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  1. Hey, Nerd Fitness n00b here. One thing I've noticed, both here and in general, is that articles (and freebie PDFs) about healthy eating are always phrased around weight loss. I am well within the healthy range for BMI, and am trying to be a healthier person, not a lighter person (potentially even a heavier person, but I'm aiming for healthy first). My diet, however, is absolute garbage, and I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. What changes in most of these guides when the goals are health-oriented, as opposed to weight-oriented? Referencing the Nerd Fitness Ten Levels guide would be fine, as it is currently open on my computer in any case - I am a "1000s of tabs" type of computer nerd. Thanks! - dorkylilelf
  2. Hey nerds! I'm using your (positive) peer pressure to keep myself on track for this fitness journey. I've never tried a fitness community before, but you seem like my kind of people, so here it goes: I'm 24 and just graduated college (summa cum laude!). Of course I spent my spare time eating Ramen and drinking frequently. Now I'm back home, saving money for a car/apartment until summer, and I'm bored out of my mind. I got a job working from home, so it's all too easy to be sedentary after a polar winter hibernation. My friends in the area all moved to the city and the isolation sucks. Even dating is hopeless; there are *literally* no gay bars in South Jersey. So, I've decided to use this time to focus on self-improvement to kickstart post-grad adulthood and, hopefully, good habits for life. I have always been physically average, never overweight (maxed out at 140 when I was 14) or underweight (bottomed out at 112 thanks to an eating disorder at 15). My body very much has a "default" setting - I am 5'4" (average height of American women) and my weight naturally hovers around 128 lb. (the "healthy" range is about 110-145). When I was a teenage lass I didn't realize that weight was not nearly as important as composition (body fat vs. lean muscle), but seeing photos on Nerd Fitness and athletic people in real life, I finally get it now! Thanks Superhero Staci! My goal is to not be merely average. I've never accepted mediocrity in academics, nor have I ever been "normal" (proud of it!), so why should I let my body be basic? This is the first time where I'm not going to be measuring progress with an arbitrary number on a scale, but rather how I look without clothes, and feel in them. The numbers I'll be focusing on are how much I can lift, reps, and muscle measurements. I want to level up! I'm leaning toward Ranger-class. Today my goal, other than that 10 minute walk quest is to find my dad's free weights. They're hidden somewhere in the house, a nice little scavenger hunt. I'm posting my workout plan for the week and starting stats tomorrow. My focus will be on strength training at first, and I will add hiking/swimming for cardio as the weather improves.
  3. My goals aren't much right now, but I'm going to track them so I can see how far I've come. Yes, I'm aware protein shakes aren't healthy in the long run, but it's one step in my goal to actually eat more while I can't stomach solid food, I have to build my way back up. This is only until the next challenge starts anyway, and then I'll swap it out for a real food goal, by that point I'll be able to actually eat again. Swap out soda for protein shakes Drink 3+ glasses of water a day Walk a mile every day. Beginner bodyweight workout every other day. 5 minutes of meditation every day Spend thirty minutes immersed in Korean every day Today was a success. My husband bought me a 2.2 liter waterbottle when I was sick on Monday from severe dehydration for the fourth time this year. I've had almost half of it and I still have four hours left at work. I had two protein shakes, one first thing in the morning and one after my mile walk, which I felt much better than if I'd had my normal three sodas. I was able to get my five minutes of meditation in during the boys' naptimes, I actually lost track of time and was focused for about fifteen minutes. It was amazing to be able to breathe and take a break from all the expectations I placed on myself in regards to unpacking the new apartment and getting ahead in my newest college class. Fortunately, my mile walk was 22:30, and I started my korean music shortly before starting so by the time I made it back to my desk (yay for an hour long lunch break!), I'd hit my half hour of Korean immersion as well, and I'm slowly starting to be able to piece together sentences by grammar structure! Tomorrow will be the same thing all over again, but with the bodyweight workout added. I didn't come to work prepared for a full workout today, so it will wait. But I'm looking forward to it. I know I can get to ten pushups eventually!
