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Found 6 results

  1. Someone help me out, please! I've been trying to remember the name of a game we used to have on the SNES in the 90's and it's bugging the Hell out of me. I think it had the word metal in the title but I could be wrong there. The basic premise was that you had an island and you had 4 bases to build and so many missiles and defences. You could create mines to get building materials and stuff like that. You had to fire missiles at your oponants island to try and destroy their bases/missiles/defences etc. Any ideas?
  2. I’ve been noticing a trend in myself -- the small changes are harder than the big changes. I can go for lunchtime walks. I can make myself workout or run. It’s the little things that keep getting in my way… so this challenge will be all about treating the symptoms of a passively healthy lifestyle. Getting proper hydration. Getting a minimum amount of steps in. Staying in a net range of calories. The things that should be mindless at this point. Main Goal: Build better simple habits to improve my overall fit life to maintain or decrease my weight or measurements as a sign of personal improvement. Goal One: Yellow Exercise 4x per week (bonus point for 5) 4 points per week; 20 points available Goal Two: Red 4,000 steps minimum on work days 5 points per week; 25 points available Goal Three: Blue 60oz of water a day 7 points per week; 35 points available Goal Four: Multivitamin Net 1500 calories a day. 7 points per week; 35 points available Let's do this! TOTAL POINTS: 115 30 Points Defeats RED 35 Points Defeats BLUE 40 Points Defeats YELLOW Beginning measurements: Weight - 165lbs Hips - 42in Waist - 32in R/L Thigh - 25in/24.5in R/L Arm - 12.5in/12.5in Chest - 31in Bust - 38in Ending measurements: Weight - Hips - Waist - R/L Thigh - R/L Arm - Chest - Bust
  3. I am back, and with a vengeance! Today is 124 days until I see the Symphony of the Goddesses, so I thought I'd do a themed challenge until then. I wanted to do something I'd be excited to do and something interactive, so I figured I would make it like I was going through the dungeons of my favorite game of the series (bonus points if you've played it!). I seem to get burned out/circumstances change every two weeks or so, so I figured if I changed things up slightly and kept them simple, that this would work for me. I figured I would focus on making small changes and commitments that are fun and won't burn me out. So as you can see from the challenge below, things are pretty simple - three daily tasks, three weekly tasks. Nothing too crazy, mostly yes/no stuff. And at the end of it all, you all get to vote on whether I get to move on to the next dungeon! If yes, I get the item from that dungeon and get to move on! I modify my challenges slightly (I might change the format a little bit a few times, like instead of the Triforce I might do a few of the masks or Sages instead or something, but it'll always be really simple challenges meant to build up good habits). If no, I have three days to prove I'm serious, and on the Dawn of the Third Day, you'll vote again! (This will shift my entire timeline from that point on, so it's motivation for me to stick to it!) Tail Cave - 07.11 - 07.25 Bottle Grotto - 07.25 - 08.08 Key Cavern - 08.08 - 08.22 Angler's Tunnel - 08.22 - 09.05 Catfish's Maw - 09.05 - 09.19 Face Shrine - 09.19 - 10.03 Eagle's Tower - 10.03 - 10.17 Turtle Rock - 10.17 - 10.31 Wind Fish's Egg - 10.31 - 11.12 (Symphony Day!) (The rest of that challenge will be maintenance.) Dungeon 01. Tail Cave Audience Judgment: Roc's Feather and Full Moon Cello obtained! Dungeon 02. Bottle Grotto Audience Judgment: Power Bracelet and Conch Horn obtained! Dungeon 03. Key Cavern Audience Judgment: Pegasus Boots and Sea Lily's Bell obtained! Dungeon 04. Angler's Tunnel Starting Weight: 182.8lbs (-3lbs) Measurements: Measurement tracker Date Weight 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Fat Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass per Fat Mass ratio Fat lbs Left to Lose to hit 3.5 ratio 31-Jul-2016 188.6 136.6 52.0 2.63 12.9 7-Aug-2016 185.6 134.4 51.2 2.62 12.8 14-Aug-2016 184.8 134.2 50.6 2.65 12.2 21-Aug-2016 181.6 131.9 49.7 2.66 12.0 28-Aug-2016 182.8 132.9 49.9 2.66 11.9 Upper Arm: 13" (-.5") Waist: 33" (no change) Hips: 44" (-.75") Thighs: 27 (-.5") Time for my favorite Link's Awakening characters! MARIN DAILY: EXPLORE - Marin is a girl with a dream: leave this island and explore the world. I should spend a little bit of time outside, other than my walks to and from campus. If possible, go to the lake. Summer is going to be gone