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  1. It's been a while since i was here on this site but I'm excited to get back at it and get started with taking care of myself. Apart from quarentine, I've gotten divorced, separated from my children and have worked endless hours to make up for understaffing in the care home i work for. i'm glad to have a job, and I'm glad to be healthy, but this year(as with so many others) has really taken it's toll on me. I'm ready to start moving forward so here I am! I'm looking to just do the ring fit workout on switch three days a week, play music one day a week, and do intermitten fasting daily. my goal is to stop eating at five in the evening so i can have breakfast at nine or ten in the mornings. When i was doing well, these are the things that worked for me and I know a lot of that is just creating the pattern and so that's what this month is about! So excited to be starting again!
  2. Hi All, It has been quite a while since I last challenged myself here at NF and I feel like it's time to write my activities down again. Backstory I was running, lifting, and eating fairly well with NF’s massive help back between 2013 into some of '16 when my back (already bad) gave out and running was taken off the table. {Mind you, just writing that made me think to myself that "running was taken from me" which implies that a good deal of my resentment is still keeping me pinned down to what used to be.} So that is why I'm here again. That and I love this community! I gained back 70 pounds of the 91 that I lost. It was really tough to love myself through this. I wasn’t willing or able to really look at me so I left NF and my goals far behind. Through another two years of therapy and several really tough but GOOD life decisions, I have come to a time where I am willing to chance a fail or two in hopes that I find another passion (not that it has to be as awesome as running was for me) that keeps my eyes looking forward and able to see the present for what it is, not what I demand it to be. So… Goals 1.) consume 12 oz of Dr Pepper or less each day. I am kinda doing this now but without much ‘goings on’ in my days, it can be tough to grab another to satisfy the empty place inside. Which of course it doesn’t even do that so go figure the human mind! 2.) get outside and walk (any time or distance) at least 4 times/week. Not entirely sure where I should put the times/week on this one. I know everyday would only set me up to fail so that’s out. And twice seemed too easy, I think. So I’ll give this two weeks and adjust if need be for the second half of the challenge. 3.) Water, Water, Water Drink 40 oz per day This is really important. It’s tough for me to drink water after I’ve had a DP so if I can’t make this happen on a regular basis than DP will have to go. It has to anyway, but I don’t want to start with that this time. Although, funny. It was one of my first goals here at NF back in Feb 2013. Ha! Life) Draw I have a drawing class starting on the 7th which I’m psyched about so this should help me add to a weekly amount of drawing. I will also be doing maps for my worldbuilding. So, drawing every day! Yup, I said it. EVERY DAY!!! I can do this, I just have to realize that it’s what I want. Which it is. This goal is about ‘doing’ the regular thing. I think starting a habit with a life goal is better as I’m less likely to judge myself harshly if I slip up. OKAY I’m Back!
  3. Friends, you may recall a morose, anxious Traaki from last challenge, committed to getting a few job applications done and maybe doing some meditation. Since last we spoke, I've: Been hit by a car on my bicycle (I'm okay, just have a badly bruised hand. It was the first time that's happened to me in over 12 years of bike commuting!) Fallen down some stairs for the worst ankle sprain of my life, [can't find a gif of Laura Dern limping] and... [Giant life news redacted until the appropriate parties are informed] Due to giant life news (update tomorrow after critical parties are informed), sh*t's about to get real. I'm not super sure on the best course of action, so here are some initial quests that are 100% subject to change: 1) Daily Writing -- I want to stay on top of my game with all these big life transitions coming up, and daily journaling helps me with that. I also want to be conscious of what I'm choosing to do during this transition and to make it as mindful and impactful as possible. 2) Take bold action. -- I am not sure what this means, but there are going to be lots of big decisions and I need to be able to make confident decisions and not endlessly waffle. Maybe it's just a mantra for the month. I also want to just tell people what's happening, which is a challenge I always have (I hate surprising people.) 3) Stay calm. -- I"m not 100% sold on some of the major life changes (they're of the "Well it all makes *sense* but is it *right* for me?" type of changes) and found myself awake at 2 am sweaty and anxious. This is *not* like me; I'm a professional grade sleeper. I'm going to leave some space for new goals, and for these goals to shift, mutate or disappear altogether. But I'd like to stay checked in here during this time of transition. In many ways I think the next six weeks are going to be a pretty hard reset on my life, possibly a respawn. We shall see. I'm feeling really frustrated by my injury and subsequent limitations on workouts. I may try to do some pushups and upper body stuff in the next couple days; right now the sprain is bad enough that even just a small wiggle or twitch is painful. I might treat meditation as a workout as long as the injury is here? It's not the same but keeping the time set aside feels like a really good idea and meditation can't hurt. Because the truth is: And it's all gonna be okay, sooner or later.
