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  1. Hiiiiiii! I've been reading NerdFitness for a few years now and allllmost signed up for challenges on a couple of occasions but I lacked courage and failed quest #1. But I’m in a place now where I think some accountability and maybe a little cheerleading would really help me get back on track with my fitness and life goals. I’m a childcare professional and all-around geek, but my major passions are board games, knitting, and music. I’m also somehow playing in two D&D games right now and I just painted my first mini for one of them. Now there’s a rabbit hole to fall into...! I have two main Big Goals right now: to get my body back into the shape it was a couple years ago, only without the part where I was turbo-powered by heartbreak; and to get my home in better shape, in the short term to make it easier for my partner to move in when one of my roommates moves out, and in the long term so I can sell the house for a price that will allow my fella and me to buy something together that doesn’t have a lingering aura of broken dreams. Wow, that got a bit dark there. 2016 was a rough year. 2018’s gonna be kickass, though. And the small goals for the next few weeks: -weekly run, strength training session, and yoga I’m going to try out Track Yoga, which a friend recommended, and maybe intersperse it with a few of my fave Yoga With Adrienne short sequences. Running should only be a small challenge as it’s been a long time since I went more than two weeks without. Strength training, I plan to hit the gym every week on Wednesday or Thursday but will use my home weights to do a shorter workout if I don’t have time to get out. -make dinners where half my plate is veggies 5x/week I was doing really well with this two years ago but when I started dating I was quickly seduced into a sort of “date night doesn’t count” mentality, which was fine when dinners with my sweetie were a weekly occurrence, but over the past year it’s become more common and snuck into my solo cooking as well. In order to make this work, I need to remind myself of the multitudinous veggies I love, because I’m kind of tired of spinach, broccoli, and green beans. -low-sugar breakfast 4x/week Replace the sweet yogurt I usually put on my cereal with plain or milk, or choose something less sweet like eggs, or toast with almond butter. -Facebook-light Fridays Friday mornings, no Facebook while I get ready for work. Hopefully this will give me enough time to fit in :10-15 of yoga, or at least :5 tidying the kitchen. If I want to amuse myself while eating breakfast, I can read a paper book. -the life-changing magic of holy **** I have too much stuff I admit, I’m a Kon-Mari person. But not a minimalist. Instead, my joy is sparked by alllll my wonderful things! But my craft supplies desperately need a good organizing/destash. Step one in the goal of Make Room For Mr. Radost.
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