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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I'm Nax. People in RL seem to think I've got my shit together but, after several adventures in NF challenge failures, it turns out that I really don't. One thing I have always managed to do in my challenge threads is write long-ass posts full of thought vomit. What if my strength lies in complaining in a fun-to-read manner? For this reason, I've decided to try something new: a blog-style battle log combined with a Rising Heroes account. There will be fails, but there might be successes too. This thread will contain long posts, written on a whenever-I-feel-like-it bas
  2. Naxius

    Naxius Sins.

    Because doing shit that's against the rules is always more enticing. SLOTH: “We liked the idea of Balem not liking to walk, and so he floats everywhere. His life is so effortless that he doesn’t have to dirty himself with the business of putting his feet on the ground very often.†- Lana Wachowski Okay, I probably wont be slothing it up to THAT extent, but you get the idea. My main goal this challenge will be to sleep more. Unlike "relaxing", amount of time spent sleeping actually can be measured. This is the most important thing I can do for myself right now. I NEED. TO. SLE
  3. I don't know how many challenges have had mindfulness as a part (if not the main part) of them. Throughout these challenges, one thing has remained consistent: mindfulness not happening beyond the initial few days. That is, if it happens at all. This needs to stop. Or mindfulness needs to actually start, either one. I am screwing myself over by not doing mindfulness, and from now on I will do it for a few minutes, multiple times per day. I am going to suck at mindfulness, and some sessions will be less good than others, and that is okay. The more I do it, the less I will suck. I have no id
  4. Rejuvenation, because I'm stressed as fuck (again) and everything is blah. The only thing I find joy in right now is frigging around with Worbla, which is somewhat productive because a lot of cosplay things require Worbla. The last challenge was an epic failure on paper, probably because the grading system I was using was a bit...unforgiving. Some positive things that were accomplished include: - Defending thesis (stress level down!) - Breaking tumblr addiction (time management, lvlup!) - Mostly recovering from surgery without any injuries or scar stretching Current goal: FINISH THESIS C
  5. Weeeell, the inter-challenge challenge NAXIUS ASCENDING (Part 1.5) was a complete fail. This probably happened for two reasons: 1) it was my birthday week, and 2) let's pretend that I was getting all the fail out of the way before NAXIUS ASCENDING (Part 2) This challenge will have a heavy focus on time management. As a result, the initial post is mostly a copy/paste job from the last challenge, because I'm lazy efficient. I'm usually more on the ball when there are cosplay-related things at stake. Is it a bad thing that the act of pretending to be a (usually terrible) fictional character g
  6. Could also be titled: "Naxius gets more INT...again." This is not my official challenge thread, just something for the time in between. I figure that it's best to stay on top of things (at least a little) to avoid slacking on the habits I've acquired last challenge, and to get some more things out of the way so that they won't be stress-bombs and brain clutter during the next challenge. Continue doing: - 1 coffee per day, max - Hydrate a lot - Have salads/vegetables a lot Make the following habits, too: - Do Lumosity Raindrops (3 or more games per day) - 5 mins of mindfulness For Lumos
  7. Naxius


    I'm usually more on the ball when there are cosplay-related things at stake. Is it a bad thing that the act of pretending to be a (usually terrible) fictional character gives me greater motivation to be healthy than my own well-being does? Don't answer that. It turns out that my only successful challenge so far, the one from the newbie area where I needed the body of a God had similar cosplay motivations. I wanted to lose 10 lb of fat so that I would make a better Loki. This involved eating more fruits and veggies, and greatly limiting bread and beer. This made me sad, but I got some freakin
  8. Remember when I said I wanted to be a Wizard? Well, Wizards need high INT to perform well, so I better get cracking on that. First and foremost: GRADUATE! FINISH THESIS SHIT BEFORE THIS FRIDAY! Yes, the 27th. Now that that's out of the way, the daily goals will consist of: 1. Meditate for 5 minutes per day, EVERY FREAKING DAY. 2. Brush and floss EVERY FREAKING DAY. 3. Foam roll EVERY FREAKING DAY. I usually do this at the gym since it's a part of our warm-up routine, and there's more room at the gym than there is at home, so I'll leave this one out for this challenge. 3. Lumosity /
  9. As the title suggests, this challenge is all about acquiring as much money as possible. Most of my mental breakdowns have been triggered by money-related things, and my fear of getting evicted and living in poverty. Student loan repayments are also approaching soon, and more bills are coming in, and my work hours are getting cut, and fuck everything I HATE LIFE AND EVERYTHING IS HOPELESS I need to have as much money as possible so that I can keep doing the things that I still enjoy: going to the gym and cosplaying. Since making money will involve selling some of my old things, this challenge
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