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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not planning to do a challenge this time around - I can barely keep Brain™ on the most general of tracks right now, so trying to make real commitments to a regular workout plan or improved food consumption habits just seems like begging for a trip to Over Whelm. I'm sticking to general Just Get Through the Next Two Months with Limited Harm principles of 'eat salad when I can + intentional movement when bandwidth avails.' I'm in rehearsals/production for two shows until June 10, and have my next really important audition on June 15. We are getting close to putting The Taming of the Shrew on the boards, and we have tentatively added two dinner-theater performances of it the weekend after the Ren-fest, so that will take me right up to the weekend before auditions for The Little Mermaid. The best news, health-wise, is that The Wedding Singer is a pretty dance intensive show and I will be ensemble in most of the big numbers, so I will have pretty agressive dance rehearsals at least weekly until it hits the boards on June 30. Whew! But even though I'm not actually challenging, I want to try to keep up with as many of my Rebel Pals as I can, so I'm going to still try to pop in here when I get a free few minutes. Also, I thought y'all might like to see some of the promo shots we did earlier this week. (I'm the one in the striped corset) https://www.instagram.com/p/CryaoyRp8xt/
  2. The last few challenges have left me feeling a bit like: And I just keep feeling like I’m I'm not actually getting anywhere because I keep losing my way and then I have to start over. I’ve had a lot of life changes lately. The biggest one is new job with new hours. For the first time in my working life I am a M-F 8-5 type person. I don’t even know what to do! Ennica and I have finally set a wedding date and this time we’re going through with it, deaths or no deaths. We have also planned a post wedding, long weekend honeymoon trip to New York to see all the Broadway shows. We’ll be seeing Phantom of the Opera, Beautiful, and If/Then, hence the If/Then-ish theme. We’re doing this in October and since I’ve basically landed back where I started (on my ass), I’d like to be able to, you know, walk around NYC without dying. Goal 1: Eating Primarily Primal. 6 indulgence meals over the challenge, preferably to be used once a week and not all at once. Instead of eating all the sugar, eat some fruit when the cravings hit. It worked for me before. Goal 2: Moving My Ass CrossFit at least 2 times a week. I hope to do more, but I will start with the baby steps.Side goal: extra movement by walking dogs, going to the park, swimming at friends’ pool, other fun stuffs Goal 3: Wedding/Honeymoon Financials Get hotels in NYC and DC pre-paid. We’ve already paid for plane, train, and show tickets. After we pay for the hotels, everything after that will be spending money. Goal 4: Checking in Check in here at least 4 times a week. With the new job, I’ve lost the luxury of being able to pop in unless it’s on my phone. This means I’m going to have to make an effort to do it at home or on break/lunch/conference calls (because, wow, BORING).Insert my big, bad, broadway voice: I will have Ennica take my stats, but I dont. want. to. know. I'll put them in my summary at the end of the challenge. I might be able to handle the beginning stats if there's ending stats. :-/
  3. First off, a GIANT Thank you to everyone who supported me through my first challenge and hi again to everyone who followed me over here. You guys are the best and you made last challenge so much easier! Also, HI to anyone who is coming to visit for the first time. Main life quest: To turn myself into a better person on all fronts: Stronger, healthier, smarter, nicer, and at a better place in life. Goal 1: Avoid the unknown edibles a la Mrs. Lovett! My biggest vice is pop, but do I really know what I’m taking in when I drink that stuff? Nope, not a clue, but probably it isn’t good for me. Same with junk food, although that isn’t the focus this time around. Ever seen Sweeny Todd? If you think about it, drinking a can of pop is kind of like going to Mrs. Lovett’s for a meat pie, you haven’t a clue what is in it, you probably don’t want to know what is in it, and you don’t really want to be putting it in your body. So for this challenge I have 2 parts 1: drinking fewer than 21 pops in the challenge (that is one every other day and is more than I want but I also don’t want to set myself up for failure) and I give myself 1 CON and 1 CHA point for that. The second part of this is 2 weeks straight of no pop at all! Presumably the last two weeks of the challenge but if I can nail this one down earlier I will! Also 1 CON and 1 CHA point. Total 2 CON and 2 CHA points. Goal 2: Lift all the heavy things like Jean Val Jean! I love to lift but things are a little crazy right now with all the house repairs and moving scheduled. Lifting therefore can be any of the heavy things like boxes, furniture, floor tiles, barbells, or whatever else I can wrap my arms around and move. Could Les Mis have really been a story worth singing about if Jean Val Jean had been a scrawny weakling? Nope! So I will lift all the heavy things too! 2 times of lifting the heavy things a week for a total of 2 STR points. I had wanted to make this a pull-up challenge but with the move I decided to broaden it. Still, I want to work on my pull-up so I also want to get in 2 times of pull-up work a week or until I get 1 pull-up for 2 more STR points. Total 4 STR points. Goal 3: Go the Distance with C25K! Hercules went from Zero to Hero just like that, and I’m not Hercules but I’ve got to get going on this running thing. I’ll be taking the police exam in December and running is part of the test and I’m terrible at it. I’m starting week 4 of C25K now, my goal is to finish C25K during this challenge and run the distance just like Herc! It has been slow going because I am terrible at running but being bad at it isn’t an option anymore. 2 DEX and 2 STA points for this. (Thanks to Batwoman for the idea for using Hercules Go the Distance for this goal.) Goal 4: Defy Gravity and work on savings and debt. Student loan debt is holding me down. Me and most other kids in my generation, it is true, but I’m determined not to let it hold me down anymore! Last challenge I made the move to not transfer any money out of savings. I am going to continue that this challenge (with the exception of money for a plane ticket for a wedding, maybe a new dress for the wedding, and maybe emergencies but that is what savings is for) and expand that to include not using my credit card at all. 2 WIS points for this. The big goal is to get a smashing dress for the wedding without having to transfer monies from savings or bust out the cc. If I can manage that then I get 1 WIS point. Total 3 WIS points Beginning measurements and maybe photos coming soon (Don't let me forget)
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