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  1. "until I took... an epilepsy... to the brain..." Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, huh? Greetings, fellow dragon-slayers, fellow tome-readers, fellow spell-casters! My name's Carly, and I was here a very long time ago before running into health issues very suddenly, and very early in my path to become the badass elfin huntress I'd always dreamed of. Fast-forward several years and I'm back, bigger, better and 'more diagnosed' than ever! Treatment is in the works now and I'm crawling back to my feet again, but now seemed as great a time as any to start making small-steps (maybe picking at the miscellaneous quests, ya'know? Skirting around the main questline?) into my own health and fitness journey again! I also haven't a clue what to add, but I can't wait to become a friendly face around here and meet new people! Thanks for listening, traveller! - Carly
  2. Hey there! I'm a newbie, and here's a little about myself. I've always loved blogs and seeing other people share their stories but I'm not really the type of person who likes to share my struggles or progress, I'm more of a silent on looker. But, I've been having a hard time lately and figured trying something new, and slightly uncomfortable for me, may just be the spark I need to get back on track. I work at night in the big bad city, mostly I drive a truck but some nights I work construction in the tunnels. Some nights I'm highly active, swinging hammers and using tools, while others I'm pretty sedentary in the truck. My hours are a little screwy too, I'm never quite sure of my schedule because if there is extra work or an emergency I have to stay, so a lot of times I have to play it by ear. These hours sometimes make it difficult for me to stick to an eating and workout schedule, not to mention, sometimes I get carried away during the day (the time which I'm supposed to be sleeping) and lose out on my Z's. One of my many reasons I skip out on sleep, is I like to make it to crossfit classes. Being an athlete my whole life I wanted to continue to be active after my last year of college softball. I started crossfit just about two years ago, and boyyy, have I seen a difference in my strength! It's nice because they're fun classes and they help me be able to keep up with the guys at work. Some weeks I'm on point, going to the gym 5-6days a week and eating nutritious foods. Other weeks I completely lose control and binge on any unhealthy foods I can get my hands on. So, I y-yo up and down between feeling great and gross. That's pretty much why I'm here, I'd like to restore the balance in my life, and was hoping this group could help me with some advice and accountability :] Cheers to my first challenge! (Sorry it's so long) STEP ONE: THINK BIG. REAL BIG 1. Lose 15lbs/become more lean 2. Make sleep a priority 3. Buy a house 4. Marry my best friend 5. Have an amazing wedding 6. Murph with a weighted vest 2018 7. Eat less processed food 8. Get better at gymnastics 9. Spend more time with Nugget (our dog) 10 Keep room tidy 11. Be more on time STEP TWO: CUT DOWN AND REORDER IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE 1. Lose 15lbs/get leaner 2. Eat less processed food 3. Make sleep a priority 4. Spend more time with Nugget 5. Keep room tidy STEP THREE: BREAK DOWN YOUR QUESTS 1. Lose 15lbs/get leaner- Be more consistent with going to they gym. If I miss crossfit class, do a workout at home. Keep a log of workouts. 2. Eat less processed food- Swap processed snacks with more whole foods. Don't eat because bored or tired. 3. Make sleep a priority- Don't waste down time on social media. Sleep a full set of hours instead of broken ones 4. Spend more time with Nugget- Walk the pup everyday. Even if it's raining! 5. Keep room tidy- Stop throwing clothes on the floor, the laundry basket is literally 2ft away STEP FOUR: DIG ONE STEP DEEPER 1. Lose 15lbs/get leaner- Use SugarWod to log workouts, weights and time. Work out 5 days a week. Do 30 push ups & 15 pull ups daily for the next 4weeks. Work in some kickboxing on the weekends. Move more while in work truck. Fill in all activity circles on apple watch. 