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  1. Do you feel like Summer gets here and THINGS HAPPEN (hopefully good things), and the next thing you know it’s labor day weekend and you wonder where the summer went? I’ve been trying to find ways to not just enjoy my summer but to slow down a little and enjoy it instead of getting caught up in so many things to do that I forget that I love to take it slow and just go and enjoy my own way. I just finished my first full quest, and am looking forward to enjoying my next one. When I try to do things I use to do the overhaul approach “I MUST DO IT ALL Now!â€. now I’m going slow taking a few baby steps at a time and trying to make changes gradual, and hopefully permanent . So a half of my quests are continuations of the quests that I did last time, with some tweaks. I talk and post photos of my Lovely side kick River, the 11 month old Great Dane. Last Challenge Hubby was away at conference/work travel and I was a single dog mommy. He’s back and we will be sharing responsibilities a lot more. She and our 3 furry purry friends, Patrick, Sebastian and Beatrice, Hubby and I make up our house. Enough talk, time to Quest! Main Quest: To change from a awesome Oger into an Awesome Amazon. Lose weight and gain muscle. Also be as kick ass in person as I am in my head (physically). Keep my sweet sidekick River the Great Dane healthy, happy and active. Get fit and loss pant sizes though watching what I eat (tracking), and working out. Quest 1: weight training 3 times a week. mon, wed, fri, or for long weekends, tues, thur sat I’m going to add Weights into my life again. it’s been years since I did weight training seriously. I started and worked with a personal trainer that I loved working with, but then he moved and I started working with a women that wanted me to do many reps with light weights, uggg. So I stopped. and life, operations and recovery and never really got beck to it. So the plan is 3 times a week, maybe starting with bodyweight exercises for this challenge and up it to free weight next challenge. Quest 2: track food 7 times a week I’ve been using sparkpeople to track my food, and still love it. I did so well with this last challenge and I want to keep it up. I’m going to aim for 2,000 to 2,500 a day in calories, and Post my daily total on my challenge board. Quest 3: walk River, and/or bike to work and/or swim 6 days a week. last challenge I had a lot of cardio for my workouts. things that were good, I definitely biked to work more since I had to be accountable for them. Walking River comes pretty naturally since a board Great Dane is a handful but a tired one is a warm lump on your couch. We have plans of visiting in laws and camping next month so I thought that adding the swimming for those days I can is always a great addition. Life Quest: Practice singing and piano 5 times a week I’ve been taking singing lesson for the last year and a bit, and just started to alternate taking piano and singing lessons at my weekly lessons. I am bad for only practicing 2-3 times a week and now I have two things to practice!
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