before I know it. Maybe I'll get lucky and get to do some seagull watching. WEEKLY: PLAY - Marin is known for her beautiful voice, and Link's Awakening focuses on instruments. In line with that, practice the ocarina 5 out of 7 days! Try to master one song a week. OWL DAILY: STUDY - The owl is wise, so I should be too. I should work on one of my various projects 5 days out of 7, keeping in mind that a healthy brain needs to rest. WEEKLY: LIFT - Flying requires strong wings. I should make sure I am keeping mine strong by doing various strength exercises. For this challenge, let's try to get in three sessions a week. WINDFISH DAILY: WAKE UP - Link's goal is to wake the Windfish up. In line with that, I should not oversleep! I should wake up at 6:30am every morning, give or take a few minutes. WEEKLY: SWIM - The Windfish flies, but presumably he can also swim. Even if he can't, Link's Awakening is set on an island. If you can't swim, you're probably out of luck. So I will continue swimming twice a week.
  4. Hello! It's a me, Mario! Ok not really. Shawn here, if you don't know me yet, lucky you! After reading all the rules about the challenges and the guilds, I just couldn't get into it. To be honest, I was never interested in those types of RPG's. As a kid, I was more of a Mario player. My childhood consisted of dodging turtle shells instead of arrows. So to keep true to the purpose of Nerd Fitness's idea of "Level Up Your Life," I created my own challenge for the journey my girlfriend and I are on to build strength, lose weight and live a more happier life. (Follow us on Twitter, link is in our signature.) We just started this challenge today so we may need to make some tweaks along the way as needed. I have broken down my idea into sections below for easier understanding. I have attached 2 pictures for reference. Basics The objective is to go through each level (week) and try to obtain coins and avoid bosses to level up to the next world. All progress is tracked on a chart on our fridge. What is a level? A level is 7 days long. How do we advance to the next level? We have to earn 12 coins. How do we earn coins? We get 1 coin per day for a total of 7 coins. To earn the additional 5 coins we need to complete the level and earn a star, we have to do little challenges or other things that will level up our life (ex. reading a chapter in a book, putting money in our savings or towards a bill, cleaning our cars, etc.) Monday is our weigh-in day, if we lost weight, we get a coin. We can only get 12 coins per level to avoid earning too many coins early and slacking off the remaining levels. We need a total of 4 stars (48 coins) and a minimum of one 1-up mushroom to "warp" to the next world. More on the 1-up mushroom later. How do we get a star? We have to cash in 12 coins to earn 1 star. A total of 4 stars allows us to warp to the next world. What is a world? A world is a commutation of 4 completed levels. To warp to the next world, we need a total of 4 stars. After successfully completing each world, we can buy ourselves a maximum $10-$20 Prize each! (ex. LEGO's, new clothes, iTunes gift card, DVD, can opener, bubble wrap, w/e we want!) We can also save the cash each world to buy something bigger and better later. Oh and of course bragging rights to our pet. That's right Peter our rabbit, we're king! Can we lose coins? Absolutely! If we go about our day and do what we are supposed to, we get our daily coin no questions asked. However, if we encounter a boss and he defeats us, we lose all chances of earning a coin that day and need to earn that coin back on another day. What do you mean bosses? Bosses are different for everyone and should be specific to your own life. Bosses are things that represent our goals, our chores, our mentality, etc. The way a boss "defeats" us is by us not doing what we had planned to do. Bosses for us include not going to the gym, letting our depression take a hold of me, not having at least 1 game/movie night a week, not doing our chores, going over our calories on MyFitnessPal, etc. I included a picture of our "key" which shows you our bosses and the character that represents them. If the boss defeats us, we have to put his picture on our warp pipe for the whole level as a constant reminder that he won that day. What are red mushrooms for? We are given 3 red mushrooms in each world to be used as a free day where we still can get our daily coin even if we royally screwed up. Once we use them, we lose them until we start a new world. What are green mushrooms for? The extra life green 1-Up mushrooms are earned by trying something new and out of our comfort zone, whether