2. Eat less processed food- Prepare meals and snacks ahead of time so there is no temptation/convenience of processed foods. Count macros! Cut out dairy. Drink green tea. Go out to eat less. Try not to binge, instead portion control 3. Make sleep a priority- Record how many hours slept for the day. Stop staying awake for 24hrs at a time even on day off 4. Spend more time with Nugget- Walk the pup at least once a day and play fetch for 10 minutes 5 Keep room tidy- Keep two separate laundry baskets, one for work clothes the other for normal clothes. Do laundry once a week so it doesn't get out of control STEP FIVE: CREATE YOUR FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE 1. Lose 15lbs/get leaner-Use SugarWod to log workouts, weights and time. Work out 5 days a week & Do 30 push ups & 15 pull ups 3x a week 2. Eat less processed food- Macro! 220C 50F 115P. Meal prep & portion control 3. Make sleep a priority-Record how many hours slept for the day 4. Spend more time with Nugget- Walk pup once a day 5 Keep room tidy- Keep two separate laundry baskets, one for work clothes the other for normal clothes. Do laundry once a week so it doesn't get out of control
  3. Guest

    FIRST Four Week Challenge

    Hey Guys! I'm new around here! I've been in the Academy about a month, and with today being the 1st I thought it would be a great time to start my FIRST four week challenge! I have 4 goals for the month of June, and while they aren't the most awesome Adventures ever! they are still important to me! 1) Get 100% off of my anxiety medication. I just graduated Uni with a Bachelors in Psychology, and Over the last 10 (yes 10) years I was in school, I learned a lot of cognitive behavioral therapy to help me manage my anxiety without the need for meds. I've been weaning myself off for the last 2 months, and fingers crossed I will be completely free of them by 06/30. Then I will be able to get pregnant, which is not something I can do on the meds since it causes birth defects. 2) Eat @ home more times than we eat out - I'm shooting for <15 days eating out this month. My fiance and I spent $700 on eating out alone last month! Argh! It's expensive AND unhealthy! 3) Eat @ home <4 times in any 1 week. This is related to #2, but I have a movie date attached to this one as loot! 4) DEFEAT GENERAL DOMS! I can ACE BW Workout number 1 EXCEPT for the push-ups... I would honestly rather be in the gym than doing squats and wall push ups, but I'm improving, and I want to beat him without cheat codes!
  4. I really need to work on following through with the good habits I've started. In that vein, most of my quests this challenge are things that I've recognized as worthwhile habits, but I have issues sticking to them and following through. Mainly I just get really lazy -- I feel way better when I follow through with all of these, but here lately I've been talking myself out of doing them (things like I don't have enough time/I'm too tired, etc) Quest One: Settling into a morning routine! I have recently discovered how awesome yoga is, and I've done a few different yoga exercises on my own. I also have been meditating for a while, but I want to work on setting up a daily practice for both. I know I feel so much better (mentally and physically) when I take the time for myself and focus on how my body feels, I just need to buckle down and actually do it. My goal is to do a 30 day yoga challenge for this, along with about fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation following my yoga workout. A+ - 30 workouts / 30 days of meditation A - 27 workouts / 27 days of meditation B - 24 workouts / 24 days of meditation C - 21 workouts / 21 days of meditation D - 18 workouts / 18 days of meditation F - Anything less than 18 workouts / 18 days of meditation Quest Two: Fueling the fire! I really feel better when I eat breakfast, but I suck at remembering to eat it. I'll either get too busy and forget, or just wake up and stare in the kitchen cabinet (I am living at home presently, so I don't do the shopping myself) at the cereal and go 'meh'. I'm not the biggest cereal fan; I don't know whether I've just not found the right cereal or what, but if all I have to eat is cereal I do generally pass it up. I'm cool with other stuff like bagels and oatmeal and even overnight oats! So my goal is to actually make breakfast for myself (either in bulk a few times a week, or put together some overnight oats the night before) so I have no excuses to not eat. Or maybe look into a protein smoothie for breakfast, but the point is I just need to eat something healthy in the morning or else I'm cranky and I run the risk of eating all of the bad things that lurk on the break room table. A+ - 30 days of breakfasts! A - 27 days of breakfast B - 24 days of breakfast C - 21 days of breakfast D - 18 days of breakfast F - Anything less than 18 days of