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Found 3 results

  1. Right, it's 2022 and I've pressed my rest button to turn myself off an on again According to the various diagnostic checks that run, I can see that I have gained a bit of weight over Christmas and lost some stamina but nothing terrible. I haven't drunk too much and I have been exercising periodically. The nagging pain in my knees is still there though And I have a sore back today, which is annoying. So i don't think I'll be doing anything too challenging. 1. Yoga. Yes yoga. Like the meditation I experimented with last year, this is definitely under the heading of things I am predisposed to recoil from but there's a core of something useful there so I'm going to overcome my natural tendency to run away and just go with it. Mrs 18ck has suggested a thirty day course led by a super-spiritual America lady who says Namaste at the end of her videos. It's going to be a long month. 2. Exercise 6 days a week, using a combination of upper-body strength and knee friendly cardio. Rowing, cycling, swimming, but maybe giving running a bit of a rest for a while. 3. Starting on Monday, not tomorrow, go back to calorie counting since that's quite helpful. We're eating "vegan" in January. Pretty heavy quotes there since although we won't be eating meat, the definition of what counts as dairy is pretty fluid. And I will not be drinking booze either. 4. Continue knocking out one to-do list item per day The aim is to restore order and be generally healthy (not in pain, and back to the weight I had before Christmas) at the end of this and then start on something more ambitious. I haven't really got a clear idea of what I want to achieve in the year. Maybe more speed at 10k, maybe longer distances, maybe focus on rowing instead. One thing I definitely do need to do though is make a follow-up appointment for my health checkup. I had one in early 2020 and was supposed to go back for a progress check but then the world ended. I'd like to do that but probably not in this challenge since I feel like I am in a rubbish place, so I am doing the health equivalent of... Well... You know when people who have cleaners but they are ashamed to show what a state their house is so they run around tidying up before they arrive? That.
  2. This challenge is modified from the very popular “Beer Yoga” PvP…that I think was originally developed by MaxCurtis and Apflestrudi. I think it was then carried on by Nymeria and perhaps others. Here are the rules this time around? Read the rules carefully! Please only do exercises that are at your level! How it works: Basically, it's a type of twister game, only instead of spinning the colour-wheel, you roll dice and instead of the twister mat, you do a yoga pose. - Use a dice generator/use a d100 die and roll once. (For example this one: http://www.rangen.co.uk/misc/dicegen.php ) - Go to the PvP Spreadsheet, look up the number you rolled. You might have one of a variety of reactions: · Oh I’m a pro at this: Good for you. Put a frown on your face and prove it! · I know that pose and kind of hate it: Even better! You won’t have to fake misery. · That’s ridiculous, I can’t do that!: Figure out an easier version or do your best. (That’s about 75% of the poses for me….scale it as much as you want, totally legit) · I can’t do that pose, I don’t know how to scale it, and I’m afraid I might get hurt: Roll again. Don't get hurt. To “reserve” the pose, write your name on the spreadsheet and color it in yellow. This means you haven’t done it yet, but you will in the next couple of days. You can only reserve one pose at a time. Figure out what you want to do to make the pose “miserable”. It’s 100% up to you. It could be something about your surroundings, the look on your face, your clothing, the pose itself. There are some suggestions and ideas in a few of the posts below...and I'm pretty sure more will be coming soon!!! Give evidence (picture or video, whatever you're comfortable with…even a drawing or detailed description if you really don’t want to post a picture) Obviously taking a picture while doing yoga is challenging. Last time I usually tried setting up my camera on a timer. Some people had a friend do it. Obviously, poorly executed yoga selfies could be miserable in their own right. After you complete the pose and post a picture, change the color on the spreadsheet to green The PvP is loosely turn-based. There will be no set order to allow people to come in whenever they want, but once you've had your turn, you have to wait for at least one person do strike a pose before you can turn again. (You can reserve another one but wait before posting). Each pose can only be done once. If you roll a number that's been rolled before, roll again! (unless we reach 100 super quick, then starts all over again in the next column!) I checked some but not all the links to pictures of the poses. If you find one that is broken, you can PM me to fix it and/or use your own google magic to figure out what the pose traditionally looks like. I know it says May 27, but you can start whenever you want! Who am I to stand in the way of misery??
  3. After three months of yoga, today I did a backbend for the first time ever!! You know, the one where you stand up on your hands and feet with your hips in the air? YEAH! I haven't been able to do that since I was like, 8! I also bent all the way forwards and got my forehead to touch my shins! (With only a little adjustment by my teacher) (shut up, it counts!) I had to stop myself from yelling in happiness in the middle of class, probably would have messed up some people's zen. But that's why we have the woot room! YAAY!
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