Looking for some different tunes to amp up my walk. Added some Fallout Boy and Adam Lambert's new single Ghost Town. What are you listening to and adding to your workout mix?
  3. Music Makers! Wecome to the Practice Room! This group is open to any and all musicians looking to dedicate time to our Perform skill. Any looking to join, first please make a post about yourself and what you do for music. What do you play? What part do you sing? Anything fun we should know? Then, follow the thread. Last time we had some music-related mini-challenges beginning week 2. I think we're going to keep that going! WELCOME!!
  4. Hello Musicians! Welcome to The Practice Room. This group is open to any and all musicians looking to dedicate time to our Perform skill. Any looking to join, first please sign up on the Accountabilibuddies sheet. (We're the purple team in the first collumn.) Second, make a post about yourself and what you do for music. What do you play? What part do you sing? Anything fun we should know? Third, follow the thread. Have a good practice session? Let us know! Roll a 1? Let us know that as well. We can swap tips for making the most of it! Let's make some music!
  5. I'm going to switch gears on this one. I nerded out pretty hard writing the last challenge and it did the job for me. This time around, I need to express myself a little more creatively. This time, it's all about the beat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sotMr3NZ35A We will stand All that we have is all that we are We will stand All the hearts together apart Since the moment I first heard this song, this has been my anthem. If you've been around after there's been a nerd meetup, you understand. If you haven't, well... I love my nerds. They are my tribe and my people. My brothers and sisters from all over the world. They are my heart. Okay, so I'm a giant mushbag. But the lesson here is to pay attention to my people. In lieu of my nerds, I have my club. As always, I'm holding myself accountable to be present, to be an example and to teach. I have my 2nd degree grading hanging over my head. I must be prepared. This is not new. Class twice a week, at minimum. Work it harder, make it better Do it faster, make us stronger For anyone that does not get the impetus of this song, I am sorry, but we can no longer be friends. Daft Punk is magic and that is all there is to it. I have had a lot of trouble getting to the gym due to scheduling issues and lack of car and holy-fuck-it's-cold-itis. I had a think, and the fact is that I made this fancy circuit to test my fellow monks. A fairly simple circuit one can do at home. So, I'ma do that three times a week, trying to improve my position on the charts.
  6. Hello Again, Musicians! The Practice Room is still around! This group is open to any and all musicians looking to dedicate time to our Perform skill. Any looking to join, first please make a post about yourself and what you do for music. What do you play? What part do you sing? Anything fun we should know? Then, follow the thread. WELCOME!!
  7. Hello Musicians! Welcome to The Practice Room. This group is open to any and all musicians looking to dedicate time to our Perform skill. Any looking to join, first please make a post about yourself and what you do for music. What do you play? What part do you sing? Anything fun we should know? Then, follow the thread. Have a good practice session? Let us know! Roll a 1? Let us know that as well. We can swap tips for making the most of it! Let's make some music!
  8. GENERAL THREAD WARNING: I am queer, genderqueer, polyamorous, and kinky. This is my thread, I don't censor myself much, and I will put NSFW warnings on anything that might get you in trouble for clicking on at work. Ask if you'd like links to the sites where I post the really NSFW stuff. My Motivations: To improve strength and flexibility to be a better rope bottom and rigger (of myself and of others)To improve dexterity and stamina to be able to wrestle guys and legitimately winTo be able to do pull-ups and handstands because that would be amazingly cool - CHIN UPS ACHIEVED NOVEMBER 25!!! Goals for this Challenge: Yoga 3 days per weekSledgehammer or swimming 3 days per weekIn bed by midnight 5 days per week - removing this goal as of December 5No snacks and no sweets except on S days Life Goals: Get a new freakin' jobGet to grade 2 of my rope classes by the end of this challengeThe first needs to happen, really badly. I got some clarity last challenge during a volunteer tree-planting event, and direction is good. I'm also aiming to get to the next grade for the rope classes I'm taking, and having it as a goal is helping me to stay focused on the other parts. Focus leads to success. Feeling pretty awesome. I'm very happy with my progress and how my body looks. Now it's just a matter of tweaking my BF%, gaining muscle and strength and flexibility, and CRUSHING ALL THOSE WHO WOULD OPPOSE ME. Also! Stats to compare myself from a year ago to today! November 5, 2013 Weight: 165lbs Total cholesterol: 4.30 Casual glucose: 5.8 Blood pressure: 102/66 Body fat percentage: 31.9 Body mass index: 25.8 Waist circumference: 31.5" November 6, 2014 Weight: 144lbs Total cholesterol: 3.98 Casual glucose: 5.7 Blood pressure: 101/73 Body fat percentage: 23.9 Body mass index: 22.5 Waist circumference: 29"
  9. Do you have a creative quest among your challenge goals? Then join this ragtag, eccentric group of nerds to level up your health and fitness habits and your creativity. Sure, that's a lot of balls to juggle over the course of six weeks, but it's a lot easier and more fun when you've got buddies! YOU are invited to join The Renaissance Rebels for fitness, fun, creativity, and camaraderie! You can check out previous Renaissance Rebels challenge threads: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. We're happy to have you!
