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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. I hope you guys can help or give me some pointers. First off about me, I am 47 and am small framed. I have always been active in some way. I used to go to the gym religiously but then started hitting a wall. Not sore after hard work outs, not seeing results like I used to, and now seeing fat that just wont go away. I have been back to the gym since covid and have gone almost every day since my gym re opened in June. I vary my exercise and try to do what I have done in the past because its always worked. Some days (my days where I'm not feeling like being there) I do the treadmill and then an ab workout. Normally my routine is legs MWF, arms Tu & Thu, I hit abs everyday. I occasionally throw in a kickboxing routine. I just recently increased my weights to as much as I can handle without my joints giving out, even with that I am not sore the next day like I expect to be. I know about muscle memory but not sure exactly how that my play into my dilemma. My diet is not out of control either. I don't typically eat things that are un healthy and don't drink alcohol on a regular basis. HELP!!!
  2. Hey guys, Snack here and I'm 15 years old atm. Today is the first time I've been to the gym since like 5 months, and it's the first time I'm taking it seriously. Currently I weigh 65 kilograms and am about 5'8" (not sure about height). I'm fairly slim not fat, but I do have a bit of fat on my stomach that I am trying to get rid off. All I really want for now is to get abs as well as increase the strength of my arms and chests on the side. My Gym schedule is 4 times a week, going on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you guys could please just tell me what type of workouts I should do in my 1 hour period at the gym that would be great. Thanks! Cheers, - Snack.
  3. I've realized that I don't know how to eat. The more I think about the food I make, the more I realize that although I'm cooking from scratch, I'm making food that isn't necessarily healthy (one recipe called for 1 cup of mayo...what the hell man?!) So I want to cleanup my diet and start eating like a person, not like a college freshman. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? Maybe some good cook books and ideas for all meals? (Breakfasts, dinners, lunches?) and ideas for bringing lunch to work? (I work in an office.) For context, I hate tomatoes more than water hates oil. So if I could stray away from them as much as possible...that would be great.
  4. Hi fellow nerds & rebels, So today I joined the rebellion. So here's my story : Earlier I used to go to the gym but after a month or so the same set of exercises & routines started boring the crap out of me.I couldn't commit more of myself to the gym & also with my exams coming up, all these situations were provided little help to the voices in my head to continue gym and lose weight. Ultimately I had to quit. But still I hope I'm not done for good. I've had enough of folks call me names behind my back, give that ugly stare while I walk past them and behave like I'm a lesser human or the worst part a "monster". O.K. enough of the sad part, I know to each man his own, now I'd like to rejoin the gym and lose weight for good.But there's this issue that's been constantly bugging me for some months now.I've been having some doubts on my workout regime that I should follow (shout out to Steve Kamb for giving me an idea : "How to Build Your Own Workout Routine"), and after a few considerations and a few more tweaks here and there while also considering the amount of time I can devote, I've come up with a workout regime of my own (yay! ). Below I'd like to post some details about me and also the regime I'm hoping to follow. So this time I'd like to correct all the things I've done wrong in the past and promise myself that this would be my last birthday that I'd like to spend with people thinking of me as just another fat piece of Sh*t. Also I like to vary my exercises, I cant do the same set of effin' exercises until I get in shape, I'd like to have some variety in them so if any variations, suggestions, further corrections, or motivations are welcomed ... Weight : 122 kg's or 268.9 lbs. Height : 167 cm's Workout time : 1 hour No. Of Days In A Week: 5 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri) Off Days: Sat,Sun Day 1 : Shoulders, Chest, Biceps 1.Warm Up 2.Elliptical trainer (low intensity) for 5 mins 3.Shoulder press machine (12x,10x,8x) 4.Lats pull down (12x,10x,8x) 5.Elliptical trainer (high intensity) for 