  4. Hi! I'm starting out my Epic Quest of Awesome after 3.5 years of next-to-no sleep, and very little non-kid related activity. My 2 Demon Spawn (DS) are awesome and fantastic weight training, but I finally have enough brain power to start remembering or discovering who *I* am. Keeping things very slow and incremental. My leftover mental energy after work and kids is limited so I'm taking the mantra "if it feels too hard it probably is, if it seems too easy that's about right" to heart. Thanks, Steve! The right words at the right time. I originally thought I'd be a scout, but I'm courting the assassins instead after remembering how much fun I used to have as a gymnast about a million years ago. Here's hoping there is some lingering muscle memory. Onward to glory
  5. Hi, I'm Steph. I just joined the academy as I simply can't do this on my own. My relationship with food and myself is horrendous and needs fixing - so I thought I would start a thread to be accountable. Following the mindset module in the academy here are the first things I've been considering: I was trying to write my why statement and started writing words to help me construct it, the list of words is this: embarrassed, ugly, tired, bad role model, weak, unhealthy, PCOS, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, lazy. So yeah.. that's super positive... I don't have diabetes, heart disease and I haven't had a stroke, but my Dad did at 57 (which he was not expected to live through, but made a miraculous recovery and made it to a medical journal). WHY Statement I am embarrassed to get up each morning and get dressed in clothes that fit me extremely poorly and don't look good. I don't present a good role model to my daughter (who is 2 today), I don't present a confident, beautiful, happy wife to my husband, and I don't present a professional woman to my workplace. I am always tired, and I often fall asleep on the sofa in the evenings which isn't making the most of the time I have with my husband and doesn't give me time to keep our house clean and tidy. My training is sporadic and does not allow me to meet my lifting goals. It also neglects other aspects of functional fitness that I would like to posses - being able to run, being flexible, being able to do things without pain. My nutrition is beyond terrible and is resulting in weight gain, and a worsening of PCOS symptoms. At some point I would like to get pregnant again, but this won't happen if I continue down this path. My health WILL deteriorate if nothing changes. So something must. Goal Setting: My future self I am someone who cooks healthy meals for my family, and has a selection of pre-made foods in the freezer for when time is tight I am someone who is "functionally fit" and can try out any exercise/class/sport without fear I am someone who strength trains 3 - 4 times a week and can squat 100kg, deadlift 120kg and bench press 60kg I am someone who has their PCOS under control through diet and exercise I am someone who wears a UK size 12 I am someone who goes for walks at the weekend with her family Healthy Loot ideas Weightlifting belt Knee sleeves Fractional plates New gym towel New tikiboo workout leggings New yoga mat New charm for my charm bracelet Next steps Setting up mini quests to achieve the big goals above Taking starting pictures and measurements Reducing sugar in my diet
  6. Hi guys! My name is Olivia and this is my first ever challenge (hopefully I'm doing this right). Here's some quick + dirty background on me. I'm a 24-year-old New Yorker and I am a total, unabashed music nerd, and spend part of my time selling people saxophones and the other part writing about bands for a small music mag. I'm in a bad totally authentic punk band, and I sustain myself on (mostly) microwaveable food and my penchant for self-deprecation. I'm here at nerd fitness because I want to make some meaningful changes in my life, and from the lurking I've done, it seems like the people here are just so super lovely, and I'd really like to be part of a community like that! <3 Anyway, here goes nothing... Focus #1: Working Out > The minimum here will be 3x a week, for a minimum of 30 mins > In a perfect world, this would mean rock climbing at least once a week, and two days of 5k training with the Couch to 5k app, however, this is the first challenge so I'm going to try to keep it low key and realistic to start off. > Less of a goal, and more of just basic record keeping: I'd like to start keeping tabs on the amount of steps I take a day. My watch doubles as a pedometer, and I might as well start monitoring that sort of data. Focus #2: Eating Better > Everything that goes in my belly also goes into My Fitness Pal, including my water intake for the day. > I'm taking a Whole30 challenge (essentially 30 days of Paleo) and I'd like to stick to the program as best I can Focus #3: Slowing Down Mornings > Right now, my mornings are whirlwinds of groaning, rushing, and panicking. I'd like to make an effort, at least once a week, to give myself the time to gently ease myself into the day. This can be space for meditation, coffee drinking, or even just taking in the sunrise. AND to top it all off, I'll be keeping up with my goals in the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18wzilymCWmuaOP2WV5A7VFtYEkfLkmcqJAu2k-laof0/edit?usp=sharing Thanks for reading guys, and I'm really excited to start this!
