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Found 5 results

  1. I am continuing most of my goals from last challenge, with some tweaks that will hopefully set me up for even more success: Food: Continuing with maintenance. I did pretty good with this last challenge, but my weight has gone up a little, so I would like to make some small changes. Weigh daily- take the weekly average so I can see trends Measure once a week new goal- once a day (probably at dinner) stop eating around halfway through, and think about my satiety level new goal- afternoon snack , no screen distractions, can listen to a podcast Bonus goals- I'm adding these to see if I can work on them. I don't do well with tons of goals, so it may not happen. But if I think about it and it works, I'll go for it. Saturday evening one plate only , no seconds Snacks in evening- healthy, and under 150 calorie ( I want to work on not having evening snack, but that is for a future challenge) Things I'm already doing that I will continue: Eating a balanced plate Putting my food down between bites getting enough protein measure calorie dense foods (almond butter, salad dressing, etc) Strength Beat Level 18 Boss Challenge of the NF Journey- I am not actually sure how achievable this is. The test will come up this challenge. I will attempt it. If not, the goal will carry over next challenge. The main plan is to just do the workouts, put in the effort , and see what happens. 8 days of 30 days Ab challenge on Darebee. I really need to do more ab work and strengthen my core, but I don't really enjoy it. One of the reasons I think I don't enjoy it is because there is no start end, or progression to achieve. Having something to finish is a good motivator for me. So, I chose an ab workout from Darebee. It is 30 days. I'm probably only go to do 2 days a week, so I won't get much done, but that is fine. Things I'm also working on: I'm really enjoying my rowing workouts in the morning. So I'll keep that up. Or maybe switch out some rucking for cardio. Sprints once a week. Life: I find it super helpful to plan what my priorities are for the day and for the week. Last challenge, the goal was to do that the evening before, but that rarely happened. Thinking about it, I am just brain dead by the end of the day, and interest is low. So, new plan Sunday evening or Monday morning before workout plan week Every morning before workout write out the day's top quests Creative: Invite friends over to scrapbook Veggie garden Flower garden Use herbs from garden (seperate from others because I forget to actually use my herbs) use veggies 4 x a week spend 15 minutes gardening
  2. Still sort of waiting for spring here, we've had a few warm days, but mostly it still feels like we're stuck in February, and thus the title of my challenge. I'm gone for about a week of this challenge. I have not decided whether I am going to eat at maintenance calories or deficit. Either way, I will track calories. My goals: Track calories Be at least 80% consistent in tracking and staying in calorie limit. Right now my problem with consistency is weekends when we eat out. I need to figure out how to handle that. I'm thinking I'm going to guestimate to the best of my ability and go with that number. Doing that will give me a good idea of the food amount I eat when I am out. I am not going to focus on weight loss this challenge. More on that below Planning: On Sunday or Monday morning, write out my list of things I want to accomplish for the week Each evening look at what the plan for the next day is Aim for 80% or more on of quest completion Workout: I have decided that I want to set strength goals this challenge My big goal is to do a full pistol. I am using the GMB's progression for the roll to pistols Here are my goals for that Roll to squat consistently without using my hands to assist, Be able to do 5 in a row: I am almost there roll to pistol on both legs Fitness plan The NF bodyweight work 3 x a week a zone 2 workout 3 time a week walking or gardening daily GMB Floor Loco 2 x a week if time and energy a sprint workout once a week, or as time allows Food Plan: I am switching to maintenance and taking a break from tracking calories. I still plan on using my knowledge of what I've gained to eat within a caloric maintenance. I will also practice my eating skills. I may track a bit, if I think it will be helpful. I may also do days with lower calorie goals, especially after weekends or days that were higher. I will weigh myself daily and record it. Once a week I will write down the average of the numbers. I will use that information to see how well I am doing at maintaining, and adjust if I need to. Creative goals: Make the wreath for my front door. I bought the supplies. I just need to make it Plant veggies in my garden Do some work on my scrapbook ( yes this is a vague goal, I just want to do a bit on it.