15 mins Day 2 : Cardio 1.Warm Up 2.Elliptical trainer (low intensity) for 5 mins 3.Treadmill ( low-medium intensity) for 15 mins 4.Recumbent cycle (high intensity) for 5 mins 5.Spinning (high intensity) for 10 mins 6.Elliptical trainer (high intensity) for 15 mins Day 3 : Back, Lats, Triceps 1.Warm Up 2.Elliptical trainer (low intensity) for 5 mins 3.Lat pull down (12x,10x,8x) 4.Horizontal row machine (12x,10x,8x) 5.Cable Triceps Push Down (12x,10x,8x) 6.Elliptical trainer (high intensity) for 15 mins Day 4 : Cardio 1.Warm Up 2.Elliptical trainer (high intensity) for 5 mins 3.Treadmill (low-medium intensity) for 15 mins 4.Recumbent cycle (high intensity) for 5 mins 5.Spinning (high intensity) for 10 mins 6.Elliptical trainer (high intensity) for 15 mins Day 5 : Quads, Legs, Hamstrings, Abs, Glutes 1.Warm Up 2.Elliptical trainer (low intensity) for 5 mins 3.Seated Leg Extension (12x,10x,8x) 4.Seated Leg Curl(12x,10x,8x) 5.Seated Leg press machine (12x,10x,8x) 6.Crunch (12x,10x,8x) 7.Squat (12x, 10x, 8x) 8.Elliptical trainer (high intensity) for 15 mins Also here are some of the extra workouts I'd like to add & replace with or reshuffle after a month with the one above : Hamstrings: 1.Lying Leg Curl Shoulders: 1.Windmill 2.Dumbbell side raise Back: 1.Windmill Quads: 1.Lunge forward Chest: 1.Butterfly 2.Push-up Wall (or) Dynamic Chest Stretch Bicep: 1.Dumbbell bicep curl Triceps: 1.Push-Up wall narrow Abs: 1.Lying Leg Raise 2.Roll back Glutes: 1.Dumbbell Squat Thanks in advance, Ciao!!
  5. My name is Erica. I am a self-taught artist, 5'2", and growing up eating moderately well (My mom kept both fruit and cookies in the kitchen, but cookies were always hidden). I was fairly active as a kid; playing outside after school and coming home when it got dark. I wasn't fat as a kid, but there was a time where I was too thin. At the age of 12, I weighed 112 lbs and every year I would gain/lose a few lbs that was approved by the doctor. By the time I was 19, I weighed 119 lbs and that's when I started exercising every morning, just to get my mind off of some family issues. However, after getting accepted into college, meeting a friend who got me a good job, I stopped. I haven't started exercising again about 4 years later. I lost my job, I've dropped out of college, and I'm just home all day now. Alone inside of my head. I went on this "Look Better Naked" diet, for a few months, but I hated it. The ingredients for the meals were expensive and I always felt hungry after eating them, despite the fact that the diet promises that, "you wouldn't feel hungry". The workouts that came with this diet were nice, but they weren't rigorous and seemed like the typical "women's exercise" routine. And after I've stopped, I've gained the weight back. I weighed 130 lbs then. Last August, I made a promise to my live-in boyfriend that I would exercise, eat right, and lose weight. I told him that I would not get any new clothes until I've lost the weight. It's December and I currently weigh 134 lbs, most of which, is [safely] on my thighs. Nothing has changed since I've been yo-yo exercising and I don't blame anyone but myself. I used to blame the birth control pills that I used to take, but I still could have fought it. I didn't have to feel moody. I didn't have to feel like I needed to eat more sweets. I didn't have to stay indoors and suffer in silence. I just wanted to be thin again. Thin like I always was. But what's the point of being thin? When I think of the word "thin" I visualize a pencil, a sheet of glass, and a Pokemon trading card. All of these things can be snapped, broken or ripped (Just don't rip a Pokemon trading card in front of a collector if you value your life). I don't want to be thin. I want to be strong. I want to be healthy. I want to finally be happy with myself. This health problem is taking my focus away from my first love: my art. I really like to lift weights. I find it more enjoyable than running on the treadmill or using stupid, painful, and oversized weight machines (remember, I'm a little lady after all). I know my squat forms, deadlift forms, and push up forms, but I'm clueless when it comes to what foods I'm putting into my mouth. I'm hoping for a little guidance, which is why I decided to join this community. I'm a bit bashful both online and IRL, so please be patient with me. Communicating right away is something I'm still working on. Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know all of you. Or maybe most. Or maybe some? I'm just going to back away from the keyboard now...
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