  7. Hi, I'm Debs, a nurse, mum to 2 cats and living with roommates (sadly). I'm trying to shed a few excess pounds. My goal is to be as fit as my fictional characters. Currently...I have a gym membership but I really don't know how to use most of the machines or the free weights. So I go and I sit on the exercise bike with my study book and get study time in while peddling my lungs out (speed is actually better than when watching tv). Usually I get 18-25km in an hour done. Nice to meet you all
  8. Hiiiiiii all! I'm late to this challenge, as I'm just coming back to Nerd Fitness. I'd forgotten challenges were a thing! I've made so much progress in the past year, since first finding the site I've learned to barbell lift, had some success at maintaining regular workout schedules, and run three 5ks! However - I need support for the next leg of my journey, as I still struggle with procrastination, self-doubt, and lethargy. I know I need to have reeeeeally bite-sized goals, so I can succeed! Here are my goals for this challenge: Fitness Goals (3): 1. I signed up for an intro to rowing class!! It's taking place 3x/week for 3 weeks. I will make it to every single practice, and participate fully! Even if it's sometimes challenging. In the past, I've been a master of excuse-making and self-sabotaging when it comes to making it to practices of anything. I've always wanted to be part of a team sport, but I've lacked the confidence and self-soothing abilities required. This time, I know that I don't need to be perfect. I just need to show up every time, and do my best, and that will be enough. I've already made it to my first practice this week! 2. Being strong for rowing practices will require a couple of things. One is that I need to stop smoking. I am an intermittent cigarette smoker, usually stopping for periods of time and then bingeing. I've been in a very heavy smoking cycle, and I know it's not good for my physical health (duh). So, for the duration of this challenge, I won't be smoking any cigarettes! This will ensure that my lungs are good and healthy at practices. 3. Another thing I'll need is to drink enough water. So, during this challenge, I will drink at least 4 quarts of water per day. Two quarts before noon. (I'll also need to be eating high quality food - but I think I'll save that as an actual challenge for next time!) Level Up My Life Challenge (1): I'm so tempted to make bigger goals, but... This time around, my life challenge is to nurture connections that keep me going. I will do this by spending time with a friend (not my boyfriend) at least once per week for the duration of the challenge, and sharing honestly what is going on for me. HOoray!!! I do need to do things like make sure I get enough sleep, wake up earlier, etc... but these feel harder. For now, I think these simple goals will serve me well (especially the not smoking) ONWARD! p.s. forgive my awkward use of gifs. it's my first time
  9. . I have been lurking around the site for years. I participated in a few 6 week challenges that didn't go well. after a long hiatus I starting over from scratch. I realize that i never introduce myself to the community. Hello my name is Marcus. I also go by Marc or Mac or West. I am 6'5 and 380 pounds. I am lost and do not know what to do. I will like your help.
  10. PROLOGUE Hello fellow adventurer! My name is Lisiera, but you may call me Lissy. I see you've found my battle log. I admit that it isn't too impressive in its current state. But that's okay! I'm working on changing that. And, as an optional side quest, my friend, you're free to help as well. You see, I have many dreams. I'd love to spar and hold my own against a warrior like Alistair or Sten (Dragon Age). I long to have the endurance to hike from Canifis to Yanille (Runescape). I'd love to have the agility and skill like Black Widow to take down my enemies in the blink of an eye. But these are just dreams. So many times I've started to try to make these a reality, but have just failed for one reason or another. Real life seemed to get in the way. Motivation got lost in the mail. I tried and failed, so I gave up. Not anymore. I've found my haven. I've found my true starting point. I found my fellow nerds So, here I go again. This is my last "start" because I'm committed to making life style changes. To training my body for the challenges I long to accomplish. To figure out immediate goals and eventual long term goals (I don't really have any long term goals right now other than "get fit," which I think needs a bit more detail). Come, friends. Join me by the fire and let me refill your tankard of mead (or, you know, that healthy flavorless stuff called water), and let me tell you tales of my small adventures at the gym, in the kitchen, in life in general.
  11. - DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY - What's up Rebels?! We're starting this challenge on time with ROUND 2! This month I'm really going to be focusing on discipline, and it's not going to be easy. This challenge will be featuring the 30 Days of Change by Darebee. I'm aware that this is already setting me up for an impossible goal since there's only 29 days in this month. I'm doing that on purpose - I hate the idea of failing (especially in front of all of you) so it'll motivate me to not miss a single day. THIS IS VERY MUCH AN EXPERIMENT. If I mess up, that's okay. I'm still starting out on this and I'm learning how I best work against challenges. Right now I think that the harder the challenge, the more I want to complete it. Next time I may try the opposite. I'm just seeing what works. So if I miss a day, or forget something, or just don't feel up to it, then I'm not going to get upset at myself. I'm learning even when I don't do things the way I planned. Even if I slip and fall while climbing up a mountain, I'll still be higher up than when I started. - READY PLAYER ONE - My Main Quest: Lose to 175 lbs: In my