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Found 2 results

  1. "Fighters who work on form, flexibility, tendon strength and muscle density end up being in total control of their own body. Ultimately that is what being a fighter is all about. If you do not control your body, there is no hope of controlling anybody else’s long enough to beat them. " -Neila Rey Big Why: I want to be able to take control of my body and work with it, rather than struggle to fight against it in order to get in shape. I need discipline and force of will to achieve my goals. Goals: I decided to switch back over to the assassins, firstly because it's the most awesome guild in the rebellion, and secondly because this challenge, I want to focus on martial arts. I've never done it before, so I'm going to work my way through the Darebee (Neila Rey) Fighter's Codex, paying attention to form and using the videos to perfect that. Fighting improves my dexterity and strength. I'll be doing it at level 2, since I did the fitness test today and discovered that's slightly above where I am. I should push myself. Goal 1: Complete the 60 Day Darebee Fighter's Codex. Reward: CON +1, STA +1 Assassin: An assassin needs to be able to defend herself and overpower her enemies. I'm also taking myself to the fight rather than waiting for it to come to me, so I'll be making an effort to hike at least 60 mins 3 weekday mornings, as well as continuing to go hashing because hashing is awesome and I love it. Unfortunately, I'll be spending a lot of time in Seoul in June, so I might not make the official hashes. If I miss a hash, I have to do a 10k hike/walk on Sunday afternoon/night. I will probably follow the route I did yesterday: For tracking purposes, I'll use MapMyRun or MapMyWalk or whatever to track the walks. I figure that's constitution and wisdom; con because my old trainer used to say, in his thick French accent, "Cardio is good for ze life" and wis because I need to use my brain to navigate and plan hikes, and tend to make bad choices and go the wrong way. Stamina to make it through those 10km hikes. Goal 2: Hike 3 mornings for 60 mins, and all hashes if possible. If no hash, then hike/walk 10km. Reward: DEX +2, STA +3 Assassin: An assassin may stalk her prey over long distances, and needs to be able to track them. The reason I'll be missing things is not a fitness thing but a life thing. I didn't get around to getting my driver's license until it was too late, so I've signed up to do it here, in Korea. This has actually worked out pretty well... In South Africa the waiting list between doing the written test and doing the driving test is so long that the whole process can take about a year. But here, I'll have it all done over the course of three weekends. Sweet. That way, when I go to Mauritius in August, I'll be able to rent a car and give Beardy and I a little more independence than we'd have if we have to rely on lifts. Wisdom because it's a knowledge skill, and Charisma because I'll be able to be more sociable if I have my own wheels. It will also help with future job efforts in Europe or wherever we go next year. Goal 3: Get driving license. Reward: WIS + 1, CHA +1 Assassin: An assassin may need to commandeer a vehicle to cover greater distances, or flee the scene of the crime. And for my last goal, something that is not necessarily a priority but should be done, I need to catch up my 12 book lag in reading 100 books this year on goodreads. I must write a basic review for each book I read during the challenge. Wisdom because books make you smarter, and charisma because my reviews help add to the discussion about them. Goal 4: Read and review enough books to catch up to my reading challenge on Goodreads. Reward: WIS + 1 CHA +1 Assassin: An assassin needs to be able to disguise herself as one of the crowd. By reading books and studying the behaviour of others, she can act accordingly. Knowledge is power. Finally, I need to stick to my diet and keep eating whole foods. I'll track them on MFP. A win is any day under the calorie goal, with enough fiber. Goal: FEED Reward: CON +2, STA +2 Assassin: An assassin chooses the best ingredients to fuel her most important weapon; herself. So, recap: 1. Fighter's Codex. CON +1, STA +1 2. Hiking. DEX +2, STA + 3 3. Driver's license. WIS +1, CHA +1 4. Reading. WIS +1, CHA +1 5. Diet. CON +2, WIS +2
  2. pwallace


    For those that are interested in following along on the Heros Jouney with me, I am going to go ahead a post the different workouts each day. Day 1 comes tomorrow!
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