  4. After a bit of consideration I've decided to change my username, ditching the one I've used online for years, for 2 reasons. 1) Spaceman! was laid back, relaxed and lazy, never sticking to anything fitness related, despite the best intentions. The first 2 are still me, but I'm now on week 9 of Stronglifts5x5 and feeling better than I have in a long time and I'm loving it. I've embraced that I'm a big guy who (apparently) loves to lift weights and wants to get fit by getting stronger. The new username reflects that. A new name for a new me. 2) friends used to shorten the name to 'Spacey'. That used to be cool. Last few weeks... not so cool. Spaceman! was a dreamer. GodzillaKong gets s### done and won't let anything stand in his way.
  5. Putting this out here so I can't slack off. I am out of excuses. I am out of pants that fit. I am starting again again. Today I got out of bed and immediately put on my workout clothes. I turned off Facebook and turned on my treadmill. I did 25 min of the rolling hills program at a walking pace of 3.8 mph. Right now 3.8 is my threshold between working hard and having an asthma attack. I ate a healthy breakfast. I tracked my food. (I am prairieknitwit at My Fitness Pal, feel free to stalk me). My goals this week: Track my food every day, for better or worse. Exercise at least three times. (one workout down!) Eat vegetables at lunchtime. Stop eating by 8:00 PM.
  6. Gimeniux's: Take Six - A new Start Hey, remember me? I'm that girl who was getting back on track, who said she was going to make it, the one who was so close to her goal, who lost almost 13% of fat, almost 20 pounds of pure fat after a two year journey. Yes, that's me, but i'm also that girl who failed not once, not twice, but so many times i don't want to count anymore. And today i'm almost back to where i started, i haven't weight so much ever, 155lb (70kg), that's just 1lb away from being overweight. Although i have 26% of body fat, so i'm more muscle than fat, still, i'm totally off track. So without further due, here are my goals, new year, new goals, i can make it. GOAL 1 - Goodbye Facebook I suffer from depression, and Facebook is one of my triggers. I like to share stuff with friends and family, but mostly i get discourage when i spend so many hours looking at profiles, news, photos, and so. The worst part is i became a slave of the likes, and i don't want to be. I want to be happy because i am, not by how many people like my pictures, or my profile. So i have deleted my account, i don't know if it will be definetly or temporary, Facebook says i have 14 days to regret, if not they'll delete my complete account. I just make a backup to have all of my photos. It's all for my mental health. GOAL 2 - Hello 100% Paleo I love eating Paleo, because it gives me energy it doesn't make my stomach hurt, it also make wonders for my depression. When i eat clean i almost don't have any episodes. Lately i've been feeling pretty bad but that's accordingly with my bad eating habbits. I say 100% rule, because i don't do well with 80/20 it always ends up like 60/40 or 40/60. All or nothing for me, thanks. GOAL 3 - 10K i'm going to catch you! Last time i was 1K away from making it, now i'm starting my training program from cero. So first i'll do the 5K program, then catch up with the 10K. But i'll get there, i'm gonna get there. Side Quest - Salsa Lessons I love dancing, i've been taking clases, but i'm afraid i'm about to quit. I need a little push to continue, i want to make this my quest, attend to every class this month. And practice at least once apart from the class every week. MOTIVATION I've spent years looking to become the person that is within me. I want to know all of what I'm capable of. What my body could be. I don’t like to hide. I want my outside strong and imposing, to cause inspiration for me, for everyone. I want to see myself and feel that the future is worth the while. I'm doing this to smile. Want to live without getting sick. Be healthy and proud. I've been close many times. This time I will not fail.