last challenge I went from 191.6 to 183.2, in the last few days I actually gained back 2 because I let stress and convenience decide what I ate. When it gets down to it, my discipline is weak. So even though my main quest is a weight goal, I'm going to get there by strengthening my resolve and willpower. COMPLETION = 25 EXP! DAILY Training:30 Days of Change: I'm going to be doing a VERY modified Level 1 every day. Much of the walking will be counted from work. The point isn't to do every task fully, but it's to try to do my best EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. My last challenge I was supposed to go to the gym once a week, and I didn't fully complete it because I always put it off till tomorrow. This time I can't. COMPLETION (29 DAYS) = 25 EXP! ; -1 EXP per day missed. Skill School: Sunday Food Prep: I say 'food prep' because I'm not going to make all my meals that day, I'm just going to prep the ingredients, AT LEAST FOUR CONTAINERS PER WEEK. I want my main focus to be on teaching myself to regularly be active and get some inertia going, so what I eat will be secondary in concern. Most of my food is going to be paleo, and I use MFP to calorie count; I'm not being foolish about what I eat, I just want to allow myself some wiggle room I wouldn't have if I planned every meal a week in advance. 16+ CONTAINERS = 20 EXP ; 9-12 CONTAINERS = 15 EXP ; 5-8 CONTAINERS = 10 EXPSomething New: Every week I need to successfully make a food or drink that I've never made before. I'm a level 0 in cooking so that won't be hard. The challenge is the word 'successfully', as I'm prone to obliterating the meals I attempt to cook. So the food must be edible. 4+ EDIBLE MEALS = 15 EXP ; 2-3 EDIBLE MEALS = 10 EXP ; 1 EDIBLE MEAL = 5 EXP Side Quest: Support the Rebellion: This month I want to really start helping other rebels, so I'm going to follow at least 3 other topics and comment regularly. Y'all have already been a big help to me, I want to help too! (No EXP reward here.) Thanks for stopping by! Good luck everyone!
  12. Hi. My name's Karen, and I've been lurking here for a really long time. Mostly struggling with a lot of things - feeling like I'm too old for all this (and I won't be able to sustain any gains I make), anxiety over meeting new people, things like that. I've started before, with good intentions of going to the gym - but my anxiety made things a lot tougher and I only lasted a couple of weeks. Then there's the torticullus. It started a couple of years ago when I couldn't move my head any more. It's also called cervical dystonia, http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/spasmodic-torticollis/DS00836, and when I'm really tired it hurts like a bitch. But exercise and stretching does seem to make things better, when I feel good enough to do it. Meditation seems to help too, so I've already started doing that. I just didn't include it in my challenge goals this time. I'm hoping that doing this first challenge will help motivate me. I want to be well enough, strong enough, to do things with my family. My daughter just participated in her Outdoor Education* class last week and loved the day-long hike they did. I don't know if I'd be able to do that myself, especially up in the mountains. So, I start tomorrow. I'll post a before picture here after I take the kid to school. *Outdoor Ed - when kids go to "summer camp" for a few days to a week. Usually right before middle school.
  13. HALLO! My name is Bre and I'm a 24 year old librarian lady (sans bun) living in Georgia who likes to read and pet basset hounds. Fitness has always been a part of my life in one form or another. I was a dancer for 15 years, a tumbler for 6 years, played volleyball for 2 years, and beach volley for 1 year. The toll that dancing took on my ankles and knees and the bad lung capacity I was given as a baby-child has contributed to the fact that I really can't bike, hike, run, jog, jump, or anything that involves me breathing quickly or heavily for long periods of time. Now that I've been out of college for a year and a half, it's time to start concentrating on my health. The stress of college took a toll on my mental and physical state and I had to concentrate on getting my mindset in a healthy and positive place before I could take on anything else. Since I've managed to get a hold of that part of my life, I feel like I am ready to move on to creating a more positive body image for myself and to be proud to look in the mirror. I will be doing the 6 Week Challenge starting in January and I think my main goal will be to lose 15 lbs. by adjusting my diet and following a workout regime that may increasingly help my heart and lungs get stronger. My three smaller goals within that larger one are to 1.) Follow a strict Paleo diet with 1 Cheat Day, 2.) Create a week-to-week workout plan alternating strength training and reparations days with 1 rest day different from the cheat day, 3.) To begin practicing Yoga to help anxiety and clear the mind. I have been using ASMR videos to calm myself down every night and my Leaf to practice deep meditative breathing exercises but I believe that Yoga may work wonders for my mind and spirit. I am trying to build habits because habits are what work for me. It's very difficult for me to self motivate and gyms are a car wreck for my nerves so I will be trying my workouts at home with my Basset baby while updating on here regularly. A side quest I think I may take on is to get my sleeping patterns on a regular schedule. I can go from one extreme to the other when it comes to sleep. Waaaaay too little or waaaay too much. Figuring out my sleep schedule and then seeing what time working out works best for me will help tremendously. I'm so excited to join this community. I will probably be joining the Academy in a couple of weeks once I get my bearings on my workout life. First things first...tomorrow...BEFORE PICTURES dun dun dunnnnnnnn!!!!