  10. Calling all artists - Creative types - those wanting to level up their skills and fun! (How do you generalize the totality, or even partial group of ART in one image?) how many of you have made a goal to do something creative each day, each week, each month? come join me here - (SIGN UP IS EASY - JUST PUT IN YOUR NAME - we are into the second box - so look for the light blue!) My goal is to ART once each day. Notice I said ART... not do art. For me, art is a state of mind, a point of reference, the place my soul resides. I find my joy in my faith and my creativity - and my creativity is an expression of my faith, without being all preachy(I do alot of nature stuff). I admire all sorts of art - and I'd like to encourage that, as we grow and level up. This is where I am a nerd! I'll post something 4x a week for me - what will you post? PLEASE FILL IN THE SIGNUP SHEET, and when I have your thread(battle or challenge) I'll put in the links of those threads that belong to us artists. I'm going to do this for 6 weeks - but I may continue it if we enjoy ourselves! ~Christi And, I decided to add some challenges - just to keep us motivated! week 1 - do something for 15 minutes that is free flowing - free sketch, free music, free writing, scribble your next crossstitch ideas....sketch out your next home gym idea...get the idea? week 2 - week 3 - week 4 - week 5 - week 6 - RESIDENT ARTISTS: ChristArtist - Continues Losing It Folks from last challenge - HansJay - Feowyn Chromaggia - Gobnait cn3wton - ShadowLion - My LIttle Pony - King Leeroy CelebrateCeleste Svella - Ryoko Shatyr Pyrorazor DarKRaideR Teros
  11. So winter is cold and dark and damp and nearly here, but rather than complain about it, let's prepare the perfect antidote: a proper campfire! We will need 5 things for the campfire: get outside atmospheric music collect firewood collect food light the fire Conveniently (or by design ) these correspond to the 5 things that I'll be working on this challenge. In previous challenges I've set myself targets that I have no idea how to achieve (and subsequently fail), so this time I have a concrete plan for each one: Challenge #1: get outside: GYMNASTICS RINGS: For an excuse to get outside during the dark season, I've bought myself a set of rings to play with, and intend to spend the rest of 2014 experimenting with these. I have no specific plans, but I have a dynamic list of things I want to play with and work on. Here is a picture of me struggling to maintain a support hold: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/uploads/gallery/album_1020/gallery_25753_1020_594416.jpg I'll be grading this subjectively, with consideration given to: volume and intensity of training variety of experimentation improvement made effort made to make my environment good for training (e.g. warm-ups, new locations, social involvement) Total points available: STR +2; WIS +2 Challenge #2: atmospheric music: FINISH CURRENT PIANO COMPOSITION: I haven't done an artistic challenge before, so let's try this... I often compose piano music, but haven't released anything for a while. Here's something I wrote about one year ago: At the moment, there are a few new ideas floating around my mind, so I'm going to craft some of it into a new musical piece. Usually this takes me way longer than it should, so this will help me waste less time! Grading subjectively, where to get 'C' I must have a finished piece and to get an 'A' I must be really pleased with the result. Total points available: CHA +3 Challenge #3: fetch firewood: LEARN OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING: On my recent holiday to Singapore, a friend taught me the Clean and Jerk (from Olympic weightlifting). This would surely be useful for picking up and carrying large logs for firewood (especially if they happen to be shaped like perfect barbells...) but the snatch would be faster. The challenge is to become reasonably competent at both types of Olympic weightlifting so that I can use them in the future for strength training. A: get good at both the clean and jerk and the snatch B: get good at the snatch only C: - D: get good at the clean and jerk only I'll achieve this by reading some snatch tutorials, practising safely, and reviewing form with someone. Total points available: DEX +2 Challenge #4: collect food: BENCH + PRESS >= 100KG: We need to do a whole lot more lifting of firewood before we can relax around the campfire, and this will be in the form of increasing my bench press and overhead press to be 100kg in total. This was in my very first challenge, during which I got injured on the bench press Since then, I've hit 56kg on bench and 40kg on OHP, before taking a month away from relevant training. A: 100kg total B: 98kg total C: 96kg total (i.e., get back to previous best form) D: 94kg total Total points available: STR +2; STA +2 Challenge #5: light the fire: STAY WARM DURING WINTER: When it's cold my body basically shuts down (too little body fat) and I don't do any moving or thinking, so I should prevent that from happening. Steps to achieve this: eat enough to stay warm wear more layers use strength training to warm me up Sounds simple, but I'm super bad at this. Grading subjectively. Total points available: CON +2
