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Found 12 results

  1. I'm finally chasing my dream and starting a game studio with a friend of mine. We have a game in mind that we've been designing for a year or two now and we're curious if you guys would be interested in it. It's an action platformer heavily inspired by games like Guacamelee and Metroid Fusion, but we want to parody gym culture and stereotypes and maybe make a meme or two along the way. Think of it like this: do leg day, get high jump. So yeah. If there's interest in the game on here, I'd be more than willing to post updates and keep you guys in the loop. The images below were initial sketches during brainstorming.
  2. Hey ya'll! First time on the challenges, long time lurker of these amazing forums. Just gotta say you all are super motivating and the way people encourage others to do cool stuff around here is really uplifting. Ok, enough of that, Its time for a challenge! In 4 weeks, I'd like to get some things DONE: I want to do 5 towel pullups. Done, and now I guess I can crush things with my super hands. I thought I was decent at pullups, but I like, can't hold onto a towel. I want to get strong and do that. I will fast til noon every weekday. When I eat, the real hunger starts, and the floodgates open. Lets keep busy and focus on food for later in the day, yeah? I want to run 5k. Not a 5k mind you. 5k distance. This is mostly contingent on my leg fully healing, as I'm still feeling the aftereffects of overuse from last fall. I want to run again. I will finish at least two books. Easy and done. Moved on to more. Fahrenheit 451 anyone? I've got a stack of books by my bed, and they need to be devoured. Between the bus and bedtime, I am going to crush this. I will talk to my boss about the future. Done, and now the future is less murky, yay! I have a contract job. That contract will end this year. I am scared of the future, and of talking to my boss. I have to get strong and talk about the future. I'm going to deadlift 315. Done, now to do it again with even better form. I've been chasing this for years, stymied by leg injuries and poor form. I'm going to get there in 4 weeks . I will finish my 3d environment. I fancy myself an artist, or at least, my art school degree tells me I am. I still do some 3d art on the side, and I've been noodling on an environment piece. I'm going to finish it in 4 weeks and its going to look awesome. I got a bullet journal and aim to plan out every week and be all productive and stuff. Its gonna be great. Heres to progress! Go forth and reap the gains.
  3. *Stands up on keg* G'day there Nerd! Perhaps unbeknownst to you, There are Nerd Fitness clans within both of these games (just type in Nerd Fitness). If you play, or want to, feel very welcome to join in knowing that we adhere to the same rules and character as we do here in the forums. Yes Clash of Clans is old hat, but we still play. Otherwise, this is also a place for Nerds in the clans to talk shop without bombing the in-game chat features. Tell tall tales, talk strategy, share amusing moments, or plan for wars, tournaments etc.
  4. What? Two challenges in a row? Jeez. I realize I didn't do a lot of updating over the last challenge, and really no visiting of anyone else's threads. For me, NF is a very all-or-nothing thing. I used to spend all day on here, updating, reading, encouraging, playing in chat, etc. And then it got to be too much (well, Mr Mir felt it was too much because I wasn't spending any time with him). So, in my way of doing things, the NF switch got flipped to Off. I'm still not sure what an appropriate amount of time looks like. I miss interacting with nerds; I miss talking to the people that have encouraged and loved me through some of the hardest times in my (recent) life. So I'm trying. This is me, trying. I still don't have any clear goals for this challenge, other than continuing my am/pm routine and trying to turn it into a habit. Not doing so great so far - from Jan 11 to 31 I only did my am/pm stuff 6 times. It's easy stuff, but I just wait until too late and then I'm tired and say, "whatever, I can just do it in the morning". As far as the morning stuff...I'm usually running behind during the week, and I guess I'm just lazy on the weekend - I'll get up, put on some pjs, and go downstairs instead of cleaning my guard, which would take all of 2 minutes. Sometimes I take a step back and analyze the reason for putting these things into place to begin with. I don't want to get stuck back in a place where I feel guilty because I'm not doing the things I said I would, but the only reason I said I would do them was so I could accomplish some other goal, and I'm accomplishing the other goal without doing the things. (That seems rambly; does it make sense?) So like prepping my coffee the night before - is it necessary? Not really. I can do coffee in the morning. But it IS kind of nice (especially during the week) to be able to stumble downstairs and basically just hit "brew". Eliminating steps in the morning is good. And cleaning my occlusal guard isn't to accomplish something else but should be done for its own sake - because ew. And meds - goes without saying, really. So, yes, back to the goals. I don't know what to set. There are too many things and I can't decide what's most important. Is it important to do my physical therapy exercises? Is it important to set up a launch pad? Is it important to make sure the dishes are done every day? Is it important to keep laundry off the floor? There are too many options, and then I get overwhelmed and think maybe I should just keep trying the am/pm thing until it's a habit and then add things slowly. But then I think