  7. Gimeniux's: How do you mend a broken heart? Why am i here? I feel lost, once more, totally lost. I'm starting once more. I did great two challenges ago, last one not so great, actually a total failure. But here i am, because i promised i would not give up. I am here, because i need to take care of me. I'm battling depression, i just broke up with my boyfriend. I need to love myself, i come to realize this is the only way i'll be truly happy. So here i am, trying once more. Thank you in advance to those who decide to come along with me in this journey. My heart is broken you see, not just because i broke up with my boyfriend, i did that just to focuss on me, being in a relationship can drain energy from you, it's exhausting. I'm broken heart because i have let myself down, i need to be at peace with myself. GOAL 1 - No more Facebook I keep losing so much time and energy watching everyone else's lifes, but i neglect my own. I watch happy pictures from my friends and i feel a total failure, even i know that no one facebook truly reflects the happiness or sadness of their lifes. I need to concentrate in me, just me, nothing else matters now. GOAL 2 - Make a healthy choice everyday I don't want to make to many rules his time. Every time i do and fail i stop trying. I need to begin again, babysteps, each little step has to be taken as a win. GOAL 3 - Smile and love myself I'll set up a personal dairy. Everyday i'll write how i feel and one reason why i love myself. Also i'll smile to me everytime i see a mirror. Side Quest - How about some origami So i'm an origami lover. I made plans long time ago to develop my passion into a bussiness. It's not easy, specially with the depression kicking everytime, it's terribly hard to finish anything i try to start. So i'll go slowly, i want to make a goal to invest everyday at least 15 minutes to develop this passion. I wanted to say an hour, but that's a lot for the moment, 15 min will do get my motivation back. Thank you all out there who stop to read this, i've been overwhelmed with all your stories, i guess there is always a reason to keep going. I'll update regularly, promise. So i've been told
  8. Hello, I'm Jordan. I'm quite the anime buff and enjoy the occasional Thor or Batman comic book . I'm going to be 25. I'm 6 ft 1 inch tall and weigh anywhere between 167 to 170 lbs a day. I'm tall, thin and I can barely support my own weight. I'm told often I'm so thin and so slim but I don't really feel that way. I can barely lift a heavy bag of groceries and I'm tired all the time. I don't have any muscle tone and while I don't think I'm fat I'd like to have flatter or at least toned abs. I grew up in a family where my father used exercise I felt as punishment. We had to run until we were tired every Sunday, going out and running 3-4 miles before breakfast and having to do this every Sunday even when you don't want to run because for you running makes your joints hurt. I actually have lasting joint damage from such exercise (but the doctors say I can still exercise now I just chose not to or have before now.) Because I wasn't the fastest runner and that was always thrown in my face I have a real aversion to running or any exercise were someone next to me will be better. This makes exercising in a gym or in public hard to for. But I'm seeking to change that. I really have some goals I'd like to accomplish and I think Nerd Fitness will be that place for me to finally get in shape. My goals are very simple and I'd really like them to just be starting points but they're something I'd really love to be able to do. My goals are really as follows: Be able to do 10 push ups. (I know kind f sad, I can't even do 1 unmodified push up not even in Gym through high school) Be able to do 2 pull ups. (I have never been able to do even one). Be able to climb a rope attached to a ceiling. (I can't even do a pull up so This would be awesome) Be able to perform a deadlift of at least 75lbs. I'd like to say 100 but don't want to get ahead of myself. When I actually have strength I'd like to take up martial arts and parkour. I picked Ranger for my avatar because I think that would be best for me now. I found Nerd Fitness almost a year ago while researching the Paleo Diet. I have basically been a quiet stalker of the blog posts and emails but haven't joined until now. Hopefully I've come to the right place to learn fitness with like minded people. Jordan