  12. This is going to be a full-on party challenge. Enough with the grinding, torturing, willpower-consuming challenges! The only thing one “should be doing” is dancing That extends to an overall attitude. I’m tired of doing one thing and thinking I should be doing something else. It’s a non-graded goal that I’ll be working towards, getting rid of distractions and a guilty feeling that I should be doing something else instead. Now, back to the party
  13. WARNING: the following post contains pictures of a culinary and violent nature. "The Devil is in the details." Having not partaken in the last couple of challenges to better look after my recently born daughter, I’ve decided that I should probably make a return before it becomes too late and I forget all about these challenges. Previously, my most favourite have been themed so, since the second series was recently released on Blu-ray, I’ve made the morally questionable choice of doing a ‘Hannibal’ challenge. Goal 1: Nourriture “It’s a… protein scramble.†The food on Hannibal is astonishing (providing you don’t think too hard about where the meat comes from). So it’s not too much of a stretch to realise that I couldn’t do this without some sort of food related goal. Over the last couple of months I’ve been a lot less strict with my diet than I have previously and, whilst I’ve not piled on the pounds, my % body fat has gone from 15 (reaching which is one of my goals for the year) up to just over 17. It’s not a disaster however my suspicion is that I’ve put on some fat, and more importantly, lost some muscle mass. So, for this goal I shall be tracking my food, or to be more precise, my protein intake. I’m not hugely concerned about overall calories as I appear to be eating comfortably to maintain my current weight, however I am concerned that I’m not getting all the protein I should. Long term I’d like to drop some more fat and gain more muscle, but right now I’m still in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life so my efforts would be best spent working on tweaking my diet to sort out my macros. As an extra mini goal, as the appearance of the meals on Hannibal is such a big part of the aesthetics of the show, I’m going to attempt to produce a few elegant-looking meals of my own and I might post pictures if I’m very proud of my work. Goal 2: Variations “He is an intelligent psychopath. He is a sadist. He will never kill like this again. So how do we catch him?†I’m not an intelligent psychopath or a sadist and not killed at all, however I am getting bored with my current exercise regime. Whilst I’m happy sticking with the same four basic exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, squats and leg raises) I think I’m going to try out a wider range of variations of these so that no 2 work-outs in each week will be the same. My hope is that by changing things around each sessions, it will not only keep me focussed on what I’m doing by forcing me to think about each movement, but it will also work my muscles in slightly different ways each time and therefore tax them just a little bit more. Previously at this time of year, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to get up in the mornings and exercise so, by continually having to create variations on my standard workout, my expectation is that I’ll have some much needed extra motivation. Goal 3: Musique “I've always found the idea of death comforting. The thought that my life could end at any moment frees me to fully appreciate the beauty and art and horror of everything this world has to offer.†Putting Brian Reitzell's haunting score aside for one moment, Hannibal is overflowing with sumptuous classical pieces and, thanks to a tumblr that lists the music from each episode, I've put together my very own Hannibal playlist. For this goal however, I think it would be educational for me to delve a little deeper into the music and read up more about each piece and it's history. Hannibal is an educated erudite individual which sets him apart from other screen villains do it feels fitting that I dedicate some time to enlightening myself, and the unlucky readers of this thread, about the tunes that you get to enjoy whilst Dr Lecter serves dishes of dubious origins to his dinner guests. Goal 4: Imitateur Lecter: What are we looking for? Graham: At this stage, anything really, but mostly anything peculiar. I’ve found it quite hard to think of a suitable fourth goal, so as a novelty I’ve decided that, like Hannibal occasionally flirts with replicating another killer’s modus operandi, each week I shall copy one of my fellow assassins’ goals to try it on for size. I'm not sure what I shall be looking for in each of these goals, just anything interesting or peculiar which takes my fancy.
