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Found 2 results

  1. I love Christmas season. GIft giving, decorations, yummy food, friends, parties, lights! I believe in Christmas magic, which means you don't have to abide by all the diet rules during the Christmas season, and can enjoy the treats of the season and the sweetness of life joyfully, no guilt necessary. My goals will be to finish putting up my Christmas decorations. Maybe even being inspired to make some fun Christmas decorations. Baking Christmas cookies. Singing Christmas carols. Buying gifts. I will continue using the eating skills chart. I may use the one from last week for several weeks. The new skill is stopping mid meal to see how hungry I am. This is new for me. I forgot to do it a lot of the time( since it's new) But I found it super helpful for me to think about. I can use these skills for most of the meals, and then if it's a special meal, I can just focus on one skill. The skills will help me be mindful, but enjoy the specialness of Christmas. Practice my staff more. And take videos! @Happienumber has said she will help when I'm stuck on a move, plus it's just fun when several of you are working on stuff to be able to share it.I keep not taking videos, because it's dark out(yes I do my staff indoors and this makes no sense) so let's shoot for two videos posted.
  2. Last month went well, let's keep it going The Morning Way: Follow my morning routine; Read Bible, eat breakfast, kitchen dishes away Set the timer so I have enough time to relax, but that I get going on my day;if I do this Monday through Thursday, then Friday is free reward.5 wisdom each week completed Mindful Eating Way Practice my eating skills Keep my super power values in mind-Joy and Self Control Do MFP 5 days a week Alternate: I'm going on vacation this challenge. I will mainly just focus on my superpowers and eating slow during that time Reward 2 points strength Shiny Way: I'm practicing the Pistol squat, also doing the L-sit practice 1 time a week to maintain 2 times a week pistol squat, 1 times a week L-sit: Grease the Groove: use my ottoman to practice the pistol when I walk by it: Each day a do it at least 10 times I get a sticker, I took a video of my pistol squat now, and I will take one at the end of the month to see how I improved. I also have a goal to feel more balanced and controlled in the movement. Reward; 1 strength for completing the workouts 1 strength for improvement other stuff: I am going to try and walk a bunch . Walking is great for my mood, and it helps me lose weight. I am currently on NF bodyweight level 4 Each week I will have a list of quests to complete This week's quests Write down things I need to do for vacation paint crown molding text friend about to see how her mom is send a note to other friend spend some time weaving
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