  9. My Fellow NF Members/Rangers, This will be my first challenge as a NF Member and the first step for me in a long time to improve my fitness and over all health. MAIN GOAL: Start Healthy Habits- Kick Start Weight Loss. I'm using these first 6 week challenge to start healthy habits that in the past I have failed to solidify. This will give me the foundation to finally solidify the steps I need to take to loose weight and become a fit person. These habits include but are not limited to Regular Exercise, Better Eating Habits, Being Accountable by reporting to NF on my Battle Log. QUEST 1: Start P90X3 Classic Cycle on January 6th. This is a 6 Exercise Schedule that includes strength and cardo. In the past I tried P90X 1 which had long workouts, average 58 minutes. I had some success in loosing weight but would fall off the bandwagon due to my odd work schedule as a Cinematographer for Indie Film. This new version is 30 minutes only leaving me no excuse. I typically faltered 3 weeks in, this 6 week Challenge will force me to get 1/2 way through the 90 day schedule which will set up the habit and drive to continue all the way through the full 90 days. QUEST 2: Reduce Unhealthy Snacking/Soda Drinking. I will cut my Soda Intake to 1 A Day, replacing my cravings for it with Tea with a small amount of honey. I will vow to reach for healthy snacks- Fruit, Vegetables, etc instead of Cookies and Snack Cakes. My ultimate goal is to follow a Paleo like diet but I'm realistic to the fact that an instant change will lead to failure. I might slowly walk towards this goal. QUEST 3: Accountability: I will Report my Exercise and Eating Habits- Both Failures and Successes to NF via this and my battle log at least every other day. In the past I would hide my attempts to loose weight and get fit and that allowed me to make excuses to not do it. LIFE GOAL: Make Time Daily to do Zazen. I sit Zazen regularly from time to time and I feel more focused and relaxed when I do so. I need to make an effort to do it daily and keep myself in balance.
  10. This is my 6 week challenge... yep i'm starting it late but i woke up today ready to finally make a REAL change in m life. So if any of the below sounds remotely like something you have said to yourself, please let me know! because i'm pretty sure we are all in this together! Backgound Info: A hidden treasure is waiting to be discovered.. Ok so my new toned and fit body is the treasure. 25 year old female lives in Australia, Melbourne Generally healthy and somewhat fit... The Main Quest (Goal) To tone up and build muscle I will workout my 3 main groups every week: • Legs • Arms • Abbs I will only choose health 3 main meals a day. I will not judge myself on the scale number Life Quest To get a new job and better wage. Side Fitness Quest To work out with Liana (Best Friend)at least 1 to 2 times a week! My Motivation To be happy in my own skin and live to my full potential - from a 7 to a 10!
  11. For being a spotlight whore, this is really nerve-wracking, but this is something I feel like I need to do to be all in this time. I'm 20 years old, really ambitious and the classic overachiever. I was the homeschool girl who got all As and one B her entire education, took 10 different types of lessons, could outsmart you about politics, world events and history and then win the spelling bee. Yeah, THAT kid. Haha! I'm a junior politics/history major at Drake University, I'm a political activist, write for two political websites, work two jobs, co-founded a volunteer PAC, interned in D.C. this summer, have worked over 20 campaigns in the past 2 years and have went on choir tour over 10 times the past three years. Bottom line, I'm busy and very, very blessed. I've gotten to accomplish a lot in my short time. However, I am horrible....I repeat, horrible at maintaining good habits. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I'm really hard on myself mentally and go through phases of really strict habits that pay off, and then I lose my way and gain the weight back. I've always been overweight and then junior and senior year, I lost a ton of it and then I've gained a bit back each year in college. I'm a libertarian, so eating healthy, being as natural as possible and being paleo are all very popular in our movement, so I started paleo last June. Not only did I lose 30 pounds in a month, I also stopped taking medication for what they thought was endometriosis. It was really just a gluten problem! I was having the time of my life and feeling invincible, living in D.C. and dropping weight pretty fast for me. Then I came back to Des Moines, started school, came back around my family (who are amazing cooks) and was around all the stress of my life again. I started cheating, little by little, and the weight creeped back on. I would go through spurts where I would try harder and lose some, and then I'd