  14. Hey gang, Recently in the Assassin Den chat we had a run of Assassin's sharing music and it was a wonderous and splendid thing. Then Annyshay spoke up and declared we should have a Spotify playlist. What a great idea! So I made one. NF Assassin Playlist Now we can use this thread to add more to that playlist and make suggestions for other playlists that might sprout up in popularity over the guild. I know I love running to energetic video game sounding music so I might start one of those, but this is totally our thing so suggest away. I'll do my best to keep up with the organization
  15. I skipped last challenge and, to the great surprise of nobody, the lack of a concrete plan meant I had a stagnant couple of months. I've proven to myself yet again that I need structure and mindful focus on goals to progress (what can I say, I'm a true empiricist, and need to keep checking...) so I'm back here doing my first challenge as an assassin. My career has seasonal variance, and winter is our quiet time. That means I'll have plenty of time this challenge to dedicate to myself and my epic plans. Main Quest: A happy and active mind in a healthy and active body. A life full of joy. Experiences that push me to constantly improve and make life better for the people around me. Mission 1: Eat better. No, but seriously. I'm an assistant manager at an organic vegetable farm. We grow more than 50 different types of produce, so you might think I'd have a really healthy diet. Most farmers I know eat like crap, however. A 65 hour work week doing physically demanding tasks leaves you so exhausted that cooking is the last thing you want to do when you get home. After a 13-hour day on the farm it's easy to convince yourself that a cheeseburger and a pint of ice cream are a great idea. I don't gain weight in the summer because of my insane levels of activity, but it's still not good for me, and if I don't get my shit together in the winter it's going to mean bad things in dinotown. HOW: Track my food and stick to my eating goals (I have targets for fruit/veggie intake, limiting sugar, and cooking at home). A: 37 days or more tracked with goals metB: 33 days or more tracked with goals metC: 30 days or more tracked with goals metD: Bad dinosaur! You get to repeat this mission next challenge. Mission 2: Climb things and stay active In the winter I need to make exercise a priority because I don't have the luxury of getting it automatically at work. I want to make sure to get active in some way every day. On top of that, I've been climbing for a couple of months now and really love it, and want to dedicate more time to improving this winter. HOW: Climb and do bodyweight workouts regularly. Do something active every day. A: 37 days or more with some significant daily activity. Climbing 1-2 times per week.B: 33 days or more with some significant daily activity. Climbing just once per week.C: 30 days or more with some significant daily activity. Missed climbing one week, but no more than one week.D: How embarrassing. What, too much free time was too overwhelming? Mission 3: Relearn to play the clarinet Once upon a time, I played the clarinet. For nine years. I was actually fairly good, and then toward the end of undergrad I stopped playing and sold my clarinet. For years I've wanted to get back to it, and recently I decided that wishes and intentions weren't going to get me very far, and I did some research and found a place to rent a clarinet. I want making music to be part of my life again, and that means relearning everything I've forgotten and practicing regularly. And yes, I know this is technically not a health/fitness goal, but 33 years of field research has taught me that when I'm happy and balanced in general, I make much better decisions about my activity and eating. I'm going to consider the benefits of creativity and music as an investment in my overall wellbeing. A: 37 days or more with 15 minutes of practice or moreB: 33 days or more with 15 minutes of practice or moreC: 30 days or more with 15 minutes of practice or moreD: Really? You're paying for this rental, you know. Life Quest: Learn some Dutch and Icelandic! I'm going on vacation in January: Iceland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I already have a decent level in French, but I want to learn a bit of Dutch and Icelandic before I go. I'd like to get through the beginner's courses before we leave.
