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Found 3 results

  1. Hello awesome nerds! I'm really excited to have joined Nerd Fitness and get stuck in to all of the training!! I’ve decided to make some big changes and create a lifestyle I love. My big ‘why’ is a combination of things. Firstly I want to be able to feel comfortable when I travel. I love going overseas but those plane seats yo, it's not a good scene. I want to walk the great wall, climb the Eiffel tower, and hike Machu Picchu – sit in a plane seat with room to spare. I want to look like I know how to look after myself, strong, fit, and healthy. I know I was meant to be more than what I have let myself become. I will set a good example for my friends and family by showing them what's possible. I'll be able to go hiking and exploring all over the world and feel fit and healthy doing it. I'm done feeling like a wallflower, a side-kick in my own life. Phew, it's going to take some work you guys but you know what? I'm all in. So a bit about me in case you are still reading and want to know more. I'm 31, female, and I weigh 125kgs (275 pounds). I had actually reached my heaviest weight of 135kgs in 2016 which is when I started seeing a health coach and joined a gym. I had made some great progress and lost 10kgs by June 2017, but then I stalled. I have managed to maintain my weight since then with healthy meal choices but no exercise. I work full time as a personal assistant so sitting at a desk all day hasn't been very helpful, but at the same time there are a lot of things I can do outside of work to keep myself on track. Since December 2017 I’ve been back at gym 3 days a week and next month I’m going to increase it to 4. I’ve really cleaned up my diet focusing on increasing my vegetable and lean protein intake and skipping fast food. I’m not after any quick fix, I’m in this for the long term. Not only do I want to change my mind and body I want this to be my new life. A few of my hobbies and fandoms include; Supernatural, Buffy, Firefly, The Walking Dead (Comics), Everything Marvel - Black Widow is my idol. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this community. I do have supportive friends and family but I know I can do even better if I surround myself with awesome people who are working on themselves too. Kathryn (aka Romanova) Romanova
  2. Hey guys! I'm Linsanity and this is my fourth challenge! Up until now, I've been training with the adventurers. This time though since I've established some good exercise habits and discovered that I enjoy both running and strength training, I figured I'd join y'all! My main goal is to lose poundage! I've lost 15ish since I first joined NF, but I've still got a ways to go. I want to get down to the 140-145 range soo I've got another 25ish lbs to shred! SUB-GOALS Goal #1: EXERCISE 5 days per weekCombo of running and strength training each dayI plan to run a 5k twice a week and do 4 quarter mile sprints on the other days before strength training. I haven't quite nailed down the strength training routine but it will likely involve some combo of squats, pushups, and burpees. Fortunately, I have no morning classes this semester so I'll be spending my mornings at the gym! Goal #2: EAT Whole30 every meal every day for the first 30 days [at least]Create food photo collage each weekRead whole30 success stories 4 days during the weekThis will be difficult for me, not gonna lie! I have eaten Paleoish during some of the past challenges, and really enjoyed it, but I cheated a lot on the weekends. Over the holidays I didn't participate in the NF challenge and ate SUPER poorly! Cookies on cookies on cookies! I noticed over Christmas that all the sugar I was consuming severely dampened my mood and made me feel more depressed than usual during pms. I also gained back 1.5 inches that I had lost back in October. YIKES!! Tuesday I go back to my apartment at school where I'll be buying and making all my own food. So, as long as I don't buy anything bad, I won't be eating anything bad. To keep me from buying non-whole30 foods I plan to take pictures of everything I eat and post a collage of the meals each weekend. I enjoy taking pictures and fooling around in photoshop so this will be fun! I also plan to read at least one whole30 success story four days a week to keep me motivated. Seeing how far people have come really inspires me, and will help me hold strong when times get tough! I have really strong drive and determination so I know I can achieve this goal. It's gonna take dedication and confidence, but it is possible and it is doable! Goal #3: COMMUNICATE Check-in on NF 5 days + a weekChecking-in means either posting on my challenge or posting on others challenges 5 days + per week. Last challenge I hardly checked in at all, which actually made it more difficult for me to keep up with my goals. Reading encouraging words and reading about others' breakthroughs is super inspiring and motivates me to keep pushing for my own fitness goals! Side Quest: DRAW Aim for 1-2 hours of sketching per weekI enjoy drawing, but have gotten out of the habit. I want to be more productive with my time and improve my skills. Also, I feel that drawing might be good stress reliever. After the first week or two I'll decide whether to make the goal one hour or two. I want to make this goal very easy to achieve so I can start to get a habit in place. I plan to figure out stat points and post starting measurements later in the week. I will take progress measurements after the first 30 days and at the end of the challenge. PS: Soo tomorrow I'm going skiing which I am SUPER excited about!!!! BUT I don't know what food options will be available or if they will be whole30 approved. I plan to do the best I can; but dairy might happen if cheese is on the salads. Tomorrow i'm prepared to give myself some leeway though! Best of luck everyone!
  3. Leaving for basic training for the United States Navy on June 10th so my goals are all going to focused around being successful at basic training because I really want to make honor grad!!! But also because this is the start of a 4 year adventure for me and a major lifestyle change and I want to be prepared as possible!! #1- Workout six days a week, three days of cardio and three days of bodyweight/callisthenic based strength training. Starting with thirty minutes of cardio and working my way up to one hour. For my strength workouts I want to start with three circuits of bodyweight moves and add another circuit each week. Monday Wednesday Friday = strength training Tuesday Thursday Saturday = cardio conditioning Sunday = rest day! #2- Study Study Study! I want to completely memorize all of the following word for word: The code of conduct, navy ethos, the eleven general orders of a sentry, rank and recognition, chain of command, phonetic alphabet, sailors creed I am going to read at least three chapters of The Bluejackets manual everyday. And I also want to expand my vocabulary of Navy, Sailor, and Military terms until I am very familiar with them. Minimum of two hour studying these topics every single day!!!!! #3- Start waking up earlier in the morning! Right now I usually wake up around 10:00 or 10:30 without an alarm clock. But once I am at bootcamp I will be waking up at like 4 or 5 in the morning so I want to get into a routine of waking up early in the morning. So I will start setting my alarm clock earlier and earlier every week until I force myself to become a morning person. And I will record what time I actually get out o bed everyday for accountability purposes. Week1= alarm set at 8:30AM Week2= alarm set at 7:45AM Week3= alarm set at 7:00AM Week 4= alarm set at 6:15AM Week 5=alarm set at 5:30AM Week6=alarm set at 4:45AM #4- Be able to pass my minimum PFA standards. I will test myself on these once a week and post my results. Minimum Standards for my gender and age are as follows: 46 Curl-ups- in 2 minutes 16 Pushups in 2 minutes 1.5mile run in 15:30 or less
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