breakfast Quest Three: Commit to Hydration Another thing that I've sort of started, but need to fully commit to! I have been drinking at least 64 oz of water sporadically and I do feel way better when I do -- less thirsty, and less tired. But I sometimes forget to drag the jug (as I so fondly call it) to work and then I ruin my weekly streak, all because I get in a rush and forget to fill it in the morning. My goal is to get up in the morning and fill up the jug when I let the dogs out (which is well before I have to get out the door) and put it by my bag so I've got no excuses, then make sure to get through it over the course of my workday A+ - 30 days of at least 64 oz A - 27 days of at least 64 oz B - 24 days of at least 64 oz C - 21 days of at least 64 oz D - 18 days of at least 64 oz F - Anything less than 18 days of at least 64 oz Quest Four - Knit and Prosper I love to knit! It's my anxiety relief and fun time rolled all into one, but here lately I haven't been making time for it. There's been a lot of really heavy RL stuff going on, so I've been more stressed than ever and I need to make this more of a priority. Plus it's fun, and I love gifting my knitted items (I just have to finish them first, haha). I've got at least one major WIP I need to work on (a basic shawl that was supposed to be a birthday gift in March >_> ), along with some smaller projects (a gauge swatch for a sweater, a pair of socks, and a thumb on a pair of fingerless mitts). My goal is to avoid the startitis and focus on finishing what I have already on the needles by committing to 30 minutes a night for knitting. A+ - 30 days of at least 30 minutes/night A - 27 days of at least 30 minutes/night B - 24 days of at least 30 minutes/night C - 21 days of at least 30 minutes/night D - 18 days of at least 30 minutes/night F - Anything less than 18 days of at least 30 minutes/night
  5. So apparently I am almost two weeks late to the party. Lol. However, I plan on keeping this challenge going into the summer break, so that should make up for my tardiness. I've started a challenge or two in the passed. However, I maybe lasted three to four days tops, so I still feel like a complete newbie going into this. I know that one of the problems I had, other than my lack of consistency, was that I set too many daily tasks for myself. I was bound to give up before I even started. But no not this time.... This time I'm making things really simple for myself. Somewhat difficult, but simple. I figure it's easier to develop some kind of consistency when the tasks are few and simple. I took a long hard look at my like the other day, and said I have had enough. I know good and well that I did this all to myself. I don't feel comfortable in my own skin anymore. I look in the mirror, and though I am not a total wreck, I am not okay with what I see anymore. Within the last 3 years I went through hell to say the least. I allowed my physical and mental health to plummet. Now that I've managed to find the way out of pit I was trapped in, I am ready to let the outside of me shine like the inside does. I AM READY!!! ................................................................. This Four Week Challenge: Diet: --> Eat vegetables with at least 1 meal a day --> Drink a minimum of 1 cup of green tea daily --> Drink a minimum of 10 cups of water per day Fitness: --> Briskly walk minimum of 1 mile a day --> Yoga/doorway stretch at least 5 minutes a day Level up your life: --> Floss once a day
  6. Fitness Goals: 1. Use Nerd Fitness Beginner work out 3 times a week. 2 or 3 rounds preferably ending with 3 rounds for each work out in week 4 2. Use Zombies Run App 3 times a week: walking briskly on treadmill, and jogging when it says to run. 3. Continue normal walking into Soi (Thai for neighborhood ) to get groceries. This I have been doing for 3 months already. Nutrition Goals: 1. Change from Cereal to Eggs for breakfast 3 times a week. 2. After first cup of coffee, reduce amount of sugar by 1/4th. Level up Life Goals (There are so many!!!) 1. Smoke only outside. It is the rainy season here in Thailand 89 degrees feels like 113. Its definitely a deterrent. 