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  1. Ryuu1011 Trains with the Bat Family Challenge 9 (2017 Challenge #2) Feb 12 - March 11, 2017 Continuing many of my goals from last challenge, with a few modifications. These lists correspond to my own goal setting philosophy which I came up with for my 2017 Battle Plan consisting of Auto Goals (goals on the back burner/ habits), In Progress Goals (long term goals that are works in progress) and Strike Goals (goals which are within striking distance of completion). Auto Goals (My Challenge Checklist): [X] Pay off $150 extra on my Student Loans [ ] 1 Date night with GF (Set! We're going to Medieval Times on Feb 26th!) [ ] 1 NC NF Meet Up (Set! We're having a dance meetup on Feb 18th!) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Play with my throwing knives and bow In Progress Goals: 1. Train with Nightwing and The Robin's: Master my own Body- Continue GB Foundations (Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core) x1 each per week , Stretch (Front and Middle Split, and Thoracic Bridge) x1 per week and Handstand Series x3 per week. (___/12, ___/12, ___/12) Nightwing and Red Robin are both body weight training Masters, Nightwing was an acrobat and Red Robin was a Gymnasts. Robin (Damian Wayne) is a highly trained assassin from birth, so I'll be doing similar training to hopefully one day reach their levels. This goal shouldn't be too hard so long as I'm able to keep up my consistency. The GB foundation workouts are not too hard yet until they get to level 9 (their mastery level) which normally involves 5 sets of 15 reps or 5 sets of 60 second holds... uhhh they are rough. 2. Train with Alfred: Master my Health- Loose 3lbs, 1%BF, and ~ 1/2" off of my waist by recording my nutrition in MFP (___/28) everyday and prepping ~9meal per week (5 lunches (___/20), 4 dinners (___/16)) I'm sure Alfred knows a thing or two about nutrition and meal prepping since he has to keep the entire bat fam healthy and fed to fuel their late night escapades so I'll be studding under him to try and get my nutrition in check and thus my waist line. I'll be primarily using my waist and weight along with my body composition spreadsheet to guesstimate may Body Fat %. Starting Measurement were taken on 2/9/17 Starting Weight= 163.0lbs Starting BF% = 16.2% Starting Measurements: Waist: 32.5" Arms: 12/ 13.5" Calf: 14" Chest: 40.5" Hips: 33.5" Thighs: 21.5" Butt: 39" Neck: 14" 3. Train with Bat Girl: Master my Cardio- Run or Walk 3x per week, ~25-30min, ~5k/ 3m (___/12) I don't even want to guess just how much cardio the bat family gets in a week but by training with bat girl hopefully I'll be able to keep up with them soon. This goal might be a little bit more difficult, and might get changed depending on how my foot is feeling/ how much I think I can take. My feet have been having some problems which is going to definitely slow my cardio progress but I'd rather be safe than push myself past my limits again and hurt my feet for a second time. 4. Train with The Bat: Master my Training- Research Personal Training Certifications, Go to 3 gyms and ask what types of Certifications they require, Select a certification and start saving for it. ( [ ] Research, [ ] Champions, [ ] Snap Fitness, [ ] Life Time Fitness, [ ] Savings Started) There is no better master of personal training than Batman himself. He has trained many partners and continues to be train and improve himself mastering his own body. (I mean look at that picture that suit is practically painted on!) I am thinking about becoming a personal trainer, perhaps as a complete profession swap or just part time, I'm not sure right now, but for this challenge I just want to do my research and figure out the best path to start down on. Challenge Strike Goals: 5. Work on my Batcave: [X] Remove my old bed from the workout room [ ] Clean up and Organize the Workout Room I couldn't train with the entire bat family with out without working on my batcave too! By the end of this challenge I am hoping to get our spare room organized and start turning it into an actual full workout/ art studio for my GF and myself so we can workout from home and do art stuff too, though I'm setting the goal at just cleaning and organizing for right now.
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