  16. Red and King Cecil journey forth to find themselves in a castle full of dark energy, the same dark energy that the Dark Knight was emitting. "So... Really, was he really supposed to be smo--" "For the last time, I don't know whether or not he's supposed to be smoking!" The two open the doors and King Cecil once again was shocked to see the person standing before them. "Hello, dear brother... oh, I'm sorry, I should rather say, King Cecil!" "But I don't understand, how could..." "Enough! Can you overcome me?!" BOSS BATTLE!! Red draws his sword. "Who is this guy?" Cecil too shocked to speak, instinctively draws his sword and finally replies, "My brother, Golbez." "Let us start... No mercy. Gravity!" With a wave of his hand, a black spheres of energy encase both Cecil and Red "GAAHH!!" "AARRG!!" "Ha ha ha, Haven't you realize that there are callings greater than Justice?" As they were both writhing in pain, the spell suddenly dissipated! "What?!" "You were careless!" a voice cries out. A man in black leapt from a window and landed between them. "I-impossible!! You were slain!" "I am my own Judge... and executioner! Come you two, we must finish him off!" Cecil and Red stood up, "OK... So who are you?" "Heh, can you not see the resemblance? I am Golbez, Cecil's brother!" Red looks at Cecil, giving him a confused look, "OK When this is all over and we're still alive, Someone has got some explaining to do! HIIYAAA!!!" (new) BOSS BATTLE!! "Fools! You need not hurry towards Death!" "He's just as strong as ever... Err, you are! I can still feel his gravity attack" "We must pool our strengths in order to defeat this imposter in a combined attack! You, Red! This is what you must do in order for us to defeat him!" You have to be as strong as a Lunarian! If you can achieve 20 Pull-ups then we stand a chance to defeat him! Str +2 Sta +2 You also have to remember what Cecil and Fusoya taught you! You have to maintain the strengths of the Past! Keep doing 50 Pushups each time and achieve 3 min planks! Str +1 Sta +3 "Grr... Why do my legs feel heavy?" "It's the Gravity spell, You have to overcome it with force! You must do Lunges and Squats with the added weight (like that of a backpack from the last challenge) Str +2 Sta +2 "So how exactly can we combine our attacks?" "Simple, we all must focus on the same thing, a cause or some battle cry!" "How about a Sonata?" "Yes, that can-- Wait, what?" "Then I'll master what I've failed to learn! The Moonlight Sonata!" Wis +2 Sta +1
  17. [There should be a long, storyline introduction here, but there isn't. Life is full of surprises. This time I aim to switch from writing the story 1/week to including some narration every time I post the report of the day. Ambitious stuff, but isn't this what challenges are about?] Hello and welcome to this third (already?) challenge of mine, continued from my Battle Log. Last one was shaky to say the least, but it should be expected when summer rolls along. This time I'm getting back to my usual self, pushing the limits of awesomeness further and further. One of the things I learned last challenge is that randomness is inescapable, so I might as well embrace it! Onwards to Pandemonium! Quest 1: You gotta fight Take out the one or two settlements on the Plane and pretty much anything else alive there is out to kill and eat you. Plenty of battle for survival is to be expected. The start of the challenge coincides with my new box opening and I'm more than excited to get back into regular training after the summer. However, since I'll be travelling a lot, I'm easing a bit on the grading. Grading - A: Miss 1-2 trainings, B: Miss 3 trainings, C: Miss 4 trainings, D: Miss 5 trainings, F: Miss 6+ trainings Rewards: +1STR, +1 DEX, +1 STA Quest 2: Caves and tunnels Pandemonium is an underground realm, so while I'm in caves, I might as well eat like a caveman. Modified version of paleo, allowing for coffee and alcohol, minus beer and whiskey. Also not going crazy about traces of non-paleo stuff (i.e. breadcrumbs in the occasional burger). Grading - A: No cheats, B: 1 cheat, C: 2 cheats, D: 3 cheats, F: 4+ cheats Rewards: +5 CON. As usual, this is a priority. I've eased on limitations but not on my cheating allowance. Quests 3: Embrace the randomness It's a strongly chaotic Plane and my life has been all bout chaos lately. Gotta learn how to live with this and not stress out. For a minimum of 4 days/week, once per day, I'll roll a d10 and do 1 - 5d6 Woodchoppers 2 - 3d12 Pushups 3 - 1d100 minutes of housework chores 4 - 1d4 rounds of 4way planking (regular, sides and reverse) 5 - Play a videogame with 1d4 lives. After dying enough times, it's game over 6 - 2d100 Single Unders on my Jump Rope 7 - RPG related stuff. Either read at least 6d8 pages or write 2d4 pages 8 - 3d4 Box Jumps 9 - Read literature for at least 3d10 minuts 10 - 1d100 Squats Grading - A: 24 rolls, B: 20 rolls, C: 18 rolls, D: 16 rolls, F: 15 or less rolls Rewards: +1 WIS and +1 to a randomly rolled stat (d6) Life Quest: Get your motor running I finally have my motorcycle driver's licence and itching to buy one on the low cc end to get more familiar with riding a motorbike. For