it be a new food or a new activity. We need a minimum of one 1-Up mushroom to warp to the next world and we can earn as many as we want. Today I earned one by trying dehydrated jalapeno kale chips my coworker offered me, win! Is the Doctor in? If we are sick one day, we can call Dr. Mario and he will prescribe us a day of rest. If we're faking it however, he will charge us 1 coin so we have to be honest with ourselves and hold each other accountable. Doctors aren't cheap! How the chart works We tape our character to the pipe that is the current day and tape either our bosses or our coins to the pipe depending on how that day went based on the instructions above. Each day we move only our character to the next pipe leaving the previous days items still attached. (We laminated ours to make it easier and we can draw on it with a dry erase marker. Benefits of dating a teacher!) I put the star we're after on the last day for something to aim towards. We put the total number of 1-Ups, stars and coins we've earned to date next to the icons. We put the number level we are on and world we are on as well. We put our weight under our name. An example of what it should look like once we get it going is attached. What are those mystery boxes? Mystery boxes are something to add fun to the week. They can be anything we want. We saved a bunch of these box photos in a folder on our desktop and renamed each photo a specific item so we just open up the folder, hold the arrow key down to scroll through all the pictures at light speed and when we release the button, whatever picture we land on we read what it is titled and that is what we win, or have to do...mu ha ha ha! Some of our examples are: Do 15 jumping jacks, Other person has to do a plank, You pick next movie, Other person has to wash your car windows, etc. I know it sounds confusing but it really isn't. We hope it will bring an element of fun to our journey so we will no longer live like Gumba's! Think this is cool? So did the following: The NY Times calls it, "That was 6 minutes of my life I'll never get back." Borat said, "Very nice, great success!" Lil Jon screamed, "What!? Ooookkk!" Why be Mario if we can Super Mario! Thanks for reading!
  5. So, I've returned to nerd fitness and want to get back in shape. After I left the Army in May 2013 I stopped eating right and exercising due to a lack of motivation and being poor. I'm finally in a position where I can eat healthy again and I am almost up to 200 lbs which is my motivation to start working out again. Let's begin. I'll be doing 30 minutes of yoga and strength training via my Wii U 3 days a week starting today. On off days I will play the balance games for at least fifteen minutes and I will be running with my Wii Fit Meter. I'm going to eat at least one paleo meal each day for the first week and work my way up to full paleo by week three. I will also begin saving money again each time I get a check. I don't want to set any hard number since my money isn't too stable yet, so I will set a %. 50% of any money leftover after bills will be transferred to a savings account which is kind of difficult to access. Sorry I'm late, but I really wanted to join the six week challenge again to help with my goals.
  6. So who out there remembers Gauntlet? "Blue Elf is about to die." "Red Warrior needs food badly!" Well, Gauntlet had four characters, if you don't know. The Warrior, the Sorcerer, the Elf, and the Valkyrie. Warrior was strong and had good armor but was slow. Sorcerer had magic, very little armor. Elf was fast, very little armor. Valkyrie wasn't as fast as the Elf, but faster than the Warrior, stronger than the Sorcerer, and had half-decent armor. Right now, AT BEST, I am the Sorcerer. Very little health, very little strength, and not as fast as the Elf. My goal is to be the Valkyrie. Faster than I am, stronger than I am, more able to handle damage than I currently am. I'd like to be a multi-class character eventually, Assassin/Monk. But in either case, I have to be stronger, faster, and just all around BETTER. So yesterday I walked approximately 1.15 miles in 24 minutes. Today, 9/5/13, I walked half a mile for a warm up, then did two circuits of the NF Playground Strength Training. I couldn't do three. Then for cool down, I walked the second half of that mile. I did all of that in approximately 44 minutes. (I know because I posted on Facebook that I was going to do it, went and did it, then checked my FB when I was done for time.) Came home, had four scrambled eggs and two pieces of WW (no HFCS) toast. I appreciate any and all replies!
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