2. Work 30 minutes a day on packing for move to Australia. Edited to add: Week 1 update (how did I do): Fitness 1. NF beginner work out 2 times this week with 2 circuts (insomnia prevented a work out day) 2. Used Zombies run 2 times (sunday start) 3 Normal walking for groceries Done. Nutrition: 1. Accomplished, Eggs fro breakfast 4 times this week 2. Accomplished every day Live goals: 1. Tried to smoke out side more often. but definitely not every time. 2. Ha ha, I got nothing. Edited to add: Week 2 How did I do: Fitness 1. NF beginner work out 2 times this week once with 3 circuts 2. Zombies Run 3 times 3. normal walking for groceries done Nutrition: 1. Accomplished Eggs 3 times this week 2. accomplished every day Life Goals: 1. still trying to smoke outside more, but not every time 2. Accomplished 30 minutes of work toward move. Better than last week On a very happy note today When I weighed I was 1kg less than when I started. That is about 2.2 lbs. Not huge progress but progress none the less.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm new here and this is the perfect time for me to start the challenge. i have already started my journey around a month ago, and have met most of the goals I set myself: yoga once a week reduce carbs/ sugar 20 minutes of cardio twice a week Track my sleep/ improve it- a little bit better still needs work I will continue to do these as well as the new goals I have set: - do the beginners bodyweight programme twice a week- I will start with 2 rounds and hopefully build to 3 - only look in the mirror once a day (sounds strange but I have a skin picking compulsion) - take a protein snack to work with me every day and eat it - improve sleep routine- drink herbal tea 2 hours before bed, read my book. Get up at a consistent time of day on workdays I have PCOS and it's one of my main motivations for change- I'm not overweight but I do have bad skin, hair growth, mood swings. I'm hoping this will help. I used to to do a lot of weights, weigh my food and track everything- I did so well for around 2 years, and then life took a different turn and the routine stopped. I would eventually love to do some weights again, but I injured my back at work around a year ago, and I still feel it even in yoga, so it may be a long journey for me. Im going through a tough time, and I know that looking after myself will help me start to break through this. I work as a CBT therapist- so this kind of goal setting is something I am very familiar with, but need to work on myself. I'm really hoping to meet some new people on this journey and to offer support to others as well as be supported.
  8. Good Afternoon Everyone! My name is TheFoxisZen, and This is my second month with Nerd Fitness! I am a Level 5 Adventurer in Houston, Texas, and I am starting this log to track my journey. I am 29 years old, engaged to marry my best friend on 05/27/18, and looking forward to getting into the best shape I can while having the most fun possible! I've made some wonderful real life friends via the forum that helped me get my finances in order, and I'm hoping to make some new friends here as well! First, a quick recap of where I've been. I started my fitness journey one year ago this month. At 168lbs , I noticed that my clothes were too tight, I was verging on having to move up a dress size, and it freaked me out. I decided to completely cut out sodas from my life to start. After I got that under control I started toying with a low carb diet, and began by doing one of those "cleanses" where you eat ZERO carbs for two weeks to break the sugar addiction. SUCKED! Anyway, I slowly transitioned from there to replacing white rice with brown, regular pasta with whole wheat, to hardly any pasta ever, etc... and started NF in May of 2017. I fell in love with the gaming/questing aspect, and bought in about a week after I started! As of today 06/01/17 almost exactly 1 year since I gave up the Cokes, I am down 20 pounds! I've still got work to to do. I'm one of those people you can call "skinny fat" I look thin but my lean mass is way to low in comparison to BF% I think my BF is in the 34% range, and I want it to be in the 20% range. Weights here I come! My plan is to get some muscle built over the next year so that I feel like a badass at my wedding! My goals for June are over in My First Four Week Challenge, but I'll paste them here for consistency as well as I think I'm going to settle in and make this my home base. I hope to get to know a few of you, and if anyone is in my area let me know! - Fox
