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  1. Basically this is a "Get My Crap Together" challenge. Starting next month I enter a 3 month health and fitness competition and I'll suffer financial loss if I don't hit the target accomplishments -plus we have to take photos of our gains every two weeks and send them to all other challengers. Very motivating. Thus I'm considering this challenge a tactical exercise -it'll be the research upon which I base my battle strategy for March - May. This means it will be flexible in nature as I figure out what's working and what isn't as regards any habits/routine. Once that's done I can squash the competition and, eventually, take over the world. I'm trying to attack this head on and not be intimidated since world domination isn't accomplished without a bit of forethought n a whole lot of effort and neither shall this. (I can neither confirm nor deny whether Nick Fury will appear here in the the coming weeks) Areas of focus for this study are: 1) Rationing of Provisions I'm starting the Whole30 in March so this will be a precursor. I'm gonna try to stick with the principles of it (3 balanced meals a day, no snacking, no "treats") but I will eat quinoa, rice and corn tortillas for this month. My focus is figuring out which meals I really enjoy and finding the best days to cook meals ahead for the week. Grading will be based on # of meals, meal proportion and avoidance of snacking/dessert. I'm allotting the most points to this as it will be the hardest and most important for overall success. 50% of Weekly Grade 2) Be Regimented In My Training I'm not focusing on a particular kind of exercise, as it will change each week, rather I need to set aside specific times each week to work on my goals. So I will set a schedule and try it for a week, if it works I'll see if I can keep it up the whole challenge. If it doesn't I'll adjust it and try again. I will be graded on how well I stick to the outlined schedule. 25% of Weekly Grade 3) Don't Let Other Aspects of Life Go To Crap. This is one of the most important aspects of my focus. Since my life will be pretty packed I want to make sure I still take care of everything else as living life is the reason for health. Living Life means not neglecting my pup, keeping up with language studies, maintaining healthy relationships, etc. I'll outline the things I need to accomplish for the week and post it at the beginning of the week. I will be graded based on the ratio of how many items I kept up with vs neglected. 25% of Weekly Grade Grading system TBA Also, because I'm super nice here is: TODAY'S RANDOM LIFE LESSON Beware of The Hamsters! - An important warning as it is they who shall one day rule the galaxy (It's really not mice. Things like Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and Pinky and The Brain are merely clever ploys developed by The Hamsters! to shift suspicion onto other, less ambitious rodents.) Think of how many homes they've already infiltrated, ingratiating themselves as members of our households with their cute snugly exterior ....Don't be fooled... More to be reported on their nefarious behavior as we're made aware of it. As usual I barely survived Monday with my limbs intact so this didn't get posted yesterday. Edit - Also I just noticed I forgot the O in Victory - *facepalm*
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