maybe I should discard the am/pm idea because it's not working. Too much stress. Very overwhelm. In other news, which I don't think I talked about last challenge, I got dumped by my therapist. (Bolding bc important thing in the middle of word vomit.) Being dumped sucks. Being dumped by a therapist REALLY sucks. Being dumped by a therapist via no contact/response really, really, really, REALLY sucks. I will admit that I was not great at keeping appointments. But I never no call/no showed. I always let her know. And really...last summer was tough. Some days I didn't have enough spoons to even get dressed. One day I emailed her (yes, we primarily communicated via email) to cancel/reschedule...and I never heard back from her. Ever. To this day. It was just a couple weeks before I was planning to go back to work, and I thought it was probably a good idea to see her. But yeah, no response. I tried not to judge; I figured maybe she was sick or wasn't practicing anymore or whatever. However, I heard through the grapevine that she is, indeed, still practicing. So I vagged up one day and called her. Got her voicemail stating she would return my call within 24 hours. Never heard back. Ever. To this day. It was fairly recent - about 2 weeks ago. Definitely informed my depressive episode. So now here I am, without a therapist, and still in that place of "omg, I'm going to have to find someone new and spend all that time and energy and effort AGAIN" - those of you who are/have been in therapy know exactly what I'm talking about. Rehashing everything all over again...it gets so old. Anyway...other than that, feeling generally sad and weepy today. And frustrated. Frustrated by many things. I'm trying to just sit with it and not judge or be mad at myself that I've basically gotten no work done yet today. Especially since I might start crying at any moment! But! There's a ray of sunshine in the darkness! His name is Benson; I've nicknamed him Bun Bun. He is adorable and soft and cute and sweet...but, in true guinea pig fashion, still very skittish and frightened. Hopefully he will warm up to me in time.
  5. Saw this floating around Facebook and it was actually kinda fun. Thought some awesome stuff might crop up here among the nerds. Just press paste and post that glorious post to the thread. This should be fun.
  6. Hey guys! It's a new year and that means a new look at how I lived last year. I've decided that I want to be able to sign up for the Marines either before or on my birthday. So I only have four months to be ready. I can do this! Also I have a Super Spartan I have to get ready for that'll be starting Jan. 25, and I'll be running with another Nerd, the fabulous, Badass, and totally hardcore AWKWARDACTIVE!! And I'm really determined not to do a single freaking Burpee, or slow down AwkwardActive. Goal 1: Train 3x a week: My training goal for this challenge is: 50 FULL pushups 100 Hanging Leg Raises 2 Chin ups 50 Squats with 100# sandbag A+: Surpass at least two A: Accomplished goal F: Failed set goals Goal 2: Exercise and Stretch Concho Everyday: This should be simple enough, I'll obviously postpone this goal when I'm gone to my race. A+: Complete goal and take Concho hiking 2+x a week A: Complete Goal F: Miss two days Goal 3: Workout my Brain: This is my discipline, for me, anything mental related is hard. I have a really short attention span to certain things and tend to zone out when bored. Like Walter Mitty (awesome movie!). A+: Memorize "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, something I've always wanted to do! A: Work and study everyday. F: Nothing. Goal 4: Grip Strength: If I want to achieve what I've been dreaming to do, then I need the grip of Hercules. I want to learn how to rock climb after all. A+: Hold onto the bar past a minute. A: 1 minute F: Not even a minute. Life Goal: Finish the Super Spartan. Ready to make this year the most memorable of my life!
  7. Hey Everyone, I had caught myself looking at Nerd Fitness a few times via Google searches on various healthy topics. Specifically I saw that the owner of the site is a fan of Henry Rollins - Iron and the Soul piece which is a big plus in my book. What really drew me in though is unlike other forums (T-Nation, BB.com, etc...) the commenters seemed more human and "everyman-esque". After wrestling with the idea a little bit I've joined my first fitness forum! A brief background on myself: In October 2012 I found myself recently single, broke, and grossly out of shape. I'm roughly 5'9" and weighed 281lbs. I won't bore you with the details but long story short is much like "Saint" I made some bets with my buddies for competitive purposes and started taking steps to improve my health. By March 2013 I was 250lbs and by May 2013 I was 225lbs. It's now November 2013 and I've done more strength building than cutting but my weight is a trimmer looking 220 lbs. I'm still a work in progress and I'd like to be an exceptionally strong 200lb - 205lb monster when my goals are met! I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to start contributing to this site. I love heavy lifting and I'm not afraid to do cardio either. My eating habits are relatively clean and I have some good all around insight into people trying to lose weight and gain strength. I've prepared routines for my friends and have lists of clean foods as well. More than anything I am always interested in learning from other people and would love to share ideas. Also what are these guilds I've been seeing? Can someone point me in the direction of the powerlifting nerds who love shows like Firefly and Game of Thrones? Loving the book Beowulf is a huge draw as well I believe that's a banner I could march under!
