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Found 11 results

  1. nightlight is just here for the (G)a(I)nz(Fs) I've had many ups and downs lately. Not gonna try and dwell on it, or rehash too much of it, because living in the past is something old nightlight did. Though, relevant bits here: I competed in a Weightlifting meet in early June and went 6/6. No lifts were PRs, but they felt solid, and I even got smiles and claps out of my coach. I've been SLOOOOOOOWLY losing weight, but I think I'm hitting a little plateau I haven't worked out in 2 weeks (ish) because my back has been bothering me. Because my b
  2. I completely forgot about my January challenge and now I'm a little early for the February Challenge. I'll dispense with the long back story and try and keep it short. I got injured a few years ago and got really depressed. I've now moved to a smaller city, got a dog, and got a coach. I'm not coaching anymore, which is a little sad, but I'm ok with that right now. I'll be on vacation/cruise from the 17th - 26th so this thread might be boring then when I'm not updating much. GOAL 1: SLOW PROGRESS I've got 3 herniated discs in my back. I've been in pain most ev
  3. Job One: Build Good Habits This one is related to my last challenge. I will continue to log my food. This has been helpful as my last challenge was pretty successful (and really, if I'm honest, I half assed it.) I've also got a calendar in my bathroom where I'm tracking some habits that I want to make sure I do every day. I'm not making myself feel bad if I don't do them, but I want to track them to see if I notice a difference in my back pain/mental attitude. Here they are: Exercise (this one I'm not putting a huge emphasis on this challenge, because I have Job Two...)
  4. Same goals for May. Updates bolded. Hi my name is nightlight and I have glute amnesia. I'm going to dispense with most of the back story here. I've got 3 herniated discs in my lumbar spine, a recovering alcoholic dad, a (thankfully) now cancer-free mom, a day job, a night job, and a very messy apartment. I've also got an extra 20ish lbs hanging around my mid-section. I've been really hard on myself about gaining back most of my lost weight since my most recent injury. I have also been really bad with allowing myself to cheat. I know it's bad, but I do it anyway. But I'm 36.
  5. so last challenge didn't go as planned. but it wasn't horrible. I'm going to stick with my goals from last challenge, as I never really did complete them. I am just going to go about it in a different way. A lot of tracking and even having goals is sometimes too much pressure. But I bet I only say that because I just feel like I have no willpower, hence no good warm fuzzy self worth feelings, which are probably the root of most of the issues here. Everything makes me feel like this: So, this challenge, my goals will be wishful goals, but I don't get to add another piece on, until i've r
  6. hi nerds. so this challenge is really going to be about getting me better, mentally and physically for one of the most challenging things i will have to go through in my life to date. my mom is having a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery in late september. i will fall apart. so i need to prepare to fall apart as little as possible. especially if she ends up having to go through chemo after. i also have two GORUCK events coming up. i’m doing the 9/11 challenge here in NYC and Trek in D.C. on 10/2. i’m broken right now. my back has gotten bad again. i am seeing a physical th
  7. nightlight does...life. Clean slate. I haven't been able to stick with a challenge as of late because things keep happening. The things that keep happening are life. SO this may be a little bit of an un-challenge. I want to just try and get my life back together. Lose the 20lbs (seriously) I've gained since November. Goal 1: Pick Things Up and Put Them Down Liftin' and liftin' and... Follow my 4 day a week WL plan. I've created my own 6 week program based on something JDanger gave me and changed up with some stuff I learned from Ursula and some things catering to my weaknesses. THe pla
  8. Main Quest (for this challenge): "Get Myself Together" This is part 4 of my main quest. Overarching goal is Be Brave. Last challenge I lost my way a bit. I think you all can see more growth in me than I can see in myself, but my eating went out of control and I stopped working out because I was paralyzed by anxiety. I got the news this morning that Asshat will no longer be around. Neither will BoCM. My head says WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My heart hurts and I feel a little dizzy. However, I know this is for the best. My box. My life. Mine. NOTE: this is a 5 week challenge for me. I'll be away
  9. My Mission is simple: LIVE AND ENJOY a HAPPY LIFE How the hell do I do that?!?!?! 1. Eat clean -when I eat right, my body is happy. My tummy isn't bloaty and if I lose a few inches: woohoo The budget has been tighter than I like and we've resorted to some less than amazing choices in order to stretch pennies. Preparation is key. It's far too easy to make bad choices when you've failed to plan. I need to make sure that I have healthy clean foods to bring with me to work and I also need to re-learn to stop eating when I'm not hungry rather than cleaning my plate and feeling stuffed. 2.
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