  9. Kuros, through passed down stories that have become nothing more than legend, is known to most as the "Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur," but few would know it upon meeting this unassuming hero. Less bulky warrior and more agile ranger, with a mind sharper than any blade (except Brightsword, of course), Kuros is a servant of light, far more humble than the picture this old keeper of lore will paint for you. Always cloaked and seldom seen, it would be easy to mistake him for an assassin (a poor one at that if he is indeed seen), or a scout. Alas, this is not the case. Jack of all trades, but a master of none, except maybe stillness of mind. The sum total of his attributes is what makes him a force to be reckoned with. Any obstacle or any foe can be conquered, and the only limiting factor is his force of will. With the proper application of blade and bow, mind and manners, Kuros can equally well disarm both the hound of Hades or the daughter of Zeus. Ironically though, given his tremendous capability and power to sway the forces of evil, Kuros has not been seen for many years, and as we approach our darkest hour, the world needs all the heroes she can get. Whispers on the wind have become widespread rumor, and these tell of a broken husk of a man that was once humankind’s staunchest advocate. It is said that he has withdrawn from the world, grieving for a loved one who has passed from this life. If Kuros happens to be reading this right now, know this. This world is merely a doorway to the next life. You will see your beloved again, but not yet… not yet. Take heart. There are many more beautiful lives to preserve and the darkness is ever encroaching. The bell has been rung and the hour is now. The time to reforge ourselves into something new, something stronger, is here. I call upon all the hesitant and all the eager heroes of the world. Our world is at your mercy. Will you not answer her call? Hello everyone and sorry for the over the top RPGing. I had serious fun with that. I'm really looking forward to this experience. Such a cool site and idea. Anyways, my real name is Mike, I'm 27 years old and I'm looking to get fitter than ever. How fit? Like Gimli and Legolas had a baby and that kid grew up in the wild raised by wolves and surrounded by orcs level of fit. I like to do a little bit of everything to be honest with you. Traditional strength routines, cross-fit style circuits, sprint workouts, distance running, and climbing. If anyone's in the Idaho Falls area (just about to move out there from Virginia), let me know if you're looking for a workout partner. Also, that list is by no means exhaustive. I also like to snowboard, play ultimate frisbee and competitive online video gaming. My xbox live gamertag is Terra Unu if anyone wants to add me. Right now I play Overwatch and Left 4 Dead 2 (yes I know it's old) mainly, but I also occasionally get on Battlefield 4, Halo 5, Destiny, Diablo III, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. My favorite games of all time are Rygar, Wizards and Warriors, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye, Nightfire, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Jak and Daxter, Champions of Norrath, Fusion Frenzy, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike and the original Star Wars Battlefront games. This last part I'll end up posting in a more appropriate section of the forums, but I thought since I'm introducing myself, I might as well introduce another idea that I think would be great for the site (or terrible, not sure yet). What do you guys and gals think about all our character profiles and quests being accessible via a facebook-like network? I personally think it would be cool to check out and gain inspiration from other people's profiles and keep in touch with one another via a facebook-like interface, but in the style and format of this site with this specific community. Or should I just shut up and go use facebook? Ha, anyways thanks for reading and rebel on. Mike (AKA, Kuros) https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/191847
  10. Hey! You can call me Kiffle and this is my first 4 Week Challenge for Nerd Fitness. I like to think I'm pretty active in general and decent at making goals, but I always love trying new ways of doing both of those things. I'm not new to fitness or nutrition at all, but for the sake of starting a new challenge (and sort of falling off my last one due to life) I'll start here! So, here we go. FITNESS GYM WORKOUT 2X/WEEK WITH AN UPPER/LOWER BODY SPLIT (AT LEAST 60 MIN) RUN 1X/WEEK (AT LEAST 1 MILE) NUTRITION EAT 80% CLEAN EVERY DAY (5 OUT OF 6 MEALS/SNACKS) STICK TO SERVING SIZES REGARDLESS OF "CLEAN" OR "NOT-SO-CLEAN" LEVEL UP! PAY OFF FRESH START LOAN TWO MONTHS EARLY (ON 05/10/17 INSTEAD OF 07/10/17) I look forward to successfully completing these quests. Baby steps, right?