  14. My name is Grayson. I am a lapsed rugby player, who now has to acclimate to a traveling quest line that takes me all over my world. This means that having a fixed schedule is difficult, as I am at the mercy of my work. I am sometimes gone for one to two weeks a month. I foresee a lot of travel capable exercises in my repertoire. Stats: Sex: Female Race: Um... Maybe half-elf? I'm tall, and have a naturally thin build. Height: 5'11.5" Weight: Between 155 and 165 lbs (haven't weighed myself recently) Fitness Level: Haven't worked out since May Preferred exercises: * Rugby * Grappling * Maybe roller derby? I haven't entirely figured out what class I fit into. Possibly ranger? Rugby seems like it'd be a warriors sport... My favorite exercises are rugby, grappling and things where I can pull from a team. I think I'm going to start with getting myself in a routine as my main quest... My heroes: Captain Marvel, 12th Doctor, Steve Jenks (Warehouse 13)
  15. UPDATED 2015 VERSION! (I'm back and still learning!) The Help NikaNika Eat Right NPC Quest The Premise.... NikaNika lives with a Hobbit in the American Shire with limited finances. Desire to incorporate/switch over to a plant-based diet. The Quest.... Build a Diet that supports losing excess weight, but offers enough energy for fitness/strength training. --------------------------------------------------------------- Current Status: Still on the Journey Past: eliminated Gluten, helped clean system, but resulted in loss of energy. Learning Recipes/How to Cook Meals Regularly Incorporating protein daily. Tracking other levels; iron, etc. Managing to not binge on foods kept in household. Some information that might come in handy; Raised on an American diet (fast food incorporated) with here and there changes like no red40 dye and barely any milk. I'm allergic to Parmesan. My most common at-home foods that I've been eating in the past 3 months are... bread, frozen pizzas, turkey meat, ramen, tuna, ice cream, cereal, pita bread, hummus, random vegetables (green), donuts, boxed dinner (hamburger helper), random fruits (grapes, etc.), chocolates, bagels, cream cheese, black beans, chili. I drink coffee and water on a daily basis. I drink mint tea and milk on a weekly basis and Arizona Iced Tea has become a guilty pleasure. I occasionally drink soda or alcohol on a monthly basis (0-6/month), but have lost interest in those drinks. I've practiced fasting, paleo and non-gluten diets in the past year. I did not resonate with paleo as a diet, but noticed improvement with my digestion that went away as soon as I stopped. I also noticed a similar improvement with eliminating gluten, but also resulted in a great loss of energy. Since then, however, my digestion system has been doing much better with all kinds of food. The issue with fasting is that I have had binging issues in the past and that might be why I'm so drawn to it. It's been my nature to not eat for a few days, then eat a bunch rapidly at once. Now, I am looking to incorporate a 'eat something every 2-3 hours' in smaller proportions instead. But am unsure of what types of food to prepare for this sort of lifestyle. Overall, I'm not sure what exact kind of diet I want to have or what would be best for my body, but I am learning. I would like to find an optimal eating lifestyle that will strengthen and support my body, mind, and health. For the past few months, I've played with the idea of a Brain-focused Diet stemming from Dr. Terry Wahl's practices, which is not how I tried paleo out the first time, but how I think I might try it if I go for a second time... I still have not tried this though. And here's something small and random that I'd appreciate more light being shed upon; When I'm eating vegetables on a daily basis, I find that within the first 3 days, my hunger spikes greatly and I need to eat more - more than I usually can stand in vegetables - and so I burn myself out pretty quick with a vegetable-heavy diet. I've never actually been able to manage pushing past a week with a vegetable-central diet so I'm not sure if this is purely due to withdrawal from my regular diet or something else is going on pertaining to vegetables and my body....? (Thanks, Tanuki) Thanks for any help or advice in advance!
