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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there! Yesterday, I visited my first gym in order to achieve my Main Quest for this challenge month. I saw the place, got evaluated and had the opportunity of doing a circuit with them. It was great and fits what I am looking for. Now I'm at a crossroads. This gym requires membership for a year at a predetermined price. I have another town gym that only pays $15 for the first time and then you can use it indefinitely. Now, both these gyms have its pros and cons: Private Gym Pros - Trainers/Different classes/Various machines available/Clean/Nice atmosphere/Close to my work Cons - Expensive/Bad rep regarding contract cancelation/Bad rep with trainers after you pay they don't longer focus on you unless you pay personal trainer fee Town Gym Pros - Cheap/Accessible/Various machines available/Clean Cons - Too crowded/No trainer available/First come, first served/Basically, you are on your own Now, I'm a Noob when it comes to weight loss and, at the moment, I'm doing ok by my own but, I know that later in the journey, the pressure will mount over and there is when you need that extra push. What do you think? Should I invest in this? Should I take the cheaper one and adapt from there? Is mayonnaise an instrument? Love to see some replies! Thank you, guys!
  2. OKAY! I, uh, completely dropped out last time. Forgive me. NUTRITION QUEST: Pack your lunch For a while, I was having a lot of success with packing my breakfast, lunch and snacks for work on Sunday night. I was getting a lot of fruits and veggies, plus my lunch was filling and I didn't compulsively eat those damn 12-flavor gummy bears. I won't be able to pack all my lunches today, but I do have snacks ready and can pack my breakfasts as I go along--so this week the task is to bring snacks and breakfast to work. The remainder of the month, I need to bring lunches, breakfast and snacks, prepped on Sunday. NUTRITION QUEST: I will be more mindful of my fullness levels when I eat. I have been overeating lately and feeling like crap when I'm done. EXERCISE QUEST: I will go on four walks each week. (This is in addition to my 2x weekly bodyweight exercise--I've missed the walks I used to have built into my schedule with my commute). EXERCISE QUEST: I will check out one of the gyms near my house with a guest pass. There is a location literally two short blocks from me, which is the closest I've ever lived to a gym. The commute to and from the gym (plus general social anxiety) has always kept me from regular gym attendance, but with my new second-story apartment, it is time to at least investigate other options. I will also re-read the NF Academy sections on going to the gym. MINDSET QUEST: I will check in on this thread at least three times per week. Last challenge I kept putting it off and I lost my focus--this time I want to remain engaged with the challenge. I am not going to do a lifestyle quest--I have a lot of things on my monthly to-do list that I could use, but I'm feeling like a strong focus on my health is worth it to get back into the challenge swing of things. Alright! That's it for now. I'll be back in a few short days!
  3. Back-story: I am in my masters program in college. I go to the school gym because as long as you are a full time student you get to use the gym limitlessly. So I've been lifting at this gym for months now. Working out has become my stress relief and deadlifts are my anger management. Today, IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SET,a student worker comes up and tells me some bs about the floor getting messed up and management doesn't want people to deadlift anymore. I asked if I could keep doing it if i bought my own bumper pads so the weights never touched the ground and he STILL said no. So I reracked my weights, didn't even finish the rest of my work out and just went to my car on the verge of tears. I feel like someone just told me my dog got hit by a car (not dead, just hit). What the crap am I supposed to do?!? I need my gorram lifts! It's worth mentioning that I'm happy if rent and utilities get paid every month, so I simply don't have money for an expensive gym membership. Mostly, I just needed to vent to people who would actually understand how I feel about being told that I can never deadlift at that the only gym I have access to.
  4. For the past 6 years I have been involved in MMA. With a few fights under my belt I've learned to love the sport. After so many years I seem to find myself with an average Body build matter how hard I train. When I seem to reaching my peak, look cut, and feel great as a fighter, life always seems to give me a speed bump. Now after a few months I feel good enough to compete again. Recently a friend of mine got me a pass to a local gym with weights and the such, but as a monk, I've had my life on the mats. Ifeel like this would be an opportunity to use a different environment to help improve my athleticism I have no clue on how to go about it. I want to be a better grappler I know I must grapple and a better striker I know I must strike. But to add a boost to all this how would I go about it in a different environment?
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