  11. I'm just starting this new adventure...a bit ill-prepared...but no time to start like the present, eh? So, here I am...jumping into this challenge (head first). Here are my goals/quests. 1.(diet) Drop down to 3 glasses of pop/soda per week. Yes, I said "week" because I dropped it down to one a day...and it's slowly progressed in the worst way...I'm drinking at least 1-2 glasses a day. It used to be a lot worse... 2. (diet) Eat more veggies and fruit. Kind of sound a little big...but I do try to eat at least 1 veggie with supper everynight. I'd like to increase my veggies and eat more, whether part of a meal or snack. Fruit, I need to grab for this when I'm really needing something sweet.....trying to break the chocolate/cookie/chips habit. Also would like to incorporate some fruit in my breakfast. 3. (fitness) Walk at least 10 minutes 3x per week. The weather is finally getting a little warmer and where we recently moved to is where I first grew up and walked around the whole town with my great grandmother. I'd like to pick this habit back up. 4.(life) Get sleep habits in check. Be in bed by 11 and up by 7. I don't sleep well most nights (probably due to bad eating habits and in turn health issues). I've recently started taking melatonin to help me sleep...but still having some issues. Hopefully better eating habits, less pop, exercise, and trying to sleep better will help with the weight, health, and sleepless nights.
  12. Hi, I'm a dude looking for like-minded individuals. I like nerdy stuff like video games, movies, comic books, dungeons and dragons, and martial arts. I'm 5'10" and I'm 250 lbs and I'm looking to lose bunch of weight and eventually be around 180ish. I live in Southern California. I am a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I've also done Muay Thai for about five years. I'm not huge on weightlifting, but I want to lift weights more to get toned up and also to improve my performance in Jiu-Jitsu. So yeah, Hi!
  13. Hello. Just making my introduction. So glad I found such an awesome community. Newbie here, but lifelong nerd.
  14. *So what if I've done this challenge before, I failed last time so I wanna succeed this time! This month, I want to keep it simple but add on to what I had last month. This is going to be rough BUT I can do this!! Plus, these challenges are working towards my goals/trophies I have set out for myself in my Roadmap. - D.Va Gaming - Goal: Platinum LEGO Marvel Superheroes and play through Fallout 4 - Lúcio Positivity - Goal: Complete the challenge. Stay positive and focus on the good things - Zarya Strength - Goal: Workout MWF and keep track of progress HERE (Highly inspired/stolen from Otterbyte) - Ana Career - Goal: Audition, email, read about career M-F - Mercy Nutrition - Goal: Eat 1 veggie side or 2/3 of meal and 1 fruit each day - Mei Read - Goal: Complete The Bane Chronicals this month - Widowmaker Flexibility - Goal: Stretch for the splits M-F _.-*-._.-*-._ - Trophy Goals This Month - City of Stars | Are You Even Trying? | The World Could Always Use More Heroes!