this goal, I'll have to set aside 100 Euros per week in order to create a small budget. Grading - A: 600+ collected, B: 599-550 collected, C: 549-500 collected, D: 499-450 collected, F: less than 450 collected Rewards: +4 WIS, +1 CHA Non graded goals: - Remain smoke-free for the duration of the challenge - When I'm home, listen to a vinyl record per day. Starting my epic quest to listen the entire collection - Deal with e-mails, facebook, checking the forum etc before I go to work in the mornings and afternoons. While at work, I don't want to log in any of those, the slacking is unproductive (work piles up and I get stressed) and most important, makes me feel bad and sours my mood Bonus reward: If I get at least 10 stat points by the end of the challenge, I'll be rewarding myself with an immovable rod for doing pullups Spreadsheet for tracking
  18. Main Quest Same as it ever was Lose weight and gain muscle. How do you lose weight? Old proverb........shut your mouth and move your ass. Shut your mouth .......check. I have finally got sugar and carbs under control which works for me. I am down 20+ lbs since starting NF this year. Need to maintain but focus this challenge is to Goals: Nutrition. +1 CON MAINTAIN EATING HABITS. I do my own version of Paleo which is about 90%. I will still allow one cheat a week ( not a cheat day just an item). If you have any questions about my version let me know. Bonus points for 100% Paleo days. 7pts/week 42/challenge 38-42=A, 33-37=B, 29-32=C Exercise . +4 STR, +3 STA, +3 DEX Different approach and weighed heavily. Wk 1. BBWW 2x this week 15 min of cardio 1x 10 min of stretching 3x I will post week 2 at the end of week one and so forth. Need to up each week. Will post all physical activity for the previous day here. Hold me accountable. Need to get a routine here. Will score as we go. May have you guys give me my grade? Hydration. + 1 CON Have really let my water levels dip and do cheat with diet soda a few times a week. Drink 3 L of water daily. Diet soda only after 3L and to curb sugar monster attacks. 7pts/week. 42/challenge Same as nutrition scale. Life goal. + 1 WIS Made great strides towards my ultimate goal of living an uncluttered life. Going back to what works here and doing one thing each day above general housekeeping. 7pts/week. 42 pts/ challenge. Same scale as above. Community + 1 CHA +1WIS Do all Adventurer ( or RPG) minis. Participate in RPG group Meet and greet Level ones Co host level 1 accountabuddies group Motivation. Live every moment to the fullest. I have been blessed. Thanks in advance to those who will be joining me again and welcome to newcomers to follow. I will only post trivia after I work out for the day. Keep on me!
  19. "uhhhnnn..." "Sire! He's awake!" "Hmm? Well then, it appears Rosa's efforts aren't in vain, after all." "Who dat? Who's dere?..." "Easy, friend, you're among comrades." Red sits up to see who's talking, "Comrades?... GASP! My brothers! Where are they?!" Red looks around frantically. "Your brothers? I'm sorry, but we just found you, no one else... But there was a smashed teleporter." Red mutters to himself, "I hope they got away in time... Hey, who are you guys?" The guard steps forward "How DARE you speak to the King that way!?" "Heh heh, that's enough Biggs, he is a stranger to these parts, we can't blame him for not knowing who I am." Biggs clears his throat "You are in the Presence of the Lunarian King, Cecil Harvey, Lord of the Kingdom of Baron, Savior of the Blue Planet, Paladin King, Commander of the Baron Army, former Commander of the Red Wings." Red jests "That's a mouthful." "WHAT?!" The soldier exclaimed. "Ha ha ha! Yes, it is sometimes! You should hear the title of my friend, the King of Fabul, He's got belts in nearly every martial art! One time, he--" Another soldier runs in, "My Lord, we're under attack!" "Then we must go! To Victory!" He shouts as he leaves the tent, The soldiers rally behind him, "TO VICTORY!" they all yell, as they follow their King. "You stay here, Stranger!" Biggs shouts as he leaves. "Stay here? Yeah right!" Red says to himself as he jumps out of the bed In the Fog of war, Red sees the soldiers fighting against an army of monsters, his eyes spot King Cecil surrounded by monsters, and they're closing in fast. "I've gotta do something!" Red leaps in the middle of the battle! "What the--?" Cecil exclaims. "You're kidding me right? A Knight who uses a White sword? How can I not help you?" "Alright then, I must admit, your resolve is inspiring. Here, take this!" Red receives Echo Grass! "If you're going to fight with us, you're going to need to communicate with our scouts, just speak into it and they'll hear you." "Huh, thanks! Now, let's do this!" BATTLE!! "Are you alright? You're slower than you look." "Heh, Life has been interesting to me lately, but I'll be fine, I just need time for my body to remember how strong it used to be." "I see, well then, how about I help you? Using your Past, Present, and Future." "Remember your Past, the routine you used to follow!" I am going to workout three times a week, every week! I will be doing the Advanced Bodyweight workout given to us by Steve Kamb. 1 point per workout, 18 total; Points given: Str +2 & Sta +2 "Now face the Present at hand!" I am going to increase my shoulder strength. I am going to lift heavy things over my head in sets, Using my old textbooks and nearby objects, I'll be doing something like a Shoulder Press but holding for a set amount of time. Goal Time: 3 Minutes Weight: TBD Points given: Str +1 & Sta +3 "Get ready for the Futur--" "..lo? Hello?" "AHHHH!!! WHO SAID THAT?!" "... ahh... my ears... *ahem* Hello, This is Baron Scout, Cami. I've been informed to help you help our King." "Oh, right, The Echoy Grass thing!." "...