gain it back and the cycle would happen over and over. Basically, I know what to do, I'm just very inconsistent. I have a gym membership and when I work out, I kill it. I do about 45 min of cardio and over an hour of weight training. I drink lots of water on my good days and I never drink pop. I eat all natural, except for those cheats that sneak in, bringing my paleo/all natural ratio down to about 60-70%. I lose and gain the same 5 pounds every week. I use all natural products on my body, I don't drink water with fluoride, I take very careful care of my skin, hair, nails and teeth. I'm obsessed with fashion and can't wait to buy clothes in smaller sizes. I know exactly what to do, but I'm terrible about making it happen. I've set goals for myself to lose about 2 pounds a week throughout the year and I have a weight goal on the 10th of every month. I have goals in mind, like working out at least 4x a week, eating all paleo, drinking 6 glasses of water a day and cutting out snacking. I'm just frustrated by my lack of discipline and consistency. I am so ready to change and I know that I owe it to myself to do so. I think I'm pretty, but sometimes I feel so incredibly ugly and unattractive because I'm overweight and I know that that's all some people see. I come off as extremely confident and that's the case most of the time because I have a big, Italian, I don't-care-what-the-hell-you-think, tough-liberated-political-woman-attitude, but sometimes it's just a front because honestly, I don't think I'd ever want to date me or think I'm beautiful. I'm ready to do this because I see my future self and how gorgeous and care-free I could be if I wasn't held back by this self-consciousness due to my weight. I'm all about living boldly, and I know that this is holding me back. I've been doing this for a while, but I'm sure as heck no pro at it. If you have any tips, advice or tricks you'd like to share with me, I'd be more than happy to have it! I'm looking for friends, mentors, accountability partners here. This is too important to me to let it slide this time. I'm off to write my list of reasons why I want this more than ever! Thanks for reading -kj
  12. Hello everyone! I just discovered Nerd Fitness yesterday from the r/loseit subreddit and I am really excited and glad that I did! I am a 23 year old female, my starting weight was around 219 and I'm currently 214 and a half-ish. I don't have an actual scale in the house, just using the wii fit for monthly weigh-in's. I've always been a bit on the heavy side, but since getting married almost three years ago I have gained more. I decided that I needed to make a change for the better. Before I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and most of the time I wasn't really hungry or I would be hungry but would go way overboard with portions. I started counting my calories around two weeks ago. I'm trying to stay around 1200 calories a day. I'm still not the most active, nut I am easing myself into it. I've been mostly sedentary but I am now walking every other day for around a half hour and on the other days I do different workouts at home including cardio, abs, legs, etc. I really want to make a lifestyle change. I've tried losing weight in the past but it was never about getting to a new and better me. This time around I am really focused on making positive lasting changes. I have cut out all soda and I pretty much just drink a ton of water (it's my favorite drink anyway) and the occasional green tea. I'm trying to limit carbs as well. I've switched to whole grain pastas and brown rices and I only have those maybe once or twice a week. I've also been working on eating more lean meats, mainly chicken and fish. I also enjoy vegetables or fruit with most meals. I love me some salty crunchy snacks so some days I have rice cakes of varying flavors. I would eventually be interested in trying the paleo diet, but right now I'm not quite ready to give up all my carbs. My short term goal is to be under 200 pounds by my birthday, April 15th. My long term goals are to be healthier, make smart choices, exercise more, and feel great about who I am inside and out. I know these goals are a little vague right now, but I am planning on setting up some serious goals to reach soon. My final overall goal is to be in the healthy/average range for my BMI, which I don't think I have ever been in as an adult. I appreciate everyone who has read this! I welcome any and all advice, help, support or whatever else! I am excited to be a part of this community and look forward to sharing my achievements and struggles here!
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