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Found 2 results

  1. Hello fellow nerds. In the last few minutes before the new year, I'm frantically scrambling to finish my New Year's resolutions. I had a lot of fitness ones this year after I realized that I could use my stomach like a drum. I've really been inspired by Steve and the rest of the NF community. My resolutions this year are as follows: 1. Is to lose 2 inches off my gut by July. 2. Because I've been bad about this before, my second resolution is to exercise at least every other day. On days when I don't do any official exercise, I need to do 300 jumping jacks and 15 pushups divided throughout the day. 3. Eat paleo at least 4 days out of the week. When I'm not eating paleo I need to be doing a 16-8 fast. I also resolved that if I binge on sugary or greasy foods one day, then I have to do a 24 hour fast within the next 2 days. 4. This was probably covered in the above resolution, but it is to fast at least 5 days of the week, or any day not eating paleo. I'm going to try to do a 24 hour fast every 2 weeks. Well, those were my resolutions. What do you think? Anything that I can improve?
  2. Only a Few Can Call Themselves a New Year Badass! badass (bad · ass) n., pl -es 1. Someone who lives life free of any excuses they could make, no matter how legitimate those excuses may appear to be. 2. A person who doesn't say "I can't" even if everyone else is saying it. 3. A person who defines him- or herself by accomplishments, not limitations. 4. A person who realizes that there is always another way, and that almost nothing is impossible. Welcome! Do you think your Badass enough to make a transformation before the New Year arrives. After all the upcoming holidays and cold weather would make others put their goals on the shelves, because the New Year is when you make changes right? WRONG! And that's what we're all about, changes start now! We don't give excuses, and we don't take them either. As of now there are only 8 weeks till January 1st. What can you accomplish before then? Whoever joins will be part of a team, we encourage one another, help out when we're stuck, and kick each other into gear when our focus and will is wavering. Do you want to join? When you join, please write down your New Year defying goals. They don't have to be weight loss, it can be anything. After all, don't you want to start the next year already ready and able to kick 2014 in the ass? Founder: LostOne1775: Getting Ready For the Marines Members: W4DM: Amazon Training Duality: Throwin' Around Some Iron to be a better Assassin otter905: Challenge Number 5 Jack Harlekin: Challenge 3 missrebecca: Sorting out my Life Terinatum: New Groove Matt_72: Rollin with the Scouts Again but Faster Samanmoran: Will Get 10% Sexier (after all I'm married, not dead) AwkwardActive: I'm Going on an Adventure! erinlaurel: Misson-Not to Buy a Bigger Pair of Jeans DarthChronos: Strikes Back lattesugarnomore: Start to the Top Kaede: First Challenge
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