  3. The hot, muggy air makes it hard for me to continue trekking through the jungle. Brushing aside the tall brush, I continue my trek toward the faint glimmer of water I see far off. Concerned about alligators, I keep a wary eye out. As I get closer, I can see the water. What I was hoping was a river is really only a swamp. Edging closer to the edge, I look around, trying to spot the spring. For centuries, there have been rumors that hidden in this jungle is the mystical fountain of youth. From it's water spring forth water said to give youth and vitality to all who drink from it. But all I see is murky water. I squat at the edge of the swamp, silent, listening to see if I hear anything. I tilt my head, is that the sound of water bubbling? Following the sound, I walk away from the swamp. I find a small spring with water bubbling up Could this be the spring? It sure doesn't look like much. Taking the glass container out of my backpack, I fill it up with the water. I take a sip of the water. It tastes good, refreshing my parched throat. Then I wait. Do I feel different? Nope. Perhaps the fountain was just a legend. I don't know when exactly it happened. It wasn't all at once. Just sort of gradual. It seemed that day by day I was feeling more energetic. Able to get more done. I enjoyed going for walks, and working in the garden. Little by little, I felt I was getting stronger. First I could do one pull up, and then another. I enjoyed using my muscles, and seeing what I could accomplish. I was more limber. I could squat, or sit on the ground when I wanted. I enjoyed eating healthy foods. Could it be that it really wasn't a legend after all? Maybe there was a Fountain of Youth and I had discovered it? Challenge goals: Food: Track on MFP- even if I am not going to make my daily goal Hit calorie goal Strength- keep working on NF bodyweight 3 times a week Cardio 3 x a week rowing zone 2, or maybe walk, running as the weather improves walking. trying for most days 10,,000 (yes,I know most is very non specific, I'm just using my judgement here, if I have time and the weather isn't awful ,walk, if it doesn't happen, no guilt) spring- running or rowing, about once a week, but it may be only once every other week Flexibility Floor Loco or Mobility with GMB I'm also trying to do a lot of yardwork, so no real goal for amount of days, just use wisdom and try and get some in as time allows Life_ Daily quest list- goal is to get 80% done Weekly quest list- I have so many things I want to get done this spring. A few big yard working projects. I need to decorate my guest bedroom. And scrapbook. Plus, just normal life stuff. Hopefully a weekly quest list will help me focus and conquer!
  4. I love Christmas season. GIft giving, decorations, yummy food, friends, parties, lights! I believe in Christmas magic, which means you don't have to abide by all the diet rules during the Christmas season, and can enjoy the treats of the season and the sweetness of life joyfully, no guilt necessary. My goals will be to finish putting up my Christmas decorations. Maybe even being inspired to make some fun Christmas decorations. Baking Christmas cookies. Singing Christmas carols. Buying gifts. I will continue using the eating skills chart. I may use the one from last week for several weeks. The new skill is stopping mid meal to see how hungry I am. This is new for me. I forgot to do it a lot of the time( since it's new) But I found it super helpful for me to think about. I can use these skills for most of the meals, and then if it's a special meal, I can just focus on one skill. The skills will help me be mindful, but enjoy the specialness of Christmas. Practice my staff more. And take videos! @Happienumber has said she will help when I'm stuck on a move, plus it's just fun when several of you are working on stuff to be able to share it.I keep not taking videos, because it's dark out(yes I do my staff indoors and this makes no sense) so let's shoot for two videos posted.
  5. Last month went well, let's keep it going The Morning Way: Follow my morning routine; Read Bible, eat breakfast, kitchen dishes away Set the timer so I have enough time to relax, but that I get going on my day;if I do this Monday through Thursday, then Friday is free reward.5 wisdom each week completed Mindful Eating Way Practice my eating skills Keep my super power values in mind-Joy and Self Control Do MFP 5 days a week Alternate: I'm going on vacation this challenge. I will mainly just focus on my superpowers and eating slow during that time Reward 2 points strength Shiny Way: I'm practicing the Pistol squat, also doing the L-sit practice 1 time a week to maintain 2 times a week pistol squat, 1 times a week L-sit: Grease the Groove: use my ottoman to practice the pistol when I walk by it: Each day a do it at least 10 times I get a sticker, I took a video of my pistol squat now, and I will take one at the end of the month to see how I improved. I also have a goal to feel more balanced and controlled in the movement. Reward; 1 strength for completing the workouts 1 strength for improvement other stuff: I am going to try and walk a bunch . Walking is great for my mood, and it helps me lose weight. I am currently on NF bodyweight level 4 Each week I will have a list of quests to complete This week's quests Write down things I need to do for vacation paint crown molding text friend about to see how her mom is send a note to other friend spend some time weaving
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