  16. So I finally did it, as per the e-mail. Weighed myself (though on a scale whose reliability I have no certainty of) and took 'Before' photos. It seems a little presumptuous to call them before photos when there is no after, but I guess it is aspirational. Let me tell you, I did not feel aspirational taking these photos. I felt really crummy. I don't like having my picture taken at the best of times, and to stand in my underwear without any sucking in or flattering angles was pretty tough. But I'm putting them up here anyways. Because this is the reality of my body right now, and I need to start by truly understanding that. I added a picture of my face above the photos to remind me that there are parts of myself that I do like, like my eyes and mouth, and that I am more than just my body - even though that's what I'm working on right now. So here we go. Measurements - 10/05/2014 Bust 42 Waist 32 Hips 42 Weight 185 (unreliable?) Height 5'8
  17. Totally new to this; I have no idea what I'm doing! A bit about me: I'm a 24 year old aspiring computer engineer, who has an awesome part time job with the navy during the summer. I'm 5'2" and I love anime, video games and comic books. I like to read too. Stuff. Main goal: Absolutely getting rid of this freaking belly of mine that I have for the last 3-4 years now. Goal 1: Follow a Paleo Diet for the challenge. I've already broke this rule a couple of times already the last week... 1) I ate a cupcake out just because it reminded me of my cousin's awesome cupcakes. I resolved to ask her to make it with coconut flour when I get back. Galley deserts are BAD. BAD. 2) I didn't realize the dressings that my galley was using are all store bought. Efff. Yesterday I decided to make it with hot sauce and mustard. IT works! 3) Soy milk is not Paleo. Soy milk is not Paleo. This happened Day 1. 4) I missed out on lunch one day so I resorted to buying brand name beef jerky... Does that count? Goal 2: Getting Stronger. So, here's my hopeful goals by the end of this challenge: Deadlifts: 175 Squats: 120 Presses: 90 Where am I right now? Deadlifts: 100 Squats: 75 Presses 45 I just started Starting Strength yesterday, so I think these are reasonable goals. I've done the New Rules of Lifting for Women twice before, but couldn't commit going past Stage 2 because I placed school (and video games to destress) as a higher priority than my own health. Goal 3: Don't use taxis or buses to get around town. I'm currently posted out where I don't have a car or anything, so I had to use whatever public transportation, be it taxi or bus to get around. I'm planning to go on more weekend trips, or go into town often. However, being a money pincher, I found this really eats up my wallet! I already spent 40 bucks on bus tickets alone! So this means for me to get healthier, I'll either walk my way there or take my bike there. Maybe I should get myself to use my bike more, but I'm not used to hills. I could work on that. A Life goal: Getting into cosplay! I got so many ideas to cosplay, but not enough courage, time or money to get there! I'm currently working on an Iron Man Mk 42/43 suit so I think I want to actually finish that. It's weird that I'm actually getting to document a lot of the things down. I guess that's why I got lost; I never track things down! I think this is a good change for me!
  18. Ey up! Firmly forcing myself to delurk and make some friends, despite my natural inclination to hide in the background on forums. I'm a 5"7 twenty-one year old Scottish/Yorkshire lass (makes for a really odd accent). I was born and raised in a small village in a little corner of Yorkshire that I like to think of as my very own Shire (though I'm a rather tall hobbit). I'm coming up on graduation from my undergrad (hopefully), and am very much going through a quarter life existential crisis. The past six months/year have...not been great. I've been struggling with completing my degree due to stress, compounded by some recently diagnosed ill health in close family member. It's all forced me to take a long hard look at several aspects of my life and ask myself what I really want. For a start, I want to be a hell of a lot stronger - physically and mentally. I'll figure the rest out as we go. I've always been fairly fit and healthy, but I've also always been fairly on the heavy side - part of it is my build, I've got relatively broad shoulders and hips, and am definitely built for curves - but lately it's crept up past what I'm comfortable with. I'm fed up with looking in the mirror or at photographs and being unhappy with my flabby arms and total lack of visible muscle definition, but neither am I naive or desperate enough to start starving myself ala women's magazines - I want to be strong and healthy, not half-starved. So on that basis I'm attempting to switch to a more paleo diet gradually, cutting out junk food, etc, and starting on the beginners bodyweight circuit and interval training. I'm not a stranger to exercise - over the years I've done gymnastics, netball, trampolining, horse-riding, swimming, surfing, judo and quidditch (yep, quidditch!), but I've never managed to make it just another part of my everyday life, rather than an irritating obligation that falls at the wayside later on, or gets way too expensive for a student to maintain. I'm going to be monitoring my progress photographically, one a week, and compile them on a monthly basis to see how it's going - I hate being chained to an incredibly changeable number on a scale. Long term goals? Well for a long time I thought after I graduated I was going to go into scientific, lab-based research, but after spending six months working in labs last year, I'm not so sure. So I'm taking a year out from full-time education to pursue other projects which I'm passionate about, but never had the time for. I want to be fit and have the energy to pursue those projects, and take the chance to get out of my bubble and challenge myself a little. I'm going to compile some kind of a challenge list for the next year, running July-July 2015/2016 (so starting after graduation). Some of those will be small things, others will be a bit more adventurous, and the key one will to be in good shape for training to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with my Dad at some point in the next couple of years. Past 48 hours, I've started trying to shift my diet to more paleo, stopped eating biscuits and the like - made a paleo banana pancake for the first time, which was tastier than I was expecting for what is essentially a sweet banana omelette. Did my first run of beginners bodyweight circuit this morning - ee gawd my pushups are rusty. My judo sensei would be appalled. Made it through two reps of the circuit before my muscles were getting too shaky to do proper form, so I stopped after two with the intention to work up to three-four good circuits as opposed to three mediocre wobbly ones.. Feeling good, though my thighs are definitely bewildered by the sudden torture I'm putting them through.. I'll start the day off tomorrow with interval training - done that before, years ago, so I'm not unfamiliar with it. We'll see how it goes. Probably the hardest thing is going to be forming paleo-based eating habits - living on campus these past three years I've gotten far too used to automatically reaching for the vending machine. Hope to make some friends! And if any of you are ever about this little corner of the 'Shire, give me a shout, I'm happy to tour guide .
