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Found 7 results

  1. A few days ago, one week shy of my fortieth birthday, I decided that I need some help on my journey… Backstory: As an adult, I've never really been fit or healthy. About 10 years ago when I moved to Mumbai, I was a UK size 20. A few stints at the gym along with portion control helped me to lose weight and get reasonably in shape, levelling out at a UK size 12. I was my lowest weight about 5 years ago, but as it was due to a combination of immense stress and illness, I was not healthy or really prepared to maintain that weight. Over a two year period, I steadily put on
  2. I joined the academy and the men's Facebook group a month ago, I've never really used fora in the past and don't really know what to expect. I have had some real success in this first month and have lost weight, inches and my sense that "I'll just end up giving up like I always have in the past". I don't have 100% support from my family who seem to think I'm either a little crazy, a little obsessed or just plain annoying. Once I settle into feeling like I can have a less than perfect meal or lay off walking every day (I've stuck at it every day for a month n
  3. ...but not always confidence in me Well that is partially untrue. I am very blessed to have wonderful friends and family. I am getting a PhD. I play in a band (and am shamelessly quoting the Sound of Music in my title). I have a wonderful dog named Dougie to walk me. However, when it comes to nutrition, fitness and how I feel about myself and my body I still have room to grow. I am a 31 year old male who has been overweight (and sometimes even obese) for my whole adult life. I have generally shied away from any physical activity. I am a complete and unapologet
  4. Short summary of my story: Hey i'm JJ; I've been living on my own since the age of 17. That's when my health took a downhill spin towards dangerous. I started at 113 pounds and lost weight drastically due to the stress of finding somewhere to live and finishing high school on my own (on top of never having a job or even a permit to drive). My future wasn't looking to good. I've been labeled many things by doctors and the titles always seem to change. I have my good days and bad just like anyone else. My boyfriend at the time Matthew is the only reason why I made it through those years. After 5
  5. Hey, newbie here! I was told about this website by a friend of mine, and thought "You know what? This is what I need." I have tried weight loss in the past, but although I would occasionally talk to some of my friends about it, I never had a full support system. After reading through the stuff this website offers, I am convinced this is the support system I need. So, here's my backstory (sorry if it's wordy): I am always been overweight, although a few months ago I was made aware that at one point I was probably smaller than I gave myself credit for. This was when I tried giving one of my
  6. Ok, so maybe not quite, but that does seem like an apt title for an introductory post. My name is Sarah and my story begins - well, probably as far back as my childhood - but this particular story arc begins about 9 years ago when I had gastric-bypass surgery. For those who don't know, gastric-bypass surgery is really only considered for those people who are morbidly obese (read: will die from being obese), and who have a history of failed attempts at losing weight (I started seeing nutritionists and doctors when I was in 2nd grade). For me, the surgery went great. I had no real problems dur
  7. ME BEFORE I had been athletic all through school. I was involved w/ team sports & loved going to the gym with my dad. After recovering from the birth I went back to the gym but my dad was no longer able to go with me. I tried to remember what to do but got bored and lost interest. I gained and gained and after my second child I was well on my way to the 270lb that was my highest weight. I did not work out, I didn't even like to go for walks, I could not keep up with my kids, I was having back problems, I couldn't lean over to shave or put on socks, I was upset and sad about how I look
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