  15. Hi there! So this is my first challenge and I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess I should share a little about myself, I am a 22 your old who has frankly no idea what to do with my life. Currently I am a receptionist at a vet clinic but that may change in the near future. I have two dogs, an 8 month old German Shepherd and an almost 2 year old Lab mix. Between work, dogs and my relationship, I have almost no time to do much besides eat and sleep. My boyfriend is also on here somewhere and absolutely loves it, so he keeps trying to convince me to post a challenge. Here goes nothing. Here are some new goals for the next few weeks. Goals: 1. Stay on my diet and keep to my calorie budget I've been using the Lose It app and it seems to be working pretty well when I actually follow the budget it gives me 2. Exercise 2-3 times a week. I've started Pole Fitness and it is AMAZING! I go twice a week. Also need to run and work on my 5k training at least once a week. 3. Take my dogs hiking or to the park at least once a week I have high energy dogs and they DEFINITELY need to get out more than they do 4. Find time for myself. Work on my puzzle, be girly and treat myself, maybe play some skyrim (hint hint to the bf ) If anybody has some helpful tips to this newbie, then feel free to share! Also: Had to share the cuteness that is my pups:
  16. Today, you are perfect! Today, you are perfect! Today, you are perfect! Today, you are perfect! I repeat to myself as I blankly stare into the long avoided mirror. So here we go: Today, you are perfect! This is my mantra. It isn't so much of a mantra as of yet.. I guess. More of a begrudging. (Depressed much? YES!) So this leads me to stumbling here: NF. (looks around... woah.. haven't contributed to a forum since [pause] 2007.. O.O Plenty of Reddit stalking) Anywho. My QUESTS are as follows: Crossfit for 1 hour on T/Th/Sa Drink 4 (20 oz) glasses of water a day Wake up at 6:45 every weekday Spend 10-20 minutes meditating each day Move 50 dollars per paycheck into my savings (Oh and sorry I am jumping in late.. but I didn't want to wait until March!)
  17. Hello all! I'm Évelyn, and this is my first challenge. I am a bit trepidatious of beginning this challenge as I have had a lot of "beginnings" that have all ended quickly. I am trying to alter this from happening again by going by NF standards and starting with small changes that will lead to big changes! And yes, I have some big, dangerous, and adventurous goals ;). But this challenge, I am starting at the Town of Beginnings. I chose Asuna for my current profile picture. This particular image is concept art from her in the beginning of SAO in the Town of Beginnings (yes, I am an anime nerd, among other nerdiness). The reason I picked this photo is because Asuna had no idea what she was going to go through or how big of a bad ass she would become. I hope that, like her, this is just the beginning of my journey in becoming a competent, strong, and skillful fighter and person. . And without further ado, my quests! 1) I will eat 1400 calories (and no less than 1200 calories) a day and monitor this by using MyFitnessPal. 2) I will cut out all lactose. 3) M/W/F I will do the Angry Birds Workout at 8:30 AM. 4) I will wake up at 8 AM and do a 5 minute meditation and read one wisdom text. Thank you for being a welcoming community to all things nerdy and fitness. I am so thankful to have found y'all! Évelyn
  18. This being my first four week challenge I am setting only a single goal for myself to make it a bit easier but it is still a rough challenge. It is simple challenge I going to go on a jog five days a week following work. I am utilizing the zombies run app to keep track of my runs and keep me motivated. This group will also keep me motivated though out the challenge keep me running to meet this goal. Working my way up to a lovely five K in April. add a second goal, bring lunch with me to work so i don't go 12 hours without eating again, don't have energy to run and way overeat for dinner. Today was not a good day.
  19. Month 1 Challenge Recap Strength Goal - lift 3 x week (failed, did 2 x week - hey progress, nice to meet you.) Life Goal - do the apartment therapy January cure (accomplished, clean and happy home ready for 2017) extra goal - I added enough sleep halfway through (accomplished, and wow it makes a difference) PRs: squat 70lbs, deadlift 70lbs, 1 arm DB row 25lbs Month 2 Challenge Goals Strength goal - lift 3 x week increase weight in bench and overhead press to use the bar instead of dumbbells (currently at 15-17.5 lbs each arm) get squats and dead lift to 100 lbs Life Goal - get enough sleep move schedule to later bed and wake-up times, goodbye 5 am get 7-8 hours of sleep a night Spirit Goal - read the bible in the morning and 10 min meditation time Crazy dream of futureness - Do a deadlift from the floor (which means 2 plates - 135lbs total?) by my birthday at the end of April. I disappeared toward the end of challenge 1, not becuase things were bad, but surprisingly because after that hurdle in week 3 things just got awesome. I'm using an old basement gym that has a power rack. People there, when they acknowledge me at all, are nice. I'm quickly getting to weights where lifting is work and it feels good. My thighs and abs are starting to have some real definition which is cool and fun and odd to see all at the same time (wait, are those my legs?). The best part is that I'm getting stronger. I had no idea I could go what I've accomplished so far and there's so much to do from here.