  19. Hello all! This is my very first 6wk challenge and also my very first post in this kind of forum (like ever - not just with NF). I have struggled with my weight and health my whole life (I am 24). I love my family dearly but they have such poor diet and exercise habits that a lot of my older relatives have diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, so on and so forth with all the other health issue associated with obesity. I do not want to be like that, I want to be a healthy person for the remainder of my life not only for myself but for my family and my (hopefully) future children and grandchildren. NF and all the members who have posted their stories has been very inspiring so thank you all! My long term, ultimate goal is to lose about 70lbs...although this is not a set-in-stone figure. I am more focused on my heath than what the scale says. I ultimately want to have some muscle on me too, so the 70 may be too much...anywho that is my 'long term' goal (no way I could do that by the end of the year but hopefully by the end of NEXT year). Below are my three goals for my first(!) 6 week challenge: Eat vegetables with at least two meals a day for six out of the seven Walk at least 6 days - perferably every day (I have a 100lb German shepherd puppy - yes he is actually a puppy 10mos old and I am totally in love! ) and do a 'real' workout (either gym or body weight activities at my house) three times a week Stop making excuses ("I had a long day so I'm too tired to work out" "I don't have the time" etc.). Despite the fact that I live a very busy lifestyle, there shouldn't be a reason I can't get a workout in even if it means cutting time out of doing something else that I wanted to do but don't need to do. Person Goal: Get at least a B+ in both of my grad classes at BU. Those are my goals! I am going to try to update weekly!! I have to believe in myself so (and hence the username): I KNOW I can do, can you (duh of course you can!!!)? Thank you all for your support and time!!
  20. Hello all, My name is Sarah and I'm a newbie here. I decided to join this group after an introduction from my friend, Aerinity. I know that I'm terrible at keeping fitness goals unless I have a partner to help keep me motivated, and since I don't have anyone IRL whose schedule or fitness goals match mine, I figured this would be a good place for partners to keep me motivated and on track. Basically, my overall goal is to get down to 170lbs. I have no idea how long it will take me to get to that goal, so I am holding off on setting a deadline at this time. For this particular challenge, my three goals are: Walk 30 minutes/day, 3/weekMeditate for 10 minutes/day, 5/weekFollow through with bellydancing how-to videos 2/weekUltimately, I'd like to take a bellydancing class, but right now, I can't commit to spending money, so I'm putting a suggestion into use until I have the funds to get there. There. I'm pretty sure I can do anything for just 6 weeks (well, 5, since I'm coming in late). Best of luck to everyone!
  21. Hello, fellow nerds. Silverdrag0n, 61 year old female n00b here. I just found Nerd Fitness a week ago, and this is my first challenge. Overarching goal: To build my fitness level to a point at which I can go on a long day hike in my local mountains (roughly 12 miles, with lots of elevation gain/loss) without fear. If I get some money, I may take up the sword again as well (swordmasters generally like to be paid... ) I wouldn't mind having the 61-year-old version of Spezzy's physique as well... but that would be gravy. Why: Other than the joy of getting out into the hills (and maybe stabbing something) -- I am moderately to severely ADHD. Medication for the condition is out of the question for reasons I won't go into. I want to be able to focus on the things that matter to me -- and a combination of diet and fitness is said to really help. I wouldn't know -- I haven't been there. Maybe on the diet (strict Paleo) for about a year, 4 years ago -- and maybe on the fitness, once or twice for a month or two. Never both at the same time. Quest #1: To be able to complete the Beginning Bodyweight circuit, as presented, for the full 3 laps. Right now, I can't do one complete circuit. Quest #2: To lower my carb intake to 100 g/day. Life Quest: To submit a story to an anthology. Um... how do y'all get those cool progress bars to put into your signatures?