*Ahem* Well, there are many obstacles and heavy objects ahead of you, you'll need to push them out of the way." "How many would you say there are?" "...43... 75... About 100 obstacles here that would require you to use upper body strength. Yep, you're going to have to attempt 100 Push(up)s." ​​Following this program: http://www.hundredpushups.com/ Currently at 30 Pushups Points given: Str +3 & Sta +1 "Hey! Focus! The enemies that we'll be facing are a difficult bunch! Each of them requires different means to defeat them! - This monster feeds off of the dirt and mold around us, to defeat it, we'll need to cleanse the area! (At least one cleaning activity a day.) Wis +1 & Con +1 - This foe feeds off of your mind, If you keep your wits about you, you'll be able to stave off his attacks! (Read a Chapter every Tuesday and Thurs; Book: To Kill a Mockingbird) Wis +2 - This creature uses a foreign language to cast spells upon the soldiers, if you can learn it's language you can interrupt the casting! (Study Spanish using Duolingo, a section every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Wis +2 & Cha +1 "Huh, there's that music again..." "You can hear that? That song can decrease the strength of the Spirit beasts if you can find a way to amplify it, even if it's only a part." - (Play Moonlight Sonata part 2) Wis +2 Alright, So with this challenge, it's going to be interesting because of lots of Life things. My summer course is ending this week (thurs is my last day), my nieces start their school soon (Aug 11th and Aug 13th), Still looking for a job, Planning on going to University in the fall, and I still have visiting relatives that'll be here for about 2-3 weeks.
  20. Do you have a creative quest among your challenge goals? Then join this ragtag, eccentric group of nerds to level up your health and fitness habits and your creativity. Sure, that's a lot of balls to juggle over the course of six weeks, but it's a lot easier and more fun when you've got buddies! YOU are invited to join The Renaissance Rebels for fitness, fun, creativity, and camaraderie! You can check out previous Renaissance Rebels challenge threads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If it looks like fun, signup on the Cross Guild page and post a reply below to introduce yourself. We're happy to have you!
  21. I'm a very driven hobbit who works harder and harder until she accomplishes her goals. Often I push a bit too hard... until I fall completely to pieces. Last challenge ended with the threat of falling to pieces. I don't want to go there. Maybe if I take enough time to stop DOING new stressful things, I will enjoy BEING the hobbit I am. Maybe it's time to simply be my whole hobbit-y self. Maybe it's time to refocus on the things that I know are good for me. Main Quest: Lighten the Load At the end of this challenge, I plan to hike the presidential traverse in New Hampshire with friends. I'm going to use this challenge to care for my body as a whole and hopefully drop fat in order to tackle this challenging new hike! Starting Stats (7/14/2014) Weight - 177.5 lbs Caliper Body Fat - 26.1 Body Fat Calculated - 27.2 Waist - 38" Hips - 41" Chest - 38" Thigh - 25.5" Arm - 14" 1) Whole Mind [+4 STA] - Meditate 6 days per week I need to get my mind back in the right place. I've been flirting with meditation for a while and finding that it really helps me to be aware and accepting of myself in the moment. I'm commiting to follow the plan outlined in Full Catastrophe Living and use the matching app that has the guided meditations. One week down, seven more to go. 2) Whole 60 [+4 CON] Last challenge showed me that I will game any food system that I come up with. Also it's too easy for me to "get behind" and give up on posting photos of my food. I started a whole 60 (my longest yet) on 7/14, which means that I'm currently finishing up day 12. Sept 11th (the first day of our hike) will be day 60. Perfect! I already feel so much more at home in my skin. Anybody wanna be good food buddies? 3) Whole Body [+3 STR] - Bodyweight Training 3x per week. I love doing bodyweight stuff at the playground (or at home when it's raining). Plus, this will give me the functional strength that I need to lug my pack through Mordor the Presidentials. Side Quest - Foam Roll [+2 STA] Time to get my IT bands ready for the mountains. No more excuses. Life Quest - Make Music [+2 CHA] - 3x per week This is good for my soul, mind, and mood. Sounds like the perfect supplement to a challenge searching for wholeness. Ready, rebels?
