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Found 4 results

  1. Because falling down and getting back up is what RAPTRONNNN STUFF is all about. I do gymnastics, lift weights, bake pies, run around sometimes, and really, really, really like themes and costumes. 1. Sunday Funday *Work out every Sunday I have so much trouble getting to the gym on Sundays, but WE GOTTA, ok?! There are only like 6 weeks until my powerlifting competition on Dec. 2! 2. Don't Forget to Assassin *Vault 2x *Uneven bars 4x *Back handsprings on high beam at least 2x *Routine/choreo run-through at least 2x (<-- which means I
  2. Valkyrie lay in the woods, comfortable in the familiarity of her surroundings. The leaves she lay on were soft as a feather down mattress, and she lay there for as long as she could remember. Now and then, she attempted to get up, but her limbs felt heavy, her head was muddled, and every time she settled again into her comfortable bed of leaves, unaware of the vines and roots of the darker things in the forest that had begun to wrap themselves around her body as she rested, utterly deaf to the sounds of the creatures which lay in wait for her. These creatures were Sloth, Complacency and Doubt.
  3. HERRRGGRRK BLEH Okay, so living fast and loose with hunters has made me strong, and eager to do more. That said, to continue my training, I’m going to seek out strict, organized, Military discipline. Fair warning – this challenge will feature A LOT of swearing. I’ll try to avoid RvB spoilers, but it’s hard with so many gifs available.) Turns out, being embroiled in an endless, pointless, Godot-type war/waiting game gives you plenty of time to work out and do squats. So, using the state-of-the-art training programs recommended by both the Red and Blue armies, I intend to spend th
  4. 3 sentence intro (Hiya druids!): I’m Pretzle, 25, Dutch, of the female sort. I teach English at college, like reading, cooking, good coffee & tea. A former (and future) assassin who has been mostly primal for the past month or so, loves BW stuff but can be a little mentally unstable at times. (This will be 4 but: I’m also looking for some friends (of the online and/or real life versions).) (Also, I write long posts. Just read the bold/underlined/italics and you'll get what I'm aiming for .) Main goal: Become/Stay sane & healthy - whatever happens. Ok, not really ‘whateverâ€
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