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Found 12 results

  1. I'm finally chasing my dream and starting a game studio with a friend of mine. We have a game in mind that we've been designing for a year or two now and we're curious if you guys would be interested in it. It's an action platformer heavily inspired by games like Guacamelee and Metroid Fusion, but we want to parody gym culture and stereotypes and maybe make a meme or two along the way. Think of it like this: do leg day, get high jump. So yeah. If there's interest in the game on here, I'd be more than willing to post updates and keep you guys in the loop. The images below were initi
  2. Hey ya'll! First time on the challenges, long time lurker of these amazing forums. Just gotta say you all are super motivating and the way people encourage others to do cool stuff around here is really uplifting. Ok, enough of that, Its time for a challenge! In 4 weeks, I'd like to get some things DONE: I want to do 5 towel pullups. Done, and now I guess I can crush things with my super hands. I thought I was decent at pullups, but I like, can't hold onto a towel. I want to get strong and do that. I will fast til noon every weekday. When I ea
  3. *Stands up on keg* G'day there Nerd! Perhaps unbeknownst to you, There are Nerd Fitness clans within both of these games (just type in Nerd Fitness). If you play, or want to, feel very welcome to join in knowing that we adhere to the same rules and character as we do here in the forums. Yes Clash of Clans is old hat, but we still play. Otherwise, this is also a place for Nerds in the clans to talk shop without bombing the in-game chat features. Tell tall tales, talk strategy, share amusing moments, or plan for wars, tournaments etc.
  4. What? Two challenges in a row? Jeez. I realize I didn't do a lot of updating over the last challenge, and really no visiting of anyone else's threads. For me, NF is a very all-or-nothing thing. I used to spend all day on here, updating, reading, encouraging, playing in chat, etc. And then it got to be too much (well, Mr Mir felt it was too much because I wasn't spending any time with him). So, in my way of doing things, the NF switch got flipped to Off. I'm still not sure what an appropriate amount of time looks like. I miss interacting with nerds; I miss talking to the people that have enco
  5. Saw this floating around Facebook and it was actually kinda fun. Thought some awesome stuff might crop up here among the nerds. Just press paste and post that glorious post to the thread. This should be fun.
  6. Hey guys! It's a new year and that means a new look at how I lived last year. I've decided that I want to be able to sign up for the Marines either before or on my birthday. So I only have four months to be ready. I can do this! Also I have a Super Spartan I have to get ready for that'll be starting Jan. 25, and I'll be running with another Nerd, the fabulous, Badass, and totally hardcore AWKWARDACTIVE!! And I'm really determined not to do a single freaking Burpee, or slow down AwkwardActive. Goal 1: Train 3x a week: My training goal for this challenge is: 50 FULL pushups 100 Hanging Leg R
  7. Hey Everyone, I had caught myself looking at Nerd Fitness a few times via Google searches on various healthy topics. Specifically I saw that the owner of the site is a fan of Henry Rollins - Iron and the Soul piece which is a big plus in my book. What really drew me in though is unlike other forums (T-Nation, BB.com, etc...) the commenters seemed more human and "everyman-esque". After wrestling with the idea a little bit I've joined my first fitness forum! A brief background on myself: In October 2012 I found myself recently single, broke, and grossly out of shape. I'm roughly 5'9" a
  8. So. I'm pretty sure there is a thread like this and I know there is a tee furry site bit search via phone is a pain... And is midnight and this is way too fucking awesome to not love and share with my fellow engineer nerds. Please feel free to share your nerdy gems as well. :-) http://teespring.com/engineering3
  9. This video was very cool
  10. So I saw that there were some Nerd Fitness Fantasy Football leagues around last year...but I didn't see any mention of them for this year. Is there any interest? I was in a (non-NF) 10-team league last year, and am going back for more this year, so I have some experience being an "owner", but not much in terms of actually setting up or managing a whole league. I didn't know if the people who did it last year were already planning on doing it again this year, or if the people who missed out would want another opportunity? I'm only familiar with ESPN's system, but I'd really just like to pla
  11. Ok this is the inaugural challenge of what I hope will become a staple of challenges for years to come. What I have envisioned for this group is a photography challenge for each of the 6 weeks. The only rule is that the picture must have been taken during the week of the challenge. The whole point of this group is to force ourselves to get some practice under our belts. So feel free to join up and get out there and take some pictures! Don't forget to post them here so we can keep each other accountable. WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: Around the house - take a pictures of anything that has to do with or is
  12. Hello, Everyone! My name is Scott. I'm 21 and I'm working on my BS in English (with an emphasis in professional and technical writing). I'm 6' 2" and right now I'm weighing in at 245 pounds. Currently, my favorite video games (ever) include the Legend of Zelda series, Pokemon (up through firered and leafgreen), the Age of Empires games, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Age of Mythology, Skyrim, Halo (all of them), Dishonored, Mafia 2, and a bunch others that I don't care to ramble off. I was introduced to video games way back when I was 3, but I didn't actually own any (I just pla
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