  22. Found this on a tumblr blog and then found it on Spotify. A Cinematic Running Playlist. It's a playlist made up off songs from movie soundtracks, mostly big blockbusters and a few admittedly odd choices. But the whole thing flows together so well. When you listen to it out running you fly. It's perfect for nerd running. I hate running but I look forward to it when I know this is my accompaniment. https://play.spotify.com/user/aquarion/playlist/7KRv7FaaZgxmKsRlsJWHJg?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open The only weak link for me is Southampton of the Titanic soundtrack. I always skip it and at some point I'll drop it out. But the rest is awesome.
  23. Do you feel like Summer gets here and THINGS HAPPEN (hopefully good things), and the next thing you know it’s labor day weekend and you wonder where the summer went? I’ve been trying to find ways to not just enjoy my summer but to slow down a little and enjoy it instead of getting caught up in so many things to do that I forget that I love to take it slow and just go and enjoy my own way. I just finished my first full quest, and am looking forward to enjoying my next one. When I try to do things I use to do the overhaul approach “I MUST DO IT ALL Now!â€. now I’m going slow taking a few baby steps at a time and trying to make changes gradual, and hopefully permanent . So a half of my quests are continuations of the quests that I did last time, with some tweaks. I talk and post photos of my Lovely side kick River, the 11 month old Great Dane. Last Challenge Hubby was away at conference/work travel and I was a single dog mommy. He’s back and we will be sharing responsibilities a lot more. She and our 3 furry purry friends, Patrick, Sebastian and Beatrice, Hubby and I make up our house. Enough talk, time to Quest! Main Quest: To change from a awesome Oger into an Awesome Amazon. Lose weight and gain muscle. Also be as kick ass in person as I am in my head (physically). Keep my sweet sidekick River the Great Dane healthy, happy and active. Get fit and loss pant sizes though watching what I eat (tracking), and working out. Quest 1: weight training 3 times a week. mon, wed, fri, or for long weekends, tues, thur sat I’m going to add Weights into my life again. it’s been years since I did weight training seriously. I started and worked with a personal trainer that I loved working with, but then he moved and I started working with a women that wanted me to do many reps with light weights, uggg. So I stopped. and life, operations and recovery and never really got beck to it. So the plan is 3 times a week, maybe starting with bodyweight exercises for this challenge and up it to free weight next challenge. Quest 2: track food 7 times a week I’ve been using sparkpeople to track my food, and still love it. I did so well with this last challenge and I want to keep it up. I’m going to aim for 2,000 to 2,500 a day in calories, and Post my daily total on my challenge board. Quest 3: walk River, and/or bike to work and/or swim 6 days a week. last challenge I had a lot of cardio for my workouts. things that were good, I definitely biked to work more since I had to be accountable for them. Walking River comes pretty naturally since a board Great Dane is a handful but a tired one is a warm lump on your couch. We have plans of visiting in laws and camping next month so I thought that adding the swimming for those days I can is always a great addition. Life Quest: Practice singing and piano 5 times a week I’ve been taking singing lesson for the last year and a bit, and just started to alternate taking piano and singing lessons at my weekly lessons. I am bad for only practicing 2-3 times a week and now I have two things to practice!
  24. Hi all, I'm looking for an accountabilibuddy... someone to email or text with, someone to talk fitness with, and someone to cheer me on as I cheer them on! My fitness interests include yoga, hiking, dance, strength-training, and pretending that I'm running from zombies. I am working up to bodyweight strength-training, but I'm pretty limited with that at the moment. My other interests include be competitive, killing things in video games, playing music / singing, acting and making art. Bonus points if you live in New England!
  25. Do you have a creative streak? Do you plan to have a creative life quest among your challenge goals once you graduate from Level One? Become an apprentice in the Renaissance Rebel Atelier and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow apprentices and the mentorship of experienced RenRebs! YOU are invited to join The Renaissance Rebel Apprentices for fitness, fun, creativity, and camaraderie! You can check out previous Renaissance Rebels challenge threads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If it looks like fun to you, sign up to be an apprentice on the Level One page and post a reply below to introduce yourself. We're happy to have you!
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