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Found 14 results

  1. Hello fellow nerds. In the last few minutes before the new year, I'm frantically scrambling to finish my New Year's resolutions. I had a lot of fitness ones this year after I realized that I could use my stomach like a drum. I've really been inspired by Steve and the rest of the NF community. My resolutions this year are as follows: 1. Is to lose 2 inches off my gut by July. 2. Because I've been bad about this before, my second resolution is to exercise at least every other day. On days when I don't do any official exercise, I need to do 300 jumping jacks and 15 pushups divided thro
  2. Kuros, through passed down stories that have become nothing more than legend, is known to most as the "Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur," but few would know it upon meeting this unassuming hero. Less bulky warrior and more agile ranger, with a mind sharper than any blade (except Brightsword, of course), Kuros is a servant of light, far more humble than the picture this old keeper of lore will paint for you. Always cloaked and seldom seen, it would be easy to mistake him for an assassin (a poor one at that if he is indeed seen), or a scout. Alas, this is not the case. Jack of all trades
  3. Hello, introductions are always so tough. Well, let's start with the basic. My name is Alexander, 22 years old and I'm from Sweden! I like daydreaming and coming up with all sorts of fantasies in my head, it's amazingly fun. So, here's the thing. I have always been struggling with my weight, I eat when I'm bored, stressed, sad and the whole spectrum of emotions. After so many years, it has turned into an extremely hard habit too break and I need your help! A place that I can turn to in my darkest hours, when the craving for "sugar" is strong. It feels nice joining Nerdfitness and it's communit
  4. I'm a 19 year old BRO-DAWG and long time lurker on nerd fitness (since about mid 2013). I've always noticed how great this community is just by reading the comments posted under Steve's blog entries, not really sure why I waited so long to finally make an account. Sharing experiences with eachother online in a such a judgement free area seems like such a perfect way to stay motivated and accountable. Let me tell ya a bit about my "fitness journey" so far. I've already lost a fair amount of weight, although I wasn't that heavy to begin with. I'm 5'8 and I've lost about 25-30 pounds in the pa
  5. I was in rut and I decided to change my body and outlook on life a little over 2 years ago. I've always been a go-getter but I got complacent and down-right boring (not to mention overweight). I've always loved and admired bad-A heroines---starting with Scout in Charlotte's Web (she is a little known bad-A) to Michonne from the Walking Dead, Vin in Mistborn, Katniss, Arya. The list could go on and on. So naturally I've always wanted to be physically strong, so I chose strength training for my transformation. I didn't know where to start so I starting researching. I found a great book at t
  6. Alright so I’ve been pretty diligent about dieting and exercise since January . It’s now 5 months later and I’ve lost close to 42lbs, (yay!) however, I’ve created a horrible habit of eating fast food, and making up for it by eating less throughout the day to create the “calorie deficit†to lose weight. Though I am losing weight, I don’t feel like I’m getting the most of my lift, or my progress. While I am focused on losing weight ( I’m currently 184lbs, long term goal is 160lbs) I feel like my body would benefit a lot more from dropping my body fat percentage, and that’s som
  7. A couple of weeks ago, I received an email. It was from myself, having sent it precisely a year before, packed full of predictions for the coming year: learn to do a backflip (90% likely) still living in Cambridge, UK (75%) England to win the football world cup (5%) (...) I wrote it to see how my view of the future would compare with how events actually turn out. The results showed me a lot about how we see the future, so I'm sharing them with the community here On average the predictions were reasonable. Out of 8 items I'd considered to be 40% likely, 3 happened (38%). Out of 12 thi
  8. Okay nerds, I have a project I've been thinking about starting for a while, and I want your help. I want to create a Nerd Fitness forum member motivational montage. Everyone that wants to participate will be included. It's pretty simple, everyone contribute a video clip of yourself doing something you love for fitness, be it lifting, running, climbing, flipping, or eating a salad. Be creative! Clips should be relatively short so that if tons of people participate I can squeeze them all in. If there is enough footage, I will make multiple videos. If we get enough involvement this will b
  9. This is my first time doing a challenge and I'm super excited! ! My Main Quest is: I wanna build muscle and feel stronger and healthier. First mission: I am going to eat at least 3000 calories every day with quality foods. â— I'm a college student so I'm a little tight on cash. My main goal with this mission is to eat the least amount of processed foods possible under my budget while reaching my 3000 calorie goal each day. Grading: every day per week A: 3,000 calories or higher
  10. Hey Rebels! Just want to know who's all on Vancouver Island, and what's your fave outdoor adventure? I'm up in Port Hardy... I love hiking! I want to do the North Coast Trail at some point.
  11. Hi, I'm new here, my name is Mario, I'm from Monterrey, México, I'm 23 yo, All my life I have been working out (I played baseball as a child until I graduated from college) but until recently I decided to take a better eating habits, after three months of keeping track of my meals with the 'myplate' app (from livestrong.com) I was able to see the results and pull out a daily average where I can see my current habits. Now that I'm graduated I train at a gym (and I'm happy to say that even wihtout reading this website, I'm doing almost everything that steve recommends on his blog) I want to l
  12. Hello everyone, presentation time has always put me in a strange mood. I feel embarassed and I never know what to say! So, I'll let Prof.Oak help me and I'll start saying that I'm a male and my name is Antonio. I live in Italy, at Milan and I'm facing the last year of a Business Bachelor. I like surfing the net, going on 9gag(or memecenter), writing and watching TV series. I also enjoy art and listening to pop music. I'm overweight and I'd like to loose some pounds to feel better and gain some self-confidence. I like to go around drinking and partying, but my being out of shape makes me feel
  13. Wow! Finally figured out how to post something...lol. When I say Newbie all around, I really mean it. I've never joined a group on line, let alone one that you needed to be involved in. When I stumbled onto this site while researching the Paleo diet, I was blown away! Someone finally understood that there are so many of us out here that don't know the first thing about becoming healthier and making it a lifestyle, not just a three week stint. Thank you so much! Today was my first day doing the Angry Birds workout. It was invigorating. I can't wait to hit it again and log my progress.
  14. (Please be gentle about my mistakes, im French teheh) Hello you all Proud NF followers ! I'v just receive my answer from Steeve on : Why NerdFitness does'nt have a wikipedia full page yet ?! "The thing about wikipedia is that somebody else needs to write it, i'm not allowed to write about myself or my site; so, some random person made a wikipedia page about me, which is both funny and strange :)If somebody were to make a page about Nerd Fitness, I'd be okay with it, but that's for somebody else to decide!" Bouhh.. Sadly sad story. So , I would write or translate it glady in
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