  8. So. I'm pretty sure there is a thread like this and I know there is a tee furry site bit search via phone is a pain... And is midnight and this is way too fucking awesome to not love and share with my fellow engineer nerds. Please feel free to share your nerdy gems as well. :-) http://teespring.com/engineering3
  9. This video was very cool
  10. So I saw that there were some Nerd Fitness Fantasy Football leagues around last year...but I didn't see any mention of them for this year. Is there any interest? I was in a (non-NF) 10-team league last year, and am going back for more this year, so I have some experience being an "owner", but not much in terms of actually setting up or managing a whole league. I didn't know if the people who did it last year were already planning on doing it again this year, or if the people who missed out would want another opportunity? I'm only familiar with ESPN's system, but I'd really just like to play, if someone else is drooling to take charge and set everything up! But I could wing that too, if need be
  11. Ok this is the inaugural challenge of what I hope will become a staple of challenges for years to come. What I have envisioned for this group is a photography challenge for each of the 6 weeks. The only rule is that the picture must have been taken during the week of the challenge. The whole point of this group is to force ourselves to get some practice under our belts. So feel free to join up and get out there and take some pictures! Don't forget to post them here so we can keep each other accountable. WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: Around the house - take a pictures of anything that has to do with or is sitting in your house.
  12. Hello, Everyone! My name is Scott. I'm 21 and I'm working on my BS in English (with an emphasis in professional and technical writing). I'm 6' 2" and right now I'm weighing in at 245 pounds. Currently, my favorite video games (ever) include the Legend of Zelda series, Pokemon (up through firered and leafgreen), the Age of Empires games, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Age of Mythology, Skyrim, Halo (all of them), Dishonored, Mafia 2, and a bunch others that I don't care to ramble off. I was introduced to video games way back when I was 3, but I didn't actually own any (I just played at my friends house) until I was 8 years old. I got a Playstation and a Gameboy. While I used to only play video games once per week, I went from a fairly active lifestyle to a sedentary one. While I had played baseball, I had recently developed an allergy to a mold found in grass. I became miserable playing baseball, so I stopped. I quickly became overweight in the 3rd grade and I remained pretty overweight until my senior year of high school. During the course of my senior year, I went from weighing 250 pounds to 200 pounds by cutting out fast food and soda and exercising like mad. It was a great accomplishment for me. Then I went to college. My first year, I did a fairly good job at keeping the weight off (no freshman 30 for me, no sir). I became more and more adventurous and although I was taking 18 credits, I still managed to stay active. Life was good. I then got into cliff jumping to overcome my fear of heights. I went a couple places with my roommates over the course of a couple weeks, but never jumped off of anything over 30 feet. We then went to Gunlock Reservoir and found a really sweet 75 footer near to a waterfall. A couple people were cliff jumping there and we watched them for a bit to see how the area was. After they left, we started jumping. Long story short, I dislocated my shoulder on my second jump. Strangely enough, I got over my fear of heights that day. I had to wear a brace for 2 months afterwards, and I had difficulty doing much. That's when I got back into a high fast food diet and slowly gained 20 pounds. After I got my brace off, I slowly started doing more exercise, but I still ate a lot of fast food. I maintained my weight, but I constantly felt like crap. Then I got a job working at Taco Bell full-time. Nearly every meal became fast food because I was going to school full-time and working full-time. Since I never had enough time for anything, I got a car. Suddenly about 90% of my exercise disappeared (I was walking a good 10 miles per day before I got my car). I worked fast food for a year, getting 3 hours of sleep every night, and surviving off of fast food. Over the course of the year, I put on another 25 pounds. I cut back my school schedule to part time and that little bit of extra time gave me the opportunity to weigh myself and take a good look at myself for the first time in over a year. I was almost back to my fat-guy weight. I needed to make some changes. I found a new job that payed twice as much as my fast food job, which allowed me to cut down my work hours to 24 per week, but this new job is a desk job, so suddenly I was at no exercise at all, but I cut down on fast food, so I'm maintaining my weight. That was 4 weeks ago. I found this website 2 weeks ago and have been reading a lot of the articles. I decided about a week ago that now is the time to get my life back in order. I don't need to wait until I graduate in the Fall. My senior year of high school I lost a bunch of weight, why can't I lose a bunch of weight for my senior year of college? I'm hoping to get my weight down from 245 pounds to my ideal body weight, 180 pounds by the beginning of Fall semester (end of August). That's 65 pounds in 5 months, 13 pounds per month, 3.25 pounds per week. Starting tomorrow, March 25, 2013, I am cutting all liquid calories from my diet along side all fast food. I'm going to use the Rebel Fitness guide to help me along the way. I'm going to start a mainly Paleo diet, start weight training at the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and focus on running and walking on Tuesday and Thursday, and I'm going to pursue hiking on the weekends. It is going to be a lot of work, but I believe that through hard work and perseverance, I can reach my goal. I'm going to use this forum to show my progress and keep track of my diet. I'll post my updates (food logs, weight, and exercise logs) here. Hopefully this will help me stick to it. For the Rebellion! -Scott Sandberg Here is day one!
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