  22. Ok, so maybe not quite, but that does seem like an apt title for an introductory post. My name is Sarah and my story begins - well, probably as far back as my childhood - but this particular story arc begins about 9 years ago when I had gastric-bypass surgery. For those who don't know, gastric-bypass surgery is really only considered for those people who are morbidly obese (read: will die from being obese), and who have a history of failed attempts at losing weight (I started seeing nutritionists and doctors when I was in 2nd grade). For me, the surgery went great. I had no real problems during recovery, and I lost weight - a lot of it. I lost 180 lbs, actually. I kept most of it off for a few years until I moved to Florida and was unemployed for a few months. My mom had, had the surgery before me, and she had been my fitness partner and without her, I really slacked off on keeping active. Being unemployed didn't help, and then when I was employed, it was at a pay level far below what I was used to. I had a lot of excuses for not getting back into a fitness routine. Most had to do with comfort and money (no money to join a gym, hate sweating out in the Florida heat, no money to get proper exercise clothing, etc.), and some had to do with the fact that I am accustomed to failure and don't like setting myself up for it again. I have no particular reason as for why I am ready to start anew at this point in time. A friend of mine who lives far away told me that she is using this platform, and it seems like we're both looking for motivating, encouraging people right now. It just seems like it is time. I would love to get back down to 170 lbs, where I was at my lowest weight. But that isn't my real goal. For some reason, this past year has been littered with messages for me about accepting my beauty, and I don't particularly care what weight I am at. I simply want to be healthier, and that definitely means being more active. If I lose weight as a side effect, great. If not, ok, too.
  23. Last night I joined Nerd Fitness Academy, today I'm making my first post, tomorrow I'm committing to walking for ten minutes, and then Thursday I turn 35. My birthday gift to myself is to NOT wait until Thursday to start all of this - but rather to go into my new year already feeling healthier. Bread is a huge temptation for me... and today I specifically chose to have chicken tenders instead of a big ol' sandwich. I know, that still isn't exactly "healthy" (quotation marks? Really?) but it isn't a huge hunk of bread. And it's something. It's a conscious choice that I made, and I plan to do the same tomorrow too. One day, one small step. Sleep is my kryptonite. Or reverse kryptonite? I mean, if I don't have enough, I get weak, wobbly, the world spins on its axis and I'm all kinds of useless. Not just tired, but actually physically ill. So that's going to be a big thing that I work on here. Getting enough sleep. Once upon a time I was a far stronger, healthier body. I'd put myself in a Ranger/Assassin sort of range - though I loathed running and couldn't do much of it, I was able to run and was stupidly strong. Now... I just feel like my body is stupid. But I'm determined to get back on course. My thought right now it to follow a Druid Assassin path; get my mind and body working together instead of in opposition. I have depression and anxiety in my utility belt and I'd prefer it if they came out to play far less frequently than they have been lately. Their appearances are inversely proportional to how healthy my life is at any given moment. So there's that. MY GOALs (January, 2015): Eat less than three sandwiches per week through the end of the month Go to sleep before 11pm the majority of January's remaining nights Walk at least ten minutes at least six times between now and February Find the missing screws that are keeping me from putting together the bed in the guest room, and finally build the damn thing.
  24. Main Quest Be comfortable in full centre, left and right splits with proper form. Sub Quests Prepare body for exercise. It has been a while. I. 5x/week : Half Hour of Pilates (focused on thigh flexibility and core strength). II. 3x/week : Beginner Body Weight Workout. III. 7x/week : Half Hour of Stretching (focused on alignment and correct form). IV. 2x/week : Hour at gym in morning (BBBBonnnusssss!) Life Quest Read three new novels for pleasure. I. Wolf In White Van - John Darnielle II. On Film Directing - David Mamet III. Free Book Motivation My body is making me miserable, and I am making my body miserable. This has to change. I. I want to feel good with my partner, not to be ashamed to be naked. II. I want to feel energetic, not sore and painful when we do dance work in class. III. I want to prove to myself that I can do this. That my history of bad body choices is not a destiny. Progress Will come as it comes, in the battle log and here. Morning Pilates - 16/30 54%54% Body Weight Workouts - 6/18 33%33% Evening Stretches - 10/40 25%25% Gym Visits - 4/25 15%15%
  25. Whelp, here I am again, trying to lose some weight. My big issues with weight loss have always been organization, motivation, and accountability. Now my wife comes across this newfangled guide for weight loss from nerdfitness.com, and we tried it off and on for a while, but never really stuck to it for very long. Well, now we're attacking it differently, from multiple angles. We're doing meal plans, weight training, endurance training, and we're doing it on here, where there seems to be a pretty good support system for fellow peeps in the same boat. I think that this is what's going to actually get us to stick to it this time. We've already started (she joined before I did), and I've already lost around 10lbs, so this is pretty promising. I looking forward to seeing the results already! And I just did my first challenge post, found here. Check it out! And you can find out more about me on my profile.
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