  20. OMG I just attempted the Beginner Body Weight Workout for the first time!! and can I just say... It kind of kicked my ass!! But this is definitely woot worthy for me because I was sitting here on the sofa just checking some emails and suddenly a nerd fitness email popped up that said : YOUR FIRST QUEST: Complete your first strength training workout! And, tbh, I wasn't really feeling it. . . Buuuuut then I did it anyway! I only completed one circuit (I couldn't do it three times) but I am still going to congratulate myself on giving it a try and pushing myself. Yes, I had to pause for multiple seconds between each push up (even though I had to do the alternative one on my knees it was still SO hard) but I did ten of them! Yes, it might have taken 8 minutes or so to do those ten, but I still put in the effort and got em done! By the end of the workout I was panting, sweating, and feeling a little dizzy, so I decided to cool off and stretch. In the past I would have forced myself to do the workout three times, I would have felt like a failure, I would have felt guilty, but this time I remembered what nerd fitness is all about. That its about small changes and maintainable effort. It isn't about killing yourself or pushing to the point of pain. And because I didn't push myself to the point of pain or "this isn't fun i hate it", I'm actually looking forward to doing it again this weekend!!!! So woot woot!
  21. Hello! I am a new member to NF and am just beginning my journey towards fitness. However, I hate veggies. I absolutely refuse to eat almost every single vegetable there is. Does anyone have any recipes I could try to try and like my vegetables more? Thank you!
  22. I've printed off my own copy of the worksheet for the 4-week challenge starting...Now? Next week? The one after Feb 4th..... Do we just say, "Hey, I also am Doing The Thing" and post accordingly? Or is there more to it than that?
  23. I've printed off my own copy of the worksheet for the 4-week challenge starting...Now? Next week? The one after Feb 4th..... Do we just say, "Hey, I also am Doing The Thing" and post accordingly? Or is there more to it than that?
  24. Heyo! I've actually been a member for a year, but that's been more maintenance than progress. Never really looked at the forums before, which was a bit of a mistake on my part. Lesson learned. Started my battle logs couple weeks ago, and here's this part. Technically a respawn, but also technically a first-start. Merh. 29-year old female, currently a full-time college student because reasons. Current: 173 lbs, measurements 39-37-41, body fat approx 29% Goal: 150 lbs, measurements approx 37-26-37, body fat approx 20% I'm putting measurements and body-fat percentage (even as approximates) because I don't want to get hung up on the scale. The calibration on that thing is a bit iffy on the best of days. Having the alternative numbers gives me something to shoot for, and if I need to revamp due to miscalculation of reality, I'm good with that. I've been glorious and wonderful with food-journaling (which is new, in the past I've hated it.) 3 week streak! Working out is also going fairly well. There's two free-for-students classes at the college gym that I'm attending (one on Monday, one on Wednesday), and tomorrow I'm scheduled to meet with a personal trainer to get a workout plan figured. I know there's the ones offered at Nerdfitness, but I'm a lazy bum and want/need someone to push me in person. At least to help me set the base parameters. For glory and loot!
  25. Hello fellow rebels, I'm new to NF and I'm wondering about how the app is? I really love the forums and the advice and I love the articles I've been reading on NF, I was just wondering if anyone used the NF app and if so how they liked it? Additionally I was looking for someone to be an accountability buddy! I'm working on doing High Intensity work outs most days and also working on doing the Angry birds challenge. I'm also doing fairly well with the shift to Paleo, with a few slip ups but mostly a solid shift so far. I'm working to slim down and am just looking for someone to be in touch with a couple times a week who is looking at similar goals who is looking for help being accountable for ACTUALLY DOING those workouts, even when you don't feel like it! Let me know if you're interested or if you have an opinion of the app! Thanks!
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